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Found 9 results

  1. Fortessa Zero

    Hi everyone! As we all know, Fortessa Zero is Shining Moon's own inbuilt Zero server that aims to emulate the Zero/Classic-ish gameplay without removing the Renewal system out. So far, our Fortessa Zero is more of a trial to see how much traction it can get from players, and as far as I can see people are genuinely interested. Whether you're here on Zero for nostalgia, or to farm medals to better your character in Zero or in regular Helheim/Niflheim, I'm not going to judge. However, to make your experience on Zero better, I would like everyone to pitch in their suggestions and opinions on what else we can add to this alternate universe. Here's a quick format on how to submit your suggestion. Having similar suggestions is fine, but make sure your suggestions aren't copy-pasted off other people. IGN: Server: Have you played any RO Zero server before: Do you currently play Fortessa Zero: Suggestion: Example down below Ok, ok. On a serious note, there are some points that have been mentioned to me a while back and I'll share them here so our ideas don't overlap. Once all the ideas are compiled nicely, we can discuss it further and maybe persuade the evil skeleton man to add them. An NPC that accepts Monster Hunter Coins as payment as the current coins cannot be transferred between realms and have no plans to be moveable Crafting NPC that allows more Classic/Legacy and Zero-friendly armor (particularly headgears) Special Champion bounty for MVP party/hunting Having the complete list of Fever Maps and bosses Blacksmiths being able to forge Zero-centric weapons New starting map as some may feel claustrophobic in the Eden map that is also camera locked
  2. Genesis Ray Royal Guard Build Disclaimer I want to say that this build is not for serious play or build. This build only meant for fun. When you have some cold cash Zeny to spent. Don't be like me who playing this build when I am playing in this server because I think it's can be a meta and relevant build (I forgot that Helheim isn't jRO based server, where these build will Rocks). But, people said in kRO, somehow this build can rocking out in some dungeon and grinding (once again I can't verify this since I am not playing kRO and not really active grinding on the official server). And I know maybe this build isn't perfect, but if you are one of some players who only also using and do Genesis Ray build for fun only and think my guide lacks something, please reply in the comment section below and have a discussion there. ^^ Plus Minus Advantages: - Semi Tank / Tanker Capacity - Fun to play - Add high mdef to your already high on def RG - quite fast casting time on several buffs or support skills compared to normal Devo build Disadvantages: - Not a meta - high cost - low damage - hard to devo others (what is one of the main reason to play RG on SMRO) - can't spam Genesis Ray a lot, because of CD (after shadow, etc, still 1.5sec left) Stats STR: give around 40-70, only for your inventory weight AGI: give left around stats to this, to give resistant and avoid physical attacks from mobs VIT: 90-120, make it to fit your requirement, we are RG need a lot HP Int: 120 or as high as possible Dex: 120 or as high as possible Luk: give left around stats to this, can be lower or higher than your AGI Skills You can mix skills with common skills RG use for buffs, defend/tanks, etc. But, I only recommend the skills below: Sword Master - lv max - Must have, since you are depending on Farthezan Increase Hp Recovery - how can u don't need this? Endure - good buff on the first job and good skill to spend the point on Faith - A must for Paladin Pressure / Gloria Domini - You need this to spam on the mobs when your Genesis Ray is on CD Inspiration - You need this to be lv max, your main buff, this maximizes your Genesis Ray damage and transform it from Holy element to become neutral element Genesis Ray - I know you don't need to ask why we need this Gears Start / Early game General equipment Top: +11 Trial Diadem ( Greater Sanare ) Middle: New Wave Sunglasses / Imperial Feather Lower: CD in mouth Armor: +10 illusion Armor B (all depends, all depends, skill after delay) Weapon: Imperial Spear - must wear with Imperial Guard Shield: Imperial Guard Robe: +9 Illusion Goibne's Spaulders ( Yellow Pitaya ) Shoes: +9 Illusion Leg B [ Health, Fixed Casting, Spell Buster ] Accessory 1: Grace Magic Ring ( Headless Horse ) Accessory 2: Illusion Battle Chip L Mid game General equipment Top: +11 Trial Diadem ( Greater Sanare ) Middle: New Wave Sunglasses / Imperial Feather / VWE Lower: CD in mouth Armor: +10 illusion Armor B (all depends, all depends, skill after delay) Weapon: +11 Light Blade or +11 Patent Light Blade (Patent light blade isn't that worth it, better go to Clean Farthezan directly) Shield: Bloody knight Shield/ purified knight shield ( mutated khalitzburg card ) with ACD 5% buff + any buff enchant Robe: +10 Manteu of The Fallen ( Yellow Pitaya ) Shoes: +9 Illusion Leg B [ Health, Fixed Casting, Spell Buster ] / Temporal Int Boots [Muscle Fool/spell 5] ( Grave Berit ) / Automatic Shoes Accessory 1: Expert Ring [ Magic 4] ( Headless Horse ) Accessory 2: King Schmidt Insignia with divine or Rigid Body / Spell 4 / int, Luck End game Actually, there are other equipment that can be considered pure end-game item you can use besides the equipment I will list below, but the equipment doesn't release yet in SMRO (right the temporal circlet, etc) So I think the only best build you can do here is: General equipment [ Genesis Ray only / Genesis Ray + Pressure ] Top: +11 Trial Diadem ( Greater Sanare ) Middle: Battle Processor ( holy 14% ) / New Wave Sunglasses / Wings of Victory ( Delay after skill 3/3 + Kiel -D-01 Card if you have any ) Lower: CD in mouth Armor: Automatic Armor B (ACD, shadow spell, shadow spell) ( amdarais, Agav, Sweet Nightmare, greater red pepper ) Weapon: +11 Farthezan ( mutated white Knight card x2) with Randel's memory with any magic buff enchant Shield: Bloody knight Shield/ purified knight shield ( mutated khalitzburg card ) with ACD 5% buff + any buff enchant Robe: Temporal Int manteau ( Delay after skill 15% ) Shoes: +9 Illusion Leg B [ Health, Fixed Casting, Spell Buster ] / Temporal Int Boots [Muscle Fool/spell 5] ( Grave Berit ) / Automatic Shoes Accessory 1: Grace Magic Ring / Expert Ring [ Magic 4] / Automatic Acc ( Headless Horse ) Accessory 2: King Schmidt Insignia with divine or Rigid Body / Spell 4 / int, Luck Special equipment Upper costume: paladin 2 Middle costume: Paladin 2 Lower costume: paladin 2 Shadow Armor: +9 Reload / Hasty Armor Shadow Weapon: +10 Genesis Weapon Shadow Shield: +10 Royal Guard Shield Garment costume: Royal Guard 2 Shoes +9 Reload / Hasty 2 Shoes / Shadow Ring: +10 Genesis Earrings /+9 Tempest Earrings (at speed 1) Shadow pendant: +10 Genesis Pendant /+9 Tempest Pendant (at speed 1) MVPS Fenrir Card: MATK and Fixed Cast Time Vesper Card: MATK and MDEF piercing Nightmare Amon Ra Card: Renewal RO full of demon and undead monster, so why not using this card? Tao Gunka Card: Must have for any RG build IMO Timeholder Card: Yo mate, it's MATK +20% ! Bijou Card: Yo mate, it's another MATK +10% ! Fallen Bishop Card: Well, what I must say for this MVP card? PETS Am Mut - Free MATK +4% Why you shouldn't create this build It's so expensive, yet weak, and not worth the time and Zenny to do it. If you love RG like you can do the Devo or Cannon Spear or Overbrand Build instead, much more worth your time and Zenny. But, once again, it's back to your choice, for me myself, I am building this in my alt RG (without mvp of course, my main RG is a Devo RG) for fun only and use the jRO alternate outfit to make my RG looks like a magic knight princess from anime or manga for sake of role-playing.
  3. KA Sura Guide By Arun

    Hi, its me again. I decided to make a KA Sura guide, because it seems that many are getting interested in it. Knuckle Arrow Sura is one of the most Boss Slaying focused Builds in the game, this is implied by the fact that the skill itself deals 75% more Dmg to Bosses than to Normal Monsters. If you like Spamming one Skill and don't like buffing yourself up too much, this could be interesting for you. Knuckle Arrow Sura is also one of the most consistent Range DPS Builds, because it only needs one Buff which is not Dispellable and can Tank some Stuff (100k HP isnt that hard to reach). Video Showcase by Drunk (Discord: Washed up#1084) Positives / Negatives Gear Goals: Stats: Skills: Gear: Cards: Shadow Gear: Pets: Gear Progression: Thats about it, feel free to ask me any Questions here, in Discord (Arun#0001), or ingame. Cya
  4. Magic Oboro Guide

    Welcome to my 2nd Guide: "Magic Oboro" This is something that exists because I heard that some players are running in Pit with Oboro. When 17.2 released i thought: „Let's give it a shot!“. Now I’m stuck with a class that’s very funny to play, and not bad at all. To give a simple feeling on how good it is, I haven’t finished gearing the class and im already at 7m DPS on Dummy’s. Positives: Negatives: Important to know: StatsnSkills: Equipment Endnote
  5. Your SR Guide by Arun

    Heya, here's Arun, I thought I'll make a SR guide because the last one is now older than a year. Soul Reaper is my main class besides Sura and like Sura very versatile. It has high survivability while doing good damage. It is a Magic Class tho, so equipment will get expensive for some parts. If you're starting out on SMRO, I can't recommend playing SR, because it requires much gear before it gets strong for Endgame stuff. But with the right Gear, you can solo nearly everything.It's also awesome for Fortessa Pit, because SR can't get dispelled by Griefs. Stats and Skills: Gear, and the beginning of seeing your wallet cry: You want in Total: Instacast (Easy) 193 ASPD 100% Boss Mdef Pierce (This might be only possible with Vesper Card) Additional Information: If you have any other questions about this or stuff thats missing, hit me up on discord.
  6. I already know the differences between the servers, but since I'm not an RO expert, I would like to know your opinion on which server you would recommend to a new player for more easy progression?
  7. Hello everyone (including the 3% who care about WoE)! As of now the @storage command and the skill "Call Storage" are both enabled in WoE and BG and while @storage is disabled in PvP, the skill Call Storage is enabled (though I'm not including PvP as I think it's too fast paced that calling storage when being chased around the claustrophobic PvP room would be game breaking). In my opinion at least having access to @storage from within a castle or inside a BG game is a bit too convenient as everyone would essentially be able to carry around unlimited supplies of pots and not have to worry about their weight, including during a fight (the command is very convenient since you can put it on a shortcut through alt+m). Previously people would have to come into the castle or a BG game prepared, but now they just get as much as they can carry and spam pots like there's no tomorrow (that's at least what I saw in WoE tonight, which is also what inspired me to create this poll). My reason why we shouldn't leave Call Storage enabled either: Basically in WoE once a guild's castle gets attacked by a formidable foe the defending guild, assuming it successfully defended the castle, is likely to take a toll on each of the members' supplies inside their inventory. This is when people have to go back to town or bring a merchant into the castle with supplies or send someone back to get supplies for them etc. This could be a deciding moment for other opponents to take the oppurtunity and take the castle while the defending guild is running low on supplies. The Call Storage being enabled could be considered a QoL, however having to go through the hassle of resupplying through the means of opening a second client with a merchant full of supplies could still change the pace of the defending guild and ultimately affect the outcome. I think it goes without saying that if we keep @storage enabled in both BG and WoE, people who are running low on potions and consumables can easily just run away from their enemy (of course depending on their class) and open storage quickly, same can be done with Call Storage but it's a bit less convenient than alt+m-ing @storage. My question to you folk is: Do you wish to keep @storage command and "Call Storage" enabled in GvG and BG. I'm interested to see the results of the poll and to hear everyone's opinion on this matter
  8. Helheim Item Database

    Hello everyone!!! I'm new to the server, and don't really speak Korean, so I've been wondering how to go about finding the items that are currently available in Helheim Server... I've tried using the site database, but it seems to work only for Niflheim. Any good methods out there? Thx a lot!
  9. Hello! Before Starting... I'm Lewdness and i've been playing this game since idk 2005 or something, i've seen a lot of stages of the game and this one is really fun! I'll start with the guide now! In this guide i will tell you the spots i found the most time efficient and less boring to level up, semi-solo, no leech and low gear, however it is recommended for you to be at least a bit geared before starting this, i will present the items i used for this leveling. Yes, not a lot yet something, if i can do it with a priest, you can do it with it too, also its easier for you dps Classes! A little bit of knowledge your job! I've seen a lot of people while doing this using skills that are not suited for massive grinding, like Knight's Pierce, or SinX Sonic blow, so i will tell you some skills that you can use to level up before reaching 3rd Class! (Soul Linkers... im sorry xD). I wont go into much detail on how to build X or Y job, but feel free to ask me if you want. Pictures are a bit outdated but are just to represent the skills. Now again, if you need any advice on what to build, PM me, ask on discord, the forums or in main chat, everyone is helpfull and will help you and answer your questions. Thiefs (Assasin / Rouge) Swordsman (Knight / Crusader) Archer (Hunter / Performer) Mage (Wizard / Sage) Merchant (Blacksmith / Alchemist) Acolyte (Priest / Monk) Taekwon (Star Gladiator / Soul Linker) Ninja Gunslinger