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    Hello everyone, I'd like to start off posting in this forum for now, the current way the server is going is prompting me to make a thread where we can ALL discuss about the current state of our playtime in this server. When players (me, some friends, people I know that migrated from other servers) originally heard of Shining MoonRO Helheim server and the opportunity to play in a server and setting where kRO updates would be regular thing and the server population was at a booming point, we never expected the server to be this fast paced. By fast paced we mean by the way how the content is leisurely given out on a silver platter essentially. Obtaining end game gear i.e. PKS, VM Weapons, Abusive, Flattery, MvP cards, Racing hats and a whole lot of end game gears shouldn't have been allowed to be easily obtainable as you can see from the kRO side where most of the players don't have easy access to. Over in kRO, players don't have the same access we have when it comes to obtaining Racing Hats, VM weapons, none of the BiS gears we have now. Whereas over here players including myself have already finished the current content in 1-2 days. Most of us expect and would like to have the content last longer i.e. don't give resets on the npc, have them drop in the instances for example. Not to mention Combination Scrolls should not be able to be obtained via BB mvps. And that isn't including the ones we opened previously. Personally it doesn't matter so much to me on how fast updates come through, but I would love content to last more than a couple months at least instead of finishing in a week tops and to a point where MvP cards are the last hurdle. If we can have server-wide discussions on the route players believe the server COULD be going starting in this thread, I believe we can keep this server going for years to come instead of most players struggling to bringing themselves to play content that they've already finished. And I'm not calling anyone or any group out, but we really shouldn't be having private discord group conversations about the server rather they should be public in the forums or server discord. Would like to hear your thoughts/goals on this matter. Please post your thoughts/replies down below.
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    Not much to add - also mid server doesnt mean that everything should be easier to get, especially end-game gear. Giving better or easier access, why not, but being able to roll everything in a few days... Well, people get bored, and bored people just stop playing. And we don't even have WoE/BG ations. Let's hope the afflux of new players will be higher than the one departing (oh and that the "zeny fixing adjusting market" stabilizes quickly)
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    Hi, I am just passing by to comment my experience. I have been playing at a lot of servers and I can say I find shinning moon like a perfect place for someone like me: Low paced, pvm, weird-builds lover who likes new hats kro stuff. A lot of the problems you are talking about is End Game like a Group of Hardcore Players , and everything will be a lot easier playing like that, even at full official servers. Now I think you can always do end game stuff here. For a PvM player like me, my end game would be getting my fav classes work. You could stop going for SR espa spam, Ranger SS crit, even Adoramus AB. All of them are popular because they are the easiest classes to get End Game damage or there is a lot of help to making them (like munbalance videos or novaro guides). I think you could actually go for your own min-max builds as a way to learn more about the different items that are available only to us for being close to Kro. EX: Sorcerer Spell Fist, Shadow Chaser triangle shot, Super Novice, etc... Another thing you could do is trying to get perfect stuff; like +20 something, perfect enchants, etc... Just because getting to +12 is easy doesn't mean it is supposed to end there, is like getting +7 on other servers. Speed run instances, solo hard MVPs, reading the main quests (RO has some of the Best story driven Quests and Mvp lores), getting rare hats, making contests for highest dps between your group, etc... You could even try getting all of the above without buying the stuff from the market, doing the quests yourself, not using x1 extra boost, trying to refine without safe certs, etc... Like any console game that has only 10hours of playing time, the rest is about achievements or doing whatever makes you happy while waiting for patchs or events; and RO has a lot of potential to make you spend your time in creative ways.
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    Well then if everything is all official, i wonder what people on kRO do when they reach so easily the endgame. RO has always been about farming, which is fine. I don't mind farming over and over something, if there is a point to it. The thing is that you get anything really fast. As soon as you got the piece you want (which is, with a rate 1x, kind of easy, evenmore with some HE bubble) and then you just have to wait a few days for an event to pop (in the meantime you'll get plenty of moonlight/ores/BsB easily) and have a guaranteed +12 for very little to no investment. And well, if you are a bit lazy, you pop some instance reset ticket, and you don't even have to wait for 2-3 days to get the piece you want. Not counting on the fact you usually have friends/guildmates to run with, multiplicating chances to get what you want by XXX Right now it feels like market is alive because people are rerolling from their main(s) already fully stuffed. Hell, you spend quite some time making a pt due to lack of tank/AB/sorcs when before there were countless parties. As discussed on the discord, i'm pretty sure a good bunch of people would be interested in doing more BGs if their was a nice incentive, let it be cosmetic and with some "exclusive" thing to it. As per the PvM side, i honestly have no idea, the new modes are already over-farmed and not really challenging and Bio5 / Fortessa suffer from the lack of parties to farm there. Of course i only speak about what i see which is European daytime hours - i might be wrong and things are better on other hours.
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    I'll try and answer the points as I remember them. To put it into perspective I'm playing A LOT at the moment and I'm part of one/several of the bigger and more tryhard groups on the server and played from HEL day 1. - open discord discussion; as far as I'm aware the Fortessa Pit discussion was announced openly and held on a certain open-to-everyone "private" community discord. I do agree that in the future such discussions should be held on the official Shining Moon discord. Even if it doesn't fundamentally change much; in this case the first impression counts too, the vibe it's giving off if it's not held in the official discord. - PvP/WoE: little interest from my side; even less if it were based on the HEL (or NIFL for that matter) character database because of how the early months of the server went - Endgame: my idea of SMkRO endgame is farming MVPs/BBs/Bio5 etc during drop events, and using the inbetween time to farm back in Fortessa Pit, farm Costumes, farm stuff like Bio5 that are still lucrative without drop event, maybe PvP and WoE if that's your thing. I'm not the biggest fan of a game dictating your playstyle via reward-events but so far it does seem to kinda work out (for me)... kinda. Goals for end game could be getting perfect enchants, perfect set of MVP cards, trying out new builds. I'll have to see how the new Fortessa Pit turns out. I personally like doing Bio 5, and grinding there with a group and just keep rolling for perfect enchants. I do agree that we might be running out of new content and new incentives to fully gear a new character. - Mid game: I think that's where the game could use some slowing down. The end game gear bases (Celine's comes to mind) are quickly available, which is part of the appeal of the server. Hardcore players like me had the points saved up from the early days and skipped right over the Celine's grind for example. I'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing for a more average player base. It just needs backing up for example by a slow enough, yet encouraging and fun and realistic enough system to gamble for the "perfect" enchant. Part of the problem, which Lunar seems to adress repeatedly (thana09, pit1) is just how efficient and strong dedicated player groups can be and how we can plough through content. - Early game: I fundamentally disagree with the loud opinion, that zeny farming at ridiculous rates should be early game. Or even mid game and end game. Not even 3 months ago we all were newbs on this server. We farmed our cards, we farmed at 10m/h rates, had to develop tactics and form groups to even be able to farm in certain spots. And it was fun, it's certainly very doable at the server rates, it brought the community together (at least in my experience). Farming Thana09 for 5 minutes and demanding access to the same gear you'd have to play hours of the corresponding content to get (cards at the time, perfect temporal boots, blueprints, anything really...) feels like a stupid concept to me. 100% agree with Lunar's decision to do this nerf. It's not pretty but I prefer it over the alternative of leaving those spots unaltered. If there is a better solution I'm all for it. - "zeny inflation": the only very real mid to long term damage this solution has imo, is that some people got obscenely rich and powerful, when they could buy stuff in a non-inflated market with their crazy high income from certain farm spots. Or in my personal case, supplying high value drops for those players to buy. We are in an awkward transition phase where people have to get used to selling items for lower prices and the market being a bit slower. I assume most people are geared, their spending is getting a bit more frugal and new players can't skip early game anymore by zerging Thana09 and just pointing at everything they see and go 'do want now!'. I think it's for the better, that the game is moving more towards farming the actual drops again. And using zeny as a trade currency (the way currency is supposed to work in a naive way of thinking about it), and not as a top tier way of generating wealth. - Lunar's work load and the pacing of the server: I don't think keeping up this pace is sustainable. Maybe I'm overstepping personal boundaries here - and if so I'm sorry - but I think this pace of updates is not personally sustainable, and I'm not sure it's even backed up by official content to match this pace long-term. So yes, I agree, a discussion about how the server can be interesting for as many players as possible is a good idea - +7 Certs and MVP crafting scrolls: I don't have any strong feelings about this. I think the mountains of MVP "etc" drops that piled up from before the scrolls were released made this feel more pointless than it should. In my mind that topic's in the "welp, early days of a new server" box. - Valk Shields: could use the hammer. But this would just further strengthen the groups that have heaps of them now, so *shrug*. Groups like yours and mine will have plenty of them either way. This overabundance just means they trickle down to a less hardcore player base. Again, don't have any strong feelings nor good solution to this. I farmed my first certs in the first few days via those incarnations in morroc and it worked just fine. - MVP Cards: I don't mind the accessibility. The acquisition is arbitrary and luck-based. IMO it's everyone or no one. The inbetween of some people arbitrarily becoming relevant (or gods) by the roll of a dice has always annoyed me on lower rate servers. It's a grind but it has a light at the end of the tunnel. I think there's a lot of good point being brought up. And for me personally a lot of it comes down to how much I played at the start and how dedicated a group I am part of. I certainly like the pacing a lot more than the other server that I played on before.
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    I agree Contaminateds are like the least thing to worry about. I always ran out of Coagulated and had an abundance of Contaminated. Safe Certs should not be 100% also, there are a huge abundance of them due to BBs also. Valk MvP's minis are dropping them on every 1st spawn so you get a ton from 1 as it is. Either make them 50% or have it so that the mini valks don't drop any vshields at all. I agree Moonlight/Moon Coins are very linear right now. Moon Coins are just CP and Moonlight is basically for slot machine only. If we can exchange them for Costumes or something else that would be nice. I feel like the slot machine is too good right now also. Obtaining Moonlight Coins is easy also just from participating in World Boss/WoE/Dailies. The loots you get from the Slot Machine are no joke too. I feel like we're getting spoiled way too much honestly.
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    Well. For example increase the amount of Contaminated Magic for the second enchant of Temporal Boots, is not really hard to farm 300+ Contaminateds in one run, so I think 100 Contas is cheap like a price, making really easy to make a Temporal Boots. For the other side, Temporal Boots slots have a rate of fails so low and you need like 11 Temporal Crystal for a Boots, I don't think increase this chance of fail a little is a bad idea. (Total, you don't lost the boots, only temporal crystal, so why not?). At least with this little changes, you make OGH more needed for the players. Give a chance of fail to the certs, but not broken the gear. We have right now 200+ +7 Certs Weapon in market and the cost is like 1m aprox. Put some things only for Moonlight Coins and Moon Coins, giving this items more options for use and not only CP or Roulette.
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    You're definitely free to voice your opinions on nerfs too, this is a discussion after all. I don't discourage any thoughts of that sort. I do discourage conflict though so anyone reading what he has to say please keep an open mind and don't have this thread closed. I do like the idea for changing the way we obtain BBs. It gives people incentive to farm other things than just celine/manteaus and such. The price should be low (that I agree on) it wouldn't make sense to make it overpriced in the NPC.
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    Well... Why don't change the form to obtain some items? Like Bloody Branches. For example put BBs for Instance Points and not for Roullete (Something like 30 Points for 1 BB), Instance Points is relatively easy to farm, so is a good way to make something more hard to obtain and give more options to players for do Instances. I think other things, but they are more for the side of little nerfs and I'm not really sure if the people wants that. I prefer not talk about WoE/BG, coz I won't play it for the moment.
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    Again we are not here to argue with other players rather to have a constructive discussion on what we want as players, not player. Everyone has to come to a consensus in order for us to move forward and present to Lunar for changes to occur. I'm hoping with enough feedback and hard work we can improve/continue playing this server and attract more players/old players back.
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    There needs to be a change in both PvM and PvP/BG/WoE. Both are separate entities and can be dealt with separately. As we said the content is just too easy. If we're really going the kRO route, we shouldn't have such an ease of access. I don't mean by the NPCs selling the loots, but how we obtain even the other loots. Fort pit 2 also has a ridiculous drop rate and even custom drops. 1) We need to discuss the PvM aspect and how to make the content last longer. We shouldn't be nerfing zeny farming maps/card farming maps at all. You're killing off people who had incentive to PvM in the first place by doing that. ECA event should be adjusted back to 1/2000 rate in my opinion. 2) BG needs a total fix, some modes don't work properly. Theres also no real incentive to even do BG/WoE. No one is going to want to go gather 20+ people for WoE to get 1 shotted by the guild that has MvPs. Disable MvPs in BG/pvp/WoE. BG needs incentives too like WoE Consumables, WoE Foods, WoE Gears, Refining Mats, whatever we can think of and implement. All of these are open for discussion.
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    But we obtain ours through Moonlight coins from the slot machine. Some players end up with 400-500 BBs from buying shops daily. When the drop rate event rolls out people are popping thousands of BBs. And fort pit drops them too, but I doubt it matters because theres rarely people there excluding us and Munbalance's group. Response: But shouldn't we limit how we obtain resets at an easier rate? What happens once you finish all of the current content, obtain the BiS gears for your class. Realistically people are only playing Soul Repear now too. Most of us are already finished and are just waiting at this point for the next content. We're not pushing Lunar to push new content out faster though because its unrealistic and honestly he's doing a one-man job as it is. What I am suggesting is to lessen how we obtain gears and control it and letting content last for a couple months to give Lunar time to recuperate while the rest of us keep playing content to go for end game. Either nerf it, remove from the NPCs and have them drop in the instances themselves i.e. the idols, Weapon resets etc, like how viscious mind resets are where they drop from fortressa itself. A wholehearty discussion would be nice at this point rather than having no say as a player in how the server is going right now.
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    Cash Eggs. Vended for around 3-8m depending on the server. EDIT: Plus I feel that it is fair that we get enchants faster. We are advertised as a mid-rate after all.
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    I mean how do they obtain Bloody Branches? Sure the content is the same, but the way we obtain it is much different. Not to mention we farm zeny at a higher rate than kRO. Barely anyone in kRO has access to good enchants off the bat or even Racing hats. Everything we have here is 100x easier than officials (not exactly, but you should get the point). A thing we often discuss is that in kRO they have ECA event also, but theirs is much drastically different. Have to consider everything when it comes to our party loot system, 2x drop rate + HE bbgum, 1/500 rate of obtaining an MvP card vs kRO's 1/2000 rate. Several maps getting nerfed in drops does not sound like an optimal solution tbh, because we're also obtaining OCAs at a fast rate also from BBs. Even obtaining MvP cards is not even a hard at this point. Thanks for posting and clarifying too btw. Would like to have server discussions on the direction the server goes. Also to revamp the server forums to make them active, its like a ghost town here.
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    I don't really have anything much to say atm, just wanting to point out that these are exactly as they are in kRO: Mysterious Combination Bundle dropping from green aura MVPs, irregardless if they come from regular spawns, Bloody Branches, Endless Tower, or Central Laboratory. Every enchant item in Special Tool Dealer's Special Boxes shop aside from Grey Abrasives (should be obtained from Grey Shard only), Enchant of Jitterbug (custom), Vicious Reset (custom) are sold at their exact kRO Zeny price. Everything else is fair point. Just wanted people to discuss with a clearer picture.
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    Hello everyone. Shining Moon is in need for some new members in their Staff or for other services. Graphics Designer: Would be paid based on work done. Prices and things are negiotiable, just hook me a PM in discord to discuss and show me any previous work you have done. Game Master: Applications can be sent to [email protected] please include the following things Information: Ragnarok Knowledge: Knowledge of the server you're playing on: Online hours: Why do you want be a GM? Languages: Discord name: Ingame chars: Thank you very much. Your Shining Moon Staff.