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  1. Drunk's Melee "Suranui" Guide

    this build interesting hehe ... what different with patch today
  2. __________ Overview __________ Hi everyone, Ry here. I'm going to teach you what I learned during my stay on SMRO about Dragon Knight almost 1 years playing . Here I will teach you about the most interesting builds I have the knowledge of. If there's an acronym you don't understand, you should check out the list I made at the bottom. If you have any question PM me ingame Solarice . this build need 100% ACD and 80-90% VCT depend from your stats INT-DEX also you can farm your mats via instance almostly solo if you have some tactic for quickly defeat this boss just using this build and some note don't forget you must using your breath for kill enemies _____Stats_____ STR - Strength is not most important for this build as a DK. But it increases a lot Weapon ATK, and DK's mostly play with high ATK weapons like two-handed swords, so it's more than worth it. AGI - Agility should be usually high for all builds , since you need max ASPD for optimal DPS. VIT - Vitality increases your already great HP pool, don't forget that your HP gets nearly tripled under Berserk (Interesting for sustain if you're playing Berserk). INT - Intelligence will increase your Enchant Blade damage, as well as your tiny SP pool. Do not hesitate to put some points here if you feel like you're often out of SP, or you'll have to play with mana potions. DEX - Dexterity is awesome and you need that for Dragon's Breath or Dragon's Water Breath because you need to reduce the cast as much as possible (Instacasting is great for increasing your DPS). LUK - Luck will be really important if you're playing the Critical build, otherwise it's not something you should focus on. _____Skills_____ Here we'll talk about what to level up in your skill trees, what skills are important; I'll give you what I leveled up but feel free to change it to your liking. This skill build is a versatile build intended to be used for dragon skills. First Job Skills Skill Notes Type Sword Mastery Lv 1 Increases ATK with daggers and one-handed swords. You only need this at level 1 to unlock 2HS Mastery; there's no one-handed sword or dagger that are worth it for RKs (maybe you'll take it if you plan on use something like Combat Knife on a Dragon Breath PVP build, or if you're going on a meme adventure with Faceworm Queen's Leg and a full int build ?). Passive Two-Handed Sword Mastery Lv 10 Some free ATK once you get a 2HS like Lindy Hop (RK's best sword waifu fellow), good enough. Passive Magnum Break Lv 10 It pushes back all enemies around you, deals Fire property damage in a 5x5 AoE, and it gives you a temporary 20% Fire damage boost based on your ATK. You need this at level 5 for Aura Blade when you get Lord Knight, and lvl 3 for Bowling Bash as a Knight. Offensive Increase HP Recovery Lv 10 Gives higher HP recovery and increases the regeneration you get from consumables, always nice to have, especially when you have the platinum skill Moving HP Recovery. Passive Bash Lv 10 Your main single target spamming skill as a Swordsman, it deals up to 400% damage based on your ATK and has the ability to stun with the platinum skill Fatal Blow. You can get a Bongun card if you want to go trolling in PvP with this and Charge Attack for maximum pushback. Offensive Provoke Lv 5 This skill decreases the defense of the enemy while increasing his attack; this skill is mainly used for luring mobs since they'll target you once you Provoke them. You need it at level 5 for both Endure as a Swordsman and Parry as a Lord Knight. Active Endure Lv 3 With this you won't get anim-locked for up to 7 hits, great to use when you need to get out of a mess or you're making a mob train. It also increases MDEF by a tiny bit. Active Auto Berserk Lv 1 This skill does a reduced version of Provoke on yourself; it gives a neat 32% ATK boost in exchange for a 55% decrease of your soft DEF; You can keep it always activated for instances/MvPs, since you don't have any DEF under Berserk anyway. Passive-Active Second/Trans Job Skills Skill Notes Type Two-Hand Quicken Lv 10 The sweet melody of good ol' AGI knight buddy comes from this skill. It used to be a +30% ASPD bonus but since Renewal it has become a +7 flat ASPD bonus which lasts 300 seconds. You need this skill maxed first to be able to kill monsters quickly without relying on SP consumables. Don't forget to get the ASPD potion corresponding to your level for maximum sword-spamming in the enemies' faces. Since the KRO Mass Skill Rebalance, this skill now gives in addition to the usual buff, +10% ASPD, and Crit and HIT per skill level, to a maximum of Crit + 12 and HIT + 20. Active Auto Counter Lv 5 This makes you wait for an attack during the whole cast of the skill; if you get attacked in front of your character, the attack will be blocked and you'll automatically counter with a hit. This skill might have been useful in pre-renewal but it's not the case anymore. You need to level it up to 5 to unlock Bowling Bash. Active Bowling Bash Lv 0 (or 10) This skill is great for killing monsters in AoE, . Since the KRO Mass Skill Rebalance, there's no gutterline anymore, it has a 1 second cooldown and deals more damage with a two-handed sword. On my current build I don't have it because I do not use it anymore (as a crit RK you mainly do single target DPS), to allow for more diversity in my build like the possibility of getting Spiral Pierce and a Peco Peco/Dragon. If you are leveling, you should of course take it for faster grinding. Offensive Riding Lv 1 You have the possibility of walking 25% faster as well as having 1k added to your maximum weight capacity so of course you should take it (Except if you want to be the edgy RK walking slowly away from your victims). Passive Cavalry Mastery Lv 5 If you take a mount, obviously you need this or you'll hit slower than a Novice lvl 1. You need it at level max to prevent losing ASPD when you get a mount. Once you are a Rune Knight, you don't need this skill anymore except for the requirement on Dragon Training, so only get it level 1 when that time comes. Passive Spear Mastery Lv 10 Works the same as the two previous masteries you can get as a Swordsman, but for spears (both one-handed and two-handed). You need it at level max to unlock Spiral Pierce once you get Lord Knight, if you're only a Knight don't bother with spear skills like this one, except if you have a really good spear you can use. Passive Pierce Lv 5 This skill was mostly used in pre-renewal for leveling with a spear on large monsters, because it can deal its damage several times depending on the size of the monster (1 hit for small, 2 for medium, 3 for large monsters). Same as before, take it if you have a good spear or simply because you want to play a spear Knight build for leveling on large monsters. You need it at level 5 to unlock Spear Stab. Offensive Spear Stab Lv 4 This skill is unused by the majority of the spear users, because it does mediocre damage and you usually don't want to push back the enemies you want to fight. Even though it's crap, you must get it to level 5 to unlock Spiral Pierce, once you're a Lord Knight. Offensive Brandish Spear Lv 2 Brandish Spear is an alternative to Bowling Bash for spear users; I personally don't use it but some people prefer using this for leveling instead of BB. I only get it level 2 to unlock the RK's skill Phantom Thrust. Brandish Spear is now a ranged skill since the KRO Mass Skill Rebalance, and its damage depends a lot on your STR. Offensive Spear Boomerang Lv 5 Spear Boomerang is optional, you can take it if you decide to have a multi-purpose build like me; I can take it thanks to the skill points I do not use for Bowling Bash since I don't use it anymore, and it adds a small amount of damage to the skill Hundred Spear (there's a 40% chance of casting it instantly after H-Spear Lv 10). If you will never use spears, you may redistribute these points somewhere else. Offensive Transcended Job Skills Skill Notes Type Aura Blade Lv 5 Aura Blade now gives flat damage based on your level (kRO MSR). You know the drill, free ATK buffs' are always nice to have. Active Parrying Lv 10 This skill is really awesome for surviving as a two-handed sword user; it allows you to parry physical attacks at a whooping 50% chance at level max, it's like Auto Guard but much better. You can even tank several physical skills like Asura Strike or Spiral Pierce with it. Be careful though, it only lasts 60 seconds so don't forget to keep it always active, and also cast it before you use Berserk so you don't suffer too much early from your lack of DEF. Active Concentration Lv 5 For a short duration, Concentration further increases the power of the madman you are; it gives you +50 HIT, increases your ATK by 25% and decreases your DEF by 25% (who cares about DEF when you can hit like a truck ? ;D). It also gives you the effect of Endure for a small duration, and you can reset the 7 hits by using Endure after. Active Tension Relax Lv 1 This skill is optional as it is quite oriented for solo grinding; it triples your HP recovery speed and makes you sit down, but if anything happens to you (that includes taking damage, standing up, using consumables, equipping stuff), the buff is canceled. You may take it if you play often solo, do not use HP items and have points to spend on your LK skill tree. Active Berserk Lv 1 Now we're talking ! Berserk is pretty much the bread and butter of the Crit RK; you won't be able to do anything than attacking your enemies without skills, but you'll have : Full recovery of your HP HP tripled Double damage +15% ASPD Endure effect Increased movespeed Flee halved DEF/MDEF reduced to 0 It also drains your HP by 5% every 15 seconds, so don't forget to fall back once you get really low, that way you can wait for the effect to end, resplenish your SP to buff yourself again, Berserk again and get back into the fight. If the fight ends before your Berserk does, you can ask a Sorcerer to use Dispell on you or an AB to use Clearance (Use chatrooms/emoticons to talk in Berserk). Also, please do not forget that you can't level the skill until you're job 50 as a Lord Knight. Active Spiral Pierce Lv 5 This is the strongest offensive skill you unlock as a Lord Knight. It has proven itself back in pre-renewal in PvP and WoE as a frightening skill that could one shot lots of classes without enough PvP-tanking stuff, because it ignores Soft and Hard DEFs. It's still great in Renewal, and it's especially strong if you make your build based on this skill; % ranged damage bonuses and DEX will be this skill's friends. With the kRO MSR, Spiral Pierce's cast time has been quite reduced, both in FCT and VCT, as well as the After Cast Delay which got halved. The skill's special size penalty got improved and now the damage formula also depends on BASE LEVEL. Here's the old formula of the skill, taken from RMS (to give you an idea of how it works) : Damage = [(80% of weapon's weight * (100%+ skill level*50%) + (round.down(STR/10^2) + Upgrade Damage) * size modifier (S 125%, M 100%, L 75%)) * card factors * element factors ]* 5 hits To summarize it up with the factors that increase its damage: +% ranged damage bonus Weight of your weapon STR +% damage cards Elemental advantage Base Level Offensive Head Crush Lv 0 It used to be nice in pre-renewal because it allowed you to bleed enemies to death, since not everybody had high VIT and LUK (for the bleeding success rate, it's not the same as External Bleeding); but with third classes pretty much everybody has put a lot of points into these stats. Don't bother leveling it. Offensive Joint Beat Lv 0 This skill can do a lot of different strong status alignements on enemies, but it's highly impeded by Hard DEF (comes from VIT). Same as Head Crush, it was good back in pre-renewal, don't level it. Offensive Third Job Skills Skill Notes Type Rune Mastery Lv 10 Basically the reason why you're called a Rune Knight, it allows you to create the runes you can consume as a RK. Each level unlocks a rune, and also increases the success rate of the crafting (starts at a 53% base rate and stops at a 71% base rate) so you should get it level max. The most important runes you should try to get are Turisus (Giant Growth), Asir (Fighting Spirit) and Rhydo (Crush Strike). The other runes are situational, you should first focus on creating a big supply of these 3 as you'll be keeping them up everytime because of how strong they are (except Rhydo, you should keep them for big monsters or when you need to end quickly a fight). If you want to know more about the runes, you should check out the section dedicated after this in down below. Passive Enchant Blade Lv 10 This skill allows you to add your MATK as additional magic damage to your normal attacks, and it adds 200 MATK during the duration. This means you can directly add stat points into INT for damage, although some tests have shown that the upgrade in damage is quite small (Somebody tested the impact of MATK and saw a difference of 2-3K damage between 1 and 90 INT). Despite this, you should take it because we never say no to an increase in damage, and also because you might find stuff that adds a lot of MATK and can increase even more your auto-attacks (for example Flattery Robe which gives a lot of MATK, or the enchantment Runaway Magic on Temporal Boots which gives temporarily +200 INT). Even so, it's only a bit useful to get this kind of stuff for the Crit RK build, so don't bother if you plan on going down another path. Active Sonic Wave Lv 0 It's a quick ranged attack pretty useful early on for farming little monsters. If you play a ranged damage build like Spiral Pierce or Dragon Breath, you should take it level 10 to have a better variety of attacks against enemies. With the November update, Sonic Wave can now apply critical attacks ! Offensive Death Bound Lv 0 This skill is an evolution of Auto Counter, and not a good skill to get in my opinion. Waiting for an enemy to strike has never been good in RO and will never be (except if we one day get Max Pain as a skill but that will never happen). We get it level 5 to unlock Ignition Break. Offensive Wind Cutter Lv 4 An AoE 2HS skill which does poor damage, knockbacks a bit and inflicts Fear. Don't mind it and just get it level 3 to unlock Ignition Break. This skill also got reworked with the Nov 7th's RK update; it now is a self-target AoE skill that hits everything around you up to 7x7 cells, there's no more knockback and Fear effects, and the skill is not forced to Wind element anymore. The cooldown got heavily reduced (0.2 seconds at level 5 now) and the skill has different mechanics depending on the weapon you use : With a two-handed sword : 2 hits instead of 1 hit, at a 1250% per hit skill modifier, and the skill will pierce DEF With a spear weapon : the damage is considered ranged instead of melee, with a 2000% skill modifier With other weapons : nothing specific, with a 1500% skill modifier Offensive Ignition Break Lv 0 This is the big ATK AoE skill of the Rune Knight, it now deals 2000% ATK on an entire area of 9x9 cells around you (no Fire property bonus and distance-dependent damage anymore), and will apply critical hits. Offensive Phantom Thrust Lv 5 This spear-only skill can bring your enemies (or allies) next to you, as well as attacking them (not to allies of course). It has a range of 7 cells at level 3, and you can use it either to save an ally who went too far into the battlefield or to troll party members (you might get kicked of the party for that, be careful). Offensive Hundred Spear Lv 10 A spear exclusive skill pretty strong and extremely fast to cast which now hits in a 7x7 AoE although it has a big cooldown. Since the Last update, you don't need to go for a light-weight spear, feel free to use the one you want ! Offensive Dragon Training Lv 5 This skill is the same as Riding&Cavalry Mastery, you'll need it if you got these two, RKs can't ride Peco-Pecos anymore because they're "afraid" of the mana that emanates from the RKs (RP reason outta nowhere of why the devs were too lazy to make two mount sprites) Passive Dragon Breath Lv 10 This is a strong dragon skill that does ranged, Fire, AoE damage that ignores flee and may cause the Burning effect. It's mainly used in its own build: it's quite good when you get DEX Temporal Boots and a way to reduce After Cast Delay like Tae Goo Lyeon . This build is too much specialized in stat investment and stuff so I didn't invest points into it. The November update now allows you to enchant your Dragon Breath with different elements ! Use Turisus to make it Holy element, and Lux Anima to change it to Shadow element (Lux takes priority over Turisus). Offensive Dragon's Water Breath Lv 10 It's the same as the previous one, except it does Water damage instead and may inflict the Freezing status. Same as for Dragon Breath, you can now enchant this skill with different elements, including Ghost property if you use the Asir runestone, and Neutral property if you use Lux Anima (Lux takes priority over Turisus). Offensive Dragon Howling Lv 5 Dragon Howling causes the Fear status with a high success rate (80% at level 10) in a big area around the caster (15x15 at level 10). This skill is nice for luring monsters and packing them at one place, either to kill them with Dragon Breath or to allow your team to deal with them efficiently. I never use this skill but depending on your gameplay you might find it quite useful, even if you don't play DB build (especially for PvP content). Active Full Throttle Lv 0 or 5 Full Throttle is a skill common to all 3rd classes that restores your life to the max, increases your stats by 20% temporarily while consuming a percentage of your max HP every second. Despite the fact that it seems really strong, you get a cooldown of 30 minutes on the skill, and at the end of the duration you'll get the Rebound status and become literally crippled; your movement speed decreases and your natural HP and SP recoveries are disabled. If you have skill points to spend, you should get it to level max or not at all because the first levels are pretty much crap. It can help you in a difficult situation if you're not under Berserk, or you can use it BEFORE Berserk to go fully on the offensive and hope you don't die before both the skill and Berserk's HP consumptions alongside the enemies' attacks slaughter you. If you end up leveling it, keep it for the MvPs. Active How to become a Rune Craftsman 101 Here you'll learn how to become a master in the art of rune-crafting. But first, here's a description of what these runes do: Turisus Runestone : Giant Growth Increases your STR by 30 30% chance to add 250% on your next attack (basically it adds the damage to your normal attack then it is multiplied by all the attack modifiers, like Lex Aeterna and Double Attack). The bonus damage is also applied on skills, but at a 100% chance instead. Increases by 15% your melee damage Cast Time : 1 second (Fixed Cast Time) Duration : 15 minutes Asir Runestone : Fighting Spirit Increases your ATK by a flat value + a bonus which depends on the number of party members Increases your ASPD by 4 Duration : 15 minutes Rhydo Runestone : Crush Strike Deals enormous damage on your next single hit with a 20% chance to break your weapon ATK[{Weapon_Lv × (Weapon_Upgrade + 6) × 100} + (Weapon_ATK) + (Weapon_Weight)]% Considered as a normal attack, so it can stack with some strong skills/buffs (Double Attack, critical, Lex Aeterna,...). 1M damage is not hard to do if you manage to get these buffs Duration : 30 seconds Cast Time : 1 second (Fixed Cast Time) Cooldown : 30 seconds Pertz Runestone : Storm Blast Produces a shockwave around the player, dealing high physical damage which knockbacks all enemies around you; this skill can also proc a critical hit. Formula to be verified : ATK[RuneMastery_Lv + (STR ÷ 8) × 100]% Area of Effect : 7x7 Cast Time : 2 seconds (Variable Cast only) Casting Delay : 1 second Verkana Runestone : Millenium Shield Creates between 2 and 4 spirit spheres that act as a shield. They each have 1K HP as well as your DEF and MDEF. The amount of damage the sphere suffers cannot exceed its health, meaning you can also block between 2 to 4 mortal hits (for example, Earthquake) Number of shields summoned: 50% chance to spawn 2 shields 30% chance to spawn 3 shields 20% chance to spawn 4 shields Area of Effect : 7x7 Duration : 15 minutes Cooldown : 1 minute and 30 seconds Casting Delay : 1 second Kyrie Eleison will take priority over the Millenium Shield's spheres Isia Runestone : Vitality Activation Increases all the healing effects (except regen ones) you have (and will get) by 50%. Reduces melee reflect damage by 50%. Duration : 15 minutes Hagalas Runestone : Stonehard Skin Consumes 25% of your HP to create a shield that protects you against damage (with the HPs consumed), and increase both your DEF and MDEF. Your hardened skin will allow you with a 30% chance to break your opponent's weapon, or in case of a monster, reduce its ATK by 25% for 10 seconds DEF and MDEF bonus : (JobLv × RuneMastery_Lv) ÷ 4 Duration : 15 minutes Cast Time : 2 seconds (Fixed Cast Time) Urj Runestone : Abundance Regenerates your SP every 10 seconds for an amount of 60 SPs. Duration : 15 minutes Nosiege Runestone : Refresh Cleanses you from the following status effects, and prevent them for the duration: Stun, Sleep, Curse, Petrification Poison, Blind, Silence, Bleeding Chaos, Frozen, Deep Sleep, Burning Freezing, Crystallization, Marsh of Abyss, Howling of Mandragora The rune can be used while being stunned, frozen or asleep. Duration : 1 minute Cast Time : 1 second (Fixed Cast Time) Cooldown : 2 minutes Lux Anima Runestone : Lux Anima The runestone has been reworked since the 7th of November; it now behaves as a jack of all trades rune because of all its effects : Adds a 15% chance to autocast Storm Blast when dealing normal attacks. Increases physical damage against all size enemies by 30%. Increases critical damage by 30%. Increases melee physical damage by 30%. Increases ranged physical damage by 30%. Adds 30% Max HP and Max SP. Duration : 15 minutes Rune Crafting Now it's time for the crafting part; we're going to see how it works, and how you can craft the most runes. The success formula is : [Base_Success_Rate + (DEX ÷ 30 + LUK ÷ 10 + JobLv ÷ 10) + Runestone_Bonus - Rune_Rank]% Base_Success_Rate goes from 32% at Rune Mastery Lv1, up to 50% at Lv10. So to get the best crafting rate, always make sure you got the skill maxed out. Keep in mind also that it affects directly the efficiency of the runes; if you have Rune Mastery at a very low level or not even leveled at all, your runes will be extremely weak ! The Rune_Rank penalty depends on the runestone you're crafting, it goes from 5% up to 20%, so as a rule of thumb, always keep the 20% penalty in your calcuations if you make a crafting build. Some people have reported having a better success chance increased their numbers of crafted runes, others said it was purely random, needs to be tested thorougly. you can at @go 0 for buy this from Rune Merchant to get the highest success rate possible. To complete the formula, you'll need the success bonus from the rough runestone consumables, you can find it here : Runestone Grade Success Rate Way to obtain General +2% Sold in the Rune Merchant Quality +5% Abandoned Teddy Bear Horror Toy Factory Rare +8% Ancient +11% Apocalypse Juperos 2 Mystic +14% Tamruan Ayothaya Dungeon 2 Here is a list of the components you need for each rune : Runestone Components needed Turisus Elder Branch (Pinguicula, spl_fild02) Claw of Desert Wolf (Desert Wolf, ra_fild01) Blue Hair (Kobold Archer, ra_fild06) Asir Light Granule (Sropho, iz_dun05) Ogre Tooth (High Orc, gef_fild14) Rhydo Red Gemstone (Driller, mjolnir_04) Pertz Dragon Canine (Petite, gef_fild06) Tangled Chains (Disguise, nif_fild01) Nosiege Destroyed Armor (Tamruan, ayo_dun02) Worn-out Magic Scroll (Baba Yaga, mosk_dun03) Hagalas Round Shell (Arclouse, alde_dun01) Dragon Skin (Deleter, mag_dun02) Verkana Armor Piece of Dullahan (Dullahan, nif_fild01) Isia Burning Heart (Magmaring, ve_fild03) Urj Honey (Bigfoot, pay_fild07) Horrendous Hair (Medusa, beach_dun) Lux Anima 3 Light Granules (Angry Soldier, pay_fild04_i) 3 Golds (Pot Dofle, iz_dun05) or (Spooky Demon, Horror Toy Factory) __________ Equipments __________ Headgears Armor Garment Shoes Accessories Weapon Cards Headgear Armor Weapon Garment Shoes Accesories Costume Stones Shadow Gears COLD BREATH SET ACD Increase Stats Note :-Dont forget to bring your own yggdrasil berry (farm in lasagna dungeon) or yggdrasil seed (farm in EDDA Biolab instance) to refill your HP and SP during instance run.-You can use excel to do some meth to calculate Variable Cast Time(VCT), Fixed Cast Time(FCT), and After Cast Delay or global cool time reduction (ACD) from gears and stats. Check it with @bs in game for result.-If you dont reach 100% ACD use item food or consumable that i dont mention here. Status STR : 80 (MUST HAVE FOR RAW ATK) AGI : 85 in total to immune Sleep (MUST HAVE) VIT : 120 in total to immune Stun (MUST HAVE) INT : 120 in total to immune Silence (MUST HAVE) DEX : 120, just reach 80-90% VCT from Stats or 120/130 LUK : 1 Trait POW : 100 for raw dmg STA : WIS : SPL : CON : 97 for extra dmg CRT : here is the example where i put the status and trait points for Dragon Knight i'm sorry if my guide still not good , i hope can made you happy and enjoy in this server .. Cyaaaaa