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Found 8 results

  1. Mosh's Niflheim Magic Shiranui Guide

    Quick Shiranui Guide Hello I'm mosh. I've made a oboro guide long ago for Niflheim and decided to make a updated shiranui MAGIC guide out of boredom. CRITICISM and QUESTIONS are welcomed. Please do tell if I need to fix anything. Quick Tips Some of a ladder run. (video starts at wave 4) My Skill Build Gears I'd recommend paradise set/eden shadows if your just starting out the server as a magic ninja. @go eden to go grab them. These will carry you to level 200. Paradise should be enough to get everything in the Midgame besides Varmundt Biosphere gears as the mobs there are pretty chonky Midgame - Celine's Set + Varmundt Biosphere with Clock Weapons Endgame - Getting rid of Celine's Cards: Will tailor towards Fire/Water/Shadow Ele Costumes Shadow Gears Reaching 1 FCT (Don't want to depend on 16th Night)
  2. A Comprehensive Full Support Cardinal Guide, by Yours Truly, Saku Edited as of current patch: Patch 2022-10-29. 1. INTRODUCTION 2. THE GOAL 3. SKILLS 4. STATS 5.1 GEARS, 5.2 COSTUMES AND SHADOW GEARS, 5.3 TL; DR/SUMMARY 6. CONSUMABLES/SELF-BUFFS 7. SKILLBAR/HOTKEYS 8. TIPS/TRICKS/MISCELLANEOUS 9. CLOSING REMARKS 1. INTRODUCTION Hello, I am Saku. I started playing in Shining Moon in Helheim server back in February 2020, and then completely migrated to Niflheim (because I love jRO items, amongst many other reasons) in September the same year. And now, for some reason, I'd like to think that I am a ''support classes'' enthusiast, and I sure do love Cardinal. A bit of definition here: Full Support here means that we are NOT the damage-dealer of the party and will primarily be there as a man-of-many-tricks: buffs, heals, resurrections, lex's, damage steroids, etc. This implies that this build is NOT for hybrid/battle Cardi (that of which takes skills for damage), also NOT tanky support Cardi (we barely have any resistance gears). So, this guide will mainly focus on building FULL SUPPORT Cardinal with bunch of heals for end-game contents. Many things have changed since the 4th job update, as well as the most current patch we have right now. After scouring the forum (briefly), I witnessed the lack of current updated builds, gears, and guides, especially that of which revolves around the new 4th job skills, with the latest guide being unavailable to be read for some reason. So, the rational of me posting this guide here is to provide a comprehensive, updated guide on how I build a FS Cardi that people could use as reference and point of compare-and-contrast, as well as some alternatives to work from or with. I will put a disclaimer from the get-go: there are MANY ways of building a FS Cardi. So, who's to say which build is better than others? In this post, I will simply show my current build, and some of the alternatives I have observed from other Cardis as well. Alright? Got that? Let's go. 2. THE GOAL 3. SKILLS 4. STATS 5.1. GEARS 5.2. COSTUMES AND SHADOW GEARS 5.3. TL;DR / SUMMARY 6. CONSUMABLES/SELF-BUFFS 7. SKILLS/HOTKEYS 8. TIPS & TRICKS & MISCELLANEOUS (W.I.P.) 9. CLOSING REMARKS Thank you for reading until the end of this guide and I hope you guys find it useful. As much as I could, I would try to update it accordingly when we have new patches (especially, if there are new jRO items for Cardinal again maybe?). There might have been things that I have overlooked, so I look forward for your opinions. I would also like to emphasize that making this build was possible through taking inspiration from other Cardinals over the year as well. Special thanks to Lizzy for becoming my point-of-reference even way back then and has always been creative with the builds; as well as Vin for also showing me some of the updated stuff that was brought into the game while I was gone. And thank you for everyone who may have helped with this guide indirectly. See yall. Ps: Feel free to contact me on Discord Saku#0435 if there is any question, or anything to be discussed. I would really love to hear your points and opinions to better the guide if there are anything to be rectified/added! CHANGES:
  3. How to leveling x1 char from lvl 1 - lvl 175 within 2hour in my style.. My main point of bringing this guide is just to show that, it has 2 phase when leveling x1 char... phase 1(1-100) - quest only phase 2(100-175) - illu laby, it depend how you can beat the illu laby at lvl 100(your lvl 100 set) and lvlup until lvl 175... and if you have build that can farm illu laby around lvl 82/93... that better.... as the quest(phase 1) split into 3... lvl 82( 10min only), lvl 93(total 35min) and lvl 100+(total 1hour) , btw when i make this guide as i long time no see other guide at the forum, so if got same content, sorry in advance THIS GUIDE IS NOT FOR THIS PEOPLE - starter(some1 who dont have capital) - some1 who has faster time(2hour) when leveling x1 from lvl 1-175... - some1 who just need 1 x1 char(50% bonus) , THIS GUIDE is for some1 who want multiple char of x1 - some1 who do the booster, as i never play this booster patch, so i dont know it advantage... so if you can improve the x1 time, that good for you... THE GUIDE BEGIN - use divinepride website OR use .@wd command at smro - to find info of gear what u need? - 100% extra EXP event - 25x old purple box - 1 char that can farm gramps quickly - 3-7 X3 exp.... depend on your build -------------------------------------------------------------- Phase 1(lvl 1-100) - " QUEST ONLY " -------------------------------------------------------------- 1) party with the "gramps account" - for me is warlock comet.... you open double smro char(different account) at same time 2) you can party 2-11 party member to do the quest(if you want make 11 account(15x11 char) & your pc can run it, also can) 3) do verit quest - 1 > 82 | 10min(don forget x3 exp when return quest) 4) gramp 100/200/400(lvl82) - 82 > 93 | 25min 5) reset gramps - buy gramps stone(25 opb +3 eden badge that you get from gramps quest) 6) gramp 100/200/400(lvl93) - 93 > 100 | 25min 7) total time(quest only) - 1hour ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Phase 2(lvl 100-175) - " ILLU LABY AT LVL 100 " ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - just farm the mob at illu laby with your set when u hit lvl 100.... - if you have good lvl 100 set(other than my build)... use it... that better - im put my stat int 105 > dex 120 > int 120 > str 30 > luck 60 > int 130 | Psywave only(lvl 100) - 60 min | upper - <+15 Spirit King's Crown> middle - <Kardui's Ears> lower - <Young Leaf of World Tree (Int)> - i think this is the "main" item for lvl 100 set leveling guide armor - <+12 Robust Magical Armor [1]> | A Ktul Card+ matk 7,matk 16 weapon - <+20 Shadow Staff [2]> | Blue Pitaya x2+ 20% matk against Normal monster(can be higher20-25%),random enchant shield - <+20 Excelion Shield [1]> | GTB (im lazy change other card) garment - <+20 Temporal INT Manteau [1]> | Conta Spider Card+ 6%matk shoe - <+20 Temporal INT Boots [1]> | Research Assistant bot + spell 5, runaway access1 - <Magician's Gloves [1]> | Headless Mule Card access2 - <Sixth Sense Amplifier Ring [1]> | Bookworm Card upper costume - <Professor Stone(Upper)> + 7-10k HP mid costume - <Professor Stone(Middle)> + 100matk lower costume - <Professor Stone(Lower)> + 30% vct garment - <Sorcerer Stone(Garment)> + im using holy, int+5 ( but i think ghost is better ) shadow weapon - <+10 Sorcerer Shadow Weapon> +10int shadow armor - <+10 Psychic Shadow Armor> +3%matk shadow shield - <+10 Psychic Shadow Shield> +3%matk shadow shoe - <+10 Psychic Shadow Shoes> +3%matk shadow access - <+10 Almighty Shadow Earring><+10 Almighty Shadow Pendant>(+5%matk) | Psywave + Diamond Dust spam(lvl 100) - 90-150min | if you dont have the mvp card or other +20 equipment upper - <+15 Spirit King's Crown> middle - <Kardui's Ears> lower - <Young Leaf of World Tree (Int)> armor - <+12 Robust Magical Armor [1]> | Sweet Nightmare Card+ matk 7,matk 16 weapon - <+12 Chilling Cane [2]> | Blue Pitaya,Mutated White Knight Card + 20-25% matk against Normal monster,random shield - <+12 Excelion Shield [1]> | <Mutated Khalitzburg Card> garment - <+12 Temporal INT Manteau [1]> | Purple Pitaya Card shoe - <+12 Temporal INT Boots [1]> | Research Assistant bot + spell 5, runaway access1 - <Magician's Gloves [1]> | Headless Mule Card(can be other accessory,im lazy find other access,that y use this) access2 - <Sixth Sense Amplifier Ring [1]> | Bookworm Card upper costume - <Professor Stone II(Upper)> + 5k+ HP mid costume - <Professor Stone II(Middle)> + 50-100matk/5-10%matk lower costume - <Professor Stone II(Lower)> + 20-30% vct garment - <Sorcerer Stone II(Garment)> + your choice(or none) shadow weapon - <+10 Sorcerer Shadow Weapon> shadow armor - <+9 Dust Shadow Armor> , none shadow shield - <+9 Dust Shadow Shield> , none shadow shoe - <+9 Dust Shadow Shoes> , none shadow access - can be almighty set / anything did you have at the moment | Theory comet warlock build(lvl 100) | <+15 Spirit King's Crown> <Kardui's Ears> + <+9 Laphine Shield [1]> <Young Leaf of World Tree (Int)> <+12 Robust Magical Armor [1]> - no research yet <+12 Temporal INT Manteau [1]> - Purple pitaya card <Geffenia Ice Magic Tool [1]> - warlock combo card <+12 Temporal INT Boots [1]> - warlock combo card + spell 5,Lucky Day(dont use the runaway) <+12 rod[4]> - red pitaya card(warlock combo card), x3 magic-poisoned plaga OR other staff you found better other equip(you can think yourself for other thing.... the main theory build already been given) with this build you can get ZERO FCT(+15 Spirit King's Crown), ZERO CD(Kardui's Ears | +9 Laphine Shield [1] combo ), MAGIC DAMAGE(Young Leaf of World Tree (Int) combo - full MATK BONUS) and SOME MORE MAGIC DAMAGE from rod[4] - maybe my mistake... btw you dont have acd for this build, can find it from other stuff that still missing.... Last but not least... if you found this guide is helpful... rate me by emailing me 1-100 mc(from your x1 reward) at "Kim Yoohyeon" ,each time your leveling your new x1 char,,,, hohohohoho.... O(O_O)O
  4. This guide is meant for beginners who have little or no clue on how to farm for mid/top tier equipment in Niflheim, following it, you'll be able to make around 20m per character (I suggest you create 3 or more chars of a same class for this) in a single day with two quick instances: Enjoy, and if you have any questions or suggestions, whatsoever, ask away. You can also contact me: In game: Sir Richard or Selena Fluorspar Discord: Shining Moon RO's official discord, and '§¤ RicharÐ ¤§-#4215 And last but not least, I'd like to thank @DanyKhaleesi for making this possible, for inspiring me to keep going and finish it!
  5. Tanky Full Support Arch bishop A few Arch bishops asked me about full support build so i decided to make this guide to help others that may have doubts about building. And before starting i would like to thank Dany for accepting to act as guinea pig for my healing tests <3. Remember, you're not a real tank, you just don't die easily. Under Construction ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Introduction to the build 2. Equipment 3. Shadow Gear 4. Costume Enchant 5. Stats 6. Skills 7.Performance 8. Consumables ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Introduction to the build This build was developed for Fortessa Pit, Fortessa Ruins runs and for teleporting and using convenio to make the performance better having the resistance and recovery issues in mind. But remember, being tanky doesn't mean that you can replace tanks such as Royal Guards and Suras. This build has the resistance to tank a few strong monsters per time. 2. Equipment This is my current Equipment and I also switch between Hero cape and Exc wings and take off Holy Costume when I need ghost propriety. Headgears Armors Weapons Shield Garment Shoes Accessories 3. Shadow Gear All of them enchanted with Healing Skills 4-5% 4. Costume Enchant Top: Max HP+ 8000 or MDEF +20 with High Priest Top Stone I Mid: Matk 10% with Variable Cast Stone Middle Low: Healing skills +30% with High Priest lower Stone I Garment: Ghost or Holy with Arch bishop Garment Stone I 5. Stats This is an example, you can use the remaining status points the way you need. Str 60 for more weight limit. Agi 60 for bleeding and sleep resistance. Vit 120 for Def, MDEF, max HP and stun resistance. Int 120 for MDEF, max sp, sp recovery, matk, resistance to blind, silence and chaos. Dex 120 for cast time. Luk 60 for resistance to blind, curse, frozen, silence, sleep, stone curse and stun. 6. Skills 7.Performance Tanking: The good thing about this build is that you don’t need Golden Thiefbug Card. The high def and mdef makes defense scroll be dispensable in fortessa pit but some skills such as Bio5 Kathryne Keyron and Eremes Guile’s Soul Destroyer, Flamel's Acid Bomb are deadly. The SP cost reduction from Pharaoh Card together with Magnificat buff will make your ab less dependent to recovery potions but it’s important to have some with you for an emergency case. Having a Ghost costume garment + Holy armor, the garment propriety is going to overwrite the armor so if you need to tank holy monsters, take the garment off so you’re going to take less holy damage. Buffing, High Heal and Heal: Spammable High Healing helps you recover your party members HP faster. Most of them you’ll only need 1 skill to make him/her full HP. Also, helps you tank! 8. Consumables Because of the all stats +10, Biscuit bag can replace it or you can use both. For places without dispell it will help you tanking. Also, don't forget to have Holy Water and Blue Gemstone always with you in a considerable amount. Thanks for reading.
  6. I already know the differences between the servers, but since I'm not an RO expert, I would like to know your opinion on which server you would recommend to a new player for more easy progression?
  7. Hello everyone (including the 3% who care about WoE)! As of now the @storage command and the skill "Call Storage" are both enabled in WoE and BG and while @storage is disabled in PvP, the skill Call Storage is enabled (though I'm not including PvP as I think it's too fast paced that calling storage when being chased around the claustrophobic PvP room would be game breaking). In my opinion at least having access to @storage from within a castle or inside a BG game is a bit too convenient as everyone would essentially be able to carry around unlimited supplies of pots and not have to worry about their weight, including during a fight (the command is very convenient since you can put it on a shortcut through alt+m). Previously people would have to come into the castle or a BG game prepared, but now they just get as much as they can carry and spam pots like there's no tomorrow (that's at least what I saw in WoE tonight, which is also what inspired me to create this poll). My reason why we shouldn't leave Call Storage enabled either: Basically in WoE once a guild's castle gets attacked by a formidable foe the defending guild, assuming it successfully defended the castle, is likely to take a toll on each of the members' supplies inside their inventory. This is when people have to go back to town or bring a merchant into the castle with supplies or send someone back to get supplies for them etc. This could be a deciding moment for other opponents to take the oppurtunity and take the castle while the defending guild is running low on supplies. The Call Storage being enabled could be considered a QoL, however having to go through the hassle of resupplying through the means of opening a second client with a merchant full of supplies could still change the pace of the defending guild and ultimately affect the outcome. I think it goes without saying that if we keep @storage enabled in both BG and WoE, people who are running low on potions and consumables can easily just run away from their enemy (of course depending on their class) and open storage quickly, same can be done with Call Storage but it's a bit less convenient than alt+m-ing @storage. My question to you folk is: Do you wish to keep @storage command and "Call Storage" enabled in GvG and BG. I'm interested to see the results of the poll and to hear everyone's opinion on this matter
  8. Hey, everyone . actually i've never created a guide before so this is my first time create guide, so I tried my best to make this guide posses the highest quality, I hope this guide will be helpful enough. Here, in this guide I'll try to explain how all the player getting fast leveling all of their char. There are several trick to level up chars fast, but this is the popular one. Requirements: PHASE 1. Introduction and Leveling 1. Okay here we are, every novice start in [Newbie Area]. which every player can choose between continue or just skip the tutorial introduction, as a guide I'll recommended you to following the tutorial since it easy. You'll prompt to kill 10 pandaring and 10 foxring. Just finish the quest and Olive Balmer will teleport your right in Office. 2. Change your job by talking to NPC Elaine right front of you, she stand in the left desk. Choose the job based on your desirable class though if it was your first char i recommend you to using Archer. After changing class you will get evolved bow, don't throw it out. because it' has bonus 10% exp which really useful. 3. Now warp to anthell dungeon 01 [@warp anthell01]. kill some ant egg/other monster until your job level 50. 4. after job level 50, go back to office [@go office], and follow step 2 for changing job. Don't forget to check your inventory, just sell the hunter bow and as alternatif you can find rental item 'Rudra Bow' it's powerful bow in your inventory consume section. 5. Now warp to Orcs tomb dungeon [@warp orcsdun01] kill some Orc Zombie, Orcs Skeleton, etc. You may want to mob them, so make sure you have Arrow shower lv 10 skill. Sometimes leveling in this spot take longer when you have reach lv 75, you can warp to Glast Heim Church [@warp gl_church] to continue your leveling. This place have good monster card such as Evil Druid Card and Wraith Card. Keep leveling until you reach lv 86 and never get your level to 90. PHASE 2. Quest and Find a Party* *Note: Why party? because you will hunt 100-200 monster additional several 30 monster, and i guess that will make you boring enough. Shining Moon RO have unique hunt system, while you're in party all of the member killing count as yours as long as in the same map, once more in the same map not screen. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. When you reach lv 86 go to Eden HQ [@go eden], register to NPC Lime Evenor and talk to NPC Gramps. He will offer you to kill 100, 200, and 400 monster. Choose 100 and 200, and 400. since 100 and 200 monster have the same quest. If you level below 90 I advise you to choose kill 100, and 200 harpy since it's easier. Above 90 will get different type monster and it's have less spawn than harpy. DON'T TURN IN THE QUEST. 2. Now go to upstairs Eden HQ. Find a Quest Board for lv 86-90. Choose and hunt 30 monster below. DON'T TURN IN THE QUEST . When your char reach lv 91 continue to step 2. 3. Hunt all of the monster above until you get lv 91. When you get lv 91 back to eden go to upstairs Eden HQ. Find a Quest Board for lv 91-99. Choose and hunt 30 monster below, and continue your previous unfinished quest. DON'T TURN IN THE QUEST. 4. Boring? Okay you almost complete all of the step. Cheers keep your determination. FYI you already killed 540 Monster today PHASE 3. Get Ready to Feast 1. After finishing several hard task above now your level must be normal class 99/50 or baby class 99/70 or higher. Now for the last task warp to Splendid [@warp spl_field02] Field and Manuk Field [@warp man_fild03]. Find a Lost fairy and the Man like tree. Don't report to guard yet (Don't turn in the quest). 2. Just go back to office [@go office] quickly, we're going to hold a feast. When you rebirth/Reset class, you'll get job lv 10, if you don't hunt some poring instead. 3. Make sure you're now high novice/High Baby. Now go to Mid Camp [@go mid_camp], and report to the NPC Guard Captain twice, for finding the lost fairy and man like tree. 4. Go back to office [@go office] and change your class. Make sure you're now not high novice, but transcend class (HIgh Archer, High Thief, etc). Equip your evolve gear, and any Exp modifier item. Go to Eden HQ and turn in quest board lv 91-99 quest first, because 86-99 quest didn't give job exp. turn in until your job lv 50 . 5. Change your job to transcend second class and repeat step 4, and also turn in quest board lv 86-90. 6. Go back to office [@go office] and change yourself into 3rd class. Back to Eden HQ [@go eden] and turn in gramps quest. 7. Congrats for you .