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  3. Drunk's Melee "Suranui" Guide

    I'm a lil bit stuck in lvl 130 how you make it to 200? what skill you use to lvl? i'm trying to hit swirling petal, but in rudus 3 i can't one hit the mobs
  4. Episode 18 Mini Daily Guide

    Hello everyone! I am Slasha. I've been playing on SM for quite a while and below is a mini guide for Episode 18 daily quests that I have complied. o This mini guide is broken down into two parts: Part 1 is full list of daily quests and Part 2 is the route/method that I use for some of the dailies. o This is for both new and veteran players alike. I've included some notes in the mini guide itself for new players who may still be exploring the painful griding wonderful world of Ragnarok Online ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 1: Daily Quests o In there you will see a bunch of underlines. I've color-coded quests by which ones I personally do together/recommend do together o I've included @warp commands and coordinates for /navi o I only did traps daily once for the first completion reward because it's a hassle to gather the items and it's not 100% drop o I only did Insufficient Materials daily once, fully, for the first completion reward because I don't want to sit there and abuse animals all day. What I did is that, I do quests on two other characters and transfer Very Unusual Crystals to my main for turn in. If I don't have enough, then I will save it for next day and vice versa o gw_fild02 is a great map to farm ghost/phantom wolves ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2: Daily Quests o The top portion is for the Check The Atmosphere daily. This is the route that I've found and am used to it. If you want to deviate/alter this, then feel free to do so! o The bottom portion is for the Records, Half Flowers, and Purified Water dailies o In retrospect, I could have gone right and head to 2. When I did the quests, I was exploring and Half Flower near trees just so happened to be the first one when I started o If you found a Half Flower near rocks in wolfvill, please let me know and I will update this ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading and keep grinding for that BIS.
  5. Patch 2023-01-27

    Event Due to the issues arrived from the patch, including crashes the event will be extended until Monday 00:01 Added a new event modifier of triple reputation gains during the event time NPCs Constellation Tower Fixed an issue that caused some quests from Villa of Deceit to be removed Fixed an issue that caused the fix above to prevent the Naught Sieger Soul to be given Fixed a picture thats stuck on the screen before fighting the easy boss House Dummy Fixed an issue that caused the Element and Element LV to not be changeable Mission [ 100 - 110 ] and any other boards Fixed an issue that allowed item-delivery quests to be use-able as long as you had the items required ( bypassing the 24 hours limit ) Instance Manager Added all new instances Instance Manager UI Fixed some wrong instance cooldown times Fixed missing picture for Sanctuary Purification Voting Manager Added the option to retrieve the vote points from website Villa of Deceit Fixed all rewarding issues Villa of Deceit ( Normal ) will no longer give Vivatus but Adulter Fides Villa of Deceit ( Advance ) reduced the chance for weapons for each member from 50% to 30% Instance Coin reward has been fixed on both Purgatory Coin reward has been raised Fixed an issue with the portal not spawning ( was resolved on day 1 ) Fixed the automatic healing of Schulang when taking outside of middle Fixed a portal teleporting to the wrong spot on the left side of Rachel Fixed wrong cost for Sinful Weapon Box in Helheim Other Navigation UI Fixed all new maps, spawns to be working fully in it Updated which maps you may teleport from World Map Updated all new maps into it Reputation Reworked entire reputation system code-wise Improved the saving & loading of reputation Fixed a few small issues regarding calculation of reputation for Elemental Days and Purgatory Added a display message whenever reputation was adjusted by how much and what your current is Monsters Fixed missing audio files for Ash Toad Fixed wrong range for Immortal Cursed Zombie Fixed wrong range for Gray Wolf Baby Fixed wrong EXP value for Lava Toad Fixed wrong range for Jungle Madragora Skills Servant Weapon - Demolition Fixed it not correctly working in Helheim Lost on death Fixed a few skills that were reverted to prior to last patch Climax Unlimit Miracle Hidden Card World Boss Fixed wrong shield value on Niflheim Homepage The main menu on mobile phones should now be visible and the top bar no longer flooded with information and too big to display World Drops Replaced Bronze Treasure Key with Silver Treasure Key x 3 Replaced Silver Treasure Key x 1 with Golden Treasure Key x 1 Cap raised for Reputation gain: Elemental Days from 3 to 10 Purgatory from 7 to 10 Items Item Combos Fixed an issue that allowed several autobonus from combos to overlay without having the correct items equipped or just having them equipped once Union Two-Handed Staff Fixed a wrong value that prevented classes above first classes from equipping it Database Links Updated the correct file this time to fix the wrong links leading to /hel/ jRO Fluffy Shark Pajamas Fixed missing perfect dodge bonus Tuna Party autocast from when hitting to being hit Tuna Party autocast level is now based on users level Hollow Shoes Fixed a refinement bonus variable missing in the itemscript Fixed a missing slot Toddler Babyboar Bib Fixed the animal type skill bonus to be based on level of Spirit of Savage rather than just 15% Blocking Spear Adjusted all stats based on what it should be Glotoneria Fixed description Mindform Shoes of Lethargy Fixed description Card Matrix Added jRO items into it Refinement Tickets Added jRO items into it Tradeability All Nightmare Biolab headgears are now tradeable All OGH - Challenge Mode headgears are now tradeable
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  7. Patch 2023-01-22

    Note: All vendors will be reset All buyingstores will be reset All autoloot id lists will be reset Note2: The normal event will continue until thursday 00:01 The christmas world boss and christmas tree will be removed with the patch
  8. Patch 2023-01-22

    Homepage Fixed the homepage to now support both servers Market Page Added hover for some descriptions Storage Added a better view of all storages with a possibility to search Autoloot Added a page to import and export entire autoloot lists and show you your current list Fixed several issues with the homepage Skills Fixed wrong bullet cost on Vigilante at Night Fixed incorrect cooldown on Ultimate Sacrifice Fixed a wrong damage modifier on Vigor Fixed Fire Insignia not increasing the damage of Water Element attacks Fixed Water Insignia not increasing the damage of Wind Element attacks Fixed Wind Insignia not increasing the damage of Earth Element attacks Fixed Earth Insignia not increasing the damage of Fire Element attacks Fixed the following skills not kept on death in Fortessa Dungeons Miracle Unlimit Added Intense Telekinesis to be kept on death list Twinkling Galaxy no longer removes all ground units when placed, only another of itself Star Cannon no longer removes all ground units when placed, only Twinkling Galaxy Star Burst no longer removes all ground units when placed, only Twinkling Galaxy Fixed Weapon Crush not working Fixed Intensive Aim lasting longer than expected after warping / teleporting Fixed an issue that caused some speed modifiers to work with mado Fixed incorrect cooldown for Chulho Sonic Claw Updated description of Enlarge Weight Limit NPCs Restoration Manager Added an option to restore a specific item by id broken from refinement, that might've not been displayed due to too many items in the list Cleaned up the menu selections Updated the information text regarding when the weekly reset happens Home Dummies Fixed an issue where the race and element of the dummy at @home would not correctly apply Build Manager Fixed Build Manager not saving traits and trait point Global Instances Fixed an issue that caused some instances in Niflheim or Helheim to share the same cooldown on both purgatory and hell mode Thanatos Tower Fixed incorrect number of instance coins for Thanatos Tower Fixed incorrect position of a portal in Thanatos Tower 4th floor Added Sinful Weapon Box and Brilliant Light Weapon Box to the Thanatos NPCs at @go instance Sky Fortress Removed some empty dialogue boxes Room of Consciousness Fixed a bug that caused the NPCs to not reduce the HP of the boss Ripped Carbus Updated the weight description Information Board Updated the Information Warper Added the new maps into it Seasonal Booster Improved the check when finishing a booster character Item Collector Jason Fixed several achievements not working correctly when delivering the items War Effort Improved a few checks RWC Exchanger Added the possibility to exchange all RWC items at once that you currently have Added chance items when handing in these Instance Coin Exchanger Lowered the requirements for LT-transform box Commands Snatcher (@snatcher) Allows the disabling of the auto-steal Disable Players (@dp) Improved @dp to now also hide ground targetted skills casted by other player @instance | @cooldown Added all new instances to it Disable Loot (@dl) Added @disable_loot <0-1> Which disables the visibility of loot on the ground, this only counts towards loot already on the ground - not loot freshly dropped Summon Commands (@summon_cmd) Added new commands for Biolo / Meister or Niflheim Contract Souls @summon_cmd <option> Passive Forces all summons to only follow the player and not attack anything at all Aggressive Deactivates the Passive mode and forces normal behaviour Attack Forces the summons to attack the target marked by smartcast Automated Forces the summons to attack the target marked by smartcast at all times, when you swap your target - so will your summons Has to be typed again to deactivate, persist command Follow Forces the summons to warp or walk to the player Invisible Enforces Elemental Veil on all summons Autoloot ID Increased the maximum list from 30 to 50 Added the possibility for 4 different lists Added @alootid swap <1-4> for instantanious swapping between lists, you may import/export entire lists over the homepage now Added @autoloot_reload to instantly load in any changes made on the website! Other Reputation Added custom Reputations for the following different: The custom reputations have their own shops that reduce reputation for the items wanted, however there are different stages for each shop and with each comes a requirement of minimum reputation before you may buy something. Purchasing a certain item cannot let you fall below the certain required reputation. World Boss The shop can be found inside the World Boss NPC Reputation gain: Purgatory Hunters Nuit can be found at the Purgatory map Maximum 7 times a day. Reputation gain: Fortessa Explorers Terra can be found at the fortessa dungeon map Reputation gain: Elemental Days The NPC is not in yet. Maximum 3 times a day. Reputation gain: Pet Fixed a missing C. Rate bonus on the Eddga Pet Fixed missing Ghost Magic % on Gloom Under Night Cash Shop Added a Specialslot (30) box to Helheim Added a Specialslot - Old (30) box to Niflheim Added a Specialslot - New (30) box to Niflheim Added several boxes to the consumeable tab Added 6 new Garments Astra Blessing Clutch Bouquet 20th Anniversary Wing Muranyasa Big Magic Book Rainbow Shell These Garments will be added to the Garment Voucher 2 weeks later. Special Shield Improved the functionallity of the shield and how its handled Fixed several bugs that would cause some skills or attacks to not apply certain status or boosts Improved the limitation of the shield Increased the shield on dummies to 100b Improved the damage display which sometimes would cause wrong damage display or missing damage Improved how monsters handle their skill casts that trigger at certain percentages which would normally ignore the shields current status Improved the reflection would sometimes not correctly reflect the damage if the target has a shield Improved that sometimes the Guardian Angel would not heal the shield correctly when attacking the boss in Recovery Stance Removed the basic 1000 damage that was previously done to the monster to keep the correct damage packets, it will now do it even without a bypass of the shield Elemental Days Is no longer forced on any Nightmare, Hell or Purgatory mode. The same element can no longer procc 2 days in a row Can now be activated when creating an instance in Nightmare, Hell or Purgatory mode Completing an instance with Elemental Days active, grants additional rewards and reputation Limited to 3 times a day. Nightmare Reputation 1x Moonlight Coin Hell Reputation 2x Moonlight Coin 1x Moon Coin Purgatory Reputation 5x Moonlight Coin 2x Moon Coin 1x Kachua's Secret Key Fixed an issue that caused the status effect of stripping shadow equipment to not check properly if the target has Full Shadow Protection active Fixed a bug where it would display 3x the damage when attacking a shielded target with normal non skill attacks Fixed a bug that caused the AP buffs from the voting poll only prevent from being removed in Purgatory Portal and not Purgatory instances Fixed an issue that caused smartcast skills to not be correctly useable if the skill was granted by an item or card Fixed an issue that prevented some upgrades of enchants in the OSAD weapons Fixed a bug that caused magical damage in higher difficulties on infinite defense ( plant type ) to not deal any damage instead of the fixed 1 per hit Added a prevention to some monster having a bugged sprite which then appears as swordsman or novice Removed a message when teleporting in certain maps "Nothing found in the selected map" Fixed all baby classes not having the transcended skills as they should! Teleporting / using fly wing should no longer be able to lead you onto portals Fixed missing custom skills on 4th expanded classes ( example Call Storage ) Added skill information on all 4th class skills and 4th expanded skills Removed damage reduction of Green Aura MvPs in Fortessa Zero Added a feature that when using the enchant UI it will automatically open the UI again Achievements Activity Achievements Fixed all Activity achievements that should reset daily or weekly to now reset correctly Added 21 new daily Activity achievements Fixed the weekly "Monsters" achievement only counting MvPs Fixed the achievement "Poisonous" Fixed a few issues with the exploration achievements Added new title achievements Pest Controller Mass murderer Slime Nemesis Angel Demon Undertaker Botanist Fisher Dragoon Slaughterer Normal Grounded Unholy Pretty Cure Radiant Drained Speedy Extinguisher Fixed the achievement that awards the title "Bouncy!" jRO Items Hollow Shoes Blocking Spear Rebellion's Pocket Watch Einherjar's Mantle Improved Powered Suit Fluffy Shark Pajamas Elemental Possession Mindform Shoes of Lethargy Toddler Babyboar Bib Glotoneria Items Fixed a incorrect class restriction on Amistr Bags, preventing Novices from equipping it Fixed a incorrect class restriction on Biting Rideword, preventing Novices from equipping it Fixed missing after cast delay combos for Sitting Pope with Kiel D-01 Card and R48-85-Bestia Card Fixed Illusion Katar of Frozen Icicle not working with refinement tickets Fixed description of Pyuriel Card Fixed description of Battle Manual Fixed wrong droprate of 2 carat diamond on Military Gloves Fixed a wrong value in the C Grade box Fixed a typo in the Advanced Paradise Hat which would cause it to only be applied when being attacked rather than attacking Fixed all combos of Soul Reaper Stone (Garment) Fixed a missing combo for Great Hero Boots and Patent The Black Updated the description of Activity Coin Updated all descriptions to have the correct item database links Updated all descriptions that had links to wiki to now have the correct link Added the missing 2-item jRO restriction to Rasen Fuma Orb Fixed Psychic Armor Scroll disappearing on death Fixed wrong compouding of Cursed Servant Card Fixed Big Defense Potion disappearing on death Fixed wrong effects and description on Rune of Strength ( LV 1, 2, 3 ) Fixed a bug that caused sometimes combos to not work if they were in a forced special accessory slot Updated ALL names of items in the server to match the names shown on the client Official Implementation Episode 18.1 - Direction of Prayer Special Mapdrops Amethyst Fragment May drop from any monster in all normal maps at 0.05% May drop from any monster in all 18.1 instances at 0.2% May drop from any MvP in all 18.1 instances with the amount of 1~3 Villa of Deceit ( Normal & Advanced ) Sanctum of Purification Maps Map Image Name Map Name BGM # Monsters wolfvill Grey Wolf Village 186 - gw_fild01 Grey Wolf Forest 183 Ashhopper Ashring Grey Wolf gw_fild02 Grey Wolf Forest 183 Ashring Grey Wolf Bushring Firewind Kite Phantom Wolf oz_dun01 Oz Labyrinth Fl 1 184 Rake Hand Ash Toad Spark oz_dun02 Oz Labyrinth Fl 2 184 Spark Hot Molar Volcaring Lava Toad Burning Fang (MVP) (Respawn: 6:00HR ~ 6:10HR) ra_fild10 Rachel Oz Gorge 97 Grey Baby Wolf Grey Goat Rake Hand ra_fild11 Rachel Ida Plains 97 Grey Baby Wolf Grey Goat Rake Hand Items Daily Quests All daily quests of Episode 18.1 award 20 extra Amethyst Fragments as first time completion reward ( 3x per quest ) NPC Quest Rewards Amethyst Fragment Base EXP Job EXP Reputation 18.1 Daily Quests /navi fortessa 109/138 Inspect the traps installed for food in the trees of Grey Wolf Forest. Trees ared located in gw_fild01. You have a chance to acquire Trapped Bird, Trapped Lizard or Trapped Pear. You will need 5 total sources food (Example: 2 lizards, 1 bird, 2 pears is sufficient) 3 18,252,408 2,000,000 30 18.1 Daily Quests /navi fortessa 109/138 Lv 170 - Kill 20 Ash Toad in Oz Labyrinth Fl 1 3 4,364,880 3,000,000 30 Lv 200 - Kill 20 Hot Molar in Oz Labyrinth Fl 2 3 11,588,320 3,000,000 30 18.1 Daily Quests /navi fortessa 109/138 Kill 30 Firewind Kite found in gw_fild02 3 10,318,080 3,000,000 30 18.1 Daily Quests /navi fortessa 109/138 Obtain a Recording Note and record folklore from three other villagers 3 18,252,408 2,000,000 30 18.1 Daily Quests /navi fortessa 109/138 Kill 20 Ashring and return to the Grey Goat 3 7,769,124 3,000,000 30 18.1 Daily Quests /navi fortessa 109/138 Obtain Purified Water by putting the filter into the water barrel located /navi wolfvill 103/235 3 18,252,408 2,000,000 30 18.1 Daily Quests /navi fortessa 109/138 Gather 1 Steel and 10 Very Unusual Crystal Very Unusual Crystals are randomly autolooted when killing Grey Wolf 3 18,252,408 2,000,000 30 18.1 Daily Quests /navi fortessa 109/138 Kill 30 monsters in gw_fild01 3 9,956,480 3,000,000 30 18.1 Daily Quests /navi fortessa 109/138 Talk to citizens in Rachel for information. 3 18,252,408 2,000,000 0 18.1 Daily Quests /navi fortessa 109/138 Pick a Half Flower corresponding to your quest log. It will be highlighted in blue for which method to use: 1) Near Rocks → 40° Angle / 2 Leaves Left / 50ml of Water / 2g Secret Powder 2) On Flat Ground → 30° Angle / 4 Leaves Left / 40ml of Water / 4g Secret Powder 3) Near Trees → 20° Angle / 4 Leaves Left / 30ml of Water / 6g Secret Powder 4) Near Water → 10° Angle / 8 Leaves Left / 20ml of Water / 8g Secret Powder Once picked correctly, you will receive Half Flower The flower has an expiration of 1 day so bring it back quickly. 3 18,252,408 2,000,000 0 New Items: Adulter Weapons Adulter Fides Aiming Bow Adulter Fides Axe Adulter Fides Ballista Adulter Fides Bible Adulter Fides Chain Rope Adulter Fides Chakram Adulter Fides Claw Adulter Fides Cross Huuma Shuriken Adulter Fides Crossbow Adulter Fides Dagger Adulter Fides Dark Wand Adulter Fides Foxtail Model Adulter Fides Foxtail Wand Adulter Fides Gatling Gun Adulter Fides Guardian Spear Adulter Fides Guardian Sword Adulter Fides Harp Adulter Fides Huuma Shuriken Adulter Fides Katar Adulter Fides Knuckle Adulter Fides Lance Adulter Fides Launcher Adulter Fides Mace Adulter Fides Magic Book Adulter Fides Moon Book Adulter Fides Poison Book Adulter Fides Rapier Adulter Fides Revolver Adulter Fides Ribbon Adulter Fides Rifle Adulter Fides Rod Adulter Fides Scepter Adulter Fides Shotgun Adulter Fides Soul Stick Adulter Fides Stardust Book Adulter Fides Two-handed Staff Adulter Fides Two-handed Sword Adulter Fides Violin Adulter Fides Wand Including the official enchantment Vivatus Weapons Vivatus Fides Aiming Bow Vivatus Fides Axe Vivatus Fides Ballista Vivatus Fides Bible Vivatus Fides Chain Rope Vivatus Fides Chakram Vivatus Fides Claw Vivatus Fides Cross Bow Vivatus Fides Cross Huuma Shuriken Vivatus Fides Dagger Vivatus Fides Dark Wand Vivatus Fides Foxtail Model Vivatus Fides Foxtail Wand Vivatus Fides Gatling Gun Vivatus Fides Guardian Spear Vivatus Fides Guardian Sword Vivatus Fides Harp Vivatus Fides Huuma Shuriken Vivatus Fides Katar Vivatus Fides Knuckle Vivatus Fides Lance Vivatus Fides Launcher Vivatus Fides Mace Vivatus Fides Magic Book Vivatus Fides Moon Book Vivatus Fides Poison Book Vivatus Fides Rapier Vivatus Fides Revolver Vivatus Fides Ribbon Vivatus Fides Rifle Vivatus Fides Rod Vivatus Fides Scepter Vivatus Fides Shotgun Vivatus Fides Soul Stick Vivatus Fides Stardust Book Vivatus Fides Two-handed Staff Vivatus Fides Two-handed Sword Vivatus Fides Violin Vivatus Fides Wand Including the official enchantment Gray Wolf Equipment Gray Wolf Boots Gray Wolf Earring Gray Wolf Manteau Gray Wolf Muffler Gray Wolf Necklace Gray Wolf Pendant Gray Wolf Ring Gray Wolf Robe Gray Wolf Shoes Gray Wolf Suit Helm of Faith series Helm of Faith Box Which contains randomly one of the following new items. Helm of Faith (Archbishop) Helm of Faith (Genetic) Helm of Faith (Guillotine Cross) Helm of Faith (Kagerou & Oboro) Helm of Faith (Mechanic) Helm of Faith (Minstrel & Wanderer) Helm of Faith (Ranger) Helm of Faith (Rebellion) Helm of Faith (Royal Guard) Helm of Faith (Rune Knight) Helm of Faith (Shadow Chaser) Helm of Faith (Sorcerer) Helm of Faith (Soul Reaper) Helm of Faith (Star Emperor) Helm of Faith (Summoner) Helm of Faith (Sura) Helm of Faith (Warlock) Helm of Faith II (Archbishop) Helm of Faith II (Genetic) Helm of Faith II (Guillotine Cross) Helm of Faith II (Kagerou & Oboro) Helm of Faith II (Mechanic) Helm of Faith II (Minstrel & Wanderer) Helm of Faith II (Ranger) Helm of Faith II (Rebellion) Helm of Faith II (Royal Guard) Helm of Faith II (Rune Knight) Helm of Faith II (Shadow Chaser) Helm of Faith II (Sorcerer) Helm of Faith II (Soul Reaper) Helm of Faith II (Star Emperor) Helm of Faith II (Summoner) Helm of Faith II (Sura) Helm of Faith II (Warlock) Including the enchantment [ LINK: CLICK ME ] Added Helm of Faith Box purchaseable with Amethyst Fragments Grading Update Added the possibility to upgrade certain items [ Non Graded ] to [ Grade D ] at +9 with a 10% chance Added the possibility to upgrade certain items [ Non Graded ] to [ Grade D ] at +10 with a 20% chance Added the possibility to upgrade certain items [ Grade D ] to [ Grade C ] at +10 with a 20% chance
  9. Happy new year 2023. If you are new to SMRO, many players ask which server I should join 1st. but the answer is "depend". You wanted really know what is Niflheim or Helheim by asking but after you got answer "depend" now you became more confused. There is only suggestion and this is only from my perspective. It's ok if you do not agree with it, at least you got another opinion. 1. The current update SMRO is episode 18.1 (but not fully implemented). The level 5 weapon and level 2 armor/shoes/garment are already implemented but the exclusive feature +20 in Niflheim becomes unrelated. Last time many players join this server (Nifleheim because of this feature). 2. RO basically MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) which means more players it has then it is better. Helheim due to "authentic" kRO system progression, many players chose it. Why the "authentic" kRO system gets more attention than the combination of jRO/kRO/iRO? well, I can't answer it straightly but if you play on a server which low custom, many players outside the SMRO will acknowledge your account. It means you invest time playing in Helheim not bad as you playing in Nifelheim. 3. The farmer. I can't answer it straightly again. But come look at the supply chain perspective, do you want mostly solo to get your equipment? Of course, we need to buy something from other players but if the server lack farmer then the demand to buy going to higher due to the lack of seller. Let's check about the market in Niflheim and Helheim: The proportion of sellers and buyers in Helheim more balance than in Nifelheim. Maybe this conclusion can change over time but you can check the discord marketplace between these two. 4. If you want the easiness of playing the game then Niflheim is the answer. With the combination of jRO/kRO/iRO and critical of all skill features, you can progress your character faster and maybe cheaper. FYI, there are players who find zeny in Niflheim and change it to Moon Coins then they deposit the Moon Coins into the bank and take them in Helheim. 5. Sometimes the server has problems or bugs. It needs more data, but if it has the same problem or bug, I think Helheim got priority to fix over Niflheim. But, in my opinion, the Niflheim got little problem than Helheim. 6. Don't worry about QoL Improvement and events. There are about same. I hope this suggestion will help you to choose which one is better for you. or maybe you like to play on both.
  10. Sky Emperor - One Punch OGHCM

    Hi I know these can be late but Those gears are borrowed from my db dk and had other enchants I believe in the video it was vitality. Right now I would recommend you to use Boots of unknown power, Will post an updated build here when I get the chance. Hi, twinkling galaxy does not have any fct needs. sorry for this late response.
  11. For what its worth, the most expensive part of the gear listed is the Max Mammoth set, and in my testing, Almighty Acc + Full penetration Armor/Shoe perform very close to Max Mammoth + Full Penetration.
  12. Hello everyone! Here's a mini guide to help people with their booster leveling. This guide is intended for veteran players who have access to gear and consumables. Why Night Watch (NW)? No critical requirements. No ACD requirements for Round Trip. Comfortable leveling with single click self-target skill. No targeting or combo'ing. Very large AoE can cover more mobs. Cons compared to SkE: more gear reliant less naturally strong class, can't use as much exp gear “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln, allegedly. Before you start, you’ll want to get your mise en place all ready so your leveling is as streamlined as possible. Prepare: a Kim performer alt (level 200+ so they can solo perform ensembles) an alt to leech yourself at nightmare pyramids Battle Manuals, Job Manuals 100 Jellopy for the 30 min Battle Manual quest SDS + life pots (though you get plenty from booster rewards), slims/sp potions/ygg seeds refined gear, cards I didn't realize until halfway through re-working this guide that Empathizer combo is only for lvl 200+
  13. Can you try not shamelessly copying my guide on that other wiki ? All the parts from the beginning until Equipments are literally stolen. Thanks !
  14. Winter Festival 2022

    Krampus Returns! (until 2023-01-02) Respawns every 8 hours and can be accessed through Saint Nicholas in @go 0 Upon entering this World Boss you'll be turned into a Baby First Class with a 1-hour rental weapon and 1 attack skill. Your SP will automatically be fully recovered every x seconds. The map will clear every person AFK'ing for more than 3 minutes. Defeat Krampus with everything you've got, Baby! His HP is based on the number of players attacking him. Every 45 seconds Krampus will use a skill to teleport everyone to him. At the same time, Krampus will cast a skill to turn 1 out of every 3 players into his minion. These Minions are mind controlled and will attack any nearby player. During this time the player has no control over his own character this includes the following Cannot logout Cannot move Cannot write Cannot cast a skill Cannot use any commands Cannot use any items This state can only be canceled when you've been "killed" by other players. While there are minions alive, Krampus cannot be damaged. Only once all minions have been defeated can he be damaged again. Note: Should you force your client to disconnect via ALT+F4 or any unnormal way you'll be excluded from the reward list. Note 2: The following reasons make you not receive a reward. Logging out while being a Minion Being too far away from the World Boss Being offline Not being on the same map as the World Boss Being idle for more than 120 seconds Using several clients to fight the boss Rewards! After defeating Krampus, all eligible participants will receive the following: 5 World Boss Coins Krampus Red Stocking, which has a chance to drop: 5x Moonlight Coins 20x Moonlight Coins 2x HD Oridecon 2x HD Elunium 3x HD Oridecon 3x HD Elunium 1x Enriched Elunium 2x Enriched Oridecon 2x Enriched Elunium 1x Enriched Oridecon 1x HD Carnium 1x HD Bradium 2x HD Carnium 2x HD Bradium 3x HD Carnium 3x HD Bradium 1x Blacksmith's Blessing 3x Blacksmith's Blessing 5x Blacksmith's Blessing +9 Shadow Hammer Shadow Refine Hammer
  15. Extreme toxicity

  16. Extreme toxicity

    This community is VERY toxic. They will not give you the time of day until you're an easy victim for them to harass and gang troll. I made a sarcastic comment in main chat because nobody ever replies as "thanks for the utter silence despite questions being asked" Next thing I know i'm being told I have mental issues, need to see a psychiatrist, and being compared to the toxic individual who started being... Well very toxic. Most games BAN people for making fun of peoples mental health, in real life you simply DON'T it can mean a lawsuit. All-in-all this is disgusting. Nothing justifies such behaviour. I could have been slightly more rude than unwitting sarcasm of not even realizing anybody would actually reply. This community is about the same as a 4chan board. They just want negative social reactions to have an excuse to be terrible to people online. I was really looking forward to this server thinking it would be a great place to get into ragnarok. I seriously hope that the people involved in this gang trolling session do some self-reflecting. The way you're acting towards people is beyond words low. I hope that nobody deletes this so that people who come to this server in the future can see the truth here! I have such low expectations I definitely won't be looking back for a reply. I highly doubt the gms even care that they have people literally destroying any chance of this game building a positive and mature community. If they do care-- transparency and action is the key to solving it. Not brushing it under the rug and pretending it never happened.
  17. Winter Festival 2022

    Winter Festival Event 2022-12-1 to 2023-01-02 100% Extra Cashpoints ($1=4040 CP) Double Drop 15% Refine Event 100% Extra EXP 30% Extra Lucky 3 Slotmachine Chance 30% Extra Instance Coins All monsters have a chance to drop Star Decorations. You'll be able to exchange them starting December 25, 2022, in the Main Office.
  18. Sky Emperor Guide

    thank you for the guide!
  19. Sky Emperor Guide

    Hi, for a Sun build (+Thousand Stars) is it worth going more on crit% bonuses and less melee% damage (losing damage on Star Cannon), or going more melee% damage is good to benefit all skills on average? Thanks for the great guide!
  20. Pork's Third Flame Bomb Inquisitor Guide

    You get the normal mammoth shadows from Random Shadow Boxes @ii 1910000207 or Shadow Coupon @ii 1910000208.
  21. Pork's Third Flame Bomb Inquisitor Guide

    but where do you get mammoth shadow stuff? i try @wd to see but its all "item not dropped by mobs".
  22. Drunk's Melee "Suranui" Guide

    Gears haven't changed after patch, only your skills have been changed.
  23. Pork's Third Flame Bomb Inquisitor Guide

    Melted poring from airship crash instance, maximum mammoth you craft using maximum mammoth shadow box (@ii 100621), full pen you craft using full penetration shadow mix (@ii 100752).
  24. Pork's Third Flame Bomb Inquisitor Guide

    i have a few question since im following your gear set up and stuff. where do you get melted poring, maximum mammoth, full penetration stuff?
  25. Drunk's Melee "Suranui" Guide

    this build interesting hehe ... what different with patch today
  26. Hello I am pork and welcome to my guide. MVP Ladder Showcase Stat goals: 193 ASPD As much health as you can as much melee, atk%, critical mod, third flame bomb skill mod, damage against specific size/element/race/type as you can so bonks are strong - BALANCE IT OUT (esp melee% and atk%), DO NOT INVEST HEAVILY INTO ONE MOD. CHECK YOUR "@BS MELEE" IN-GAME Skill Tree: Equipment Headgears Armor Weapon Shield Garment Boots Accessories Costume Stones Shadow Gears Pets Sample Equipment and Damage Showcase
  27. Halloween Costume Contest!

    And the winners have been decided! For Helheim: Pedsouji! For Niflheim: Axe of Onii-sama! Congratulations to the winners! And thank you to all of the participants. Your rewards will be sent within 24 hours. All rewards have been sent ^^
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