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  4. Winter Festival

    Winter Festival - Part 1 ( Until 2021-01-01 ) Bonus 25% experience ( weekends will get 50% ) 50% extra cashpoints. ( 1$ = 3000 CP ) Double droprate Saint Nicholas Grants passage to the Christmas automated World Boss - Krampus Christmas Tree will be available on December 24, 2020 Additional events on Weekends Refinement Event Lucky 3 Event Sales Event Advent Calendar ( Until 2021-01-01 ) How does this work? Additionally to your normal daily reward you can now collect everyday a new reward from the Advent Calendar which are additional items to your normall rewards. Krampus returns...! ( Until 2021-01-01 ) Respawns every 8 hours and can be accessed through Saint Nicholaus in @go 0 Upon entering this World Boss you'll be turned into a Baby First Class with a 1 hour rental weapon and 1 attack skill. Your SP will automatically be fully recovered every x seconds. The map will clear every person AFK'ing for more than 3 minutes. Defeat Krampus with everything you've got, Baby! His HP are based on the amount of players attacking him. Every 45 seconds Krampus will use a skill to teleport everyone to him. At the same time Krampus will cast a skill to turn 1 out of every 3 players into his minion. These Minions are mind controlled and will attack any nearby player. During this time the player has no control over his own character this includes the following Cannot logout Cannot move Cannot write Cannot cast a skill Cannot use any commands Cannot use any items This state can only be cancelled when you've been "killed" by other players. While there are minions alive, Krampus cannot be damaged. Only once all minions have been defeated he can be damaged again. Note: Should you force your client to disconnect via ALT+F4 or any unnormal way you'll be excluded from the reward list. Note 2: The following reasons make you not receive a reward. Logging out while being a Minion Being too far away from the World Boss Being offline Not being on the same map as the World Boss Being idle for more than 120 seconds Using several clients to fight the boss
  5. Arm Cannon Madochanic {always in progress}

    @Juanba i tried messaging you on discord but couldnt reach you for some reason, where can i ask you mecha stuff?
  6. Covid Mask Design

    In Game Name: Kirei Realm: Helheim Title: Do u have some Moss bro? "insert some funny spore sound"
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  8. BRUTAL's Basic Warlock "Guide" (maybe?)

    Please continue your guide. Your Genshin Waifu can wait :kek:
  9. Full Suport Tanky Archbishop

    Since ACD is reduced by 100%, wouldn't be smart to invest on gears to get 193 aspd?
  10. Covid Mask Design

    In Game Name: Dead Stain Realm: Helheim Title: Phreeoni's Mask 👅
  11. Tiger Cannon Sura

    im on the right way, thanks to this guide!
  12. Arm Cannon Madochanic {always in progress}

    Yes but its harder. You'll usually want to use that on parties or with really high base DEX/INT and foods. +20 foods will make it less of a problem but will require farming them. The damage difference isnt that big so going for Soutane is still not a bad choice if you want the stats, also better on some content since the Angel/Demon damage boost
  13. Arm Cannon Madochanic {always in progress}

    @Juanba with Automatic Armor with Range force and 2x Angle shot can you still get instant cast?
  14. Budget Sharp Shooting Build Ranger

    Trap research gives SP and 10 int if maxed, I think it's better to get this than some warg skills, which are never used

    Previously I played as a Rune Knight. I made my Rune Knight as my booster character. Yesterday, I deleted my Rune Knight character and I totally forgot about my booster character event !!! (Really regret it) Is there any possible way to me to do a booster character again? I really want that reward (booster coin and equipment) from booster event. Hopefully anyone can help me? I feel demotivate right now to play Ragnarok Online because of this. Thanks.
  16. Leveling x1 Rate Character

    mmm....isnt, if you just want hunt that 1x reward... you dont need to rebirth..... lvl 1 > lvl 175 > take x1 reward(50% drop bonus+other) >relog + [email protected] 100 > rebirth(dont reset char as it will make you lost the 50% drop bonus) > lvl 200.....
  17. Leveling x1 Rate Character

    Nice guide, has helped me a lot.
  18. Leveling x1 Rate Character

    Very nice and updated guide, dear! Amazing, as usual.
  19. Soo, I finally decided to get some new Players into Pit (Hopefully). Let me explain first, what is Fortessa Pit, and whats the difference between level 1 and 2. Fortessa Pit is one of the few Custom Contents SMRO has, and its one that drops useful stuff. Under this Category falls: Blacksmith Blessing Moonlight Coins Several Buffing Items Enchantment Items Letter of Brutus Shadow Hammers (Normal and +9) And specific Gear (Cursed Knight's Shield, Victorious Wing Ear, etc.) Q: Whats the Difference between Pit 1 and Pit 2? Q: What should I run, Pit 1 or 2? Q: What should I have in my Party? Q: Why do I need different Types of Damage? Q: What Classes are good for DPS? Q: What gear do I need? This is all so far, please contact me on Discord (Arun#0001) or comment on this post if there is something Missing. This is it from me, I hope you will have as much fun as me in Pit!
  20. War of Emperium Time Adjustment

    As per vote poll requested the following time changes have been made for War of Emperium: Morning WoE: Adjusted to 07:00 - 08:00 AM server time Evening WoE: Adjusted to 06:00 - 07:00 PM server time Day changes: Friday - no change Saturday - WoE TE has been moved to Saturday Sunday - no WoE anymore. PS: Progress on the next patch is coming along great and will be 4th classes.
  21. How to Refine on Niflheim

    Thx again!
  22. How to Refine on Niflheim

    Nice guide and you should put REFINE DURING EVENT in size 72 in the end x D
  23. How to Refine on Niflheim

    Welcome to your simple "how to refine" on Niflheim. Here I'm just gonna show you the possible ways of refining, the RNG involved and costs are your concern. With a normal Elunium or Oridecon, when you double click them, you open the Refine UI; Here you can enchant your stuffs, by dragging the item inside. - Refine House, at @go 0 (Fortessa) Those 2 NPC's refines from 7 to 9 and the other from 10 and on. - From 0 to 10 way: - Safe ticket Armor/Weapon automatically put the item to +8; - HD Elunium/Oridecon to try to +10, if it fails, it downgrades the refine; - Limited Elunium/Oridecon to try to +10, if it fails, nothing happens; - Blacksmith Blessing it's a 100% refine chance (description is wrong, 8 to 9 consumes 4, 9 to 10 consumes 7), BSB requires you to use another Ore together, such as Elunium/Oridecon, make sure to tag both on the refine UI; - From 10 to 20 way: - HD Carnium/Bradium if it fails, it downgrades the refine, from +10 and on, once you get +10, it won't downgrade to 9 or less anymore; - Limited Carnium/Bradium if it fails, nothing happens. Obs: I recommend using Limited Carnium on Armors from +12-13 and on or after +14 if you have a lot of BSB to spare; I recommend using Limited Bradium on Weapons from +14-15 and on, if you have a lot of HD Bradiums to spare and to try +14-15 first. But that is entirely up to you. Obs 2: Basta NPC can refine your Armor and Weapon from 10 to 11 with 100% chance of success using HDs. - Blacksmith Blessing description from 12 to 13 and 13 to 14 is accurate. - Shadow Equipment's: - Shadow Refine Hammer Random, or +9 Shadow Refine Hammer; - Using HD's Elunium/Oridecon from 7 to 10; - Using BSBs (the quantity necessary on Shadow equipment's is higher); - Shadow Limited Elunium, 2nd floor of @go eden to craft it, using 5x Limited Elunium; - Old Enriched Elunium/Oridecon, this item rows two times the chance of refining, but it breaks the item upon failing. - Notes: - Remember that the chance of success when you refine, is RNG based; - The way you want to refine, or the order, is entirely up to you, feel free for it. - Remember to triple check what you doing before refining, confirming the right ore and item; - The ways of obtaining the Refine Ores varies from, Lucky3, Special Lucky3, New Special Slot, Cash Shop, Instances, Boxes (Fortessa 2 Box, World Boss boxes), Exchange NPCs, Events, Players and etc; - When the server is having Refine Bonus event, that % bonus only applies to Refine UI. If you have any suggestions, tips, please leave on the comment section below o/
  24. Hello kids, this guide contain "not so nice" words. May cause butthurt or triggered someone. Short introduction, my name is Petra. One of BRUTAL guild member, I play main Warlock (and AB, basically support role at my guild in every game). If you dont know the guild, then you must be new. This is just a "guide" about how to Warlock. made this for ppl who wanna play warlock and dunno what to do. CONTENT: Why Warlock(?) What is Warlock How to Warlock Let's start. REMEMBER, THIS THREAD CONTAIN BASIC KNOWLEDGE. YOU MAY NOT GET NEW INFO HERE IF YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT TO DO. WHY WARLOCK(?) So you've been wondering what magic class you should play? well play performer or sr NO. You play Warlock because MAGIC THAT'S WHY. WHAT IS WARLOCK. According to Google-sama Warlock is "a man who practices witchcraft". Warlocks are advanced version of Wizard class bla..bla..blaa.. (iRO wiki). Well for me Warlock is a "fun" magic class that can heal, can proteck, can attak, can do some stupid shit. and YES. Warlock (WL) is considered as DPS classes. for some ppl who said "oh in this patch WL is succ" "WL is shit now" "i dont recommend play WL" or some shit talk like that even makin a video documentary about how shitty WL now, lemme tell ya kids, YOU JUST SUCK AT PLAYIN WARLOCK THATS IT. here my word of advice "just play what you wanna play, unless you sucks so bad play meta RK or GX". If you wanna play WL and dont have fancy af gear or cards that's okay, still gonna work. Warlock is a magic class, it's a must to have INT stat as your main stat. (INT on your chara and your brain). yea so prepare to use your brain capacity TO THE MAX to play warlock. (it's hard for me too tho) HOW TO WARLOCK. Basic concept of magic class, is using magic... skill... something like that. If you play WL then use all of your skill to extend, use and abuse WL skill to its max potential. here is the basic knowledge of playin Warlock, from STAT, MAGIC DMG, SKILL, and RECOMMENDED GEAR. I only tell you my recommendation here so dont hopin too high. USE YOUR INT TO ITS FULLY POTENTIAL TO FIGURE OUT THE BEST GEAR FOR YOUR PLAYSTYLE, SINCE EVERY PLAYER HAVE DIFFERENT PLAYSTYLE. STAT MOAR STAT SKILL WIZARD WARLOCK EQUIPMENT TBH you can use any gear/equipment that you desire (as long as Mage can wear it lol), there's no good or bad. it's your own playstyle after all. But please use a lil of your brain, use some reasonable equipment. So you can fully use your Warlock properly not poorly. Here some gear that "interesting to use" as Warlock. I assume that you can get at least +12 refine on equipment, cmon thats not hard on this server. ALL EQUIPMENT ON THE LIST HAVIN THE EFFECT OF +12 REFINEMENT. PLEASE GET YOURS TO +12 FOR BENEFICIAL EFFECT. HEADGEAR WEAPONS to be continued.... Still playin with my beloved Klee on genshit impact
  25. Halloween 2020

    Halloween Event [ 2020-10-15 ~ 2020-11-05 ] Cashpoint 3x - 1$ = 3333 CP! Refinement Event +12% 2x Monster Drops Lucky 3 12% extra chance 0.10% costume drop chance 100% exp event More events will appear during this event. Information Every 24 hours you can finish the Halloween Maze and earn coins by completing it in certain ways. You're turned into a Gunslinger and have to make your way through a Maze filled with Halloween Monsters... You only have a basic weapon and cannot equip anything inside this map nor change your class. Rewards Basic finishing without extra monsters kills = 1 Treasure Chest ( 10 Halloween Coins ) Advanced finishing with half the monsters killed inside = 2 Treasure Chests ( 40 Halloween Coins total ) Elite finishing with every monster killed inside = 3 Treasure Chests ( 90 Halloween Coins total ) Killing monsters inside the Halloween Maze grants Halloween Coins, the stronger the monster, the more coins. Halloween Coin - Exclusive Costumes Garments Costumes Halloween Poring Bagpack Loli Ruri Moon Broom of Niflheim Headgear Costumes Costume Ancient Resonance Long Cat Hair ( Halloween ) Short Cat Hair ( Halloween ) Cat Witch Hat ( Halloween ) Disguise Mantle Veil of Darkness Sealed Fortune Scarf Spiderweb Hat Gothic Bonnet Pumpkin Headband Halloween Coins can also be obtained by defeating any monster. Edit: More costumes will appear in the shop during the event.
  26. Covid Mask Design

    The Event deadline has been extended to November 30, 2020
  27. Winner is Tiger Ming with the Screenshot Title: Mermaid found at the Brasilis Summer Beach Festival Congratulations and thank you all for participating. All the rewards has been send out, please check RoDex for your rewards.
  28. Upcoming Event

    My body is ready!
  29. Upcoming Event

    pls consider the economic factor of server
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