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  1. __________ Overview __________ Hi everyone, Ry here. I'm going to teach you what I learned during my stay on SMRO about Dragon Knight almost 1 years playing . Here I will teach you about the most interesting builds I have the knowledge of. If there's an acronym you don't understand, you should check out the list I made at the bottom. If you have any question PM me ingame Solarice . this build need 100% ACD and 80-90% VCT depend from your stats INT-DEX also you can farm your mats via instance almostly solo if you have some tactic for quickly defeat this boss just using this build and some note don't forget you must using your breath for kill enemies _____Stats_____ STR - Strength is not most important for this build as a DK. But it increases a lot Weapon ATK, and DK's mostly play with high ATK weapons like two-handed swords, so it's more than worth it. AGI - Agility should be usually high for all builds , since you need max ASPD for optimal DPS. VIT - Vitality increases your already great HP pool, don't forget that your HP gets nearly tripled under Berserk (Interesting for sustain if you're playing Berserk). INT - Intelligence will increase your Enchant Blade damage, as well as your tiny SP pool. Do not hesitate to put some points here if you feel like you're often out of SP, or you'll have to play with mana potions. DEX - Dexterity is awesome and you need that for Dragon's Breath or Dragon's Water Breath because you need to reduce the cast as much as possible (Instacasting is great for increasing your DPS). LUK - Luck will be really important if you're playing the Critical build, otherwise it's not something you should focus on. _____Skills_____ Here we'll talk about what to level up in your skill trees, what skills are important; I'll give you what I leveled up but feel free to change it to your liking. This skill build is a versatile build intended to be used for dragon skills. First Job Skills Skill Notes Type Sword Mastery Lv 1 Increases ATK with daggers and one-handed swords. You only need this at level 1 to unlock 2HS Mastery; there's no one-handed sword or dagger that are worth it for RKs (maybe you'll take it if you plan on use something like Combat Knife on a Dragon Breath PVP build, or if you're going on a meme adventure with Faceworm Queen's Leg and a full int build ?). Passive Two-Handed Sword Mastery Lv 10 Some free ATK once you get a 2HS like Lindy Hop (RK's best sword waifu fellow), good enough. Passive Magnum Break Lv 10 It pushes back all enemies around you, deals Fire property damage in a 5x5 AoE, and it gives you a temporary 20% Fire damage boost based on your ATK. You need this at level 5 for Aura Blade when you get Lord Knight, and lvl 3 for Bowling Bash as a Knight. Offensive Increase HP Recovery Lv 10 Gives higher HP recovery and increases the regeneration you get from consumables, always nice to have, especially when you have the platinum skill Moving HP Recovery. Passive Bash Lv 10 Your main single target spamming skill as a Swordsman, it deals up to 400% damage based on your ATK and has the ability to stun with the platinum skill Fatal Blow. You can get a Bongun card if you want to go trolling in PvP with this and Charge Attack for maximum pushback. Offensive Provoke Lv 5 This skill decreases the defense of the enemy while increasing his attack; this skill is mainly used for luring mobs since they'll target you once you Provoke them. You need it at level 5 for both Endure as a Swordsman and Parry as a Lord Knight. Active Endure Lv 3 With this you won't get anim-locked for up to 7 hits, great to use when you need to get out of a mess or you're making a mob train. It also increases MDEF by a tiny bit. Active Auto Berserk Lv 1 This skill does a reduced version of Provoke on yourself; it gives a neat 32% ATK boost in exchange for a 55% decrease of your soft DEF; You can keep it always activated for instances/MvPs, since you don't have any DEF under Berserk anyway. Passive-Active Second/Trans Job Skills Skill Notes Type Two-Hand Quicken Lv 10 The sweet melody of good ol' AGI knight buddy comes from this skill. It used to be a +30% ASPD bonus but since Renewal it has become a +7 flat ASPD bonus which lasts 300 seconds. You need this skill maxed first to be able to kill monsters quickly without relying on SP consumables. Don't forget to get the ASPD potion corresponding to your level for maximum sword-spamming in the enemies' faces. Since the KRO Mass Skill Rebalance, this skill now gives in addition to the usual buff, +10% ASPD, and Crit and HIT per skill level, to a maximum of Crit + 12 and HIT + 20. Active Auto Counter Lv 5 This makes you wait for an attack during the whole cast of the skill; if you get attacked in front of your character, the attack will be blocked and you'll automatically counter with a hit. This skill might have been useful in pre-renewal but it's not the case anymore. You need to level it up to 5 to unlock Bowling Bash. Active Bowling Bash Lv 0 (or 10) This skill is great for killing monsters in AoE, . Since the KRO Mass Skill Rebalance, there's no gutterline anymore, it has a 1 second cooldown and deals more damage with a two-handed sword. On my current build I don't have it because I do not use it anymore (as a crit RK you mainly do single target DPS), to allow for more diversity in my build like the possibility of getting Spiral Pierce and a Peco Peco/Dragon. If you are leveling, you should of course take it for faster grinding. Offensive Riding Lv 1 You have the possibility of walking 25% faster as well as having 1k added to your maximum weight capacity so of course you should take it (Except if you want to be the edgy RK walking slowly away from your victims). Passive Cavalry Mastery Lv 5 If you take a mount, obviously you need this or you'll hit slower than a Novice lvl 1. You need it at level max to prevent losing ASPD when you get a mount. Once you are a Rune Knight, you don't need this skill anymore except for the requirement on Dragon Training, so only get it level 1 when that time comes. Passive Spear Mastery Lv 10 Works the same as the two previous masteries you can get as a Swordsman, but for spears (both one-handed and two-handed). You need it at level max to unlock Spiral Pierce once you get Lord Knight, if you're only a Knight don't bother with spear skills like this one, except if you have a really good spear you can use. Passive Pierce Lv 5 This skill was mostly used in pre-renewal for leveling with a spear on large monsters, because it can deal its damage several times depending on the size of the monster (1 hit for small, 2 for medium, 3 for large monsters). Same as before, take it if you have a good spear or simply because you want to play a spear Knight build for leveling on large monsters. You need it at level 5 to unlock Spear Stab. Offensive Spear Stab Lv 4 This skill is unused by the majority of the spear users, because it does mediocre damage and you usually don't want to push back the enemies you want to fight. Even though it's crap, you must get it to level 5 to unlock Spiral Pierce, once you're a Lord Knight. Offensive Brandish Spear Lv 2 Brandish Spear is an alternative to Bowling Bash for spear users; I personally don't use it but some people prefer using this for leveling instead of BB. I only get it level 2 to unlock the RK's skill Phantom Thrust. Brandish Spear is now a ranged skill since the KRO Mass Skill Rebalance, and its damage depends a lot on your STR. Offensive Spear Boomerang Lv 5 Spear Boomerang is optional, you can take it if you decide to have a multi-purpose build like me; I can take it thanks to the skill points I do not use for Bowling Bash since I don't use it anymore, and it adds a small amount of damage to the skill Hundred Spear (there's a 40% chance of casting it instantly after H-Spear Lv 10). If you will never use spears, you may redistribute these points somewhere else. Offensive Transcended Job Skills Skill Notes Type Aura Blade Lv 5 Aura Blade now gives flat damage based on your level (kRO MSR). You know the drill, free ATK buffs' are always nice to have. Active Parrying Lv 10 This skill is really awesome for surviving as a two-handed sword user; it allows you to parry physical attacks at a whooping 50% chance at level max, it's like Auto Guard but much better. You can even tank several physical skills like Asura Strike or Spiral Pierce with it. Be careful though, it only lasts 60 seconds so don't forget to keep it always active, and also cast it before you use Berserk so you don't suffer too much early from your lack of DEF. Active Concentration Lv 5 For a short duration, Concentration further increases the power of the madman you are; it gives you +50 HIT, increases your ATK by 25% and decreases your DEF by 25% (who cares about DEF when you can hit like a truck ? ;D). It also gives you the effect of Endure for a small duration, and you can reset the 7 hits by using Endure after. Active Tension Relax Lv 1 This skill is optional as it is quite oriented for solo grinding; it triples your HP recovery speed and makes you sit down, but if anything happens to you (that includes taking damage, standing up, using consumables, equipping stuff), the buff is canceled. You may take it if you play often solo, do not use HP items and have points to spend on your LK skill tree. Active Berserk Lv 1 Now we're talking ! Berserk is pretty much the bread and butter of the Crit RK; you won't be able to do anything than attacking your enemies without skills, but you'll have : Full recovery of your HP HP tripled Double damage +15% ASPD Endure effect Increased movespeed Flee halved DEF/MDEF reduced to 0 It also drains your HP by 5% every 15 seconds, so don't forget to fall back once you get really low, that way you can wait for the effect to end, resplenish your SP to buff yourself again, Berserk again and get back into the fight. If the fight ends before your Berserk does, you can ask a Sorcerer to use Dispell on you or an AB to use Clearance (Use chatrooms/emoticons to talk in Berserk). Also, please do not forget that you can't level the skill until you're job 50 as a Lord Knight. Active Spiral Pierce Lv 5 This is the strongest offensive skill you unlock as a Lord Knight. It has proven itself back in pre-renewal in PvP and WoE as a frightening skill that could one shot lots of classes without enough PvP-tanking stuff, because it ignores Soft and Hard DEFs. It's still great in Renewal, and it's especially strong if you make your build based on this skill; % ranged damage bonuses and DEX will be this skill's friends. With the kRO MSR, Spiral Pierce's cast time has been quite reduced, both in FCT and VCT, as well as the After Cast Delay which got halved. The skill's special size penalty got improved and now the damage formula also depends on BASE LEVEL. Here's the old formula of the skill, taken from RMS (to give you an idea of how it works) : Damage = [(80% of weapon's weight * (100%+ skill level*50%) + (round.down(STR/10^2) + Upgrade Damage) * size modifier (S 125%, M 100%, L 75%)) * card factors * element factors ]* 5 hits To summarize it up with the factors that increase its damage: +% ranged damage bonus Weight of your weapon STR +% damage cards Elemental advantage Base Level Offensive Head Crush Lv 0 It used to be nice in pre-renewal because it allowed you to bleed enemies to death, since not everybody had high VIT and LUK (for the bleeding success rate, it's not the same as External Bleeding); but with third classes pretty much everybody has put a lot of points into these stats. Don't bother leveling it. Offensive Joint Beat Lv 0 This skill can do a lot of different strong status alignements on enemies, but it's highly impeded by Hard DEF (comes from VIT). Same as Head Crush, it was good back in pre-renewal, don't level it. Offensive Third Job Skills Skill Notes Type Rune Mastery Lv 10 Basically the reason why you're called a Rune Knight, it allows you to create the runes you can consume as a RK. Each level unlocks a rune, and also increases the success rate of the crafting (starts at a 53% base rate and stops at a 71% base rate) so you should get it level max. The most important runes you should try to get are Turisus (Giant Growth), Asir (Fighting Spirit) and Rhydo (Crush Strike). The other runes are situational, you should first focus on creating a big supply of these 3 as you'll be keeping them up everytime because of how strong they are (except Rhydo, you should keep them for big monsters or when you need to end quickly a fight). If you want to know more about the runes, you should check out the section dedicated after this in down below. Passive Enchant Blade Lv 10 This skill allows you to add your MATK as additional magic damage to your normal attacks, and it adds 200 MATK during the duration. This means you can directly add stat points into INT for damage, although some tests have shown that the upgrade in damage is quite small (Somebody tested the impact of MATK and saw a difference of 2-3K damage between 1 and 90 INT). Despite this, you should take it because we never say no to an increase in damage, and also because you might find stuff that adds a lot of MATK and can increase even more your auto-attacks (for example Flattery Robe which gives a lot of MATK, or the enchantment Runaway Magic on Temporal Boots which gives temporarily +200 INT). Even so, it's only a bit useful to get this kind of stuff for the Crit RK build, so don't bother if you plan on going down another path. Active Sonic Wave Lv 0 It's a quick ranged attack pretty useful early on for farming little monsters. If you play a ranged damage build like Spiral Pierce or Dragon Breath, you should take it level 10 to have a better variety of attacks against enemies. With the November update, Sonic Wave can now apply critical attacks ! Offensive Death Bound Lv 0 This skill is an evolution of Auto Counter, and not a good skill to get in my opinion. Waiting for an enemy to strike has never been good in RO and will never be (except if we one day get Max Pain as a skill but that will never happen). We get it level 5 to unlock Ignition Break. Offensive Wind Cutter Lv 4 An AoE 2HS skill which does poor damage, knockbacks a bit and inflicts Fear. Don't mind it and just get it level 3 to unlock Ignition Break. This skill also got reworked with the Nov 7th's RK update; it now is a self-target AoE skill that hits everything around you up to 7x7 cells, there's no more knockback and Fear effects, and the skill is not forced to Wind element anymore. The cooldown got heavily reduced (0.2 seconds at level 5 now) and the skill has different mechanics depending on the weapon you use : With a two-handed sword : 2 hits instead of 1 hit, at a 1250% per hit skill modifier, and the skill will pierce DEF With a spear weapon : the damage is considered ranged instead of melee, with a 2000% skill modifier With other weapons : nothing specific, with a 1500% skill modifier Offensive Ignition Break Lv 0 This is the big ATK AoE skill of the Rune Knight, it now deals 2000% ATK on an entire area of 9x9 cells around you (no Fire property bonus and distance-dependent damage anymore), and will apply critical hits. Offensive Phantom Thrust Lv 5 This spear-only skill can bring your enemies (or allies) next to you, as well as attacking them (not to allies of course). It has a range of 7 cells at level 3, and you can use it either to save an ally who went too far into the battlefield or to troll party members (you might get kicked of the party for that, be careful). Offensive Hundred Spear Lv 10 A spear exclusive skill pretty strong and extremely fast to cast which now hits in a 7x7 AoE although it has a big cooldown. Since the Last update, you don't need to go for a light-weight spear, feel free to use the one you want ! Offensive Dragon Training Lv 5 This skill is the same as Riding&Cavalry Mastery, you'll need it if you got these two, RKs can't ride Peco-Pecos anymore because they're "afraid" of the mana that emanates from the RKs (RP reason outta nowhere of why the devs were too lazy to make two mount sprites) Passive Dragon Breath Lv 10 This is a strong dragon skill that does ranged, Fire, AoE damage that ignores flee and may cause the Burning effect. It's mainly used in its own build: it's quite good when you get DEX Temporal Boots and a way to reduce After Cast Delay like Tae Goo Lyeon . This build is too much specialized in stat investment and stuff so I didn't invest points into it. The November update now allows you to enchant your Dragon Breath with different elements ! Use Turisus to make it Holy element, and Lux Anima to change it to Shadow element (Lux takes priority over Turisus). Offensive Dragon's Water Breath Lv 10 It's the same as the previous one, except it does Water damage instead and may inflict the Freezing status. Same as for Dragon Breath, you can now enchant this skill with different elements, including Ghost property if you use the Asir runestone, and Neutral property if you use Lux Anima (Lux takes priority over Turisus). Offensive Dragon Howling Lv 5 Dragon Howling causes the Fear status with a high success rate (80% at level 10) in a big area around the caster (15x15 at level 10). This skill is nice for luring monsters and packing them at one place, either to kill them with Dragon Breath or to allow your team to deal with them efficiently. I never use this skill but depending on your gameplay you might find it quite useful, even if you don't play DB build (especially for PvP content). Active Full Throttle Lv 0 or 5 Full Throttle is a skill common to all 3rd classes that restores your life to the max, increases your stats by 20% temporarily while consuming a percentage of your max HP every second. Despite the fact that it seems really strong, you get a cooldown of 30 minutes on the skill, and at the end of the duration you'll get the Rebound status and become literally crippled; your movement speed decreases and your natural HP and SP recoveries are disabled. If you have skill points to spend, you should get it to level max or not at all because the first levels are pretty much crap. It can help you in a difficult situation if you're not under Berserk, or you can use it BEFORE Berserk to go fully on the offensive and hope you don't die before both the skill and Berserk's HP consumptions alongside the enemies' attacks slaughter you. If you end up leveling it, keep it for the MvPs. Active How to become a Rune Craftsman 101 Here you'll learn how to become a master in the art of rune-crafting. But first, here's a description of what these runes do: Turisus Runestone : Giant Growth Increases your STR by 30 30% chance to add 250% on your next attack (basically it adds the damage to your normal attack then it is multiplied by all the attack modifiers, like Lex Aeterna and Double Attack). The bonus damage is also applied on skills, but at a 100% chance instead. Increases by 15% your melee damage Cast Time : 1 second (Fixed Cast Time) Duration : 15 minutes Asir Runestone : Fighting Spirit Increases your ATK by a flat value + a bonus which depends on the number of party members Increases your ASPD by 4 Duration : 15 minutes Rhydo Runestone : Crush Strike Deals enormous damage on your next single hit with a 20% chance to break your weapon ATK[{Weapon_Lv × (Weapon_Upgrade + 6) × 100} + (Weapon_ATK) + (Weapon_Weight)]% Considered as a normal attack, so it can stack with some strong skills/buffs (Double Attack, critical, Lex Aeterna,...). 1M damage is not hard to do if you manage to get these buffs Duration : 30 seconds Cast Time : 1 second (Fixed Cast Time) Cooldown : 30 seconds Pertz Runestone : Storm Blast Produces a shockwave around the player, dealing high physical damage which knockbacks all enemies around you; this skill can also proc a critical hit. Formula to be verified : ATK[RuneMastery_Lv + (STR ÷ 8) × 100]% Area of Effect : 7x7 Cast Time : 2 seconds (Variable Cast only) Casting Delay : 1 second Verkana Runestone : Millenium Shield Creates between 2 and 4 spirit spheres that act as a shield. They each have 1K HP as well as your DEF and MDEF. The amount of damage the sphere suffers cannot exceed its health, meaning you can also block between 2 to 4 mortal hits (for example, Earthquake) Number of shields summoned: 50% chance to spawn 2 shields 30% chance to spawn 3 shields 20% chance to spawn 4 shields Area of Effect : 7x7 Duration : 15 minutes Cooldown : 1 minute and 30 seconds Casting Delay : 1 second Kyrie Eleison will take priority over the Millenium Shield's spheres Isia Runestone : Vitality Activation Increases all the healing effects (except regen ones) you have (and will get) by 50%. Reduces melee reflect damage by 50%. Duration : 15 minutes Hagalas Runestone : Stonehard Skin Consumes 25% of your HP to create a shield that protects you against damage (with the HPs consumed), and increase both your DEF and MDEF. Your hardened skin will allow you with a 30% chance to break your opponent's weapon, or in case of a monster, reduce its ATK by 25% for 10 seconds DEF and MDEF bonus : (JobLv × RuneMastery_Lv) ÷ 4 Duration : 15 minutes Cast Time : 2 seconds (Fixed Cast Time) Urj Runestone : Abundance Regenerates your SP every 10 seconds for an amount of 60 SPs. Duration : 15 minutes Nosiege Runestone : Refresh Cleanses you from the following status effects, and prevent them for the duration: Stun, Sleep, Curse, Petrification Poison, Blind, Silence, Bleeding Chaos, Frozen, Deep Sleep, Burning Freezing, Crystallization, Marsh of Abyss, Howling of Mandragora The rune can be used while being stunned, frozen or asleep. Duration : 1 minute Cast Time : 1 second (Fixed Cast Time) Cooldown : 2 minutes Lux Anima Runestone : Lux Anima The runestone has been reworked since the 7th of November; it now behaves as a jack of all trades rune because of all its effects : Adds a 15% chance to autocast Storm Blast when dealing normal attacks. Increases physical damage against all size enemies by 30%. Increases critical damage by 30%. Increases melee physical damage by 30%. Increases ranged physical damage by 30%. Adds 30% Max HP and Max SP. Duration : 15 minutes Rune Crafting Now it's time for the crafting part; we're going to see how it works, and how you can craft the most runes. The success formula is : [Base_Success_Rate + (DEX ÷ 30 + LUK ÷ 10 + JobLv ÷ 10) + Runestone_Bonus - Rune_Rank]% Base_Success_Rate goes from 32% at Rune Mastery Lv1, up to 50% at Lv10. So to get the best crafting rate, always make sure you got the skill maxed out. Keep in mind also that it affects directly the efficiency of the runes; if you have Rune Mastery at a very low level or not even leveled at all, your runes will be extremely weak ! The Rune_Rank penalty depends on the runestone you're crafting, it goes from 5% up to 20%, so as a rule of thumb, always keep the 20% penalty in your calcuations if you make a crafting build. Some people have reported having a better success chance increased their numbers of crafted runes, others said it was purely random, needs to be tested thorougly. you can at @go 0 for buy this from Rune Merchant to get the highest success rate possible. To complete the formula, you'll need the success bonus from the rough runestone consumables, you can find it here : Runestone Grade Success Rate Way to obtain General +2% Sold in the Rune Merchant Quality +5% Abandoned Teddy Bear Horror Toy Factory Rare +8% Ancient +11% Apocalypse Juperos 2 Mystic +14% Tamruan Ayothaya Dungeon 2 Here is a list of the components you need for each rune : Runestone Components needed Turisus Elder Branch (Pinguicula, spl_fild02) Claw of Desert Wolf (Desert Wolf, ra_fild01) Blue Hair (Kobold Archer, ra_fild06) Asir Light Granule (Sropho, iz_dun05) Ogre Tooth (High Orc, gef_fild14) Rhydo Red Gemstone (Driller, mjolnir_04) Pertz Dragon Canine (Petite, gef_fild06) Tangled Chains (Disguise, nif_fild01) Nosiege Destroyed Armor (Tamruan, ayo_dun02) Worn-out Magic Scroll (Baba Yaga, mosk_dun03) Hagalas Round Shell (Arclouse, alde_dun01) Dragon Skin (Deleter, mag_dun02) Verkana Armor Piece of Dullahan (Dullahan, nif_fild01) Isia Burning Heart (Magmaring, ve_fild03) Urj Honey (Bigfoot, pay_fild07) Horrendous Hair (Medusa, beach_dun) Lux Anima 3 Light Granules (Angry Soldier, pay_fild04_i) 3 Golds (Pot Dofle, iz_dun05) or (Spooky Demon, Horror Toy Factory) __________ Equipments __________ Headgears Armor Garment Shoes Accessories Weapon Cards Headgear Armor Weapon Garment Shoes Accesories Costume Stones Shadow Gears COLD BREATH SET ACD Increase Stats Note :-Dont forget to bring your own yggdrasil berry (farm in lasagna dungeon) or yggdrasil seed (farm in EDDA Biolab instance) to refill your HP and SP during instance run.-You can use excel to do some meth to calculate Variable Cast Time(VCT), Fixed Cast Time(FCT), and After Cast Delay or global cool time reduction (ACD) from gears and stats. Check it with @bs in game for result.-If you dont reach 100% ACD use item food or consumable that i dont mention here. Status STR : 80 (MUST HAVE FOR RAW ATK) AGI : 85 in total to immune Sleep (MUST HAVE) VIT : 120 in total to immune Stun (MUST HAVE) INT : 120 in total to immune Silence (MUST HAVE) DEX : 120, just reach 80-90% VCT from Stats or 120/130 LUK : 1 Trait POW : 100 for raw dmg STA : WIS : SPL : CON : 97 for extra dmg CRT : here is the example where i put the status and trait points for Dragon Knight i'm sorry if my guide still not good , i hope can made you happy and enjoy in this server .. Cyaaaaa
  2. Shining Moon Concise Beginner Guide Series | Part 1: Getting Started Hi! I'm Stoic, the guild leader of SEED (a guild for newbies), and I'll guide you on how to get started in Shining moon, from zero to hero. In this first article, I will walk you through how to make your first farming character and how to get it to 4th job in under an hour. 1. Make a gunslinger at 100x base/job rate. Why gunslinger? Because it's the easiest to level up and has decent AoE damage potential to be able to farm in late game content. 2. Kill monsters at prt_fild06 til level 25. You can use @warp map name to get directly to the map you want to go to. No need to use the warper and walk to get to different levels of any dungeon or any field. 3. Get desperado level 10. 4. Kill ant eggs at anthell01 til level 40. 5. Kill monsters at orcsdun01 til level 85. 6. Kill monsters at mag_dun01 til level 99. 7. At level 99, change to rebellion. You can now buy purifying bullets and armor piercing bullets as well as other 40 atk bullets from vending machine in @go main. These bullets are a step up from the original bullets available for gunslingers. 8. Buy 6 holy water and 6 blue gemstones. 9. Buy guyak pudding using monster hunter coin for faster movement speed while doing the quest below (optional). 10. Pop guyak pudding and do cautious village quest https://irowiki.org/wiki/Cautious_Village (don't turn in yet). (Optional) You can also do nightmare verit and mummy quests for additional levels from cat in @warp moc_prydn1. 11. Pop thikk battle manual then turn in cautios village quest and you'll get to level 121 and with enough skill points for level 10 round trip and level 5 platinum alter. 12. Get illusion of moonlight quests from eden and @go 47. 13. Do illusion of moonlight and turn in all quests, you'll get to level 162. 14. Do illusion of frozen and turn in quests (iceicle not needed) and get to level 175. 15. Do illusion of vampire and turn in quests (if bomi is not around it's ok) and get to level 185. 16. Do illusion of teddy bear quest and turn in quests (skip yellow teddies since they're hard to kill and obsidian and soul fragment since they're hard to come by) and get to level 196. 17.Do illusion of twins, make sure to change job to Night Watch before turning in quests, for the easy job exp. Still got thikk battle manual remaining? Do illusion of abyss and get more levels. You will need all the attribute points you can get to be able to deal better damage, you'll also need the skill points to get the passive skills of night watch that can boost your damage. Welcome to the late game. Now you'll find out that you're not good enough for late game content like nif_dun01, amicitia1, and so on. For these, you will need better gears. I'll be releasing a second article for farming. Things to note for beginners: - Use @al 100, all the loots will be useful for you since you need all the zeny. - Get eden paradise gears and shadow gears right away, they're free except for the weapons that cost 1k zeny each. - Buy gym pass when you get enough zeny, just one will give you 10k additional weight - If you run out of hp or sp, just go back to town and warp back to the map you're leveling in using @warp map name. - Don't forget to get your daily reward from @go office. - Don't forget to get your weekly reward from @go 46 (needs 5 instances completed) to get kachua's keys (5). Use them to get valuable consumables, gears, and other things. - Don't forget to get your daily kachua's keys (2) from @go 46 (need 2 instances completed) - Don't throw away cards. - Buy consumables like almighty, shining defense scroll, red booster, and guyak pudding from monster hunter npc at @go 47, they will be very useful starting up - Farm Yggdrasil Berries, Old Purple Boxes in lasa_dun02 and 03. You can buy 1 token of sigfried for every 5 OPBs you have in @go eden. - Explore the NPCs in @go eden, @go 46, and @go 47 to familiarize yourself with them and find out where to exchange things for gears and other items as well as enchant them. - Use @ws to see vending of the items you need. - Use @wb to see who's vend-buying the things that you have. - Use @price to see price history of an item - Use @mi to see monster info. - Use @whereis to see where a monster spawns. - Use @wd to see who drops the items you need. - Use @al [number] to set your autoloot. - Use @alootid and @nolootid for setting up specific items for autoloot, more on that in my next articles. @aloottype is not that useful imo. - Use @commands to see the commands you can use, as well as the bases you can go to like @seraphy and @fc. Yes, special mention to my friends based in those maps! - Use @sc for smartcast, Here's IllegalKross's guide for it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKrfYCvImUM - Use @refreshcashshop to refresh your cash shop if you encounter the glitch of it not showing anything - Use the recycler NPC at @go office 2nd floor if you sold something accidentally or if you refined without bsb "accidentally" Sooooooo, why make this guide? Because let's all be honest, the content in the wiki is not that friendly and comprehensive, it can be lacking at times. I myself quit the server after my first try out of frustration in the content meant for helping out newbies. Back then, Illegal Kross hasn't made videos yet. And even now, his videos, even helpful, doesn't cover everything a newbie must know to be able to thrive in this server. I hope you find this helpful, and if you do, don't forget to rodex me 'Real Stoic' any tips like blacksmith's blessing to brighten up my day! Just kidding, keep it, you'll need every bit of useful items in your journey in this server. If you have more tips for newbies, please comment and I'd gladly update this article. Cya!
  3. After seeing new players coming from other servers, with quite a few questions, I decided to make this guide to welcome everyone. The main objective in mind was to act in accordance with the ingame knowledge process, following how a completely new player would progress through the game, from deciding which server to start until the end-game. Right now, the guide doesn't intend to show gear progression or anything related to specific builds, but it is something that could be added later if needed. So, let's begin! Edit History 05/31/2022 (1.0.0) - Guide Released 06/01/2022 (1.0.1) - Some small corrections and the "Fake" Crit Skills from Niflheim added 07/17/2022 (1.0.2) - Added Info regarding MvP Ladder and Guardian Angel Introduction If you’re reading this article it probably means you’re new to Shining Moon (SM) or you’re searching for some basic knowledge regarding how the server works. In any case, I’d like to welcome you to SM and I truly hope I can be of any help. There might be a chance, however, that you are an old player coming back seeking new information about what happened while you were away, or even a very knowledgeable player who came in to find a specific piece of info you might have forgotten. Feel free to add any tip or hint that you think it can help others and I’ll give you full credits. First Contact with SM After creating a new account and patching the game, you’ll be prompted to the server screen, and the very first question you may ask yourself is “Where do I play: (1) Helheim or (2) Niflheim”. Helheim: It’s the “new” server, with more people playing and following kRO-only items and progression. If you came by after watching some YouTube videos about SM, most of them are made from players of this server. Niflheim: It’s the “old” server, it doesn’t have as many players as Helheim, but has items from kRO, jRO and iRO, and follows the progression in a mixed-way. Since it has more gears than Helheim, there is a wider build possibilities and also some extra custom content: Soul System: In the Skill Tabs there is an extra tab with skills from the Soul System, which includes a skill that gives up to +10 All Stats based on your Spiritual Energy (gathered by killing mobs). Limited Ores: Special version of the common ores, they won’t break nor downgrade in a failed attempt to refine. With those it’s possible to reach +20 Refine Armor and Weapon. Custom Costume Enchants: There are special enchants in Niflheim for the Costumes, which can give ATK, MATK, After Cast Delay Reduction, Attack Speed and much more. Half After Cast Delay (ACD): The server handles ACD with half the requirements needed compared to official formulas, allowing for spam of certain skills that would need much more investment on After Cast Delay gears. “Fake” Crit Skills: In Niflheim, all Skills can crit, even magic skills. The formula used for boosting critical damage is different, however. You’ll get roughly 33% more damage when a skill crits (if you don’t stack any Critical DMG%), instead of the original 50%. Getting into one server doesn’t lock your account to it, so you can play on both servers and see by yourself which fits best in your play style. But remember, you won’t be able to play with the same character in both servers, each of them has its own Char Server, so you’ll need to start again from the beginning. This guide will follow what you’ll find in Helheim, but everything written is valid in Niflheim too. First Steps of a New Character When you log in for the first time you might be overwhelmed by the amount of information you have to gather to actually enjoy the game fully. However, don’t be afraid, you don’t need to rush things. Let’s take a step-by-step approach and everything will be fine. Choosing Rates When you start playing any new Character, you’ll be warped to @house and the NPC will start a conversation with you about rates. SM can be played at any rate from 1x to 100x (base rate and job rate only, you can’t change drop rate, which is locked to 20x when you start). It’s advisable that, if it’s your very first character, you should stay with a 100x rate, so you can have an idea how the game works and begin your journey being able to reach high-lvl content faster. The idea of having a 1x rate available is meant to give a challenge for veteran players and to enjoy an official server environment for leveling. After reaching a certain level as 1x character (right now, the goal is Base Lv 230) you may claim extra rewards from Belinda at Office (@go office or @go 38), such as: Drop Rate Bonus: 50% extra drop rate, character-bound 100 Moon Coins: It can be used as Cash Shop Points (CP) or sold to players Alternate Outfit Ticket: Extra outfits for your job (speak to the Stylist to use the Ticket) Garment Coupon: Double click to choose a Costume Garment among all the server options Choosing Between Normal or Baby Character: The main difference between Normal and Baby Character in SM is the size (seems obvious). Your ingame sprite will be smaller and you’re going to be considered “small size”. Aside from that it should be the same as being a normal size character. Of note, since the addition of 4th Jobs, whenever you change from 3rd to 4th Job, you will lose the status of “Baby” and will be turned into “Normal” Character again. If you truly want to be tiny, there’s the Shrink Effect (Middle) (Item ID 25138), which can be put on any Middle Headgear costume to make your sprite smaller (you can get the item at the World Boss Shop 2 for 250 World Boss Coins) Choosing How You See Mob Name We also have a custom feature to change the display name of monsters, the @insight command. The last part of the introduction to the server asks you if you want to see the name as always, “<Name> <HP%>”, or if you want further info to be shown when you hover or click upon a monster, including <Size> <Element> and other info. After finishing the introductory dialog and choosing the way you will play your character, you’ll be warped to Office (@go office or @go 38) to finally begin your journey. Into the World of Rune-Midgard Now you might ask yourself “What should I do?”. You’re in a vast world of content, probably mesmerized by the many possibilities thrown into you. Take into consideration that you’re playing a game from 2002 that got so much content throughout the years (we’re heading to the 20th Anniversary the moment this article is being written) that you’re probably lost on how to progress. It happened to me and to most of the players, since I believe nobody played uninterruptedly all those years. If you’re a complete newbie and has never ever played Ragnarok Online, check the wiki, it has a huge article pointing out the “Basics” and “Beyond the Basics”: https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Introduction_to_Ragnarok_Online. Right now, you’re at Office (@go office or @go 38), a building you can enter through a portal southwest near the spawn spot from Fortessa (@go fortessa or @go 0, the main town of SM). All NPCs from Fortessa and its buildings (including the Office you’re in right now) are very important: There’s NO useless NPC in SM, all of them have some degree of importance, so take your time to speak to all of them and see what they ask and/or offer you. You’re now Base Lv 1 and Job Lv 10, so you can choose a Job from the Job Changer right off the bat, just talk to Job Changer Elaine in front of you. SM has all jobs available (including 4th Jobs and Expanded 4th Jobs). It’s very important that you take some time to read and understand all @commands available (https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Player_Commands) since those will be a shortcut to get wherever you want to go: From searching for a specific mob (@whereis <mobname> OR <mobID>), warping to a specific map (@warp <mapID>) or to a city (@go), searching where you can get a specific item (@whodrops <itemID> // @wd <itemID>), finding an item you want to buy (@whosells <itemID> // @ws <itemID>) and even finding the price of an item that has been sold by other players (@price <itemID>). There’s a plethora of @commands that will definitely shorten the time you’ll spend growing up ingame. Fortessa - Capital of Shining Moon Fortessa can be divided into 6 areas: Main Area (@go 0), Dummy Area (@go 41), Vending Area (@go 42), Instance Exchanger (@go 46), Special Area - Quests (@go 47) and Fortessa Zero (@go 50). Main Area (@go 0) Most crowded area of the entire server, it is the default save point and it has many useful NPC, such as Healer, Warper, Special Tool Dealer, Lucky3 Slot Machine, World Boss NPC, Kafra Employee, Instance Manager, etc. There are plenty of other save points scattered throughout SMRO’s Rune-Midgard, with many or all those NPCs found in those spots. However, there are some NPCs which are almost exclusive to Fortessa Main Area: Rebellion Goods (a bit west from spawn): Sell Gunslinger and Rebellion weapons. 3rd Class Goods (a bit northeast from spawn): Sell Rune Materials, Sorcerer Points, Rare Herbs, Mech items and more. Copycat (a bit southwest from spawn): Where Rogue Classes can get Plagiarize and Reproduce skills. It is important to talk about the Special Tool Dealer, since it sells many items you’re going to use during your playtime and it can also identify all your unidentified gears. Take your time to check everything it has to sell: Open Shop: Basic Items from many Tool Dealers around Rune-Midgard Special Boxes: Items used for enchanting some gears and also Lapine Boxes regarding Costumes and Shadow Gears 4th Items: Consumables for 4th Job skills (and Meister Book for producing Capsules) Spellbooks: Used by Warlocks’ Reading Spell Skill Alchemist Supplies: Self-explanatory Blacksmith Supplies: Self-explanatory Mount Supplies: Warg, Falcon and Mado summoning items Pet Supplies: Self-explanatory. However, it is important to note that pets in SM don’t need to be constantly fed, since they don’t lose intimacy when hungry. So stuff your pet until loyal and everything will be fine. Poison Herbs: Used by Guillotine Cross to make 3rd Job Poison Bottles Ammunition / Supplies Box: Buy and Make Quivers (Arrows), and also Make Boxes of other Ammunitions, such as Bullet Caches, Ammo Boxes, Ninja Boxes and Other Boxes (Gemstone and Talisman Boxes) Single Ammunition: Archer, Merchant, Ninja And Gunslinger Ammunitions Dummy Area (@go 41) Test your skills against Dummies with 3 sizes (small, medium and large dummies). Vending Area (@go 42) Although it is acceptable to put a shop in almost any city or save point, there is a dedicated place for buyers and sellers to meet. Here you will find many shops open for business. Even though, be aware that we have commands to search an item in any shop created by players: @whosell <Item ID> (@ws <Item ID>) and @whobuy <Item ID> (@wb <Item ID>). Instance Exchanger (@go 46) One of the most important warps, where you can exchange all kinds of goods gathered from instances, including Instance Coins. The wiki has a really big list of items you can get here, so check it out: https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Fortessa#Instance_Area_.28.40go_exchanger.29 Special Area - Quests (@go 47) Quite a miscellaneous place. It has some NPCs which give Quests for Items, NPCs that trade Monster Hunter Coins for really good items (leveling items and buffs), Enchant NPCs (mainly for Fallen Angel Wings) and NPCs for other currencies (Vote Points, Event Coins, etc). Of note, here you can find the Card Exchanger that trades Monster Card for Devil’s AdvoCARD, a currency used to buy Exchanger Card Album (ECA) during ECA Event (an Album ‘Gatcha’ containing ALL monster cards, including MvP Cards) Fortessa Zero (@go 50) A place to begin the Zero experience within the server. Try it by yourself, and you’ll be warped to another “Realm” where you’ll be a Novice BaseLv 1 / JobLv 1 and will play using Zero mechanics. The trade off for playing Zero is the Fortessa Medals, used to buy some goods at the same @go 50. This guide won’t cover Fortessa Zero more in-depth, but you can always read more on wiki: https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Fortessa_Zero_Adventure Eden Headquarters A place created to help new players boost their initial progress inside Rune-Midgard. To access Eden Headquarters, you can warp via @go eden or @go 40. The Eden Headquarters has two floors, filled with NPCs, and many are really important, so let’s dive into some of them. Eden First Floor The Spawn Point from the building, here you can also make your save point by talking to the kafra north from you. It has a healer and a warper nearby too. Walking this room, you’ll find: Town Bounty Board: It aggregates all Town Bounties into one wooden pole, which helps a lot! Seasonal Booster Lady: She begins your Seasonal Booster Character (more info about this NPC later) Merry Badger: She trades Old Purple Boxes for Eden Merit Badges and sells some items using those Badges as currency (she sells the Job Level Manual, a really important item to level up your job, used mainly while playing 1x rates before changing to 3rd job) Illusion Dailies: Gives and Rewards players with Illusion Dungeon Quests Secretary Lime Evenor: Introduces you to the Eden Headquarters, letting you join as a member of the HQ and allowing the player to take Lvl-Based quests along the wooden poles in this room. He also starts and rewards the Booster Quests and he has the Booster Coin Shop, selling items using Booster Coins as currency Lvl-Based Wooden Pole Quests: A bunch of quests you can take, based on your current level, to speed up your leveling. Unknown Basement: A new NPC introduced after the implementation of Clock Tower Basement (@warp clock_01). It gives you the quests from that map, working similar to the wooden poles, but for BaseLv 240+ Eve Natalia: She trades some specific gears for +7 refine ticket (armor and weapon, at random) To the north you’ll enter a corridor with 2 warps, and the east one has some interesting NPCs for you to know: Beginner Shadow: She gives a set of Paradise Shadow Gears really useful for early and mid game, with on option for BaseLv < 100 (Beginner) and for BaseLv >= 100 (Advanced) Advanced Armor: He gives a set of Paradise Gears that should help you achieve higher levels really fast. He also has two options, but they are based in your main damage output: Physical or Magical Intermediate Weapons: He gives you Paradise Weapons. Although it says “Intermediate”, he has intermediate weapons for 2nd jobs and advanced weapons for 3rd jobs Beginner Weapons: He gives you Paradise Weapons and Gears (even though the NPC name implies he only gives weapons). His items are suited for 1st jobs Back to the main room, there is a warp a bit to the right with some stairs, leading to the second floor. Eden Second Floor Here you may find more useful NPCs: Piercing Expert: He punches a slot in a few mid headgears using Spiritual Auger (ID 6396) RWC Enchanter and RWC Socketer: Those two can enchant and socket the RWC Accessories, which can be gained through Lucky3 Slot Machine using Moonlight Coins as Gamble Currency Gum & Manual Exchanger: You can combine Gums and Manuals to be able to get better versions of both Clock Tower NPC: Here you are able to enchant the Clock Tower Weapons (Solid, Precision and Wicked Weapons) Office The Office (@go office or @go 38) is a place where you will find Quality of Life (QoL) NPCs, so let’s talk about them: Compensation Poring: The most beloved NPC of the entire server. Whenever the server crashes (for whatever reason) this little guy rewards the players who talk to him with great items, and also resets the entire instance's cooldown. Job Changer Elaine: Straightforward, she changes your job once you meet the requirements. Daily Reward Officer: He can check in your Daily Login and rewards you accordingly (you can also use “Alt + ‘ “, click on Daily Reward Icon and check in without talking to him). Every 20 successful logins, you will receive a Daily Trophy, which can be traded for some goods if you choose to Exchange Trophy while talking to him. Belinda: She gives you the bonuses from getting a character to BaseLv 230 if you played it entirely at 1x rates (type @checkrate to see if your char can receive her bonuses once you reach the threshold). House Manager: He sells you a guild house, essentially a save spot where you can customize the NPCs. Cashshop Expert: It sells items using Moon Coins as Currency. You can also access the Cash Shop by clicking on the icon at the superior-right corner, beside the map. Channel Master: She lets you enter and leave channels (#global, #main, #trade, #lfg, #support and #bg). Cooldown Manager: He can reset your cooldowns for instance and daily quests. However, he’ll only do that for as many times daily as the level of Class Mastery unlocked (more about this later) and only if you hit a level threshold on your 1st Class: If the 1st Char was leveled with 1x rates, you can reset from BaseLv 230 onwards Otherwise, you’ll need to be BaseLv 250 to use his services Storage Manager: He lets you rename your storages and, if you get 100 Kafra Passes, he teaches you the Call Storage Skill (check the etc tab at your skill tree) and also lets you use the @storage command anywhere. SM has 10 storages per account and when you use the Skill you can choose from the list of storages which one should be opened. If you would rather use the command, it needs to be written with the storage number after the command (e.g. @storage 1). It is important to clarify that the Call Storage Skill and the @storage commands, once taught by the Storage Manager in one character, enable all other characters within the same account to benefit from it (the skill and command is account-wide enabled). Class Master Brutus: He allows you to buy or reset you 2nd and 3rd Class Mastery. Class Mastery is a Skill found in the etc tab of the skill tree that enables a 2nd and 3rd Classes to be played on the same character (you can be a Biolo in the 1st Class Mastery, a Wind Hawk in the 2nd and a Dragon Knight in the 3rd). He can also change your character into a Doram if you forgot to choose this race when the character was created. Raffam Oranpere, Shaam Rumi, Berman Aire and Devon Aire: Those 4 are from Clans you can join. Each clan gives pre-determined extra stats. Feel Resetter: Straightforward, she reset Feeling and Hatred from the Taekwon line. Platinum Skill NPC: She gives you extra skills depending on your job. Reset Girl: She resets your stats, traits and skills. Build Manager Stella: She saves and loads your skill tree (very handy) Costume Maker Cherryl: She turns any headgear into Costume Headgear, but it loses all bonuses and it can’t be enchanted after doing so. Costume Converter: He converts any headgear or costume headgear into another slot costume headgear (from top to mid or low, and whatsoever). If you go to the north warp, there will be a second room with more NPCs: War Effort: As a feature to activate the ECA Event, we have the War Effort. The ECA Event is a very important event within the server that lasts for 24 hours, where the Card Exchanger (at @go special or @go 47) trades Devil’s AdvoCARD to Exchanger Card Album (ECA), an Album featuring ALL cards from the game (including MvP Cards). However, to activate the event, the players must complete certain tasks, which usually includes finishing quests or instances and donating items to the War Effort NPC. She lets you see the overview of efforts done and also accepts donations to activate the ECA Event. Once the War Effort is complete, a global announcement appears and the Special Announcer NPC in the center of Fortessa (@go fortessa or @go 0) starts a 24h countdown for the event beginning and a second 24h countdown for the event duration. The wiki has a dedicated page about War Effort: https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/War_Effort. Item Restore Manager: She is a life saving NPC that lets you rebuy a mistakenly sold item or a mistakenly broken item while refining. She has some limitations to prevent abuse, so be sure to read everything she has to say before attempting to get back an item. Local Exchanger Pherryl: He trades Moon Coins and Moonlight Coins to Cash Points (CP), and vice versa. Card Remover: She removes cards from slots of any gear for a fee (1 Yellow Gemstone, 1 Star Crumb and 250.000 zeny for each card removed). It has a 100% chance and no chance to break or lose the cards after de-carding. Although this is really a good way to recycle cards and gears, we have the Card Removing Matrix (Item ID 40915) that does the exact same thing and asks for nothing, being able to be used again and again indefinitely. Eden Marketplace: Kinda a forgotten NPC, she warps you to the Marketplace (@go market or @go 44), a place where you can find many NPCs selling common items, be sure to check it out. The Beginning After understanding some of the features SM has to offer and diving into some custom areas and NPCs that will help your journey, it is time to finally begin! As a mean to help new players, the guide will take a step-by-step approach: (a) Freebies, Daily Rewards and Events, (b) Simple Mechanics, (c) Choosing a Job that fits your Playstyle, (d) Early Levels [1-99], (e) Small talk about Rebirth, (f) Mid Levels [100-200], (g) Last Levels [200-250]. To further help you out, it’s advisable to have an extra place to search the things you might need to progress, since it goes beyond the scope of this guide to point out which gear/card to use to improve “Job X” or “Skill Y”. You should save these websites for reference purpose: Shining Moon Wiki (https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Main_Page): Our server’s wiki, best place to search almost everything, not only custom contents. Forum (https://www.shining-moon.com/ipb): You're already here! But if by any chance you're reading this guide outside the forum, make a specific login and you’ll be able to read guides from other players and check all updates the game has already had (it’s a great place to see where to find specific items ingame). Discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/8NuTZZZ): Join and use the built-in search function, you might find all the answers you need just by going through what others have already answered. If you couldn’t find it this way, ask around, there will be players and GM to help you out. Hazy Forest (https://hazyforest.com): A wiki-based website with information regarding the Korean progression, with plenty of tips and references to get on your feet. Divine-Pride (https://www.divine-pride.net): Best database to search for specific items. It also has some gimmick features, such as Skill Tree Simulator and MVP Timer. Google (https://www.google.com): Believe me, this helps! Freebies, Daily Rewards and Events Freebies When you first create a character and begin the game, going through all the initial dialog explained above on item 3, you should go back to your character screen (Esc → Character Select) and return to the game: This way you’ll receive Level Up Rewards, a box you can open at predetermined levels (1, 50, 99, 150) containing great freebies, including 6 Spirit of Union, a coupon you can double click and get some free gears which boosts experience gain by a tiny bit. After that, your next step should be going to Eden Headquarters (@go eden or @go 40) and grabbing the Paradise Gear and Shadow Gear: Go a bit northeast from spawn point, enter the warp between the wooden poles, go north and then east again. Those are the main freebies you get from a fresh character, but do remember to come back to the Paradise Gear NPCs when you change class to keep using better gears onwards. Daily Rewards Daily Rewards are items you can get by talking to a NPC or doing simple tasks on a daily basis. There are plenty of daily quests, but I’ll focus on fast and easy things a newbie can do that will bring great return with low or almost no effort. Daily Login Check in: You can either talk to the Daily Reward Officer at Office (@go office or @go 38) and choose “Check In” OR you can hit “Alt + ‘ “ and click on Daily Reward Icon (last row, middle column) and check in there. This will give you Moonlight Coins, Valor Badges and Loyalty Certificates, along with the specific daily reward. On Day 20 you get the Daily Reward Trophy. For more info about the Daily Check in, go to https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Daily_Rewards. Moonlight Coin (MLC): A currency used to gamble the Lucky3 Slot Machine (found in many save points). It can also be traded for Cash Points (CP) as a 12 MLC : 100 CP ratio (and vice versa) talking to Local Exchanger Pherryl at Office (@go office or @go 38). If you are a complete newbie, always gamble on those coins, since there are great items you can get from Lucky3 (Card Removing Matrix, Infinite Fly Wing, Blacksmith Blessing and so forth) – for a list of items, check https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Lucky_3. Once you get more into the game, save the coins whenever the bonus from Lucky3 turns on (every 4 weekends there is a +10% bonus chance at Lucky3 gambling). Valor Badge: A currency used at Battlegrounds (@go battle or @go 39) to buy a lot of different items, including foods, buffs and consumables. However, the majority of those items (if not all) are Battleground-bound, which means you won’t be able to consume them on other maps, making this currency pointless, since the PvP is non-existent. Loyalty Certificate: A currency used at Fortessa’s Special Area (@go special or @go 47). Talk to Loyalist Hanna and trade them for HE Bubble Gum (the other items aren’t good enough to justify not trading for HE Bubble Gum). Daily Reward Trophy: A currency used at Office (@go office or @go 38), traded by Daily Reward Officer. The noteworthy items you can get here are the Garment Coupon, Spiritual Auger, Infinite Fly Wing and Boarding Halter. However, the best Return of Investment is the Garment Coupon. Kachua’s Secret Key: Maybe not suited for the newbie at the very beginning of the game, but really important once you are able to do instances. The Kachua’s Secret Key is a loot box (just double click on it) containing some really good and expensive items – for a list of items, check https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Kachua_List. There are many ways to get it, but 2 are really effortless: Once a week you get 5 Keys from Weekly Manager NPC at Fortessa Instance Exchanger (@go exchange or @go 46) for free, just talk to him. The NPC resets on Monday at 00:01 Server Time. Daily you can get 2 Keys if you manage to finish 2 instances at any difficulty. After finishing 2 instances, go to Fortessa Instance Exchanger (@go exchange or @go 46) and talk to Daily Quest NPC. The fastest instances to take are Buwaya Cave (find the MvP and kill it) and Twilight Garden (start the MvP fight after talking to Sweetie, and finish him off) Events In SM you may see global announcements quite often, most of them are automated announcement of some kind of Event, and it is interesting to scrutinize a few: World Boss: You should have noticed by now that the World Boss NPC has a Chat Room above its sprite, with a number. This number represents the Kill Count for the World Boss to appear. The threshold for Helheim is 300.000 Kills, while for Niflheim is 150.000 Kills. When the threshold is achieved, a global announcement is made with a screen pop up asking you if you want to join the fight. The World Boss is a random predetermined custom MvP that spawns at the @worldboss map. Each MvP has its own mechanics, so check https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/World_Boss to get to know what you will fight against. It is important to hit the MvP, even if it is just for the smallest possible damage, since everyone that participates in the fight gets a reward, and those who achieve better damage receive better rewards. To check if you will be granted any reward, check @rank while the MvP is alive, if you want to check all the rank for that specific fight, check @ranks. After the fight is over, go see your inventory (or mail, if your inventory is full) to open you World Boss Box and store/use your 5 World Boss Coin (a currency used at the Shops from World Boss NPC) Fortuna’s Light: Also known as World Drop. Every mob has a chance to drop a list of useful items, check https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/World_Drops for the list. This is the main source of Monster Hunter Coin, a currency used at Fortessa Special Area (@go special or @go 47) to buy many really important and useful items, from buffs to experience gears. Weekend Bonus: It is also an automated event, but it changes every weekend. From Friday 00:01 to Monday 00:00 the server grants the player with Experience and Drop Bonus, and also some extra nice features that rotate every weekend. It is noteworthy that every 2 weeks there is a Refine Event with 10% extra chance (sometimes 12%) along with the experience and drop bonus, and this is the best moment to refine and grade your gears. Every 4 weeks there is a Lucky 3 Slot Machine Bonus (+10%), this moment being the best to gamble your Moonlight Coins (MLC). Simple Mechanics The game has some mechanics that should be reviewed to help you progress faster. Those are based on the original game, but tweaked to a more “Quality of Life”-friendly play. Adventurer’s Agency (Ctrl + Z) - Party XP Share and Loot Share The Adventurer’s Agency is a “Party HUB System”, where you can join open parties or let other players join your party. It is most used for booster party leveling and instance rush. Just click an open party and ask to join (check the party description before joining). Parties in SM are handled with a great Quality of Life change: The Party Experience (XP) Share is wider than the original game, allowing for XP Share with up to 30 levels of difference between the players. The Loot Share is also really important, and a whole Loot Share System exists to encourage players to form parties, letting everyone roll the possible drops from a monster killed by a party member nearby, even if you didn’t hit the mob. for more information about this system, check https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Advanced_Looting. Shortcut List (Alt + M) The Shortcut List (Alt + M) is a list of 10 commands you can assign to an Alt + #number. You can assign a @command, such as @go 0, @warp nif_dun01 or @storage 1, or a string of text. Players use this to have fast access to most used commands. Smartcast (@smartcast or @sc) Many skills need a target to be casted, but it is possible to use such skills without the need to click the mob, and this is where smartcast comes into action. Activating the @smartcast (or @sc) makes a target appear on a mob when you hover or select that mob, enabling the cast of spells without clicking it. This helps a ton when spamming skills, given that you won’t need to click the target every time you hit the hotkey. It needs a bit of setup before you use @smartcast: @smartcast 1 (@sc 1) activates the smartcast, while @smartcast 0 (@sc 0) cancels it. @smartcast 2 (@sc 2) changes the visual setting of the target around the mob (by default, you get a red target resembling a crosshair). @smartcast 3 (@sc 3) setups how the mob will be targeted. @smartcast 3 0 (@sc 3 0): The mob needs to be selected using the Select Target Skill, found in the etc tab of your skill tree. @smartcast 3 1 (@sc 3 1): Just hover a mob and it will be targeted. Even if you make use of click-target or hover-target, there’s also a Random Target Skill which changes target without the need to hover or target again a new mob. A great use of such skill is putting it on F7 and F8 (with two different levels) and enabling the /q2 command, this way you can change target scrolling up and down the mouse wheel. Make a good use of @smartcast and your life ingame will be way better. Dual Client In SM you are able to dual-client (opening the game twice or more) and use two (or more) accounts at the same time. This is best used for buff slave (Troubadour / Trouvere and Cardinal). Autotrade (@autotrade or @at) You can have a second account to make a merchant and sell your loot to other players. Open 2 clients, one with your main account and the other with your merchant, trade your loot to your merchant, put the loot in your cart, use the Vending Skill and after you finish setting and opening your shop type @autotrade (or @at). Doing this you'll be logged out, but your shop will still be up. Navigation Navigation is such an underrated feature in the game it doesn’t even have a default command to open it! Nonetheless, it can help new players to find a monster or search for a place to level. To open it, you’ll need to “Alt + ‘ “ and click on the little flag in the 2nd row, last column. After opening it, there’s a search bar where you can search for a mob using its name, search for mobs of a certain level or level range or search for a map. There are some commands for the search bar as well: $$all: Show all entries $$lv### (e.g. $$lv134): Shows all monsters from the input level $$lv###~### (e.g. $$lv38~58): Shows all monsters from the range input level Refine The Refine UI from SM is already updated. You just need to double click any refine ore to open the Refine UI, so you don't need to go to the refiner just for this. Weapons and Shadow Weapons are refined with oridecon and its variants. Gears and Shadow Gears (including Shadow Accessories) are refined with Elunium and its variants. In SM there is also a “pity” system for refining, with a chance to not lose any material (10%) or not breaking or downgrading a gear (5%) in a refine attempt. For Lv 5 Weapons and Lv 2 Gears you'll need to go to the Refiner (a bit southeast from Fortessa Spawn Point) to buy the Advanced Ores using Normal Ores and Etel Dust. The Grade System is also in the Refiner Building. For more info about Refine and Grade, check Fishy’s Guide on forum: https://www.shining-moon.com/ipb/index.php?/topic/12339-a-guide-to-grading-equipment/. Costumes Costume Headgears can be farmed in SM. There's a long list of costumes and who drops them in wiki, so search for the one you want and make it happen! https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Costume. Costume Garments, however, aren't farmable, and need to be acquired using Moon Coins at the Cash Shop, Daily Reward Trophies at the Daily Reward Officer, World Boss Coins at the World Boss NPC, Fortessa Medal at the Fortessa Zero Trader, gambling the Lucky3 Slot Machine or Completing the Seasonal Booster Challenge. You can put Enchant Stones in any Costume Gear, fitting the right place of course, just double click the stone and choose the costume. You can also re-enchant the same costume with a new stone doing the same as before, but you won't be able to retain the old stone that was encrusted before. In Niflheim, costumes can also roll custom stats using Costume Enchant I and Costume Enchant II. Those custom stats include a great range of possibilities. The wiki has a dedicated page just for costume enchantment: https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Costume_Enchants. Choosing a Job that fits your Playstyle First things first, the "Best Job" is the one you like! Don't worry about meta jobs when you begin playing the game (don't burn your pleasure and happiness because of Job X or Y, and go at your pace!). Said that, we can group the jobs into Melee-, Range- and Magic-oriented jobs: Melee Jobs: Shadow Cross, Sky Emperor, Inquisitor, Meister (Axe Tornado), Abyss Chaser, Hyper Novice. Ranged Jobs: Wind Hawk, Night Watch, Dragon Knight (Dragon Breath), Imperial Guard (Cannon Spear), Shinkiro/Shiranui, Biolo, Meister (Arm Cannon), Troubadour/Trouvere. Magic Jobs: Arch Mage, Elemental Master, Cardinal, Soul Ascetic, Troubadour/Trouvere, Abyss Chaser, Hyper Novice, Spirit Handler, Imperial Guard (Genesis Ray) Some jobs have builds in all 3 main damage outputs, so this list isn't carved in stone. Some jobs assume a tank or support role in parties. Give it a try to whatever you want and build the way you like! Early Levels [1-99] So, now that you have jobchanged from Novice, you should begin to level up your character. There are some approaches to how you can level, but don't forget to: Get your 2nd job when you reach Job Lv 40-50 (talk to Job Changer Elaine at Office). Take the next tier of Paradise Weapon at Eden HQ. Open up your freebies (Level Up Rewards). Eden Boards Talk to Secretary Lime Evenor at Eden Headquarters (@go eden or @go 40) and join the Eden HQ as a member. Doing this allows you to take all quests from the Eden Boards (those wooden poles with level ranges on them). Those boards alone can take your character from Lv 1 to Lv 250. Town Boards Similar to Eden Boards, in the Eden HQ you can find a wooden pole next to the healer. This wooden pole is not linked to the Eden Boards, and it gives repeatable quests from Town Boards. Unlike the Eden Boards, the quests don't go up to Lv 250, but you can take advantage of some quests during your leveling process. Common Maps There are some common maps used as a blueprint to the "Where to Level" question, which arises quite often on Discord. From Base Lv 1 to 99, many players follow the sequence: @warp anthell01, @warp orcsdun01, @warp bra_dun01 and @warp mag_dun02. You can also check the wiki for maps you can use to level up (https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Leveling_Guide), or use the navigation system to find places you want to level. Fast Early Leveling If you have help from a friend (or a dual client), you can try the Nightmare Pyramids Quests, given by the cat in @warp moc_prydn1. Kill 20 Nightmare Verit in @warp moc_prydn1, go back to the cat and resolve the first quest. Jobchange to your 2nd job, kill 20 Nightmare Ancient Mummy in @warp moc_prydn2, go back to the cat and resolve the second quest. These 2 quests alone can bump your level by a lot, since in SM it is possible to level up multiple times from a single source of experience. Gramps (Niflheim Only) In Niflheim, from Base Lv 70 onwards, you can take Gramps Quests at Eden HQ. These quests are intended to kill 100, 200 or 400 mobs in predetermined maps (which rotate every week) and give a huge amount of experience. The quests are also repeatable, you just need to buy the reset key from Merry Badger. Small talk about Rebirth Always rebirth when playing non expanded jobs, period. The only exception is seasonal booster characters, since you begin as High Novice (already a rebirth character). After reaching Base Lv 99 and Job Lv 70, get your 3rd Job to keep growing from Base Lv 100. Mid Levels [100-200] Here is where things start to get a bit slower than before, but nothing really astonishing. Once you get your 3rd Job, don't forget to: Take the next tier of Paradise Weapon, Gears and Shadow Gears. Open your Level Up Reward. Some tips from early levels are still up and running at mid levels, such as Eden Boards, Town Boards and Gramps, but new options become available. Illusion Dungeons The Illusion Dungeons are a set of improved maps from old dungeons, with reinforced mobs (and MvPs as well) and higher density. They also have a separate set of daily quests. The dungeons have level cap, not allowing for a low leveled player to enter before its minimum level requirement. To take the quests, go to Eden HQ, at the northwest of the first room you’ll find the Illusion Dailies NPC, talk to him and choose the map you want to take the quest. Illusion of Moonlight (@warp pay_d03_i): Open from Base Lv 100+ Illusion of Frozen (@warp ice_d03_i): Open from Base Lv 120+ Illusion of Vampire (@warp gef_d01_i): Open from Base Lv 130+ Illusion of Underwater 1 (@warp iz_d04_i): Open from Base Lv 140+ Illusion of Teddy Bear (@warp ein_d02_i): Open from Base Lv 150+ Illusion of Abyss (@warp tur_d03_i and @warp tur_d04_i): Open from Base Lv 150+ Illusion of Twins (@warp ant_d02_i): Open from Base Lv 160+ Illusion of Luanda (@warp com_d02_i): Open from Base Lv 160+ Illusion of Labyrinth (@warp prt_mz03_i): Open from Base Lv 170+ Illusion of Underwater 2 (@warp iz_d05_i): Open from Base Lv 180+ @warp sp_os Although not pointed out as a leveling map, this place is of great importance due to the drops from the mobs. Here you can farm Unknown Part and Cor Core. These items are really important for gear progression: With them you can get the Grace Set at Fortessa Instance Exchanger (@go exchanger or @go 46). The Grace Set is a combination of Armor, Garment, Shoes and Accessory equippable from Base Lv 150 onwards that greatly boosts a given skill. It is considered within the “Freebies” items, since it is almost effortless to get and you can buy the +9 Refine Ticket for them with the same items above. With the Grace Set you’ll be able to progress your way through Base Lv 200 (and beyond) without much trouble. So whenever you feel comfortable to farm at @warp sp_os go there! Common Maps Same as before, there are players who decide to take a simple map progression while leveling. Here is a progression example: @warp mag_dun02, @warp ba_bath, @warp sp_rudus3, @warp mag_dun03, @warp ein_dun03, @warp odin_past, @warp abyss_04, @warp ba_pw03. Author’s note: I like to go the simplest way possible, but take into consideration your gears and how you’ll handle the mobs in each map: @warp mag_dun02 when Job Lv 1 until I can get some 3rd job skills. @warp ba_bath until I reach Base Lv 110. @warp sp_rudus3 from Base Lv 110 to 170. @warp prt_mz03_i from Base Lv 170 to 175 (here I also take the Illusion Dungeon quest). @warp mag_dun03 from Base Lv 175 to 184 (here I also take the Eden Board quest). @warp ba_pw03 from Base Lv 184 to 200. Last Levels [200-250] You reached Base Lv 200 and Job Lv 70 by now, congratulations. Go to Office and talk to the Job Changer one last time to change into your 4th Job! Now things get a bit straightforward, since what you should do is just level up a bit more and there aren’t many places to do so. Go to @warp nif_dun01 and kill everything until Base Lv 240 (don’t forget to take the Eden Board Quest for it), after that, go to @warp clock_01 and kill everything until Base Lv 250 and Job Lv 50 (again, take the quests from Clock Tower Management, beside the Wooden Pole from Eden Board Quests 200+), and that’s it! What is there after The Beginning? A long time ago, reaching Max Level was an achievement that just a few people managed to get. However, as you just noticed, playing through the game with the new mechanics (and also with x100 Base Rate) made this task way easier than before. Nowadays, it's best to understand Max Level as the end of the beginning. Even without Max Level, once you reach Base Lv 240, all maps, quests and instances from the game become available, and all of them are feasible to complete. But what should you do now? Instances As said before, you can talk to the Instance Manager NPC (or use the Instance HUB within the icon menu beneath your top-left status) and begin an Instance. Instances are script-based quests that can be done once daily and rewards the player with gears, valuable items, cards and even zenny. In SM, you don't need to complete requirement quests before engaging the Instance. Nonetheless, to be able to enter the Instance, you must be in a party (even if it is just a one-man party). When you finish the Instance (most of the time by killing the MvP), you receive Instance Coins, a currency used to buy items from the Instance Coin Shop at Fortessa Instance Exchanger (@go exchanger or @go 46), and also have a chance to get Kachua's Secret Key. Before attempting the Instance, you can choose the Difficulty, and as expected, the tougher the Instance Difficulty the better will be the rewards. Of note, you should have noticed the last tier is Purgatory Mode: This difficulty is intended for high-end party play, with many tweaks and features to push the players abilities and adaptability even further: https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Purgatory. Some of the most popular instances are: Sarah's Memories and Horror Toy Factory: Really fast instances that yields good profit: Looting and selling all items from Sarah’s Memories mobs makes around 6.4m zenny in 2-4 minutes; Looting and selling Gold and Platinum Bullion dropped from the Creepy Demon (the little ghost) at Horror Toy Factory makes around 16m in 10-12 minutes (there are 16 creepy demon in 2nd part and 42 creepy demon in 3rd part of the instance). There's also the chance to get Celine Dress as MvP Drop from Kimi at higher difficulties (Nightmare, Hell or Purgatory Modes). Ghost Palace: Gray Piece farm, which you can trade for the Thanatos Weapons, you can use for enchanting these weapons and for reforming and enchanting the Thanos' Weapons and Helms. At higher difficulties there's a chance to drop the Thanos Weapon Reform Cube. Room of Consciousness: If you want to get one of the best pets the game has to offer, you'll need to farm 30 Piece of Valkyrie Fragments, dropped by Bijou, the MvP. If you get lucky, the Bijou Card is one of the best Shield Cards for both physical and magic builds. EDDA Biolab: A tougher Instance compared to the ones above. Here you can farm Yggdrasil Seed and Berry, get Somatology Fragment and Somatology Research (used to enchant EDDA Weapons) and the Experimental Weapon Box, which gives a random EDDA Weapon. The cards from all monsters are also really good for both physical and magic builds, if you use the right weapon type. EDDA Glast Heim (Normal and Hard): Here you can farm Curse-Eroded Crystal (Normal) and Curse-Eroded Gemstone (Hard). The cards from White Knight and Khalitzburg Knight make a very strong weapon-shield combo for physical builds and the MvP can drop Temporal Box, containing Temporal Armors and Manteaus (although it is best to get those gears from Instance Coin Shop). Hidden Garden (Normal and Hard) and Water Garden (Normal and Hard): These instances are part of the 17.2 Episode addition. All the cards are used in card combos for some skills of all jobs. You can get Automatic Module Boxes (and Epic Module Box from Hidden Garden Hard), whose modules are used to enchant the Automatic Gears. They yield a good amount of Instance Coins and the MvP at Water Garden Normal and Hard at higher difficulties (Nightmare, Hell and Purgatory Modes) has a chance to drop Pirate's Captain Coat, a highly sought garment for critical builds. Buwaya Cave and Twilight Garden: Probably the fastest instances (start the MvP fight and kill it!). Great to get the Daily Kachuas at Fortessa Instance Exchanger (@go exchanger or @go 46). Morse Cave: Not a really good instance (it's kinda boring actually), but if you kill the MvP at higher difficulties (Nightmare, Hell or Purgatory Modes) there's a chance to drop Hero Insignia, an enchantable Accessory used with Hero Boots LT. Old Glast Heim - OGH (Normal, Hard and Challenge Mode): One of the oldest instances, and quite long to finish, OGH Normal and Hard are very important for the Coagulated Spell (Normal) and Contaminated Magic (Hard) items, both instances' MvP also drops Temporal Crystal. These 3 items are used to craft and enchant Temporal Boots. Normal and Hard mode also yields a good amount of zenny, although it is not considered a high profit place, since it takes quite a bit of time to finish. OGH Challenge Mode is a new addition to the OGH plot, and it is a really important instance, given that the MvP drops Sealed Temporal Circlet, Temporal Gemstone and Temporal Spell, items used to craft and enchant the Temporal Circlet. If you have (insane) luck, you might get the Himmelmez Phantom MvP Card, a really expensive Garment Card. Werner Laboratory, Wolfchev's Laboratory, Temple of the Demon God and Sky Fortress: A potpourri of Instances that yields a high amount of Instance Coins in just a few minutes. Endless Tower (ET) and Endless Cellar (EC): Two 100 Floors Instances with monsters every floor and MvPs every 5 floors. It's a great place to farm cards, costumes and also MvP Cards: ET has Golden Thief Bug, Drake and Phreeoni, while EC has Tao Gunka, Kiel and Nightmare Amon Ra. Tomb of Remorse: The first high Base Lv Instance released (Base Lv 220+). It's an important Instance due to its items: Sakray's Wrath and Regret (and its condensed counterparts) - which are used to enchant the Poenitentia Weapons and the Thanos' Helms -, Mineas (don't forget to take the daily quests from this instance at Fortessa Instance Exchanger to improve the quantity of Mineas you'll receive) and a chance to get the Thanos Helm Reform Cube. The MvP Cards are also good, but not awesome, unless you get a hand in both Cards. Constellation Tower: Highly sought Instance and one of the last additions. Here you can farm the material needed for the Nebula Armors and Stella Accessories and its enchantments. Thanatos Tower (Rework): Highly sought Instance and one of the last additions. After the rework, Thanatos Tower gained a few more enemies and with them a new challenge. You will farm Shards to make the Sinful and Brilliant Light Accessories (which can also drop randomly from the mobs). The new cards are also a great boost to many builds. Fortessa Dungeon Fortessa Dungeon is part of the Custom Content SM has to offer. Similar to Purgatory Mode, it is a place intended for high-end party play with most of the same tweaks and features seen in Purgatory. There are 6 different Themed Dungeons: Netherworld (Demon Race), Volcano (Dragon Race), Reef (Fish Race), Forest (Plant Race), Pit and Ruins. To better understand the mechanics of the Dungeons, read more in wiki: https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Fortessa_Themed_Dungeons. Guardian Angel Guardian Angel is a custom boss from Purgatory intended for high-end party play. You don’t need to enter an Instance through instance manager nor anything like that to reach it. Instead, you use Proof of Divinity at the Book NPC (Noli me tangere) from Purgatory Hall (@go 48 or @go purgatory). To get Proof of Divinity you need to finish any Purgatory Mode Instance, and all members of the party must have the item to access the Boss. There are 2 difficulties to choose when fighting Guardian Angel: Normal (1 Proof of Divinity per attempt) or Hard (10 Proof of Divinity per attempt) and the main rewards from fighting Guardian Angel are Blacksmith’s Blessing and Moon Coin, but there is a chance to get HD Ores, Sealed Card Albums, Shadow Refine Hammer, +9 Shadow Refine Hammer, Random Shadow Box and Shadow Coupon. For more info, here’s the wiki link: https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Guardian_Angel. MvP Ladder Reintroduced after the 2022-06-01 Patch, the MvP Ladder returns reworked and available both in Helheim and Niflheim. You just need to talk to the MvP Ladder NPC in most towns to be warped to the arena, where you’ll fight 10 random MvPs which will gradually become more difficult, while the arena will try to kill you with traps. However, to enter the arena you must have any instance finished, as a currency to get in: 1 Instance finished = 1 entry. Inside the arena, talk to the NPC and choose which difficulty you want to fight: Beginner, Normal, Purgatory or Party. After each floor you’ll be granted Ladder Points you can trade for goods, and there’s also a chance to get other items. Be aware that the MvP WON’T drop its normal items nor give experience. Every week the 10 MvPs are changed. For a list of the what can be traded with Ladder Points and which items are those, I suggest checking the wiki, since it has more insight about item drop chances, ladder points for each floor in each difficulty: https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/MvP_Ladder. Seasonal Booster For those who enjoy the happiness of endlessly grinding, over and over again, this is for you! Seasonal Booster is a 1x rate leveling challenge until Base Lv 230. The main reason to begin the challenge is the reward you get in the end: MvP Card Album (a Card Album containing only MvP Cards – once opened, the Card turns into account-bound, so you won’t be able to sell or trade with other players). To begin the challenge, talk to Seasonal Booster NPC at Eden HQ (@go eden or @go 40), and then choose how you want to start: High Novice (for non-expanded jobs), Novice (for expanded jobs) or Doram. It is advisable to do this with a new character, and not your main one. After accepting the challenge, your character will be turned into the desired novice class, with 1x Base and Job Rate and several restrictions will apply: You won’t be able to change rates using @baserate or @jobrate. You won’t be able to use Class Mastery Skill. You won’t be able to use any kind of Battle Manual with more than 50% extra experience gain. Your quest log will be wiped as soon as you begin the booster character. Check your inventory when your character turns into Seasonal Booster, a variety of Freebies will appear, and every time you hit a specific level, you will be able to open another box with more freebies. Pay attention to the Booster Coins you get every time a box is opened, as those are really important to trade for goodies with Secretary Lime Evenor at Eden HQ. The best item you can trade for is the Automatic Set which costs 600 Coins, with it you get a full Automatic Gear Set: Armor, Boots, Garment, 2 Accessories, 2 Epic Module Boxes and 5 Auto Module Boxes. After you achieve Base Lv 230, talk to Seasonal Booster NPC again and choose your final reward, but always go for the MvP Card Album. If you don’t like the MvP you get, talk to Seasonal Booster NPC again and trade your MvP Card for 50 Exchanger Card Albums (ECA) for a chance to get a better reward. These prizes are only available when you finish your first booster once monthly. You can do booster again in the same month, but you won’t receive the same prizes. Alongside the MvP Card Album, you’ll also get 200 Moon Coins, a Garment Coupon and a ton of great Consumables. Afterwards, go to Office and talk to Belinda, to get your extra prizes for reaching Base Lv 230 as 1x rate character, which includes more 100 Moon Coins, an Alternate Outfit Ticket (trade it with the Stylist to unlock more outfits) and the fixed 50% Bonus Drop (relog after claiming the prize to apply the bonus). You can read more about Seasonal Booster at https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Seasonal_Booster. You should also check some tips and tricks from other players' guide, such as: Iridium’s Sky Emperor Booster Guide: https://www.shining-moon.com/ipb/index.php?/topic/12413-iridiums-booster-mini-guide-for-sky-emperor-no-mvps-no-graded-gear-minimal-enchant-dependance/ Iridium’s Arch Mage Booster Guide: https://www.shining-moon.com/ipb/index.php?/topic/12351-iridiums-booster-mini-guide-for-arch-mage/ Fishy’s Niflheim Booster Guide: https://www.shining-moon.com/ipb/index.php?/topic/12322-booster-my-path-to-230/ Is this The End? Definitely not, the game is already 20 years old, so it proved its worthiness in the mind and soul of its player base (we don’t surely know why after so many years we come back to it, probably to scratch that nostalgic itch, quitting and returning as a never-ending cycle). Play at your pace, don’t burn out trying to reach higher grounds so fast, enjoy the process, talk to other players, form bonds and do whatever you feel like! With so much content you can always try that meme build (battle priest, let’s go!), make a time attack booster character, refine your gears, hunt that MvP card you always dreamt on or simply shine at Fortessa with your costume gears and garment (some postulate this is the true high-end game, and I can’t disagree). Most importanty, have fun!
  4. As topic imply, This Question is asked for most troubling problem for new player before I am going to make other guide. Since I lost some feeling playing as Newbie so I might forget something important here so vote please :3
  5. Newbie Guide

    If you’re here, you’re probably new to Shining Moon. (if you’re not let me know if something is wrong) So first and foremost, welcome! We’ll go over some general information to get you started. If you wish to look into things more in-depth, a link to an existing guide will be provided (if it exists, if it doesn’t, maybe someone may write one eventually XD). Important Features Babies! Always wanted to be that adorable baby but gravity decide you had to be punished for a being son/daughter of your parents? Let that be a limiting factor no more! Babies on Shining Moon have no penalties aside from a slightly longer job leveling path to balance out the stats. You do however get access to transcended skills to help with that. Leveling Path Baby Novice -> Baby Acolyte -> Baby Priest [ 99 / 70 ] -> Baby Novice -> Baby Acolyte -> Baby Priest [ 99 / 70 ] -> Baby Arch Bishop Loot System 2.0 All members of the party will have their individual chance for item drops. Think Diablo 3 system. Each party member will have their own roll chance. Class Mastery TLDR – you can have 3 different classes on a single character. If the first class is levelled at 1x rate, Bonus 50% drop applies to all classes. For more info - https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php/Class_Mastery World Boss There will be an initial tutorial which will explain it upon creating your first character, however lets just go over it quickly. There are 7 world bosses, each with their own immunities and randomness. Ice Queen – Melee Damage Only Poison Queen – Ranged Damage Only Possessed Poring – Magic Damage Only Demigod Harmonia – Immune to nothing. Map turns PvP. Demigod Nsphynx - Immune to nothing. Map turns PvP. Ains Ooal Gown - Takes 100% from 1 source, 50% for others, Map turns PvP. Shalltear Bloodfallen - Heals for 20% of every non-skill physical attack, Summons at 50% & 30% For more info - https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php/World_Boss World Drop Every monster kill gives you a random chance for world drop. For the full list of features refer to the below links Niflheim - https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php?title=Features Helheim - https://www.shining-moon.com/helheim/index.php/Server_Information EXP rates On Shining Moon, you can change your exp rates at any time. @baserate @jobrate It is generally chosen between 1x & 100x, why you say? Mainly for bonus drop rate. If at any time you change @baserate prior to reaching 175, you will have your maximum drop bonus toggled to the highest rate set. Eg at lv 174, you keyed in @baserate 100, you instantly forfeit any possible drop bonus as that is considered your highest exp rate used. Use @ratecheck if you cannot remember if you’ve ever changed your exp rates. It’ll show you your maximum rate used. Exp Rate : Drop Rate Upon reaching 175, the Bonus Drop Rate Buff Server differences Okay! Enough talking about features lets start on selecting a server so we can start playing! Currently you’re down to 2 choices. You can go vice-versa between both servers with use of World Gate in main cities. Your progress on both servers however are separate, and if one server goes down. You may get booted to the other and become a 1/1 Novice, just check the mini buff icon that shows you which server you are on. Key takeaways Niflheim Item variety will consist of KRO, IRO & JRO gears Custom Wings & enchants Magic can Crit (As of writing this guide) All skills prior to 3rd Classes are Variable Cast Time. Default 50% after cast delay, You still need 100% via gears if you want it to be 0 cast delay. Soul System (+10 all stats) Helheim Purely KRO content & some Quality of Life customs. It's obvious this guide is written by a Niflheim player isn't it? Example of available enchant differences Red – Niflheim, Blue - Helheim So, if you want to deal tons of damage, come to Niflheim. We have the cookies. Leveling Leveling basically falls down to what base exp rates you are leveling at. it is generally recommended to make a 100x and get some basic gears prior to starting 1x. For the Masochist For the Fast Levelers General takeaway for Helheim players, as Gramps is considered IRO. You’ll be relying mainly on bounty boards to hit level 175. Dark Bishop, Evil Druid & Wraith Bounty can be done simultaneuously at @warp gl_chyard, you'll complete them at a ratio of 3 dark bishop : 2 wraith : 1 evil druid. Scaraba Bounty is a great source of exp. Illusion Dungeon of Labyrinth is a good source of experience for those beyond 175 What do I make? What’s the strongest? Short Answer – anything you want, however if you want meta builds, please refer to the below. Current Metas Nif – Ranger(Sharpshooting), AB (Adoramus), to be honest everything here can deal tons of damage. Hel – Ranger, Ranger, Ranger (JK I don’t play on Helheim, so can’t give you accurate guidance) Refining Items Safe Certificate Lucky 3 Equipment Exchange in Eden Hugel Monster Race Lucky Roulette (under Cash Shop icon) RWC Weapon Exchange in Fortessa HD Elu, Ori, Carn, Brad Lucky 3 Lucky Roulette (10 Moon Coin) Chrono Trigger Cash Shop Limit Elu, Ori, Carn, Brad Lucky 3 Lucky Roulette (10 Moon Coin) Chrono Trigger What is Chrono Trigger? Chrono Trigger is a 12 hour cooldown skill under your etc. You will sacrifice 3 Virgin Sealed Souls to summon the lord chronos who will either choose to entertain you, or smite you with a random MVP. Refer to the following link for a guide - https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php/Realm_of_Chronos Farming Juperos @alootlist 7356 7357 7358 7359 7094 Magma dungeon Everything but 10 zeny loots (doram staff) You’ll utilize nolootid instead. Thanatos tower @nolootid +2025 @nolootid +21015 Geffenia Similar to above 3, however i don't farm there much. There may be more that I missed out, but this is a general guide guys! Important Notes Always claim your daily login, moonlight coins can be used for Lucky 3 Roulette (Refining items, +10 food, Kafra card) Refer to this for a list of possible drops - https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php/Lucky_3 Conversion to moon coin (12 Moonlight Coin > 1 Moon Coin) This is not reversible. Start your daily instance runs as soon as possible Room of Conciousness (Honor Tokens) Pre-requisite quest - Banquet of Heroes (Used for Flattery Robe/Abusive Robe exchange) Geffen Magic Tournament (most classes will use GMT rings, either Physical/Magical) Keep all your Kafra Cards 100 Kafra cards will be used to unlock @storage {1 ~ 10} This will apply account wide That's all from me for now. Thanks for reading!