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  3. Happy Chinese New Year 2021 Screenshot

    In Game Name: Illuminus Realm: Helheim Title: S T O M P ! Lets stomp this year with strong and hope Note: i know, is late, only want participate uwu
  4. In Game Name: Kimmy Realm: Helheim Title: Year of the Ox 恭喜發財
  5. In Game Name: Pucca Realm: Helheim Title: Chinese Reality and Fantasy 2021 **note: "participation with the first image the other 2 will only accompany my participation by meme" ***special thanks to "Aisu" "Ilu" "Alex" "Mich" & "Fakerudy Nya" ---------------------> One year later on February 12, 2021 (the following images are memes that accompany the participation).
  6. Birthday Bash for GM Ashe Birthday Letter/greeting for GM Ashe Soon GM Ashe will be celebrating her birthday. Many know her, many talk to her (more than with me). So why not surprise her with some nice Birthday Letters or Greetings! Or anything else creative! Be it a drawing or so! Anything friendly and kind counts! Deadline: 31.03.2021 As always… the Rules are: Only one submission per person Submission of the file must be under this thread Include your IGN and Server when you post your file Submitting your work here means you have given permission for it to be used on Shining Moon Artwork used in the design must be original (can be digital or traditional) Don't steal/copy/edit other people’s Artwork (nor official ragnarok art) No commission art is allowed, you must be the designer of the Art Optional: Artist Signature/Name can be placed Winner of the contest might be more than 1, depending on the Art submitted Resolution must be 1024x768 and in .bmp format Must include shining moon logo at the bottom right Do put the submission in a “Spoiler”. The Winner will be decided by Ashe herself, so I have no influence, maybe. Since this is about Ashe’s Birthday, she will decide the amount to reward the participants. The happier she is about it, the more the reward! So… Try to cater towards her likes and be friendly! Winner: 250 Event Coins 25 Moon Coins Costume Costume Chicken Hat (ItemID: 20190) or Costume Alpaca Hood (20070) Participants: 50 Event coins Costume Costume Neko Mimi Kafra (19729) There is a chance... that GM Ashe will throw in more Event Coins at you, the better you do! (Ashe chose those costumes, blame her if you do not like them.)
  7. New Years Contest 2020/2021

    After long debating and delaying it (Work is tough irl).... we have decided the winner... to be honest, winners. We decided to give each server a winner! For Helheim... the winner is Yoka Mii! For Niflheim... the winner Onii-sama! Since I am the one handling this, I would ask the winners to message me on the FORUM and not discord. Rewards... will come at some point, RL is exhausting. Sorry! As a compensation, everyone will have their participation reward increased from 50 Event coins to 100 Event coins! I apologize for the delay!
  8. Warlock Crimson Rock and Comet Builds

    How are you able to reach 31m damage?
  9. I'm looking for a class that can reliably stay alive and farm at least in Fortessa Dungeon 1. Can this do damage? Or is it 100% for party play?
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  11. Valentine's Day Screenshot Event

    In Game Name: Mech-Apoth Realm: Niflheim Title: Under the Light
  12. for booster character now 185 - 200 still on magma dungeon 3?
  13. Valentine's Day Screenshot Event

    In Game Name: Keimin Realm: Helheim Title: Sailing without a map
  14. ok so heres my physical oboro guide or whatever this guide will progress with your level 101~130 For here you can use some Noblesse gears and i recomend a +9 Huuma Shuriken of Clearness or a +7 when you reach 130 a illusion armor A with After Cast Delay and power with refine of +7 or +9 make sure to get a temporal dex boots 130~175+ big jump on levels but theres not much to change but! when u reach 175 try getting a Grinder Huuma Shuriken you will need a +12 one :^) farm yourself a Auto Armor A with Attacker Power and Power Force for headgear a Fancy Feather Hat +11 would be good for accs a KSSI with Strong or Thousand Bow (depending on your temporal boots enchant) and a Grace Attack Ring for mid a Victorious Wing Ears with LR or a Battle Processor with LR for garment try a Temporal STR manteau with 6% atk Skill Trees~~ Mechanics: okay so this is important as oboro you have a buff called "Distorted Crescent" wich if you use it right you will gain more atk first you will look at the last number of your hp, if its even use Distorted Crescent if its odd use the skill ninja aura till your hp becomes odd you will use the skill "Earth Charm" to get more atk too you will be using a Chain of Skills it should look like Swirling Petal>Kunai Explosion>Throw Humma Shuriken>Repeat Stat Build~~ Shadow Gear~~ anyways i hope this helped someone to start with the job and... sorry for my bad english x d (my oboro was not full in the process of making this guide btw)
  15. Full Suport Tanky Archbishop

    I think the best budget cards for the Accessory are the ones added on the Sage's Legacy (Boiling, Magic-Poisoned, etc.). You may not get any comboes but they give 10% HP flat. Either that or Aligator, but Ali is pretty bad.
  16. Love Letter Event

    Event has been locked (a bit late, but oh well!) I thank you all for these lovely Love Letters/Videos and all! I will at a later date announce the winners!
  17. Hello Everyone! My name is Sybarite. I'm a Royal Guard from the guild Filthy Casuals on Helheim, and today I will be explaining the defensive aspects of Royal Guard I will try to explain as much as possible, but this is my first guide. So pardon in advance if I am not able to explain myself fully. What is Devotion, and why is it important? Devotion is one of the most powerful support tools that are in the crusader class. Is a skill that makes a link with the target party member between 30 base levels of difference. Redirecting all the damage they take towards you, allowing you to become a powerful tank without the need of direct tank and position yourself in the back line. With that explained lets get to the contents of the guide. Contents of the Guide: 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Advantages and Disadvantages 1.3 Equipment 1.4 Stats 2.1 Leveling Phase 2.2 Instance Phase 2.3 End Game Dungeons 3.1 Skill Mechanics 4.1 PvP 4.2 WoE 5. End [1.1] Introduction Regardless of what majority of people think: Devotion Royal Guard is not that expensive. Most of the gear can be obtained through grinding and party play, but keep in mind you are a tank. Not a DPS. So there would be cases where u will feel that u can't really do nothing rather than watch your giant Gryphon being carried through instances but don't feel powerless. This guide is aiming to explain all the defensive capabilities of Royal Guard and how to become a colossus to lend your high amounts of hp to classes that struggle to survive. [1.2] Advantages and Disadvantages TL;DR + High HP + Increases the overall durability of the Party + Enables glass cannons to go for high damage builds + Look at those muscles bro. - Low to no damage at all. - AB's struggle to heal, and you need to rely on Yggs. - If a tool is misused you can cause a wipe. - "Sacra ples" [1.3] Equipment Here below I will leave two screenshots of the build finished and explain the tiers of the equipment: That would be an example of the build finished, with that equipment you can reach (560-720k HP) at a party setting + consumables. Low Tier equipment (Starting Set) Middle Tier Equipment (Instancing) End-Game Equipment (Pit. Ruins and World Bosses Tanking) Luxury Items (MvPs) [1.4] Stats The stats I'm using currently are for maximizing Prestige dodge ratio. Due to the existence of Gym Passes and Call Storage having large amounts of STR is not needed anymore to carry potions around. Magic Dodge Stats (75.75% Magic Dodge Chance) Suggested Overall Stat Build. [2.1] Leveling Phase Now with the Stats and Equipment settled aside. The skill setup and leveling: Royal Guard Skill Tree [200/70] Leveling as Devotion Build [2.2] Instance Phase [2.3] End Game Dungeons Fortessa Dungeon Fortessa Pit Fortessa Ruins [3.1] Skill Mechanics [4.1] PvP [4.2] WoE [5] End If you managed to reach this far through all the walls of text giving explanations. I'd like to say thank you for taking your time and i hope this was useful enough or motivated you in any way to try Devotion RG. I'd tried to give insight of on what I have learned in my time of playing the class and explaining stuff that you learn from practice and experience is not that easy. Don't let failures let you down from trying the class. Learning how to time Earth Dive and King's Grace might take time and only practice will give you the correct feeling of who you should Devo. I hope the guide was useful or at least entertaining to read. If you have any suggestions to the build, or you know any build that will possibly give more MHP please feel free to share it below. If you have any suggestions or questions towards the build or anything I might probably ignore feel free to contact me on discord [Selene#6602] or finding me at @fc on the Filthy Casuals's base. Thank you for reading!
  18. Love Letter Event

    In Game Name: Sybarite Realm: Helheim Title: The Three Sisters
  19. Helheim Anniversary

    The event will end on the 1st of March 00:01. During this duration these bonuses are applied. Double Drop event 100% EXP bonus Triple Cashpoints [ 1$ = 4000 CP ] Refine event 12% extra chance Costume Drop 0.10% chance 15% extra chance on Lucky 3 Slotmachine
  20. Love Letter Event

    In Game Name: Kimmy Realm: Helheim Title: From me to you
  21. Love Letter Event

    Title: Letter for my J (English + Spanish)
  22. Love Letter Event

    Title: Digilove!
  23. Love Letter Event

    Title: My love letter to Keimin and Fortessa Mercenaries
  24. Love Letter Event

    Title: To You My Idol
  25. Love Letter Event

    Title: I Always Blame Zill
  26. Love Letter Event

    In Game Name: T i d a l Realm: Helheim Title: Rose is rosie, violets are blue. Happy Valentine guys!
  27. BRUTAL's Basic Warlock "Guide" (maybe?)

    dps is vary, the highest number i see from my WL is just 8m CR with a lot of buff (before Mystic amp patch) after patch i just see max 6~7m. on 1 single cast 11m~13m dps with CL (without gioia) depend on how laggin im and how fast i spam the CL. so is it possible to play WL without mvp card and pretty much low investment, i would say hell yeah. its also fun
  28. Happy Chinese New Year 2021 Screenshot

    In Game Name: T i d a l Realm: Helheim Title: Lone Wolf visit Louyang to find his partner
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