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  4. [Hel]Open Discussion for Autocrit RK

    That is some serious bug indeed.
  5. Hello! So, I have been working on my Rebel lately and now I got the Pendant of Maelstrom from Nightmarish Jitterbug but I can't equip it. Just for information, I'm base level 200 and a baby character playing on Helheim I asked around and someone told me it's because Rebels are not considered 3rd jobs, but I'm able to equip the Alchemy gloves from OGH, and those are restrcited to 3rd jobs as well. Is this a bug or is it working as intended?
  6. [Hel]Open Discussion for Autocrit RK

    Here's a better demonstration of the Storm Blast bug in action: Mind you, this is a SINGLE proc. Each monster in that huge pile has an SB going off, damaging all the other monsters in a 7x7 area. UPDATE Storm Blast is now fixed. Goodnight sweet prince.
  7. [Hel]Open Discussion for Autocrit RK

    For starters, the 7x7 AoE is originating from the monster being attacked. I haven't any proof of it working otherwise but it's different from how the Storm Blast proc works with Peuz set, which is probably how it's intended to work. What's most likely happening is storm blast is procing for every monster in that 7x7 AoE around that monster being attacked, causing stupid high damage in groups. I made a video showing autocrit RK in abyss 4, and you can see the bug in action on the first monsters i fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWgp0TsGtiA&list=UULsuaIs9qEHa9r9DmU9fGuQ&index=1 The Bone Ferus, is apparently being hit with a 2.4m SB and dies but Bone Ferus has 3.4m HP. The Silver Acidus shouln't be oneshot either since their max HP is 2.7m and they're also being hit with 2.4m SBs.
  8. [Hel]Open Discussion for Autocrit RK

    What do you mean "Storm Blast gets fixed"? How is it bugged?
  9. Unable to click with mouse

    I'm experiencing the same issue, the game runs normally but my mouse is very laggy and I can't click anything. Has anyone found a solution to this?
  10. I already know the differences between the servers, but since I'm not an RO expert, I would like to know your opinion on which server you would recommend to a new player for more easy progression?
  11. Hello this is my 1st time playing in this server, I've encounter a problem right of the bat after installing the game so what I did was: 1. Downloaded the full installer 2. Extracted the installer to my \D: 3. Launched the patcher 4. Greeted by this SS after I click start game button tried to do the trouble shooting section on the wiki, doesn't work & it seems whatever changes I did on setup.exe doesn't have any effect (tried to change resolution size, it stays the same on the launcher (it saved on the setup.exe though)) what did I do wrong here? any help would be appreciated posted on #support channel on discord, no one responded
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  13. [Hel]Open Discussion for Autocrit RK

    Update: I bit the bullet, took the plunge, dove off the edge... I made a +11 Racing Cap with level3 enchant... I'm still crying over the zeny I spent making it lol. Anyways, for now, I gotta say, It's so much better for single target DPS than a +12 Old Bio. Auto attack crits hit HARDER, and Storm Blast gets a nice bonus since you can switch back to GX Stone 2 and Assassin Stone 2 Upper, plus mid and low Crit Stones. My IB damage went down from 2m to 700-900k without the old bio hat, but DPS went a bit higer. With Old Bio on, my DPS on level 100 eggs (so hard to find a single level 150 egg so SB don't splash) is around 3.5m-6m. With Racing Cap, it's around 3.5m-9m (sometimes going up to 10m-12m when SB gets real crazy with procs), staying at 5.8m-7m most of the time. My only concern is, once auto cast Storm Blast gets fixed, their damage might get close to each other on mobby targets. So I guess wait a bit until the fix to make a racing cap. Unless you're balling lol. If it's really worth sacrificing that huge IB damage. Right now I have my +12 Old Rune Circlet and Igni Shadow Gears on equipment switch. I use them for clearing instance mobs then switch to Racing Cap set for the bosses. It's been working great so far.
  14. [Hel]Open Discussion for Autocrit RK

    Since I don't have one, this is gonna be a bunch of theorycrafting here: Racing Cap would allow the use of GX Stones again. If you only look at the critical damage boost, that's basically Expectation level 6.5. Combined with all the other effects, the damage equivalent should be the same as level 7~8, maybe more. Making weapon indestructible means you can use Crush Strike as much as you want and not have to worry about breaking. Weapon not breaking is a pretty good bonus overall, really. The biggest negative here is the loss of +120% Ignition Break damage. After crunching some numbers, 4% IB autocast with +12 Bio5 [lv 7] only accounts for about ~13% of your total DPS, assuming they crit 100% of the time. If you swap to Racing Cap, this will certainly be lower, but by how much I don't know and I don't know if your auto attacks + Storm Blasts can make up for the loss. If you decide on running Racing Cap, I recommend getting rid of Ignition Shadow Weapon entirely and run Infinity Shadow Weapon + Penetration Shield set since 2-hand swords have a 75/75/100 size modifier. When we get Edda Biolabs and 17.2, IB's cooldown can be reduced all the way to 0 sec though, which is the reason why I've decided to go Bio5 instead of Racing Cap.
  15. [Hel]Open Discussion for Autocrit RK

    What about RK racing cap? Is it worth picking up over bio5 hat?
  16. [Hel]Open Discussion for Autocrit RK

    My build has been focused on having as close to 200 crit as possible to ensure the now-very-strong IB gets maximum damage. Much harder to do as RK than GX, sadly. Plus it seems the 4% proc rate without Immortal Cursed Knights isn't making gearing towards IB very smart. I guess it's better to not worry about that too much and treat critting IBs as happy accidents. Swapped weapon cards to C. Wandys and accesory cards to Buffalos. You're right, they are better. I'll keep Ninetail, I'll be fine without using Crush Strike on stuff. Double Atk garment + Crit Up Mid Low Stones is looking pretty good, actually. Swapped to these as well. I never invested into penetration armor set lol. Those will have to wait till refine event. I had a Furious Hero Card laying around. Neat. Swapped on VWE.
  17. [Hel]Open Discussion for Autocrit RK

    There's a point where having more atk% gears will be more beneficial than having crit damage gears. I've learned that on my GX. I benefited more from cards like the Buffalo Card for accessories rather than having 2 ominous heaters. I also got higher damage with ATK VWE vs Crit VWE. And STR Mant all the way for me. As for the weapon, C.Wandies are definitely better for me. My RK already has around 200-230% crit damage, I benefit more from having +60% size damage bonus than having more crit damage. Living Dead on armor for me because I often use Crush Strike to start. As for costume enchants. I use Crit Stone Upper, Mid, and Lower, then Double Attack on Garment. You get the same crit damage bonus, but you also get +21% (roughly) more dps on your auto attacks because of level 3 Double Attack. So my set up currently is like: +12 Old Rune Circlet (lvl7 Expectation, Purple Ferus) Victorious Wing Ears (ATK +10, ATK +3%, Purple Ferus) Spiked Scarf +12 STR Soutane (Str Blessing, Crit +10, Living Dead Card) +12 Claw Sword (ATK +10%, Boss +17%, 2x C. Wandy) +12 Temp Str Mant (Critical Damage +9%, Petal Card) +9 Luk Boots (EA/BP, Geffen Bully Card) - I don't have FS boots, sad :c Illusion Booster R (Fatal4, Delay4, Drain Life, Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card) Strong Insig (Strong, Fatal3, Ominous Heater Card) Costume Upper, Mid, Low (Crit Stones) Costume Garment (Double Attack) Penetration Shadow Shield + Shoes and Racial Shadow Armor - Unless you have a way of adding more Def bypass, the missing 40% is gonna be noticeable with monsters/bosses with 350-600 Def. Ignition Shadow Set - I find the extra IB damage more beneficial for my play style. I tried removing the accessories and my IB damage went down by 300K+. That's a lot. But I do want to play around with my +10 Almighty Set tho. It is a good alternative if you have it. (Update: yea, Almighty Set is overall better for DPS. lmao) Hasty Shadow Shoes II is better imo than All Race Shadow Shoes. If +10, but at +9, they're the same. I tried Igni Shadow Weap + RK Shadow Shield + Hasty Shadow Shoes + Critical Hit Shadow Armor, and I wasn't really a fan of the damage, compared to just a penetration shadow set. And that's just on level 150 eggs. Thana will solve that problem, but I don't have 5b laying around lmao. As for Runes, you can add Hagalas and Verkana Runes there. Their mats are super easy too. With buffs, foods on, my RK has about 95k-100k HP. Hagalas gives you a shield worth 25% of your HP. That's practically an extra 25k HP. Verkana gives you 1-4 hits free from your targets. Really useful if you can kill your targets before they can inflict damage on you. Rhydo Rune (Crust Strike) is also useful for me. Starting off the fight with 5-15m single hit attack is awesome lol. My farm spots are magma 2 and ogh for Hagalas, and Nif field 1 for Verkana. Rhydo mats are just NPC items. Anyways, that's my experience with playing around with my Crit RK this past week.
  18. The newest reworks has allowed RK to revive its old autocrit builds now with a bigger emphasis on AoE with Storm Blast, Ignition Break, etc. As the build in general can be pretty flexible on what you want to do with it, feel free to comment on your opinions on better alternatives. RUNE NOTE USE YOUR RUNES. You're a RUNE Knight for a reason. The top 3 Runes you should have active when fighting mobs are Asir, Tursius, and Lux Anima. Brief Rune Farming Guide : Mystic Rough Runestone - The only base runestone worth using. Farmed in Ayothaya dungeon 2. Light Granule & Elder Branch - Byalan Dungeon 6 has both of these at a decent drop rate. Best place for Lux Anima Golds are in Horror Toy Factory instance. The rest can be easily searched for with @whodrops. Here's what I use right now: Old Rune Circlet [Expectation lv 7][ Purple Ferus Card] VWE [6% Critical][Phylla Card][Furious Hero Card] Spiked Scarf STR Soutane [Str Blessing][Furious Ninetail Card] Claw Sword [Ominous Assaulter, Immortal Cursed Knight Card][2x Ominous Assaulter Card][2x Contaminated Wanderer Card] Temporal AGI Manteau [+10% Crit][Petal Card] Temporal LUK Boots [BP/FS][Ifodes Card] Illusion Booster R [Fatal/ASPD][Ominous Heater][Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card] Strong Insignia [Strong/Sharp4][Ominous Heater][Shotgun Buffalo Bandit Card] GX II Garment Stone + SinX II Top Stone Double Attack Stone (Garment) Critical Up, Mid, & Low Stones Critical Hit Shadow Armor Ignition Shadow Weapon Rune Knight Shadow Shield All Races Shadow Shoes Almighty Shadow Earring & Pendant Shadow gears enchanted with either crit% or atk%, preferably crit% Equipment Notes: Expectation level 8 soon™. I just need refine event. Using Almightys instead of full Ignition Shadow only causes a small decrease in IB damage in return for the incredibly useful +20 stats. You get faster cast time, more crit, stronger SBs. Since IB is really strong now, I've been playing around with Immortal Cursed Knight for a bit more IB proc. I've been considering swapping off to C.Wandy and just casting IB while fighting. Yeah, Immortal Cursed Knight really is too meme-ish. I like the crit rate bonus on O. Assaulter so I'm running two of those now. Phylla is a pretty meme choice to get more crit while normal attacking. Arguably better than vanberk since it's 1.5% chance to proc over vanberk's 0.5%, albeit giving less crit. Another meme option for more crit is to swap to Ring of Flame Lord and wait for Critical Explosion proc.
  19. Well i was messing about with the npc manager when i found the change sprite thingamajig and to me, this might've been worth that 250mil. I was testing out npc sprites when i spotted the npc sprite of 4_M_NOFEARGUY and out of curiousity, i clicked the option and the game immediately crashed. no amount of relogins on the character fixes it and well, here I am looking for some insights. Maybe a fix, i dont know.
  20. Fastest htf farmer?

    I think if you build pistol can be faster, what make it fast is the blink/teleport so you can talk and find creepy demon faster than ealking, sura have body relocation,gx have backstep, rebel use fallen angel.
  21. The path of the Genesis Ray Royal Guard build for solo/party content, so you can farm your stuffs and still be a good choice for party farming in Fortessa Pit, Bio5 or any instance since you can deal a little amount of damage while tanking more than any other hybrid build. So first of all, let’s talk about the most important items and skills for this build, since it uses the name of the skill on the build name. And they are: Divine Guard[1]-(Headgear), you can get it on the main office for 1k instance points or on cash shop for 5000cash points and I’ll be more precise about it later on the gear session. Genesis Ray-(RG Skill) needs to be maximized since its 99% of your damage output. Now that we already told you what you need to know to deal 50k DPS, let’s talk about the gears to maximize it and reach about 2m~3m DPS on dummy without element advantages: Equipments: Cards: Costumes: Costume Stones: Shadow Gears: Skill Tree Consumables: Hotbar Example: Stats:
  22. 2019 Halloween Screenshot Event

    Winners of 2019 Halloween Screenshot Event: First Winner Name: Yasmina Realm: Nilfheim Title: Witch's spell went wrong Second Winner Name: Emperor Crimson Realm: Helheim Title: "Oh, a piece of candy!" Third Winner Name: ~Moonstone~ Realm: Helheim Title: Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Trick or Treat, Run Girl, Run Girl or Dead Meat Congratulations to all the winners. All the participation rewards and the winner rewards has been send.
  23. Fastest htf farmer?

    I'm currently using rebel to farm htf and it's usually around 10min per run. I heard sura can do it in 5 mins, is this true? are there any more classes that are faster than rebel?
  24. general questions

  25. 2019 Halloween Screenshot Event

    In Game Name: M y s t i cRealm: HelheimTitle: Me and my assistant in crime~!
  26. Is That A Axe Tornado Mech Guide?!

    any advice on how to one shot thana_10 mobs? is + 12 tornado axe necessary?
  27. Drop buff will keep?

    If i already have a character lv 200 and reset it with the Class Master Brutus "Reset Character" to play a new one with 1x rates and get the drop buff for hitting 175 AND AFTER THAT i reset it again by the same way, i will keep the drop buff? In case that i won't keep the buff, if i buy a secondary class on the same account that have the buff, the secondary class will also have the buff? I'm playing on Helheim if that matters
  28. I collect headgears and halloween event is almost done but still can't get this one. My client is all patched, redownloaded as well.
  29. 2019 Halloween Screenshot Event

    In Game Name: AsraiRealm: HelheimTitle: Felt alive, might delete later, idk
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