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    Hello everyone! Here's a mini guide to help people with their booster leveling. This guide is intended for veteran players who have access to gear and consumables. Why Sky Emperor (SkE)? No critical requirements for Moon and Star Skills. No ACD requirements for leveling, nor for Moon and Star Skills. Naturally high damage and increased exp (+100% base) from the Miracle Buff. Miracle exp buff lets you level well without exp events and without parties. “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln, allegedly. Before you start, you’ll want to get your mise en place all ready so your leveling is as streamlined as possible. Prepare: a Kim performer alt (level 200+ so they can solo perform ensembles) an alt to leech yourself at nightmare pyramids Battle Manuals, Job Manuals 100 Jellopy for the 30 min Battle Manual quest SDS + life pots (though you get plenty from booster rewards), slims/sp potions/ygg seeds refined gear, cards About Miracle: makes every mob and map count as a star mob. This means extra damage from Stellar Wrath, extra exp from Stellar Blessing, and Stellar heat on every map. screen turns dark + you get a "soul link" buff (not a real soul link e.g. you can’t use Union) 0.05% chance to proc with any attack but you can cheese the activation using the test room How to Proc Miracle: create Special [test room] instance Use Solar, Lunar and Stellar Perception lvl 3 to turn the map into a stellar map. Use @testmonster 2411 0 twenty to twenty-five times to eggs on a single cell. You will be using this a lot so either save it somewhere to keep it on alt+m. Use Stellar Heat until the screen turns blue and you get a soul link buff. If you run out of sp, just talk to the poring on the bottom right. Edit: I had some discussions with guildmates about alternative shadow gear, so here are some alternatives from most to least recommended. Note that the only ones I've tested are the ones I have listed in the guide above. Leveling Off Event: Personally I would recommend it. Because exp bonuses are additive, the 50% extra exp from event isn’t as big of a percentage when you consider battle manual, exp gear, Kim, and miracle buff. It also lets you capitalize on Eden dailies every day instead of just the weekends. There also tends to be less competition on popular maps. Leveling With Parties: The exp bonus from miracle does not apply to mobs killed from your party members, so unfortunately joining a party will most likely slow you down. Joining a party may still have the advantages of improved drops and not worrying so much about KSing.
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    I'm Iridium and I'm a Sky Emperor player (among other things) from the Filthy Casuals guild. This game has changed a lot over the years, and I thought new players might benefit from a new "getting-started from scratch" guide. This doesn’t cover all the server custom content, e.g. custom items you might run into like Moonlight Coins (used for the lucky 3 slot machine in the left of Fortessa Square) and Moon Coins (exchanged for cash shop points), because explaining all of that requires a guide unto itself. This guide will be focused on getting your first character enough levels and gear to jump-start your server experience. All the leveling done in this guide was done without exp events. Why Sky Emperor (SkE)? No critical requirements for Moon and Star Skills No ACD requirements for leveling, nor for Moon and Star Skills Naturally high damage and increased exp from the Miracle Buff (more info in guide) Start: Select: 100x/100x, no baby class I want to know more about monsters! You will be spawned in the @go office map, where you will be doing all your job changes. Talk to Job Changer Elaine and turn into a Taekwon Kid. Go to the top right of the room and join one of the clans. The sword one has the best stats for now but ultimately any of them are fine. Make sure you open all of your SMRO freebies Taekwon Kid Use the town warp command to go to Eden Headquarters (@go eden) Copy and paste the command /navi moc_para01 110/79 Follow the arrows, talk to the NPC for beginner armor and shadows. There is no weapon for you at the time. Some of these gear expire but you can get them as many times as you need. Go to Fortessa (@go fortessa or @go 1). Talk to the Warper NPC. Dungeons -> anthell 1 Kill eggs with auto attacks, sell all your drops except jalopies (100 can be exchanged for 5 character bound EXP manuals. You can use them on your other characters, I will not be using them in this guide.) and Monster Hunter Coin (used to exchange for consumables that are normally in the kRO cash shop). Level your str and dex equally Once your Job level is in the 40s Your stats should be about 50 str 50 dex Level sprint lvl 7, mild wind lvl 7 Go back to town and warp to orc dungeon 1 Auto attack with holy element Mild Wind until jlvl 50, go to @go office, and then job change to Star Gladiator Star Gladiator @go eden and go back to buy an intermediate weapon (paradise taekwon power or martial arts book. Doesn't matter as you’re not using either kick) Go back to orc dungeon until you can level stellar heat lvl 3 (minimum jlvl 7) You can now take advantage of Miracle to level About Miracle makes every mob and map count as a star mob. This means extra damage from Stellar Wrath, extra exp from Stellar Blessing, and Stellar heat on every map. screen turns dark + you get a "soul link" buff (not a real soul link e.g. you can’t use Union) 0.05% chance to proc with any attack but you can cheese the activation using the test room Go back to town, make a party with /organize create Special [test room] instance Use Solar, Lunar and Stellar Perception lvl 3 to turn the map into a stellar map. Ignore the warning about permanence, it is resettable via npc and also with a 3rd job skill Use @testmonster 2411 0 twenty times to spawn twenty eggs on a single cell. You will be using this a lot so either save it somewhere or keep it on alt+m. Level INT to 50 and then use Stellar Heat until the screen turns blue and you get a soul link buff. If you run out of sp, just talk to the poring on the bottom right. You can exit the Test Room using @destroy or @warp fortessa (@go is disabled for some reason). The rest of this guide will assume that you have Miracle up. Return to orc dungeon Turn on smart cast with @sc 1. This will make it so targeted spells will cast after hitting the hotkey over whatever your mouse is hovering over. Spam Flying Side Kick (FSK) with Stellar Heat up in orc dungeon 1 Level up Stellar Blessing, Wrath, and Protection in that order Level str until it is 90, then vit until 50 At 85, go to magma 2 and spam FSK with Heat on there, with holy element. Kill one at a time if you can, avoid mobbing. Once you’re 99/50, change to star emp. My personal stats were at 99 are str in 90s, agi 1, vit 50, int 50, dex 50, luk 20s. Star Emperor Go to magma 2 and get to level 101. Level Purification of Sun, Moon and Star. Go to Eden, grab advanced physical armor, star emperor advanced paradise shadow weapon, and advanced star emperor sun book. Go to town and talk to the Special Tool Dealer and buy 100 fly wings from Open Shop. Then return to magma 2 to continue killing. Once you are job lvl 11, max out Prominence Kick, which you can use after using Sun Stance. Sun Stance stays until you log out. Level with Prominence Kick until level 121. Activate Solar stance, then mob and kill with Prominence Kick. At around 121 to 130, go to @go eden, /navi moc_para01 36/18. Talk to the NPC -> Dicaste, 121 ~ 175 -> Check Bounty Missions -> Hunt all. Then warp to Dungeon -> Scaraba Hole -> Scaraba Hole 2. Use fire element, kill 150 Antler and Rake Scaraba. If you die just come back. They should be able to be killed with 2 Prominence Burst or 1 Solar Burst for larger groups of mobs. Even without level 10 Solar Burst, you should one shot. Solar Burst can only be used in quick succession after Prominence Burst. My stats at 128 were about 115 str, 1 agi, 50 vit, 50 int, 90 dex, 30 luk After killing 150 of each, talk to the same NPC in Eden and select Collect All Bounty Rewards and Collect all. This left me at level 145. Use this opportunity to max out Light of the Sun (buff that boosts your SE Sun skills but has a low duration), Sun Stance, and Document. At this point, you can solo the Sarah’s Memories instance, one of the important zeny farming instances in the server. Talk to the Instance Manager in town. Under Instances, select Sarah’s Memories. Open the instance in normal mode and enter the instance. Loot all the food items. You will take a beating, so take your free Novice Potions and Light Yellow Potions. Also buy some healing items. Cheap is good at this point. I prefer Fresh Fish from the Chef Assistant in Comodo or Meat from various NPC dealers. If you die, that’s okay, you can sell your looted food and buy more healing items, then re-enter. The Sprint skill and the free boarding halter will help you move faster. After killing Doyen Irene and getting your first instance coin, you can leave. This instance will get you about 5m (more if you make an Overcharge merchant). This instance will help fund your consumables and get you started on buying gear. You can and should run this instance once a day until you have a comfortable amount of zeny. When this instance is on cooldown, you can also farm money at Iaras, Mavkas, Geffenia, Thana 08/09/10. If you’re not level 150, go to Rudus 3 under Illusion Fields to cheese some quick levels. You can two shot them with paradise gear and fire element. They will give you a massive 20-30% exp per and you can save scum (i.e. just die and then warp back over and over) Around level 150, your gear will really start to benefit from some more investment and farming. My stats were str 120, agi 1, vit 85, int 50, dex 95, luk 50. Go to Special Border Area OS (aka sp_os) under illusion fields. Farm 80 unknown parts and 60 Cor Core which are dropped from every mob. /navi fortessa 75/130. Buy Grace Sun Suit Grace Attack Boots Grace Attack Manteau Grace Attack Ring 3 Grace Refine Tickets, to be used immediately on everything except the Ring. I would also recommend the following improvements to your gear: Immune Shield (bought) +7 Armor Refine Ticket, id 6234 (bought) Khalitzburg Knight Card (bought) Raydric Card (bought or farmed) Contaminated Raydric Card (bought, optional) 100 Kafra Cards for the @storage skill which lets you use the Kafra anywhere (bought) 10 Gym Passes for increased weight (bought) Items can be bought from other people through @ws or #trade. Obviously the prices of the items will fluctuate with the market, but at the time of writing, every item above combined was around 21,110,000 on @ws. I think it’s fair to say that the market value of these items is less than 25m, which is very attainable for a starter set of gear. This gear gets you 42% neutral resistance which helps with most content. You can now attempt the Horror Toy Factory Instance, which is the other staple zeny farming instance on the server. This guide will not include a full HTF guide as there are HTF guides elsewhere. You can open in normal difficulty. Kill the Creepy Demons. 16 in the second room, 42 in the third room. This will get you Gold and Platinum Bullions. You do not need to kill the MVP and beat the instance to get all the zeny. Get 1 level in Lunar Stance and 1 level in New Moon Kick which gives you a hide where you can still move and auto for 15 seconds. You can use this to ignore the room 2 mobs and stay safe while talking to the NPCs. You can also use this to stay hidden and kill Demons with autos. You can try to this instance with only Paradise gear, but you will die easily. This instance will get you about 11m without a merchant. (You should make an Overcharge merchant by this point) From here you can power level. Go to @go 47, /navi fortessa 250/206 with all the monster hunter coins you have. I had 10 at this time. Buy 6 Shining Defense Scrolls (SDS) and 2 untradable Almighty. You will be using an SDS every 10 minutes and an Almighty every 30 minutes. Replenish your preferred healing items, or if you have the zeny upgrade to White Syrups from the Special Tool Dealer (recommended). Take your THIKK Battle Manual from the Level Up Reward Box, pop an SDS + an Almighty, make sure you have Miracle refreshed, and head to rudus3. You can go from 150 to 175 in about 10 minutes. Get 100 vit, and then split the rest of your points between dex and luk. Level up Universe Stance and use it instead of Solar Stance. You can go from 175 to 190 in about 10 minutes, and 190 to 200 in another 10. Stats at 200 are 120 str, 14 agi, 100 vit, 50 int, 120 dex, 120 luk At 200, change jobs. Sky Emperor Go to Eden and sign up with Secretary Lime. Accept the lvl 230 quests at /navi moc_para01 52/29. Go to Nif 1 under Lv 250 Expansion. Use Holy. Kill one or two mobs, which should shoot your jlvl up. Get lvl 5 Star Cannon and lvl 10 Sky Mastery. Use lvl 1 Twinkling Galaxy immediately followed up Star Cannon. You can mob and kill safety since the enemies get flinched. Max War Book. Turn in your quests when its complete. Level Pow to 100, rest in Sta. Spend the rest of your THIKK manual here. Expect to get to at least 235. Skills and playstyle from here on out Level Rising Moon lvl 1, Midnight Kick to lvl 5, Dawn Break to lvl 5, Heaven’s Spirit lvl 5, Rising Sun lvl 1. How these skills work is that Rising Moon puts you in the Moonrise stance for 30 seconds. Using it again before those 30 seconds have passed will put you in the Midnight stance and once more into the Moonset stance (also listed as Dawn). Once you are in Moonset, you can no longer cast Rising Moon until 30 seconds have passed, or until you cast Rising Sun which will reset your Rising Moon counter. Midnight Kick can only be used during Moonrise or Midnight, and does extra damage during Midnight. Dawn break can only be used during Midnight or Moonset (aka Dawn) and does more damage during Moonset. Heaven’s Spirit costs 150 AP and lets you use any move in extra damage mode. For clearing content, I charge my AP on dummies (@go dummies) and then use Heaven’s Spirit. Your AP should recharge before the skill runs out unless you die. If you die, then try to stay on Midnight stance as it is the only mode that allows you to use both moon skills. You can use @square 4 if you have a hard time telling the 9x9 range. This creates a 9x9 square around you. Your core combo is lvl 1 Twinkling Galaxy -> lvl 5 Star Cannon, then alternate Midnight Kick and Dawn Break to minimize cooldown time. Repeat using Star Cannon on cooldown until the mobs are dead. Other Leveling Tips: Always join a booster leveling party if they’re within your level. They are guaranteed to be more geared than you. Don’t be afraid to use consumables. Instances That You Can Do With The Recommended Gear: (Suggested difficulty based on my whether I felt that you could kill the mobs in the content and tank within reason without getting 1 shot with the gear I have listed. Your mileage may vary.) General Tip Be generous with your White Syrups or Ygg Seeds (farmed from Edda Biolabs and Werner Labs). Use Shining Def Scrolls if you can afford it. After doing 2 instances a day, talk to the Daily Quest npc in @go exchange for Kachua’s Secret Keys which have lots of valuable goodies. Sarah’s Memories Recommended Difficulty: normal Use: zeny farming Horror Toy Factory Recommended Difficulty: normal Use: zeny farming Notes: you do not need to kill the MVP to get full zeny. 16 Creepy Demons in the second room, 42 in the 3rd room. OGH Hard Recommended Difficulty: nightmare Use: instance coins (18), zeny farming (loot armors, @storage mandatory, @nolootid +1110, @nolootid +2609), contaminated magics Notes: Can still get one shot by NPC dark attack without bathory. If you die, use Run to quickly return from town. Underrated zeny farming instance imo, without a merchant I still got around 7m from just the armor and weapons. Don’t facetank Amdarais, instead run in circles and kite him with Star Cannon. OGH Normal Recommended Difficulty: hell Use: instance coins, money (loot armors, @storage mandatory, @nolootid +1110, @nolootid +2609), coagulated spell Notes: see above Twilight Garden Recommended Difficulty: hell Use: instance coins (1), Varmeals Notes: one of the quickest instances if you only want your Kachua Buwaya Cave Recommended Difficulty: nightmare Use: instance coins (3) Notes: one of the quickest instances if you only want your Kachua. Use New Moon Kick at the start to avoid all the random mobs. Wolchev Recommended Difficulty: nightmare Use: instance coins (12) Notes: Ideally the boss will be burst down before they summon slaves which can overwhelm you. Be quick about selecting the right element. Sky Fort Recommended Difficulty: nightmare Use: instance coins (18) Notes: Don’t facetank the boss, instead run in circles and kite him with Star Cannon. Werner Lab: Recommended Difficulty: hell Use: ygg seeds Notes: the YSF mvp has high one shot potential even at lower difficulties, so I don’t recommend trying to kill him at this time. The mobs, however, drop Yggdrasil Seeds at a very high rate and you can farm them here. Other Farming Spots: lasa_dun03 Use: Yggdrasil Berries, Old Purple Boxes (can be exchanged for Eden Merit Badges at mov_para01 13,22 which can then be exchanged for Token Of Siegfrieds at the same NPC for self-resurrection) Bra_dun02, mosk_dun03, any Geffenia, Thanatos Tower 08, 09, and 10 Use: zeny farming from Iaras, Mavkas, and all mobs on the maps, respectively. You can also farm taming items for Incubus pet (sp leeching) and Succubus pet (hp leeching) which drop from their respective mobs in Geffenia. Higher chance to tame if the mob hp is low.
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    Never had this much fun playing mage class for the first time. Thank you for the guide, I had to try it. I leveled my booster to 100 by killing: Ant Egg until Firebolt skill @10. Then Sandman, Sleeper, Drosera and Muscipular.. Spamming Firebolt and Meteor Storm left and right got me there quick. Went to lasa_dun03 until I maxed out Crimson Rock !! Wreaked havoc at ba_bath until level 150 using Reading Spellbook x2 --> Teleport --> Release onto mobs. Rinse / Repeat. You can cut short "Read time" with Infinite Fly wing, skill won't get cancelled, this helped a lot with leveling. Early to Midgame gears Drooping Thanatos / Poring Sunglasses Arch Angelring Balloon / Robust Magical Armor 2012 RWC Memory Staff --> Aeon Staff (at lvl 100) Candy Bag Backpack (magic) --> Temporal INT Manteau Booster Shoes --> Temporal INT Boots (at lvl 99) Chambered 2012 RWC Ring and Pendant Cards Lichtern Red / Fillia Sweet Nightmare Red Pitaya / Red Pitaya --> True Kathryne Keyron x2 Deep Sea Witch / Nightmare Verit Berzebub x2
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    Intro: Preparation: Reminder: Don't be stingy with consumables you get from booster box, use them to help you level faster. https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Dungeon_Level_Requirements 1~99: 100~175: 175~200: 200~230: Gears I use at 130 to 230:
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    Hello everyone! Here's a mini guide to help people with their booster leveling. This guide is intended for veteran players who have access to gear and consumables. From 1-99, use research assistant bot over Ahri in shoe for more fireball damage. Edit: since many maps have a level requirement map, consider doing rudus3, pitayas (with eden dailies), or illusion turtle/teddy/beach in the 150s and early 160s instead of pw3. I recommend ba bath until 110, rudus3 until 170s.
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    Okay.... so. Overhaul, yet again. Stuff happens. NOTE: This build for use on Shining Moon MMO's Niflheim server. Mileage may vary elsewhere. Welcome to the world of slapping people with a wrist-mounted dinner plate. Do note that this build is not quite the DPS juggernaut, nor will it reach the sheer utility a full support Imperial Guard would, but it's a meme and it's different, and I love it so shush. That said, it is naturally bulky, passable in damage, and probably maybe looks hot as your chara bends over with every cast if this game were more modern and actually designed worth a damn. Also, this is just from my own personal experience so it may or may not even be remotely close to as strong as it can get. Lastly, this, nor any other non-support IG build will ever reach endgame, as they have their tried and true niche of being a party-wide HP battery. BECAUSE THERE'S NO DRIVE PRESS BUILD THE STATS STR - You're not a mage. Pump it up. INT - Some cast time, and for Earth Drive, SP pool. AGI - Varies depending on your main. DEX - Cast time, basically. VIT - The secondary stat to Drive Press. LUK - Just enough for consistent crit. * No, none of the shield skills are naturally crit, so the skills can miss and the crit mod is weaker. Take note. THE SKILLS Earth Drive - The bread, the butter and the dinner plate buffet. Your AOE skill and if you build for it, your primary DPS as well. [MELEE PHYSICAL] [LV5] [SELF-CENTERED AOE] [WEAPON ELEMENT] (380 x skill level)% ATK, boosted by STR, VIT and base level. (7.5 - (1 x skill level)) seconds cooldown. 1s VCT, 0s FCT, 1s ACD (Halved in Niflheim). This skill is unique in that it's an offensive Land Protector, removing active ground effects like Tetra Vortex from the cells it occupies. Also, this skill, while possible to hit 0cd spam, has looong animation delay like old Overbrand. Alternate with Auto Guard. PICTURED: HOLY PSYCHIC WAVE BEING NOPED OUT OF EXISTENCE Shield Press - Typically hits harder than Shield Chain per cast, but is screwed by cooldown and needing the Racing Cap. [MELEE PHYSICAL] [LV10] [SINGLE TARGET] [FORCED NEUTRAL] (200 x skill level)% ATK, boosted by STR, VIT and base level. 2 seconds cooldown. 0s VCT, 0s FCT, 0s ACD. 0 range, heh. By the way, the range of this thing is pathetic, as it's shorter than your spear range and probably only reaches up to under the gryphon's face. Shield Chain - Ranged single target nuke. Passable damage but very spammable, granted it needs a lot of ACD and ASPD. [RANGED PHYSICAL] [LV5] [SINGLE TARGET] [WEAPON ELEMENT] (300 +(200 x skill level))% ATK, boosted by shield weight and refine. No cooldown. 0.8s VCT, 0.2s FCT, 1s ACD (Halved in Niflheim). Shield Shooting - Buff skill. Initiate with it to give the first 3 skills a damage buff. [RANGED PHYSICAL] [LV5] [SINGLE TARGET] [WEAPON ELEMENT] (600 x skill level)% ATK, boosted by shield weight and refine. 1 second cooldown. 0s VCT, 1s FCT, 0.5s ACD (Halved in Niflheim). The shield build's version of Overbrand Ready. It's also passable damage-wise, but is not spammable. At lv10 Shield Mastery, the bonuses to the max leveled skills are as follows: Earth Drive 1900% -> 3750% ATK Shield Press 2000% -> 4100% ATK Shield Chain 1300% -> 2000% ATK THE GEARS Normally, 2 skills are supported by the exact same gear. Cannon Spear and Vanishing Point, Overbrand and Hesperus Lit, Genesis Ray and Pressure, etc. Here though, each core skill has a separate setup. Gravy just doesn't like them all that much. EARTH DRIVE - You have 3 core equipment to maximize your damage. Racing Cap (Royal Guard) - This at +11 drops your cd by 1s. The stats are otherwise mediocre. Shield Ring - Free 30% ACD aside, its importance is the 1.5s reduction to Earth Drive, outright removing the cd if paired with the above. Illusion Sacred Mission - Massive skill mods abound, matched only by the EDDA sets. With 7% Earth Drive mod per refine, at +20, it's a massive 140% by itself. Weapon-wise, God Eating Dragon Spear is a pretty strong bet. Though only 1 slot, at +20, it has a massive 40% ATK, 40% ASPD, 20% ACD, and -70% FCT. Note, % FCT doesn't stack. Thanos Spear AD isn't even a shielder build weapon, but it gives pretty great stats as it is. 10% ACD, healing and a massive 15% to both all size AND melee mods. Damage-wise, it beats GEDS. SHIELD PRESS - You have 2 core equipment to maximize your damage and alternative hats of choice. Racing Cap (Royal Guard) - Disregard the hat. What you need here is the level 3 Royal Guard enchant that reduces cd by 1.5s and gives +60% damage if used after Earth Drive. Trial Diadem - While it has strong effects on its own, the big pull for it is the massive synergy it has with Harve as its partner weapon. Imperial Guard - Easy skill mods. 20% Shield Press mod +5% for every refine above 5, totaling to 95% at +20. Imperial Ring - Even bigger skill mods. If Imperial Guard is refined +6 or higher, each refine is an extra 8% Shield Press mod, totalling 160% if the shield is at +20. Harve is the sole Shield Press specific weapon we have so far. It's a passive 30% Shield Press mod, but if with the Randel memory, it gets +5% more per 3 refine, and with the combo with Trial Diadem, it gets another 10% per weapon refine, in addition to a -1s cd. Thanos Spear AD makes a reappearance as an alternative weapon with great stats, and allows the use of Racing Cap instead. SHIELD CHAIN - You only really want to have Phoenix Ring, but a case can be made for Cross Shield as a terrific budget option. Phoenix Ring - So many bonuses, but the cream of the crop is the massive +1% Shield Chain mod PER BASE LEVEL. It also buffs Overbrand to at least give you an AOE option. Cross Shield - 30% Shield Chain mod. That is all. Harve comes in as the first pick, having a strong 60% skill mod and 1% ranged mod per refine on its own, and another 10% skill mod per 3 refines with Randel's memory. Solid Spear is the first lv5 weapon on this guide and it boasts the basic lv5 effect of +2 PATK per refine, as well as 15% skill mod per 3 refine and 3% ranged mod per 4 refine. THE GEARS PART 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO ARMORS Automatic Armor A-type - Best enchant combination may vary, but in my opinion and experience, it's a mix of Attacker Force, Attack Power and ACD. Except with Shield Press, in which case, go double Attack Power and and Attacker Force instead. Phreeoni Wing Suit - This goofy ass suit is as good as you can get for ranged combat. STR Soutane - The almighty STR Soutane. I'd honestly prefer this over Automatic for Earth Drive, had it not been for my need for ACD. For Shield Press though, go for it. Illusion Armor A-type - The supposed 'budget option' but couldn't be farther from the truth. If you can stomach failing for years to get your ideal enchants, go Power x2 and ACD. Soaring Physical/Excellent Dexterous Armor - The true non-Grace set budget setup, in my opinion. Combine it with its accompanying Temporal Manteau and Young Leaf, and you get pretty nice bonuses. All 3 pieces are enchantable too, and it's possible to get 5%/5% ACD on armor and 15% ACD on manteau. GARMENTS Temporal STR/DEX/AGI Manteau - STR and DEX are for when you want the Temporal set combos. AGI for when you're not going with those due to superior mods. Fallen Warrior Manteau - Cheap jack of all stats garment that's only worth using if with Fallen Warrior Aura. Lots of bonuses based on your stats. Pirate Captain's Coat - The endgame of physical garments. At +12, it rivals even a +20 AGI Manteau. SHOES Temporal STR/LUK/DEX Boots - Best one depends on your build, but whichever one it is, your ideal enchants are either Bear's Might for damage or Muscle Fool for ACD. Either works as Shield Press and Earth Drive benefit from both STR and VIT procs. Automatic Leg A-type - While it combos with Automatic Armor, your reason for this is the FCT enchant. As with the Temporal Boots, go with STR or VIT proc enchants. Illusion Leg A-type - The weaker leg. As with Automatic, get it for the FCT enchant. If you can get it. Imperial Boots - At its current price, it's the ultimate budget boots for you due to its massive myriad of stats. Plan your skill points carefully if going with this as you might end up with it, Shield Ring and Phoenix Ring asking for skill requirements at the same time. OTHERS King Schmidt's Strong Insignia - The accessory to take if you're going for Temporal Boots, as the combo with Bear's Might and Muscle Fool are amazing. Brawler's Gloves - Budget option for when you're using Harve and you got either Fighting Spirit 1 or 2 as first enchant. Getting either gives 5% all race mod. SHADOW GEARS Full Penetration Shadow set - Check the sets. You only need 2 partner pieces. With both at +9, you get 100% DEF pierce. Almighty Shadow set - If your accessory slots are free, this is a great way to work over your VCT problems. Chain Press Shadow set - The official kRO-approved set for Shield Chain and Shield Press. Suffice to say it works great on these skills. Royal Guard Shadow Shield - One of the few class shadow gears that actually make it this far while staying in relevance. Nice skill mods for Earth Drive specifically. Major Autospell Shadow set - Specifically, the accessories. Gives melee mods and some weird autocasts. A welcome addition for when you're too lazy to use skills. Durable Shadow Shield + Weapon - For when you want both melee and ranged mods for Shield Chain and whichever AOE of choice you went with. THE END I don't have a 6th or 7th IG yet to redo my Shield Press and Shield Chain setups, so that will have to be for another time. EDIT: I found the Shield Press pic. Here's my current performance with Earth Drive. Wait oops. That's Earthquake. THERE WE GOOOOO. If you reached this part, then thanks for reading, good day, and build for love, not for meta. Updated 05'17'2022