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  1. Lewdness Performer Guide (Hellheim)

    I do not get 193 ASPD, with the new addition of the target skill should be doable and viable with normal speed and lag. This guide is for 3rd class, planning to update to 4th. Soon. being honest i cant do the math cus im not in niff, but the seem decent enough.
  2. if it was a gunslinger you helped, it was me i poped a 3x BM.
  3. Lewdness Performer Guide (Hellheim)

    Reserved for whatever i need Changelog: 18/09/2021 - Planning to update, doing math and tests. Changelog: 21/09/2021 - Updated Reverb build, need screen shots. Changelog 04/08/2022 - Updating to Magical, Physical and Leveling Builds.
  4. Lewdness Performer Guide (Hellheim)

    Magical DPS: This focus on doing EVEN MORE AOE DPS, it might be the best class out there to do magic dps single or small aoe (5x5 and 7x7), just because you're not locked by element. Magical gear is always pretty expensive, but for sure you will enjoy it a lot, it requires a lot of suplies, your SP will drain like crazy, even with Mana song and SP song. Since this is a skill that needs ACD you will need a linker always for Bragi if you're solo Wanderer, but its a small price for more matk. The amount of ACD you need is 72% at 193 ASPD, no more, with or without bragi, your decide, so plan on ahead with what you see here. Skills: General Gear: Costume:
  5. Lewdness Performer Guide (Hellheim)

    Physical DPS: Updating
  6. Lewdness Performer Guide (Hellheim)

    Severe Rainstorm: (Leveling) This focus on doing tons of AOE DPS, you're not a BIG DPSer, but its good enough for a Leveling purposes. Since this is your leveling skill, Get the noble gear from @go exchange and get a narc bow and refine it until you get the 2 seconds delay. If you want to Spend money on this build i will leave the skills and gear below. Skills: General Gear: Costume:
  7. Lewdness Performer Guide (Hellheim)

    Hello! Im Lewdness and i will present myself firt, i've been playing performers since the max job was just dancer, i've seen many changes and did many builds, from woe tank troll to single target dps. In this guide i wont go into detail on how to level, i will just give you an overall building guide. First of all, these are my stats, im doing an hybrid all around stat build but you might want to play a bit with these if you want to focus only on one build. Also im lazy to reset :3 Stats: Archer Skills: Solo Performer Skills: Gypsy Pros: - More Crit and Crit Damage dance. - Mp reduccion dance. Clown Pros: - 30% After Cast Delay song. - Attack Speed Song (yeah... you wont use anything but bragi most of the time tbh). - Max HP enchance and small heal song.
  8. Negative, i just used one 3x BM and was the one i mentioned
  9. Class Specific Leveling Cheatcodes: Sorcerer:
  10. 101-121 121-141(175) 141-175 175-185
  11. OK! so now to the Real Guide! Before you start leveling make you you use @jobrate 100 to change classes asap, this wont affect your 1x bonus. ONLY JOB RATE. Items I Recomend Before Starting: 1x Battle Manual 3x (This is very important, however i will post an alternative to this.) 1x Pasana Card or Fire Element Armor (or you can just respawn, your choice xD) How This Guide Works Easy, we will use eden board to level up, easy, nice exp, spameable. Everything you see here is with no exp bonus, no event, nothing, plain 1x exp. Level 1-31 Level 31-42 Level 41-61 Level 61-70 Level 70-101 Reborn Leveling!
  12. Hello! Before Starting... I'm Lewdness and i've been playing this game since idk 2005 or something, i've seen a lot of stages of the game and this one is really fun! I'll start with the guide now! In this guide i will tell you the spots i found the most time efficient and less boring to level up, semi-solo, no leech and low gear, however it is recommended for you to be at least a bit geared before starting this, i will present the items i used for this leveling. Yes, not a lot yet something, if i can do it with a priest, you can do it with it too, also its easier for you dps Classes! A little bit of knowledge your job! I've seen a lot of people while doing this using skills that are not suited for massive grinding, like Knight's Pierce, or SinX Sonic blow, so i will tell you some skills that you can use to level up before reaching 3rd Class! (Soul Linkers... im sorry xD). I wont go into much detail on how to build X or Y job, but feel free to ask me if you want. Pictures are a bit outdated but are just to represent the skills. Now again, if you need any advice on what to build, PM me, ask on discord, the forums or in main chat, everyone is helpfull and will help you and answer your questions. Thiefs (Assasin / Rouge) Swordsman (Knight / Crusader) Archer (Hunter / Performer) Mage (Wizard / Sage) Merchant (Blacksmith / Alchemist) Acolyte (Priest / Monk) Taekwon (Star Gladiator / Soul Linker) Ninja Gunslinger