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    Addition Cooldown Manager Added at @go office - x 82, y 141 If your main character is 1x / Booster Character For every Class Mastery ( Lv 2 / Lv 3 ) that have reached base level 230 or more you get an option to reset your instance / your quests each. If your main character is non 1x / Booster Character For every Class Mastery ( Lv 2 / Lv 3 ) that have reached base level 250 you get an option to reset your instance / your quests each. Instance Reset Resets the cooldown of every instance including purgatory cooldowns Quest Reset Removes all cooldown quests from your character Including unlocking the option to accept Booster Quests, 17.2 Dailies and Tomb of Remorse dailies freshly This NPC resets its history once everyday at 00:00, using the item "Instance Reset" will also remove your history from this NPC. Changes Applied more missing patch parts that were removed due to manually applying all changes to keep server stable Fixes Fixed Thanos Sword not in the possible list of items that should keep refinement when making it AD Baphomet Jr Egg and taming is now fixed Baby Desert Wolf Evolution is now fixed Purgatory Portal Fixed a bug where Shield Stance would not cause any other stances in Normal Mode Fixed a bug where nothing would happen at all in Hard Mode Fixed Impact Crater not giving the Counter Slash status correctly
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    Point is, to add another Option when using Universal Rent at Kafra to appear in this Menu, which would give you status of being in Madogear but witout the Sprite: Pre 4th Job Patch, there was a Bug that made this possible which nearly every Mechanic Player used.
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    Is that 12m with all the mvps you mention?
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    Intro: Preparation: Reminder: Don't be stingy with consumables you get from booster box, use them to help you level faster. 1~99: 100~175: 175~200: 200~230: Gears I use at 130 to 230:
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    Fenrir gib matk and fct reduce but CC dont want that
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    Well, i want the system to stay the same just because the problem isn't really people farming with a legion of alts. Its because sometimes you need to alt account with a good alter to fill a spot for that party. I saw some comments saying party plays, but, when i shout ToR Hell or OGH CM Hell Nobody wants to play with a stranger, so i need to fill the DPS spots (because i main Sup) with alters, so for the effort of playing 2 or 3 accounts just for filling empty sports, i think yeah i deserve an extra reward. Multis should stay the same.
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    IGN: Alen Server: Helheim Title: Pit was fun (so was Ruins and Fort Dun)
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    IGN: jihoney_bb Server: Helheim Title: Who killed Who?
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    IGN: Arun Server: Helheim Title: The Truth hurts
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    IGN: Biolonga Server: Hel Title: Trade offer from farmer wheel
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    IGN: Iridium Server: Hel Title: Copium
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    IGN: Mena-Chan Realm: Helheim Title: Planning Yeet
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    IGN: Yurism Realm: Helheim Title: Purgatory, Shadow Cross ver.
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    Yes please. We mado users are limited in what costume we can wear especially garments are some of them dont show up while in mado.