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  1. World Boss - Widescreen Dispel

    I voted to keep it, as there are only 2 options. But honestly, what I really would like to see is an increase intime between the uses... IMO, the bosses use it a little too frequently.
  2. Adding to this great guide (I'm following it, and it's working very well on my RK), manuals DO affect the board quest experience (at least on Helheim). So, don't forget to pop them before you turn in the quests, especially for the higher levels!!!
  3. Helheim Item Database

    Hello everyone!!! I'm new to the server, and don't really speak Korean, so I've been wondering how to go about finding the items that are currently available in Helheim Server... I've tried using the site database, but it seems to work only for Niflheim. Any good methods out there? Thx a lot!
  4. Yo every1!!! I'm a veteran RO player (been playing on and off since 2004!) and returning from an year-long hiatus... Probably be going hit Helheim, and play some RK (my favorite class ever) Hope to see you all, and have a nice time together! See ya'll !!!!