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    Since the best build for Ranger at the moment is Sharp Shooting, I'm gonna give you some hints on how to make a starter SS build. This is one of the only skills in the game that can Crit, so for better damage you should invest in Critical Damage and chance. Again, if somebody have tips and info that wants to share or if I missed something, please comment below. REMEMBER to Always use Soul Control skill (+10 to all stats), All +10 Foods (from lucky 3) = Total of +20 to All Stats So for the gears: BOW: - Crimson Bow https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/18130/crimson-bow-2 - Gigantic Bow https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/18122/gigantic-bow-1 - Bow of Vicious Mind https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/18121/vicious-mind-bow-1 (With critical damage % enchant, +12 +refine) - Hunter Bow https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/1718/hunter-bow (This bow Benefits of 50% more damage if you use Hunting Arrows, And you can try to slot it, it'll be used if you do an Illusion Hunter Bow in the future) ARMOR: - White Wing Suit https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/15042/white-wing-suits-1 (This one you should safely Refine as much as you can, and Enchant in Mora if possible, with EA, CRIT, DEX, your choice, for more Damage EA and CRIT) BOOTS: - Temporal Luk Boots https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/22011/temporal-luk-boots-1 (You can use with just EA for now, but I recommend trying HawkEye 2nd Enchant for more damage) HEADGEAR: - Fancy Feather Hat https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19296/fancy-feather-hat-1 (there's no easy choice for Headgear if you want damage Imo) GARMENT: - Fallen Angel Wings https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20764/costume-fallen-angel-wing (Aim for Maximum Crit enchants Fatal4 Fatal3 Fatal3) MID AND LOWER HEADGEAR: - Necklace of Knight's Protection + Imperial Feather Combo with 120 AGI Stats ACCESSORIES: - 2x Sound Amplifier https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/2899/sound-amplifier-1 - RWC Rings (Enchanted with %Atk and Dex) - Pendant of Maelstrom CARDS: As for cards you have a very long variety of ones, depends on your choice, Zeny and will do farm them, those are the ones I recommend: - Resentful Archer Skeleton Card - Porcellio Card - Furious Nine Tale Card - Ancient Wootan Shooter Card - Petal Card - Dark Pinguicula Card - Furious Hero Card - Blut Hase Card - Revolver Buffalo Bandit + Shotgun Buffalo Bandit combo cards COSTUMES + SHADOW GEARS: - For Lower Costume I recommend using 2x -10% After Cast Delay enchants - For Middle Costume I recommend using 2x Flat Atk enchants or 2x Critical Damage % enchants - Strongly recommend using Rune Knight Garment Stone + Lord Knight Lower Stone in the costumes, to get -15% after skill delay As for Shadow gears you mainly have two options, either Full Ranger Shadow Set: - Ranger Shadow Weapon + Ranger Shadow Shield - Archer Shadow Earring + Archer Shadow Pendant - Hunter Shadow Armor + Hunter Shadow Shoes Or - Reload Shadow Set Refined Final recommendations: If you want more damage I recommend different items such as: - Heart Card in Mouth + Gambler Seal Combo; - Illusion Hunter Bow (Quest only, at @go Office 2nd Floor Illusion Manager NPC) https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/18174/illusion-hunter-bow-2 - Old Camouflage Headgear from Nightmare Biolab, enchanted With Critical %, ATK %, Dex Enchants; - Safely Refine your gears as much as you can; - Geffen Tournament Rings with Critical %; Attached here are the Stats and my current Damage with my current gears (which I prefer to keep hidden) - Damage with HawkEye procs + No Converters + No Unlimit + Buffs; - Stats with No Buffs at all; Thank you all, hope I helped with this guide, feel free to PM me or add comments <3
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    Hey guys, penguin here, I have a degree in math and decided to solve the question, what is the optimal way to refine? so i wrote two programs, outlined below, to simulate 1 million refines and what the averages of 2 different methods are the results are expected First method, use BSB/old elu on +7 to +8, use HD oridecon otherwise (solveRates), second method refine BSB -> old ori all the way through (solveRates2) solveRates() ; n counter,ln,refine,success,iteration s refine=7 f ln=1:1:1000 q:refine=10 d . i refine=7 s success=$$roll(50) . i refine=8 s success=$$roll(30) . i refine=9 s success=$$roll(19) . i 'success,refine>7 s refine=refine-1 . e i success s refine=refine+1 . i refine=7 s counter=counter+1 . s iteration=iteration+1 q counter_"|"_iteration solveRates2() ; n counter,ln,refine,success,iteration s refine=7 f ln=1:1:1000 q:refine=10 d . i refine=7 s success=$$roll(50) . i refine=8 s success=$$roll(50) . i refine=9 s success=$$roll(30) . i refine=7 s counter=counter+1 . i refine=8 s counter=counter+2 . i refine=9 s counter=counter+4 . i success s refine=refine+1 . s iteration=iteration+1 q counter_"|"_iteration ; roll(value) ; n roll s roll=$r(100) i roll<value q 1 q 0 i put these guys in a wrapper to iterate 1 million, these are the averages BsB used from solveRates method: 25.593615 BsB used from solveRates2 method: 19.328085 total iterations solveRates method: 49.350849 total iterations solveRates2 method: 7.328922 I think its right because BSB all the way through is solvable, you have (2)(1) + 2(2) + 3.3333(4) = 19.333 which is what my averages are converging to BUT WAIT, what if we used safe refines instead of BSB and old ori ALL THE WAY THROUGH??? So use HD oridecon to go higher than +7, if we drop to +6 safe refine back to +7 solveRates3() ; n counter,ln,refine,success,iteration s refine=7 f ln=1:1:1000 q:refine=10 d . i refine=7 s success=$$roll(30) . i refine=8 s success=$$roll(30) . i refine=9 s success=$$roll(19) . i 'success,refine>6 s refine=refine-1 . e i success s refine=refine+1 . i refine=6 s counter=counter+1,refine=7 . s iteration=iteration+1 q counter_"|"_iteration iterating, we get Safe Refine +7 needed: 30.947449 HD Ori needed: 67.090516 assume BsB = 10,000,000 HD Ori = 1,500,000 Safe Refine = 4,000,000 Old Ori = 4,000,000 Refine to +10 using BsB/old ori = 222,720,000 zanels to refine Refine to +10 using BsB/old ori/HD ori = trash, infinity zanel don't do it Refine to +10 using Safe Ticket/HD ori = 224,395,000 zanels to refine Takeaways: 1. BsB + old ori is better than BsB at 7 and HD ori onward, even in terms of BsB used 2. Safe Refine +7 + HD ori is actually a reasonably cost effective method to refine something to +10 3. HD ori should never be used outside of refine event 4. Optimal cost efficiency during refine event is safe to 7 to preserve +7, use HD ori to get to +9, use BsB/old to get from 9 to 10
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    Yo guys, call me Meon in game, and i'm here to enlighten the roles that not too many people do coz it's not flashy af: TANKS! But fear not! As a tanky RG, you'll be using a real flashy skill of all: GENESIS RAY! "Waaaait a minute... genesis ray takes your HP, it removes your tankiness instead! You're a sham!" Not in this case, my dear viewers! now I have a proposal of solution for your worries! a DIVINE GUARD HAT! Spam your HOLY CROSS, proc GENESIS RAY, further proc TUNA BELLY and heal you up! EZ Tank! Okay, enough foolin' around, let's go to main content now The Royal Guardian: A Tanky Guide to RG Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Stats Distribution 3. Noteworthy Skills 4. Equipment & Cards to Look for 5. TL;DR Playstyle 6. Closing Statements 1. Introduction Soo, while most people likes to play hyper aggresive DPS to clear most game contents by theirselves, there are some contents made specifically for party play, thus making purely DPS-based character get wiped in a split second there. How do we clear those then? The answer is.... The fabled Party Play! Yeah, I know it's just a myth, but it works really well! A party consists of at least a Tank, a Support, and a DPS (Physical or Magical, your call (pun intended) ). I say "at least" coz you may appreciate an extra tank to consider being flanked from the sides. More DPS in party are.. well it's like a battle between who dies first really, the opposing team or your tank, coz the tank's death are often the end of your party's journey. Supports mostly keeps the party alive (especially the tank) by buffing and healing them when needed, but think for a moment: How much of a responsibility it is for a support in a 12-man party? They'll have their hands full, so more of this role are often appreciated by the existing ones. Enough about party talk, now let's move on to more specific ones. Royal Guard (RG) has a lot of defensive skills that are beneficial to yourself or even to your party. No, i'm not talking about smacking your shield to your enemies, that's a totally different build. This guide specifically will tell my experience about a self sustaining RG that needs like almost no external buffs at all, Dispel doesn't bother you too much about it. As mentioned above, we spam Holy Cross (Crusader/Paladin skill) to proc Genesis Ray (RG skill), to further proc Tuna Belly (Doram skill) that heals you for 30% MAX HP. Crazy, isn't it? But there's a catch to it: If your HP is less than the HP lost on Genesis Ray (i.e. 15% on level 10), you'll die instantly instead. You can actually directly use Genesis Ray to directly proc Tuna Belly, but it'll have the casting bars and it can be interrupted by the enemies. Remember, you want your stats & gears for tanking, not for instacast. Also, you'll want as many HIT as possible, as missing Holy Cross WILL NOT PROC Genesis Ray. Perfect Hits are super welcome here, so Verus Core and Gungnir are a no brainer if available. Also, don't be surprised if you deal like close to no damage at all. Your role is to take damage, not to deal damage. 2. Stats Distribution 120 VIT or more. Srsly who puts less than that on a tank? For the rest of the stats: This may be not the most optimum one, but here's my opinion: VIT gives HP, obviously. 100+ gives immunity to stun. AGI gives flee. May not matter much when facing big bois, so we can opt to raise another stats instead. 100 AGI guarantees immunity to sleep & bleeding though. INT gives soft MDEF, I mean why not squeeze every reduction we can get. 100 INT also means immunity to Silence. DEX gives HIT, self explanatory. Opt to raise this to 120. Also gives a bit of resistance to Strip equipments, irowiki said. LUK gives extra HIT for every 3 points of it. Squeeze all the HITs you can have, you'll come to appreciate them later. STR gives extra carrying capacity, maybe for extra healing stuffs coz your gears are kinda heavy in the first place. I use 10x Gym Pass, so I can slack on those. Hard MDEF (Equipment MDEF): You can aim for 100 Hard MDEF for Stone/Freeze immunity, though you'll get hit and get cancelled from the debuffs anyway. Also check https://irowiki.org/wiki/MDEF for details on magic damage reduction. If possible though, get this stat a lot. Personally I prefer Perfect Hit from Verus Core. Hard DEF (Equipment DEF): Have a lot of this, endgame monsters hit harder than you imagine. https://irowiki.org/wiki/DEF for details. Perfect Hit: It's not shown in the Status Window, but you get this from equipment. Get these for those pesky AGI UP monsters who double their FLEE to the roof! Anti-Knockback: This thing is also not shown (To be fair, it's not even stats), but often neglected by most players. Sure, you can tank them close to the wall, but you'll risk not being able to move anywhere else while your team got flanked or not being to take aggro on approaching monsters. For me, this is a MUST have for tanks, even if sacrificing some of their "tankiness" early game. Honorable mention: Low ATK and MATK: You deal like thousands of damage, when your DPS deal millions of damage. This is normal, and don't be depressed - Your role is important in keeping the party long lasting! Critical: Sadly physical skills (except a few) can't crit to guarantee a hit, so this doesn't matter at all. Seek Perfect Hit instead from equipments. Perfect Dodge: You can opt to do perfect dodge tank. I'm not covering it in this guide though, I'm lacking the experience to cover it ASPD: Holy Cross has a fixed animation rate, so max ASPD won't let you spam 7 HC in a second. Just leave it as is, or try to minmax the most HC you can do in a period of time. No, I'm not doing that 3. Noteworthy Skills RG has so many utility skills that can be used to survive in battles. I'll just cover the ones that is / seems important to my opinion. Feel free to point out the other skills that i may have neglected/forgotten! 1st Job skills: Increase HP Recovery: Get all HP recovery you can get, especially if you still need to spam potions. Endure: the MDEF + 10 is nice, but when looking at the number of attacks you receive from endgame monsters, this'll cancel like right away. Personally i don't really utilize it much, maybe for P.Dodge tank it is more viable though. Provoke: You can get aggro with this, but... Srsly you wanna take more damage than you receive? Use this ONLY on the magic dealers, unless you got something as OP like physical GTB card. I don't use this too, coz of the risk. (Also too many buttons to press ) 2nd Class skill Faith: I mean.. Extra HP and 50% Holy Res? You're playing the game wrong if you don't MAX this in your final build. Auto Guard: Basically 30% of the time you're immune to physical stuffs. Level it up to MAX. Defender: This thing is my favorite skill. It slows you down, but gives 80% res to ranged attacks (not to magical, they're different). The slow may look bad, but it paces you and your party to be careful, especially in a higher density areas or an expanding channel, which are prone to ambushes. Devotion: While this protects your teammate from taking damage, don't chew more than what you can do. AoE skills from enemy means double the damage to you, or even 6 times if you full YOLO it. Use this accordingly and carefully, and prioritize your supports although they usually stay far back away from the range. Holy Cross: The one you'll be spamming your way into, take just the pre-reqs for Grand Cross, which is pre-reqs for Devotion if you wish to utilize that. Grand Cross: The pre-reqs for Genesis Ray. If doing higher levels of Genesis Ray, do lv5. Otherwise, just leave it as is. Providence: 25% Resistance is sweet, but it can be dispelled. Go for it if party member needs it, too bad it can't be self cast. However, it will take a LOT of your skill points, so think about it carefully. Heal: wut r u doing even m8. You got Tuna Belly coming, which is definitely a better healing skill for you. 3rd class skill Genesis Ray: The skill to proc Tuna Belly.. But wait! I'd rather not skilling it for tanking build. First, the Divine Guard Helm will proc you a level 1 Genesis Ray when doing Holy Cross. The Tuna Belly proc from it will always be at level 2 regardless of the skill level of Genesis Ray, so it serves as waste of skill points. Second, the Divine Guard Helm will proc Genesis Ray at the highest level learned, which means it'll proc level 10 Genesis Ray if maxed. Sounds good? NO! The higher level of it takes MORE of your HP to do the skill, so at max level you'll have only 85% effective HP before you die trying to cast the spell via Holy Cross. Leave it, don't level it up EVER for pure tankers. Pinpoint Attack: For me, this is like the "get aggro" skill. You leap to your enemies from a distance, and they'll be occupied on you if you're the one attacking first. Be sure to let your party know: You leap first, then they attack! The violation of this sequence may result in your DPS taking aggro instead, killing them instantly and continue to the next closest party member. King's Grace: This sweet buff can remove a lot of debuffs from your allies, and give them HP regen! Use this as needed, although if you got only ranged/magical DPS members you may have difficult time getting close to them while getting hit at the same time. Inspiration: Removes buff/debuff, but dramatically increases your stats (big amount of MAX HP) for a given duration of time. It has casting time, so unless you opt for phen card / the others, cast it before storming a lot of enemies. Also worth to mention, this buff is not dispellable, making it a great tool to use. Reflect Damage: Haven't tested much of it yet, but if it means damage reduction to you then YES. Beware of the SP drain, you'll need items to replenish them. Piety: Grants holy element armor to you + party members nearby. Sweet, but dispellable. Prestige: This thing will make you hard as rock! It increases your DEF and %avoid magic, until you realize you got dispelled and the cooldown is pretty long. Only use this in non dispel environment, or you'll break your heart more than your shield. Vanguard Force: While it's not written in there, it increases your HP pool by 15%. It has cast time though, so be careful on casting those mid-fight. Earth Drive: This skill reveals concealed enemies if hit, but the best thing is it removes ground effect. Kill those Safety Walls preventing you from hitting your Holy Cross, but be careful because it removes Land Protector in your small radius too! Full Throttle: If you got like no other options, use this skill to regain HP & SP back to full, but only use it on MAX level. The lower levels will drain you more HP than you imagine, it's horrifying. The another option is Yggdrasil seed/berries, which is farmable and not as dangerous as this skill. 4. Equipment and Cards to Look for There will be times when you're just starting out, and then slowly crawl your way to the top of the meta. I myself have like no idea at all about current meta game (or ever, i play as random as it gets), but basically you'll want to farm the equipments yourself or just save some funds and buy those from cash shop / players. While most of em are to your creativity, only 1 item that is too good to pass on, even for offensive builds: DIVINE GUARD HAT. For killing monster / MVP, quickly switch to this and heal up when things get rough, and switch back to your offensive helm to continue attacking. Here are some options for the gears from top to bottom, and again, feel free to add / comment on your version of the build! 4.1. Headgear For the top headgear, you can get Divine Guard Hat for 5000 Cash Point (Obtained by donating, rewards or converting in-game 50 Moon Coins, MCs, into cash point) from Cash Shop Expert (the THIKK Cat) to the right of @go office entrance. If you're short on MCs, another option is a highly enchanted Old Guardian Crown, which is gotten from Nightmare Biolabs Old Headgear Quest. Aim for the MDEF or HP% Enchant. But come on, by the time you enchant your Bio5 hat to high levels, you may have realized you could buy enough MCs for Divine Guard Hat from selling your bio5 Fragments For mid/lower headgear, aim for those Protection set. They increase my ~82k to ~95k HP, also for those crazy DEF/MDEF bonuses. Note that they cripple your ASPD too, so this set may not be your option for hybrid offensives. Another option is the Seraphim set, which increase healing you do / received. It feels nice, but it may not help you from getting one-shot due to lack of HP, DEF and MDEF bonuses. Both of those sets are dropped from World Boss Box, they may be sold expensively by players so feel free to use what you have until you get your hands of a set. I'm poor at identifying cards, these are the ones i could think of for them. Bungisngis for the obvious HP increase, or Maya Purple to detect those pesky hidden enemies (Kavac Himiya, Fortessa Dungeon 2). At the very least you could warn your party of their presence to turn on Sight/Ruwach, or use a Horong card yourself. 4.2. Armor For starting point, the airship set may be viable to increase your HP pool. The same as Tarlock/Ferlock sets, but they require refines to be the same or superior than the airship ones. The Engraved Armor has that sweet +25 MDEF to back you up against magic (where do we get this thing again? i forgot lol). The Brave Plate is a solid choice for their +10% HP bonus and various stats and a card slot, gotten from Bios/Morse Instance. The last 2 indestructible items, Abyss Dress and Medical Scrubs (a.k.a. Holy Coat), are dropped from Fortessa Pit. The Abyss Dress -while its stats are not inclined for tanking- has the anti-knockback feature which is important as i mentioned earlier. However, it lacks a card slot for customization. On the other hand, Medical Scrubs give like godly amount of defense (350 DEF at +10), +10 MDEF, increased recovery rate of skills dealt and received, and it has a card slot. It doesn't have innate anti-knockback feature though, so you'll need to find it from another source. Card-wise, you may opt for element armor cards if you don't have an elemental costume garment yet. My (narrow) options are Ominous Solider card which gives a high amount of DEF and %HP, or jump straight to RSX-0806 card for the luxury. I prefer the knockback prevention on this armor slot because, you'll see why later on. Or Tao Gunka, or Infinity Tao Gunka if you have it, but they cripple you and you'll need another source of anti-knockback which I don't want to use anymore on.. 4.3. Shields Ugh, Strong Shield from Bloody Knight. It has the anti-knockback property, but the increase of damage taken hurts quite a bit. But if you got another anti-knockback options or you don't even care about it, the following 3 are infinitely better. The Valkyrja Shield is overall like the best shield for the resistances given, it drops from Valkyrie (not the MVP, don't worry) in Odin Temple 3. The Imperial Guard gives more DEF than Valkyria shield at the cost of resistances, but it drops from easier mobs namely Rake Scaraba Egg. Lastly if you want a safer shield, use Illusion Sacred Mission that is indestructible. Those are the obvious cards aside from racial/element defense. Alice for boss, Gaster for regular mobs. Make sure not to mix them up, the extra damage will welcome you warmly to your demise. KK Cards are if you're fine with the small fries... Uhh what, GTB? Does that kind of monster exist in this game? Like.. never seen it alive before 4.4 Weapons To be honest, you can use any weapons you want for tanking, but there's one that picks my interest: The perfect hit from Gungnir will theoretically help you survive longer. It's wind elemental, but who does the attacking anyway? We spam Holy element physical skill, luckily physical element won't miss the target immune to the elements as far as i know. The unslotted ones drop from Mistress -The cancerous MVP that teleports all the time and knocks you back with Jupitel Thunder when met, only to keep teleporting again-, while the slotted ones are said to drop from Advanced Weapon Boxes. Go farm Howard, my friends! Card wise, well.. Phreeoni card is like a no brainer for the extra 100 HIT, and opt to use WK card if you're using KK card on your shield. 4.5. Garment The Airship/Tarlock set is pretty nice before you get anything else. The Nidhoggur Shadow Garb also helps a lot with the 7% all elemental resistances, this drops from Nidhoggur's Nest MVP. Gigant Snake Skin is super nice, but you may want to farm some Faceworm instances to get the good enchants (VIT mainly) and a slotted one. It also has great HP/SP combo with Temporal Boots. The Old Morroc Shawl helps tanking by dodging if it makes sense, but the +8 refine bonus may help tanks the most: 100% HP/SP when resurrected. While this shares the same ability as Osiris Card (MVP), combining both will give sweet 100% (capped to 80% in this server) resistance to shadow and 50% resistance to fire, so if you have it just smack it into your accesories slot. The Phreeoni Wings give HIT, like A LOT. 200 extra HIT at +10, also if combo-ed with Phreeoni card, it gives 50% P.HIT let's gooo~ Both the Shawl and the Wings are Fortessa Pit drops. Well.. You're playing the game wrong if not using this card for tanking. Maybe opt for Noxious.. But you'll have 80% Ranged resistance anyway, and it's capped in this server. 4.6. Boots I can only think of these boots as for now. Airship/Tarlock only if worn as a set. Variant shoes has great HP/SP bonus, but you don't want to refine it ever. It drops from Beelzebub though, form a party to kill him. Temporal VIT is the easy one to get, only need like 6 Temporal Crystal, 285 Coagulated Spell (or 280?) and 100 Contaminated Magic to make and fully enchant it. It has the potential to be slotted too, not like the other boots which has no slot options. For the enchant options do Fighting Spirit for extra HIT or just plain 2%HP. The beneficial special enchant will be either Muscle Fool or Lucky Day, the former being raw survivability while the latter gives a bit of P.Dodge. Don't opt for Speed of Light unless you plan on autoattacking, which is NOT what this guide wants you to.. be guided to Card wise, opt for +Max HP%. I personally like Ominous Freezer for the extra Overbrand damage, so i don't have to change boots if switching builds. Boss Egnigem for the loaded/lucky ones I guess, the max SP and recovery rate bonus is always welcome. 4.7. Accesories The easiest, but also like best solid starters are to farm 2 Black Rosaries from Sweet Nightmare, Illusion of Vampire Dungeon. if you wanna YOLO it up for chance of interrupting bosses spell, Silversmith Bracelet enables lv5 Spell Breaker. Verus Core gives 20% P.Hit, so that'll help much at spamming Holy Cross, but it'll sacrifice some MDEF. I got like no idea on the accesories card seriously. Just put 2 Alligator cards in case of getting dispelled and nuked without the time for reactivating Defender. Phen card for uninterrupted casting, or Bloody Butterfly as the worse option, but easier to farm. Horong card for sneaky mobs countermeasure. Osiris card -even without combo- is also useful if your party consist of no supports and Yggdrasil Leaves are only the resurrection options. As for my own Equipments, here are the shots in game: Preferably Bungisngis/Maya Purple in Upper Headgear RSX-0806 in Armor Alice in Shield Raydric in Garment Ominous Freezer in Boots Phen & Alligator in Accessory. Horong Accessory on Inventory. 5. TL;DR Playstyle DON'T PUT ANY SKILL POINTS INTO GENESIS RAY Put 120 into VIT. Rack up HP% and Resistances%, then DEF and MDEF. Perfect HIT is helpful against AGI UP monsters. Gain aggro before your DPS hits the monsters. Use 1H Spear to Pinpoint Attack the incoming monster to gain Aggro. Spam Holy Cross. Opt for Anti-Knockback, as it may leave your party vulnerable when the tank is sent flying. Vanguard Force buff increases HP too (beware of cast time). Keep Defender on at (almost) all times for party walking pace. Keep your eyes on the buff list in case it gets dispelled. Spam Holy Cross. Stock on Yggdrasil Berries, Seeds, Leaves, and Tokens of Siegfried for emergency cases. Watch your SP pool in case it got burnt by some skills. Piety for holy element armor if needed. Keep your helmet from breaking, ask for gene coating for it, ask for mech repair immediately if broken. Earth Drive the Safety Walls protecting enemies, then Spam Holy Cross. As a tank, you may not be able to warn your party of the upcoming new mobs mid-fight. You know why? Because your job is to.. SPAM THAT HOLY CROSS!. 6. Closing Statement Whew, it took literal hours to build this guide from scratch. The thing is, I realized that there were so many inefficiencies in my playstyle that made me revise a lot of stuff as the guide is being made. Especially tricky, I'll have to relearn the "new" understanding of these onto the next tanking sessions, those will be quite a journey! Nevertheless, I totally enjoy the process of making this guide, it made me look up so many references as when I worked on my graduation thesis back then I also realized that this guide is far, far from perfect. I mean, I'm not even incorporating the shadow gear choices not that i know much of em. If you found anything incorrect, or if you readers have a different opinion, feel free to comment for any suggestion! Signed, IGN: Meon / MeonEspeon ~Special Tanks~ @Reaper Yanku, for giving a lot of gear suggestions @lisaa, for encouraging the guide to be made CCT a.k.a Zithro as the final push to make this guide
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    Is it possible to get a DPS dummy like which can show you how much dps u did in a certain amount of time? and maybe a dummy with boss protocoll would be nice.
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    If you’re here, you’re probably new to Shining Moon. (if you’re not let me know if something is wrong) So first and foremost, welcome! We’ll go over some general information to get you started. If you wish to look into things more in-depth, a link to an existing guide will be provided (if it exists, if it doesn’t, maybe someone may write one eventually XD). Important Features Babies! Always wanted to be that adorable baby but gravity decide you had to be punished for a being son/daughter of your parents? Let that be a limiting factor no more! Babies on Shining Moon have no penalties aside from a slightly longer job leveling path to balance out the stats. You do however get access to transcended skills to help with that. Leveling Path Baby Novice -> Baby Acolyte -> Baby Priest [ 99 / 70 ] -> Baby Novice -> Baby Acolyte -> Baby Priest [ 99 / 70 ] -> Baby Arch Bishop Loot System 2.0 All members of the party will have their individual chance for item drops. Think Diablo 3 system. Each party member will have their own roll chance. Class Mastery TLDR – you can have 3 different classes on a single character. If the first class is levelled at 1x rate, Bonus 50% drop applies to all classes. For more info - https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php/Class_Mastery World Boss There will be an initial tutorial which will explain it upon creating your first character, however lets just go over it quickly. There are 7 world bosses, each with their own immunities and randomness. Ice Queen – Melee Damage Only Poison Queen – Ranged Damage Only Possessed Poring – Magic Damage Only Demigod Harmonia – Immune to nothing. Map turns PvP. Demigod Nsphynx - Immune to nothing. Map turns PvP. Ains Ooal Gown - Takes 100% from 1 source, 50% for others, Map turns PvP. Shalltear Bloodfallen - Heals for 20% of every non-skill physical attack, Summons at 50% & 30% For more info - https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php/World_Boss World Drop Every monster kill gives you a random chance for world drop. For the full list of features refer to the below links Niflheim - https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php?title=Features Helheim - https://www.shining-moon.com/helheim/index.php/Server_Information EXP rates On Shining Moon, you can change your exp rates at any time. @baserate @jobrate It is generally chosen between 1x & 100x, why you say? Mainly for bonus drop rate. If at any time you change @baserate prior to reaching 175, you will have your maximum drop bonus toggled to the highest rate set. Eg at lv 174, you keyed in @baserate 100, you instantly forfeit any possible drop bonus as that is considered your highest exp rate used. Use @ratecheck if you cannot remember if you’ve ever changed your exp rates. It’ll show you your maximum rate used. Exp Rate : Drop Rate Upon reaching 175, the Bonus Drop Rate Buff Server differences Okay! Enough talking about features lets start on selecting a server so we can start playing! Currently you’re down to 2 choices. You can go vice-versa between both servers with use of World Gate in main cities. Your progress on both servers however are separate, and if one server goes down. You may get booted to the other and become a 1/1 Novice, just check the mini buff icon that shows you which server you are on. Key takeaways Niflheim Item variety will consist of KRO, IRO & JRO gears Custom Wings & enchants Magic can Crit (As of writing this guide) All skills prior to 3rd Classes are Variable Cast Time. Default 50% after cast delay, You still need 100% via gears if you want it to be 0 cast delay. Soul System (+10 all stats) Helheim Purely KRO content & some Quality of Life customs. It's obvious this guide is written by a Niflheim player isn't it? Example of available enchant differences Red – Niflheim, Blue - Helheim So, if you want to deal tons of damage, come to Niflheim. We have the cookies. Leveling Leveling basically falls down to what base exp rates you are leveling at. it is generally recommended to make a 100x and get some basic gears prior to starting 1x. For the Masochist For the Fast Levelers General takeaway for Helheim players, as Gramps is considered IRO. You’ll be relying mainly on bounty boards to hit level 175. Dark Bishop, Evil Druid & Wraith Bounty can be done simultaneuously at @warp gl_chyard, you'll complete them at a ratio of 3 dark bishop : 2 wraith : 1 evil druid. Scaraba Bounty is a great source of exp. Illusion Dungeon of Labyrinth is a good source of experience for those beyond 175 What do I make? What’s the strongest? Short Answer – anything you want, however if you want meta builds, please refer to the below. Current Metas Nif – Ranger(Sharpshooting), AB (Adoramus), to be honest everything here can deal tons of damage. Hel – Ranger, Ranger, Ranger (JK I don’t play on Helheim, so can’t give you accurate guidance) Refining Items Safe Certificate Lucky 3 Equipment Exchange in Eden Hugel Monster Race Lucky Roulette (under Cash Shop icon) RWC Weapon Exchange in Fortessa HD Elu, Ori, Carn, Brad Lucky 3 Lucky Roulette (10 Moon Coin) Chrono Trigger Cash Shop Limit Elu, Ori, Carn, Brad Lucky 3 Lucky Roulette (10 Moon Coin) Chrono Trigger What is Chrono Trigger? Chrono Trigger is a 12 hour cooldown skill under your etc. You will sacrifice 3 Virgin Sealed Souls to summon the lord chronos who will either choose to entertain you, or smite you with a random MVP. Refer to the following link for a guide - https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php/Realm_of_Chronos Farming Juperos @alootlist 7356 7357 7358 7359 7094 Magma dungeon Everything but 10 zeny loots (doram staff) You’ll utilize nolootid instead. Thanatos tower @nolootid +2025 @nolootid +21015 Geffenia Similar to above 3, however i don't farm there much. There may be more that I missed out, but this is a general guide guys! Important Notes Always claim your daily login, moonlight coins can be used for Lucky 3 Roulette (Refining items, +10 food, Kafra card) Refer to this for a list of possible drops - https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php/Lucky_3 Conversion to moon coin (12 Moonlight Coin > 1 Moon Coin) This is not reversible. Start your daily instance runs as soon as possible Room of Conciousness (Honor Tokens) Pre-requisite quest - Banquet of Heroes (Used for Flattery Robe/Abusive Robe exchange) Geffen Magic Tournament (most classes will use GMT rings, either Physical/Magical) Keep all your Kafra Cards 100 Kafra cards will be used to unlock @storage {1 ~ 10} This will apply account wide That's all from me for now. Thanks for reading!
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    Hi there, First and foremost, if this guide seems to difficult, it'll be best to stick to things like Pingzapper/WTFast. This will require patience, and self troubleshooting if it doesn't work. Welcome to another guide this round incited due to Unifi being a dick. Skip below ##### if you wish to ignore the random information If you're here you're probably getting spikes of inconsistent ping. If everything else controllable is perfect, most of the time, it'll be due to inefficient routing. So down to the nitty gritty. What is routing? Routing is basically the pathway Data transfer from the server to you. Map of all cables connecting us together > https://submarine-cable-map-2018.telegeography.com/ Doesn't it always travel in the shortest line? Yes and no. Sometimes submarine cables break, so ISP may decide to route it elsewhere, Sometimes a particular route is clogged. Think of it as a highway. If too many cars are on it, it'll be a traffic jam. But sometimes, it just because the ISP decide to do this But if ISP decides my routing how does VPN work? Simple! cause VPN have their own dedicated paths for routing. a VPN provider will have their own personal routes, and they are "renting" for your use whenever you run a VPN. BUT!? HOW? Essentially, when you run a VPN, you'll connect to the closest Node/route that is available to you. (Most countries should have one. Check if the VPN has a node in your country prior to using) Then they transport your data through their own VIP routing highway, ensuring you end up going wherever you need to be in the shortest route problem. ############################################################# Do take note, if the problem is due to other issues not routing in origin, this will not do anything for you. Alternatively, if the problem is due to your ISP having a local cable issue, this will also not do anything for you. Download Mudfish, install Mudfish Always run Mudfish on administrator rights. Upon starting mudfish, you're sent to your dashboard which requires you to login ( You should get a small sum free to test by default (that should last you a few years, I've not used mudfish much for some time, but this is my balance since 2016, I started at 3 USD) Setup > Program > FastConnect mode = Off Item > Manage Items > "+" Symbol Now under routing Path key in Now click Add Have both Shining Moon & Mudfish running and you should have realtime traffic updating. if it doesn't restart mudfish. You are done. my Ping with Mudfish from KL, Malaysia Advanced notes for MY/SG, this is the path i'm using, for other countries, you'll want to select "the closest node to you" -> CA East, so trial and error is required, else leave it in auto selection. That's all from me, ciao!
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    is possible to make costumes visible in pvp areas like bg/woe/pvp please? i'm a pvp goodlooking man and i cry every time that i go to pvp areas please !!
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    OH GREAT it's solved...
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    I've just managed to login, lol. Is it solved already?
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    Nope, I was offline. Once I try for the fiist time, I get "Server Closed" error, affter that my characted is displayed "online" on the website. After that I try to login to the character selection screen and get "Server still recognize.." error, affter that my characted is displayed "offline".
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    The last time this happened to me the server was only down for a max of 20 minutes (after being assured that "the server should always be up") looks like its been down for over an hour now.
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    So, I was skeptical on writing an introduction post as I do see there's not much responses to them but oh well, here I am. I've been on RO for quite a while on and off. I'm recently at home a lot so I get bored during the day and thought I would come back to it. I saw a post on RateMyServer about Shining Moon and thought I would give it a chance. I usually go to the forums before anything to see if the service is as populated as it would seem. Even though there wasn't much interaction, I thought I would still give it a try due to the post from RateMyServer was very convincing. So anyway! I''m starting today so hopefully I make friends and not be forever alone >: So far by joining I got so confused but hey, still trying! Anyway, hi everyone! ㋡
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    While the soul system is looking great and such (also being the reason why I love this server), I feel like it still hasn't been utilized a lot by players, especially in the players' trading activity. I'd like to propose another purpose of sealing souls to reward those who actively seek them, and I got some ideas about those: To make it so we can trade several Sealed Monsters of the same species into a single card... Maybe 2-5 of them for a card? For MVP cards maybe this needs a bit of value balancing, but for regular mobs it won't hurt to have a card after collecting a few souls of farming, right? Of course those features won't be available for cardless mobs... Like the banquet's Plate, or Cache Mimics. Or just give a single blank card for those, for funsies This may be a handful of work to do, if it has to be done like this: Connecting every "enchants" of Sealed Monster into corresponding monster's card. This idea may promote the soul-trading activity on the server, making almost every soul valuable to the best of theirs. Sealed Monsters can be traded with Soul Points, much like the card points exchanger. Regular souls worth 1 point, Minibosses worth 10 (except thor_v03 map which is full of minibosses which makes this too easy), MVP worth 100. Then there'll be a soul shop which sells mostly rare WB stuffs (Amistr Beret/Spell Circuit class headgear, OP mid/lower gears you know what they are, WB shadow gears etc, or even those rare ores) for quite an amount of points. Or just make it random as to sell the plain WB boxes of your choice (WB1-7 boxes). Also we can implement daily soul-catching quests which will net us extra points, added into the normal exchanging rates. I think this may be the "easiest" one to implement aside from flagging every "enchants" of Sealed Monsters, but only to "Normal", "Miniboss" and "MVP" (or just erase the miniboss and flag only the MVPs). The items to be exchanged may need a bit of thinking too, my proposal is those WB drops/boxes. The availability of Sealing Spells may be an issue, but this idea will at least promote the trading of Sealing Spells, so they won't rot in players storage. From Blank: Actually, since it's Nif anyhow, I propose something else: make Souls take over and replace the crappy Mercenary system. Those points can be used to buy things like how the current Merc system is runned. Of course there's no problems adding other exchanges too. Gotta catch em all This way we can actually get them to be more than mindless goons. And can get them to use items and stuff. Would be a huge work porting each mob over as Merc though. I love this idea too, this is like QoL upgrade for the Soul System. This will make people use their Materialized Souls more often, coz right now they often interfere with player skill targeting. If it gets fixed, I mean, who wouldn't want to see 24-man Pit Party? Those numbers mentioned in the suggestions are not strictly speaking the values they should have, but only as a foresight for further discussions if they were to be applied into game. Then, if the concern is about "Helheim gets nothing of these custom exchangers", I see no problems to implementing a part of soul system into Helheim. To only implement the soul-catching part (Sealing Spell + Monsters), but not the Soul Contract + Materialize Soul won't contradict the "pure kRO" spirit of the realm. Even the 100-kill buff, the "Spiritual Energy" has nothing much to do with impurities aside from QoL field experience.
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    So, I was skeptical on writing an introduction post as I do see there's not much responses to them but oh well, here I am. I've been on RO for quite a while on and off. I'm recently at home a lot so I get bored during the day and thought I would come back to it. I saw a post on RateMyServer about Shining Moon and thought I would give it a chance. I usually go to the forums before anything to see if the service is as populated as it would seem. Even though there wasn't much interaction, I thought I would still give it a try due to the post from RateMyServer was very convincing. So anyway! I''m starting today so hopefully I make friends and not be forever alone >: So far by joining I got so confused but hey, still trying! Anyway, hi everyone! ㋡ ---- Oh no! It posted twice, anyone can delete this much appreciated >:
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    I would like to suggest that Taekwon Classes, like Soul Reaper and Star Emperor, could change their outfit for the 2nd job path of that classes (Soul Linker and Star Gladiator).
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    please delete this post if possible
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    World Boss, Poison Queen iirc
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    Please, please!!! lower the amount of delicious juice you need for the weapon. All the other Illu Lab weapons need mats from the mobs which spawn there a ton. Illusion Bazerald [2] >> Mantis Flower >> those are from Mantis and there are 30 Illusion Tae Goo Lyeon [2] >>>> Short Lasso >>> Chaotic Bapho 25 mobs Illusion Gold Lux [2] >>> Snake Poison >>> 40 sindwinder..... Illusion Butcher [2] >>> Delicious Juice >>> 5!!!(five) ghost ring on the map.... please lesser the required material amount of those. since there are 5 to 6 times fewer mobs there. and there are frigging ghost and can hide.... like u need only 25 or 30 for the weapon or raise the drop 5 or 6 times higher. hell, i would even pay more illusion stones. I rather pay 250 Illusion stones and only 25 Delicious juice.
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    First of all, I would like to say that, I'm writing this guide based on what I think it's the right way for leveling a x1 character, if people disagree or think I miss something, please feel free to comment below and help me and the others. Make sure when you create the character, to select BASERATE 1x and DON'T CHANGE IT, but you can freely use JOBRATE 100x (Won't affect the bonus 50% until level 175); And make sure to use HE Battle Manual/x3 Battle Manual or any kind of exp boost AT ALL TIMES, to avoid more time leveling; Command @jobrate 100 to change it I don't recommend a x1 character for new players or first character on the server, but it's entirely up to you. Basically it don't change much from a normal grinding on rate x100 to a x1, this way I will say what is the best IMO to have before starting, to avoid too much painful grind and endless hours of farm. - x3 Battle Manual, gives +200% exp bonus; - Wait for exp bonus Event from the server, usually happens once every month and lasts for 1 week; - Pre set-up gears to use on each level as you can use it along the way; So basically, first choice is having a baby class, since on SMRO baby classes have the reborn skills, example, Hunter have Sniper skills; - Killing normal mobs on the maps, with 10 to 15 levels higher than yours; - Doing Bounty Missions from Eden ([email protected] Eden right at the entrance) - Doing Gramps quests (When you hit level 70) also at [email protected] Eden, just straight ahead; 100/200's or 400's Gramps gives 2 mobs and sometimes 3 mobs, you can get them all by talking to it again; - Instances such as Infinite Space (until you feel comfortable enough to keep climbing); - Airship Assault; - Charleston Crisis Instance (keep waiting until the mobs reborns); - Old Glast Heim normal, then hard; - Leveling at Illusion Dungeons according to your level; - You can take the quests from The Illusion Manager on the @go Office 2nd Floor to the right (Careful the monsters are very strong). Here's what I did: - Bounty missions until level 45 or so; - Mob orcs on orcsdun until level 70; - Gramps 100/200 and 400; - Reborn; - Repeat; - At level 100 Airship Assault 2x; - Gramps; - at level 140 I did Charleston until level 155-160 did 2x Killing all the monsters as they re-spawn until get tired of it; - Then Illusion Labyrinth until level 175; In total were 22x x3 Battle Manual during whole process, 11 hours for level 175. Notes: - If you are playing on Helheim side, there's no Gramps, so focus on bounty missions instead all the way, at Eden; - Battle Manuals don't affect Gramps exp anymore on rate 1x (It have a fixed exp reward); - Bloody Branches or MVP's are not a reliable source of Exp anymore in my opinion, because of GreenAura; Saying that I conclude this guide, sorry if I missed something, but everyone is free to add any kinda of info you want on the comments. Thanks and have fun above all. o/
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    Enable BG items in pvp.
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    Hey Thanks for the Guide, but i would recommend some changes. Skills Expiatio lv 1 : Used only for pre-requisite skills >>>>>>> Should be on lvl 5 it gives 25% armor pen/magic pen and stacks with other gear pen like magic glove. Epiclesis lv 5 : Summon tree of life that could revive the dead and gives sp and hp by 4% and 5% every 3 seconds. >>>>>>> Maximum on lvl 1 since its to static and the heal is not very sufficient for the skill points you put into it as well as the range of the AoE is quite minor. Prefatio lv 8 : Cast Kyrie on party member, the shield summoned didn't affect by your K.E skill. >>>>>>>Definitely should be on lvl 10, more Blocks more effect Renovatio lv 1 : Used only for pre-requisite skills. >>>>>>>should be lvl 4 since its a stacking AoE Heal DoD with % heal for the whole party very useful with combination with Coluceo Heal. Offertorium lv 5 : Increase the efficiency Heal, Sanctuary, Highness heal, and coluceo Heal by sacrificing your sp cost 300%. Dangerous skill if you don't bring any item Sp Recovery, eat your sp faster. >>>>>>> i wouldn't recommend a higher lvl then lvl 1. It drains too much SP and most of the time it's not worth it since your party members don't even have that much HP to make Offertorium efficient. Additionally, i would put some lvls in Vituperatum, especially if there are more than 1 FS AB it adds a nice DPs bonus if you are able to mob and Cast AoE Lex. Gear Middle Headgear Costume Flat MATK 48~50 (1st and 2nd Enchant) MATK 4%~5% (1st and 2nd Enchant) Not needed at all, Matk is a 1:1 scale for heal effects. That means if you have 100 matk more u heal only 100 more. So don't spend your money on flat matk or % matk since the effect is so minor that you don't even feel it. Even with perfect gear it doesn't change the outcome at all, rather spend your money otherwise and get for a costume which fits your Style. Only get MATK costume if u have literally everything on +20 and nothing else to burn money with it. For Card in the Boots, i would rather recommend Lichenyies Card. It gives a nice 5% Heal boost. For Garment, I would rather recommend a nice Giant Snake Skin [1] with 3x Int Enchant. Since Int has a much higher value for Heal increase then Matk does. Its a bit of a grind but worth it. As well it gives a nice 15% Hp Bonus and as well a 5% sp Bonus since there is a combo with Temporus Boots.
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    *what a nice guide* Impressive
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    Hi , how are you ? So i want to make a suggestion if u can delete the dialogue in gmt , its kinda annoying. lol And if you do that i'll be glad and you save our time for us to spend in real life. Thanks, V
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    If you have too much Ranged % I recommend using 2x WK cards instead of 2x Resentful Archer Skeleton. Now I'm currently with 126% Ranged damage and 177% Critical Damage, Using 2x WK cards. Damage without Unlimit and Aloe Vera
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    I was already Talking about with Crescent about if its possible to the remove the pre-quest of morse and Bios for the Temple of the demon god, not completely, but so that u only do it one time and can after entering the temple without doing morse and bios every time
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    Becoming a Super Novice, and Basic Leveling. So you've started a new character with the intent to be a Super Novice and take the 1x challenge. At this point you're probably standing in the office after completing the tutorial. First thing you should do is @jobrate 100, don't worry, job exp has no effect currently on your 1x bonus. However, you still need 35 more levels until you can job change. You have 2 choices: -Choice A - Tough it out and get 35 levels with no preparation and build your character from the ground up. -Choice B - Be a sane person and prepare some starter gear with another character, even if just a couple pieces. I recommend either a Mace or an Axe for a weapon, and an enchanted upper costume with HP enchants. Why axe or mace? So you can kill mobs this decade mainly. Shield is totally optional at this level, and can be skipped completely. You can of course be more thorough than this, but this should be the absolute minimum if you're going to prepare ahead of time. Other options include: - Fallen Angel Wings enchanted with Fighting Spirit socketed with WakWak, Cenere, or Brown Rat cards - 2 Socketed RWC Rings with Fighting Spirit and Str or Atk% with the Revolver and Shotgun Buffalo combo - +8 or higher General Helm or Ruff Officer - Anything else you can wear at level 1 and cards to go with them Next is your choice on actually gaining the experience. My recommendation is doing the compiled Board quests at Eden. Be aware that veterans like spawning Bloody Branch MvP on newbie maps. - For 1-20 take Prontera and Geffen quests, targets are Roda Frog and Ambernite on Geffen Field 1 and 9 - For 21-50 take Prontera and Geffen quests, target is Elder Willow on Payon Field 9, repeat till lvl 45 Go back to the main office and job change to Super Novice. From here on its a matter of preference vs. what build you choose to decide where you can level easiest. Starting out i recommend a physical build only because most gear and consumable usage is way cheaper compared to magic. That and your sp pool is pitiful starting out as Super Novice. - For 40-61 take the whole Comodo board and do them all, use @whereis to find the best map for your targets. - For 61 till lvl 70 do the Payon 61-100 board, Sohee only on Payon dungeon Floor 4 Now you can start doing Gramps quests. Gramps is special for 1x characters because you get 5 times the normal experience just for completing them like normal. Partying is highly encouraged while doing Gramps, since some of them can have 3 targets instead of 2. Other options for experience include: - Repeating Eden Board quests - Using Reset Stones and repeating Gramps as much as possible - Running every instance you can fully complete every day - Doing episode dailies - Killing any MvP you can comfortably kill without deaths, bring Yggdrasil Berries and element resist potions From lvl 70 on its up to you to decide how to level. Use common sense like not taking physical build into Thors and you'll be fine.
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    Hey guys, hope I can help with this fun and easy way to level Archer/Ranger. Create your archer class, and use the Rudra Rental Bow you receive from Starting a new character (Gonna be your best friend until you get a better bow); Archer's are simple, you just need Dex and Agi to start leveling, I use 5 points in Dex for 1 Point in Agi. Obs: I recommend using @autoloot 100 during the whole farming process, this way you can farm Zeny while farming level. Start leveling at @warp pay_dun00, killing Skeletons and Zombies, until you can kill Poporings (Use Silver or Holy Arrows); After you hit level 35-40 of your Job, you start leveling at pay_dun01, killing Soldier Skeleton and Archer Skeleton (chance of getting an Apple of Archer headgear from it). Regarding skills of Archer, I leave Arrow Shower for last, which gonna beat Level 9 when you hit job 50. When you hit Job Level 50, you change your class to Hunter at Office, @go Office and Talk to Job Changer Elaine. Now you can the skill Arrow Shower and Mob Orcs with it for leveling, at @warp orcsdun01 map. You can level at Orcsdun01 until you reach Level Base 70. There's two options now: A) You can start leveling at Eden, doing Gramps or Bounty Board missions; B) Get the Mid_Camp quest, by going to the City Splendide (@go splendide), and taking the Right Portal (This quest won't give you Job experience); - You can position yourself on top of the hill to be safe, and then talk to the Small Fairy to get the quest; When she's done talking you can check if your quest is there, at Alt + U; Now, teleport to @go mid_camp and go to your right and talk to the Camp Guard Capt and receive a lot of exp for it; -Tip: Remember, using Thick Battle Manual for EXP will make your life a lot easier, every time you create a new char on the same Account, you get a new Battle Manual. Regarding the skills of Hunter, you can level using Double Strafe and Arrow Shower for mobbing, we won't need to worry about the Hunter Skills because you'll reborn soon. If after the Mid_camp quest you don't hit level 99 and Job 50, you can level your remaining levels at Bounty Board at @go Eden, or Gramps quests 100 and 200 or killing Anubis at @warp in_shinx4 map. Before you reborn, you can choose to get the second part of the Mid_camp Quest (Will give you a good start when you reborn); This time, warp to @warp man_fild03 and head to the Bottom Right of the map (Be careful there, monster can Hit Kill you) find and talk to the Tree Giant to start the Quest: Just talk to it to get the quest, but don't deliver. Now that you reached level 99/50 \o/ make sure you have all your skill points distributed and with no Falcon equipped, @go Office and talk to Job Changer Elaine to reborn into High Novice. Distribute your points and level your job to level 10 so you can become a High-Archer. Here comes the second part of Mid_camp Quest, after you become a High-Archer you go to @go Mid_camp again and talk to the same Guard again, it should give you a lot of Base Levels to Start. Level your Job Levels to 50, using the same method mentioned above or using lower Levels of Bounty Board quests at Eden. Once you hit Job 50 at High Archer, turn into a Sniper Class, which where is important for a Ranger because of the Buffs and Traps Sniper gives. To hit Job Level 70 fast with Sniper, I recommend doing Bounty Board Missions or 100/200's Quests from Gramps. Regarding Sniper Skills, I recommend leveling: Wind Walk, True Sight and Traps in case you need, the rest of the skills is up to you. I don't worry about gears at this point of the game yet, you only need your Rudra Bow for now. When you hit Level 99/70 with your Sniper, you are finally able to Turn into a Ranger class by talking to Job Changer again. Automatically after turning 3rd class, you get base level 100. Leveling your Ranger: - I recommend you level your Job Level to 7-8, so this way, you can have Skill Level 1 or 2 of Arrow Storm, by Leveling Aimed Bolt to level 5; - Arrow Storm Ranger's basically needs the famous White Wing Set to give more Damage on Arrow Storm Skill, but how to get the White Wing Set? Two pieces of the set is drop-able by monsters: White Wing Brooch from Acidus at @warp Abyss_02 and the White Wing Suits from Anubis at @warp In_sphinx4; - Which leaves the remaining two pieces White Wing Manteau and White Wing Boots, those two are only available in Mora City, buying with Mora Coins. You can obtain Mora Coins in three ways: Farming Mora coins through Mora quests, buying it on @go Market NPC (at 1m each coin, go left and take the stairs, Leria NPC) or buying from other players. List of ways to obtain Mora Coins from Mora Quests: https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php/A_Guide_to_Mora Knight's of the Neighborhood Find the Research Tools Helping Lope and Eruidi After you get the 4 pieces of the White Wing Set we can finally start leveling at easy. Here's my recommendation of Places to level your Ranger: - Infinity Space Instance, killing all the mobs until you reach the first boss at Floor 10; - Doing Gramps 100/200's quests or 400's when you reach Skill Level 10 on your Arrow Storm; - Bounty Missions at Eden; - After you reach Base Level 130, you are able to make Charleston Crisis Instance (I don't recommend killing the Final Boss at the end for now); You can farm in Charleston Instance until Base Level 145-150 or even more if you want. - Leveling with MVP's or Bloody Branches until level 175. Obs: Optimized Stats for the Arrow Storm build would be, DEX 130, AGI 120, INT 50, VIT 45, rest in LUK; Focus on getting this Skills for Ranger: Wug Mastery, Wug Rider, Fear Breeze and Unlimit (Ultimate Ranger Skill for Damage +250% Ranged Physical Damage); Recommended Gears for Ranger: - Big Crossbow (Safely Refine it to as much as you can): - You can use two Archer Skeleton Cards to Start Farming or Two Abysmal Knight Cards for MVP. - Autumn Headband for Helmet Combo Necklace of Knight's Protection and Imperial Feather Spell Flow Shadow Set to reduce Arrow Storm SP Cost Atk Mid Costume Alternative Gears for End Game: Ranger Racing Cap + Racing Ranger Stone level 3: https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php/Hugel_Monster_Race Combo Tengu Mask + Tengu Scroll; https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/5933/crow-tengu-mask https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19112/tengu-scroll Edda Biolab Enchants (When it get implemented); https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3592-kro-edda-biolab-enchant/ As for stats, if you chose to use Racing cap, you need to focus on getting Instant Cast for Arrow Storm: Formula is INT + (2x DEX) = 530; And if you choose to use Tengu Combo you need to have 120 STR stats for maximum bonus of the set. As for Shadow Gears you can use Full Ranger Shadow Set for +10 to all Stats and HP/SP% bonus and Atk%: ~ Remember to always use Soul Control + All foods +10 or +15 (from Fortessa Dungeon) for more stats.
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    -1 Castle's are monopolized by 1 guild, and a guild having a bunch of God Items doesn't attract new players.
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    REFINING - for WEAPON you can go up to +8 with a "Safe Ticket" - after that use HD Oridecons to +9. If you feel like you have enough Limited Enriched Oridecons, use those straight to +10 (I recommend going with HDs first, since in a case u end up under +8 with HDs, getting a ticket again is not as expensive as getting bunch of Limiteds, so save up those for +9s) same goes for ARMOR but with Eluniums - WEAPON refining past +10 even lv.4 one is easy to refine with HD Bradiums (not everytime, so don't give up if you're not lucky enough with first try) straight to +15, If you have a bunch and you're feeling lucky, you can try for +16 (not recommended - from personal experience you will most likely end up going down and you might not be lucky enough to get it to +15 again, as HD Bradiums are not cheap to spam) If you want to be safe, go just for +14 and then use Limited High Density Bradiums all the way up.(upraveno) with those you'll be getting your weapon up to +20. Keep in mind that those are sold very rarely and are not cheap. - ARMOR one is a bit more expensive, as you'll have troubles getting your armor over +12 with HD Carniums (from personal experience - u might have troubles even getting it to +12, so don't even bother trying to get past that even if you have 100 of them - better keep them for another armor or sell them for quick zeny.) After +12 you want to use Limited High Density Carnium, which is at the moment the most rare and expensive ore we have...with those you can get your armor up to +20 - very slowly and painfully. DO NOT REFINE ARMORS PAST +12 UNLESS YOU GET BONUSES FROM IT! ALWAYS USE NPCs for refining with HD ores (Not refine UIs!!!) and always MAKE SURE you have enough ZENY - - - There are no NPCs for refining with Limiteds so once you are done with HDs, use refine UI) HD Oridecon: 1-2m HD Elunium 1.5-3m Limited Enriched Oridecon: 8-12m Limited Enriched Elunium: 10-12m HD Bradium: 5-8m HD Carnium: 7-9m Limited High Density Bradium: 30-35m Limited High Density Carnium: 35-50m *note: ori/elu -> normal, breaks old ori/old elu -> slightly better chance for refine, breaks hd ori/hd elu-> doesn' break but downgrades limited ori/elu -> doesn't break neither downgrades bradium/carnium -> normal, breaks hd bradium/carnium -> doesn' break but downgrades limited hd bradium/carnium -> doesn't break neither downgrades - and just a note for SHADOW GEAR: to +4 use regular Elunium or Oridecon dropped from monsters - you can not use tickets for those and THERE IS NO SAFE WAY to get them to +7. Your best bet is to get Old Enriched Elunium/Oridecon (yes Old, not Limited) and get them from +4 to +7. Only use those for rare shadow gears that are rare or hard to get (ie from World Boss) For easily obtainable shadow gears like Reload, Infinity or Malevolent shadow set, use regular ores straight to +7 If your shadow gear combo requires the set to be +15 (for example: Infinity Shadow Earring +7 and Infinity Shadow Pendant +8), once your shadow gear is at +7, you´re allowed to use either Limited Enriched Elunium/Oridecon or Blacksmith's Blessing
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    For me it was for more than two hours and the site didn't clarify the problem
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    I am also having this issue, cannot log in as server is closed.
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    I'm getting the same message. Something seems to be wrong with Helheim. Nif seemed to work fine, but I can't assure that as I don't play there.