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  5. INTRO Despite I start on Shining Moon at 2024, I have experience from other private servers and quitting from official server iRO. Surprisingly, I can get Glacier and Snow Flower faster in this server lol. So I feel like to share what I know. As disclaimer, this guide is more suitable for Rate 100x first char (not 1x/booster) and Helheim server (which you can cheat the progression by farming zeny and buy the materials from Vendors). Also the enchant lists can be viewed on hazyforest and divine pride website, including in-game UI itself. HOW TO OBTAIN Glacier and Snow Flower equipments can be accessed on @go 46 then go to southeast Episode 19 NPC. The Dim Glacier Weapon Farming guide can be used together to obtain mats needed for everything. If you want to farm Snow Flower from daily quests, these are mats you can farm as well: Low-quality Rgan Magic Core : Common drops when you farm Dim Glacier Weapon and its extract. Thin Tough Shell : Common drop from Ice Straw at jor_back1. Various Feathers : Go to Hazy Forest Instance and beat all Parus you meet. He drops 2 kind of Feathers you can submit for Daily Quests. 1 run of this instance should stock 1 week worth daily quests. Glacier Weapon Enchant Materials Slot 4: 50x Snowflower Gem (type @ws 1000812) Slot 3: 25x Snowflower Gem, 35x Shining Snowflower Gem (@ws 1000813) Slot 2: 25x each of Snowflower Gem, Shining Snowflower Gem, and Briliant Snowflower Gem (@ws 1000814) Slot 1: 25x Snowflower Gem, 35x Shining Snowflower Gem, and 50x Briliant Snowflower Gem Before farming Dim Glacier weapons and its enchant mats make sure to get +9 Glacier Weapon full enchants and use Earth Armor Scroll from Hunter Coins. Do not overspend Hunter Coins as your newbie journey. Snow Flower enchant materials Buying each part cost 100x Snow Flower (@ws 1000608), you will get random enchant stones by spending 35x Snow Flower at Vellgunde. You can melt 3x unwanted enchant stones to 1x random enchant stones. For efficiency spend Snow Flower first for random enchant stones before buying missed enchants from Vendors. Usually the stones that not obtained are def/mdef ones so if you are not making Armor you can use any enchant beside def/mdef. You can vend some of enchant stones after you are done with your desired enchants (the Armor part is not in demand that much so prioritize selling stones that usable on other parts) Why use Glacier and Snow Flower? Although these equipments are not endgame goal, you can basically jump your gear progression from whatever you wear below lv 210 into Glacier and Snow Flower set then continue to your endgame gear. My gear progression is basically freebies Rental Weapon (lv 1-100) -> Advanced Eden (lv 100) -> Grace (lv 150) -> Snow Flower (lv 210) -> Endgame lv 240+ (Nebula, Dim Glacier weapon, etc). Even on kRO which have more new gears, Snow Flower is still be advised to keep with these reasons : Lv 210 requirement, means you can use them for 1x/Booster/alts if needed. +9 Glacier Weapon is easy to make and you can refine without any Blacksmith Blessing (BSB). Enchant options can be used for multiple classes/alts with same type (physical/magic). No grade needed. You only need to gamble to +11 once per part with BSB. Some players will argue to stop at +9 but going for +11 is not useless either for me. If anything, I will go for +11 Garment only since Armor can be skipped and Shoes doesn't give you offensive stats. You can totally skip Armor part since you can jump directly to Nebula armor on lv 240. With Nebula, Glacier, and Snow Flower, they are equipments you can use for a while that give you great DPS and great utilities for support (VCT/FCT/ACD/ASPD/Def/Res/Mdef/Mres). For Critical builds (skills that can crit), the pair of Accesories give +30 crit total that doesn't exist in other episodic equipments (Eps.20 Glacier, Dim Glacier). Only Gaebolg accessories (Episode 21) that can give crit and other VCT/ACD enchants but they also require lv 230+ to equip (not equipable for 1x/boosters) and harder mats to craft. For Support/Tank builds, Defense and Magic Defense enchants might be useful for you. But these enchants are rare and most expensive on Vendors. FCT/VCT/ACD/ASPD options are also useful. Combined with Recommendation Cardinal Gears (shadow equip/costume parts), you should able to reach instant cast and close to 100% ACD with their enchants. Support/Tank however, need Armor part with ACD enchant in this manner. You can either have budget enchants (+9 only, not using def/mdef if other options allow it) or full enchants (+11 and def/mdef on armor/garment/shoes). Budget enchants are enough to give stats while saving zeny for your endgame equipments refine/grade process. Preview for episode 20-21 equips. I only preview the equips I know so there might be some better equips out there but did not implemented to other servers or not popular enough. Glacier Set This is just Snow Flower V2.0 like Noblesse/Imperial/Grace in the past. They have advantage for their enchants not being randomized with enchant lists very similar to Snow Flower parts (except accessories). There is also a Shield for this set which other episodic equip set doesn't offer you a Shield (easier to get 100% VCT here). They also have Grade D and C bonus (more stats than Snow Flower) that easier to get them since you only need +10 to Grade and don't need BSB. However, they need level 230 to equip which can't be used by 1x/Boosters. Cat Whiskers, the new currency for buying these equips are also less sources than Snow Flower. So if you are new player that start this game with this set implemented, you can get this set if you don't plan to make 1x/Boosters. Otherwise Snow Flower is still prefered despite the enchants are random to get. Dim Glacier Set Even more advanced sets with same lv 230 requirement. Unlike the Glacier set, there are fixed effects on each part and the enchants are just adding atk/def/matk/mdef which means the enchants can be ignored and you still get 80% of their effects. There are also full set effect with existing Dim Glacier Weapon. However the main challenge is you need to Grade A for full effect without enchants and it can be a waste of zeny given there is upcoming Nebula set combo as well. So this set is typically only good on kRO players itself when Nebula sets are account bound and Dim Glacier Weapons are one of best existing weapons. Time Dimensions Weapon and Crown Obtained from new Biosphere dungeon, this set is good if you are not using Dim Glacier Weapons. The weapon alone is quite popular Vended on other server I played and can be used as standalone Weapon. The enchants for weapon are secondary, meaning even without enchants you can still enjoy 90% of its effect (but needs Grade A). Since the enchants only boost damage for element/size/race inside Biosphere, Gravity expect you to have 5 copies of weapon with each enchants to farm Biosphere further without Grade and make 1 main copy with Grade A for general use. I can't say which one is better between Dim Glacier and Dim Biosphere, but the major difference I can say is Dim Glacier has VCT and ACD enchant that not existing on Dim Biosphere so you can take notes on that. The crown part works similarly like Good and Evil set but no Shoes on the set yet... Additionally, there is Furious set that barely talked on other server so I assume this set is worse than Time Dimensions set (but might be comparable to Good and Evil Set) Nebula Expansion Set I don't find much info for this set. You will get new garments and enchants that give set effects with Nebula armor. The Right Accessories will also get update with 2nd slot enchant (currently only slot 3 and 4) and Left Accessories as well. Nebula set suffers same problem with the Armor : Enchanting is random and getting highest level of enchant has low% chance. Quick preview on 4 pieces Nebula set : 1. Nebula (Armor) : already existing in smRO. You'll need pow3/spl3/con3 etc to combo with Left Acc. 2. Stellar Seal (Right Acc) : already existing in smRO. But Stellar Seal open 2nd slot enchant which is selectable so you want to have enchants you wish for 3rd and 4th slot. Have set effect with Left Acc 3. Garment : new 4 Garments with focusing Melee Physical, Ranged Physical, Magic, and Critical Damage. Enchants are fixed (no fancy stats like VCT/ACD/Crit/Aspd) but have set effect with Left Acc. This Garment has 5-10% VCT (different on each equip) 4. Left Acc : Combo Set with other 3 pieces. It has combo enchant with pow3/spl3 from Nebula Armor and extra sets effect each with Garment and Right Acc. The sets have 10% VCT and 10% ACD total. Gaebolg Set New episode 21 equipment set. You will need to farm new currency and some past currency like Amethyst Fragment, Snow Flower, and Cat Whiskers can be used to convert for new materials to enchant them. So you can pre-farm Amethyst and Snow Flower as current Shining Moon server state. Gaebolg set give some good effects and selectable enchants (not random) that have better value than Snow Flower and Glacier. Arguably for support/tank classes who need VCT/ACD (FCT reduction still stuck for 1s FCT), there are many of them in this set that can strip your shadow/costume equipments that gives such stats and switch to other costume enchants/shadow equipments instead. But once again, they need Grade A and can't be used for 1x/Boosters. With existence of Nebula, Time Dimensions, or Biosphere equipments, only new players will invest them. Few equipment parts like Both Accessories and Shoes can use this set as standalone effect and comparable to other endgame equips.
  6. Thank you so much to all of those who applied! You should be receiving a response no later than May 7th, 2024.
  7. Hello everyone, In this guide, I'll outline the best strategies for utilizing the various coins you receive while playing the game. With numerous rewards available, it can be confusing to determine the most optimal way to spend them. Let's dive into it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Activity Coin Ancient Fortessa Coin Booster Coin Daily Reward Trophy Event Coin Fortessa Medal Instance Coin Loyalist Certificates Monster Hunter Coin Purgatory Coin World Boss Coin And that's it! There are some specific instance coins that I will not be covering, as these are just for their respective gears. This took me a while to make and gather all information. If you think I made a mistake or disagree with my opinion on how to spend these coins, feel free to reply, otherwise thank you for reading and spend your coins wisely!
  8. Login Picture

    Heya ^^ Apologies for the delay in announcing the winners. Please see below: Grand Winner - Suiren Winners - Chitra, BK201, Shimon Shwarvl, Celine~, Seiso Witch All participants and winners have received prizes and participation rewards via RODEX. Please check your in-game mailbox. If you do not see the letters enclosing your rewards, please delete old mail and select the refresh button near the top of the mailbox window. I have also attached additional moon coins as compensation for the delay in announcing the winners and delivering the rewards. Thank you to everyone who participated! It was lovely to see the effort that went into the submissions ^^ -Nuit
  9. Hi, Need help for Dragonic Breath Dragon Knight Build. Equips and Stats. Thank You
  10. Heya ^^ We're seeking more Support GMs, Wiki Editors, and Bug Testers to fill our ranks. Requirements: Have a good understanding of the features of Shining Moon and RO in general Must be fluent in English Support GM Requirement: Must commit to being active and responsive to players' inquiries. This includes in-game, on Discord, and the forums Additional Information: Being fluent in another language is a huge bonus At this time the positions are purely voluntary You make your schedule Applications to more than one position are accepted How to apply: Fill out the application form here Application deadline: April 22, 2024 Contact Nuit if you have any questions.
  11. Night Watch first character guide

    Example of a full build for Magazine for One:
  12. TLDR: First steps: Third Job: Fourth Job: Transition to midgame: Cards you can farm: Ways to farm zeny: This is the end of the guide, have fun out there. If you have any questions, join the Shining Moon discord server.
  13. Ghost Mage AM SVS

    I would love to see an updated version of this. I would like to see the comparison between Vesper + Moan of Corruption combo vs Good and Evil combo.
  14. Hi Everyone, I have a few questions and I'd like for you to keep a few things in mind. 1. I started my first account and first character less than 2 weeks ago and it's my first time on Shining Moon. 2. My knowledge of gear, weapons, Shadow gear, and cards is from pre 4th Job. I know next to nothing on currently available content (4th job release to current day). My knowledge from prior to 4h Job release is fair and definitely not total knowledge, primarily from Official and NovaRO. So please do not automatically assume that I know or should know something, because I probably don't. 3. My favorite build is the AgiCrit AA Autocaster. I fell in love with Autocasting when I first heard about it years ago. I had a devastating Royal Guard AgiCrit AA Reflecting Autocaster back before Rebalance and quit when, in my eyes, the Royal Guard was destroyed by Rebalance. With Rebalance killing the Royal Guard, I changed over to the Rune Knight, and that's where I am today, using the Rune Knight. With this build being my favorite, please don't try to convince me to use another build. I don't plan on being the strongest on the server. I just want a solid character and to have a blast. 4. I plan on resetting my character in the future to be a 1x/1x after I get all the appropriate gear for each stage of her development. With that in mind, the Boosted Ignition 2-handed is VERY appealing with Autocatsing both Ignition Break and Sonic Wave. So with that out of the way, I come to the community asking for guidance concerning weapons, gear, cards, shadow gear, and what ever else you see fit to advise me on for this build. There isn't a present day guide that I've seen for this particular build. My character is still in her infancy. She is currently level 157 with full +4 Illusion Set due to being the first character and having very little Zeny. I currently have only 15m but I have stuff for sale that could get me a 200-300 million. Since she is an Autocaster, I'm also looking for Auto Healing. I'm currently saving for a +9 Vanargrand Helm to help with healing in addition to my Hunter Fly Card. Oh, and do cards stack? For example, would 2 Immortal Cursed Knight cards or 2 Hunter Fly cards work together thus improving proc chance? On some servers they do, others do not. I'm also currently trying to get my Physical Enhancer Rings to be enchanted with Attack Speed since mine is deplorable right now at 180. My current gear is nothing to write home about. Right now I have: -Violet Fear with Immortal Cursed Knight card and Hunter Fly -Full +4 Illusion Type A without any cards except Ifudes on my boots and Jewelry Ant on my Left Accessory (the Jewelry Ant used to have a staggering 15% proc chance on NovaRO, that's why I bough it and was very disappointed when I got it here on Shining Moon.) -+9 Adventurer's Backpack with Cenere Card -Fox Ears Bell Ribbon but I'm looking at replacing it with Snake Head or Vanargrand. -Black Devil's Mask -CD in Mouth Thank you in advance for all advice that you provide!!!
  15. Noir's Nightwatch Guide to ~Pew~Pew~Pew~

    really helpful! just got back into the game and was feeling a bit lost
  16. Mosh's Niflheim Magic Shiranui Guide

    hi, is magic more superior (damage wise) than melee.
  17. Soul Ascetic Build

    Hi, Thank you so much for this guide, i was looking for one coz im new to SA and im really enjoying it, i was wondering how to dps properly in terms of skills, so our main DPS skill is Blue Dragon and use everytime i have enough AP to use it right ?
  18. Weird Parts

    i opened 400 OPB and got 0 Mysterious Parts. Is there any way to get it? or its bugged?
  19. 1. When you see the boss mention "Recovery Conversion" you must stop attacking until the boss stops mention "Recovery Conversion" 2. When you see the boss mention "Recovery Conversion" you should change the attack mode from your main attack type such as: if your main attack type is melee then you should attack the boss with range or magic
  20. Soul Ascetic Build

    Headgear : Upper Vesper Headgear [1] , Temporal Circlet Soul Reaper (Acute, LUK3, Any) [1] Middle : Gambler's Seal Lower : Tree Sprout Any Young Leaf (C.Rate, Matk, Any) Armor : Nebula Robe of Spell (SPL3, Sharp, Any) [1] Weapon : Dim Glacier Wand (Talisman of Blue Dragon, Talisman of Blue Dragon, Magical Grade Lv5) [1] Shield : Mad Bunny-LT (Magic 3) Garment : Death Rune Manteau (Any, SPL3, Any) [1] Shoes : Death Rune Boots (Any, SPL3, Any) [1] , Awakened Hollow Shoes (Release of Truth, Any, Goddess of Abundance) [1] Accessories : Skull Ring [1] Temple Magic Ring (Any3, Any, Any) [1] Temple Rune Ring (Any3, Any, Any) [1] Shadow Gear (they come in pairs except for the weapon and shield for the enchants, it would depend on what you need) : Spellcaster , True Gemstone , Clever , Mega blitz Costume Enchants (for the enchants, it would depend on what you need) Top : HP, HP, Res/MRes Mid : Critical Attack%, SMatk Low : FCT , CRate Costume Stones AB Stone Upper SR Stone Mid AB Stone Lower AB Stone Garment Dual Critical Stone Cards Headgear : Ultra Limacina , Fenrir (Best) , Greater Sanare Armor : (Racial MVP depending on content )Simulation Juncea , Angry Ninetails Nightmare , Amon Ra , Greater Red Pepper , Shulan , Distorted God , Awaken Ktullanux Weapon : Deadsera , Mutated White Knight Shield : Mutated Khalitzburg Knight , Gold Thief Bug , Ancient Wootan Defender , Bijou , Silent Maya Garment : One Eye Dollocaris , Himmelmez Phantom , Gioia , Contaminated Spider Queen , Deep Sea Witch Shoes : (Racial MVP depending on content) The One , Nightmare Verit , Fallen Bishop , Death Witch , R001-Bestia , Shiny Teddy Bear , Renire , Accessories : Beerzebub (paired with Goddess of Abundance enchant from Awakened Hollow Shoes) Ash Hopper , Dwigh , Elvira , Headless Mule , Calmaring , Wasted Primitive Rgan , Wasted Intermediate Rgan
  21. Gallium Treasure Key

    Hello. I got Gallium Treasure Keys from Mimics and Tier 1 and Tier 2 Treasure Cache chests. In patch I have read that these chests can be opened with these keys by characters at level 1-91. My character level 50 uses these chests, but gets only 2 options: "Open without key" and "Don't open". How to use these Gallium Treasure Keys? How to open these cache chests with Gallium keys?
  22. Mosh's Niflheim Magic Shiranui Guide

    Quick Shiranui Guide Hello I'm mosh. I've made a oboro guide long ago for Niflheim and decided to make a updated shiranui MAGIC guide out of boredom. CRITICISM and QUESTIONS are welcomed. Please do tell if I need to fix anything. Quick Tips Some of a ladder run. (video starts at wave 4) My Skill Build Gears I'd recommend paradise set/eden shadows if your just starting out the server as a magic ninja. @go eden to go grab them. These will carry you to level 200. Paradise should be enough to get everything in the Midgame besides Varmundt Biosphere gears as the mobs there are pretty chonky Midgame - Celine's Set + Varmundt Biosphere with Clock Weapons Endgame - Getting rid of Celine's Cards: Will tailor towards Fire/Water/Shadow Ele Costumes Shadow Gears Reaching 1 FCT (Don't want to depend on 16th Night)
  23. Dim Glacier weapon mini enchant guide

    use earth armor scroll at jor_ab01
  24. Acquiring enchant materials: Type @alt +5 (to loot all weapons) (also don't forget to loot etel dust). @warp jor_ab01 (or use Warper -> Episode 19 -> Abandoned Pit -> 1st Floor) or @warp jor_ab02 (Warper -> Episode 19 -> Abandoned Pit -> 2nd Floor). Kill stuffs until your inventory is full (use HE bubble Gum or normal Bubble Gum to increase your yield). @go 0 (or your base of choice that has Special Tool Dealer). Talk to Special Tool Dealer -> Identify all items. @go 46 Talk to [ Episode 19 ] Batch Dim Glacier -> Extract Dim Glacier (which will dismantle dim glacier weapons in batch of 4) (any +0 dim glacier weapon with no enchant will be dismantled) Repeat from step 2 until you have enough materials to enchant. Dismantle NPC Amount of material to fully enchant 1 weapon Enchanting: Note: You can not reset enchant for Dim Glacier weapon so choose your enchant carefully. Talk to [ Episode 19 ] Vellgunde -> Dim Glacier Weapon (She's right next to [ Episode 19 ] Batch Dim Glacier). Select your desired enchantment (only slot that you can pick an enchantment for 3rd job skill, but if you only care about 4th job skill then just pick that). Select your desired enchantment again (can only pick enchantment for 4th job skill). Select your desired enchantment, Physical Grade or Magical Grade lv 1. Upgrade your Physical Grade or Magical Grade to lv 5. Weapon drop chance: Base chance: 20% With normal bubble gum: 40% With HE bubble gum: 60% Base chance with 50% drop bonus: 30% With normal bubble gum: 50% With HE bubble gum: 70% More info about enchant: https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Enchant_UI#Dim_Glacier_Weapons
  25. Halloween 2023

    Halloween Event [ 2023-10-09 ~ 2023-11-06 ] Cashpoint 2.5x - 1$ = 5000 CP! Refinement Event +15% 2x Monster Drops Lucky 3 15% extra chance 0.10% costume drop chance 100% exp event Information Every 24 hours you can finish the Halloween Maze and earn coins by completing it in certain ways. You're turned into a Gunslinger and have to make your way through a Maze filled with Halloween Monsters... You only have a basic weapon and cannot equip anything inside this map nor change your class. Rewards Basic finishing without extra monsters kills = 1 Treasure Chest ( 10 Halloween Coins ) Advanced finishing with half the monsters killed inside = 2 Treasure Chests ( 40 Halloween Coins total ) Elite finishing with every monster killed inside = 3 Treasure Chests ( 90 Halloween Coins total ) Killing monsters inside the Halloween Maze grants Halloween Coins, the stronger the monster, the more coins. Halloween Coin - Exclusive Costumes Garments Costumes Halloween Poring Bagpack Loli Ruri Moon Broom of Niflheim Headgear Costumes Costume Ancient Resonance Long Cat Hair ( Halloween ) Short Cat Hair ( Halloween ) Cat Witch Hat ( Halloween ) Disguise Mantle Veil of Darkness Sealed Fortune Scarf Spiderweb Hat Gothic Bonnet Pumpkin Headband Halloween Coins can also be obtained by defeating any monster. Edit: More costumes will appear in the shop during the event. More events will appear during this event.
  26. Patch 2023-10-09

    Events Halloween Event has been activated Items Fixed wrong magic element boosting on Wasted Intermediate Rgan Card Fixed the description of Muqaddas Sasyiir Fixed the effect of Muqaddas Kahassu Fixed description of Ice Flower Spell Fixed wrong element in Cave Flower Card Fixed the Res and Mres bonus of Modified Senior Rgan Card Added Fruit Set Trap Fixed class restriction on Boots of Good and Evil (Spirit Handler) Fixed level requirement of Rune Equipment from 210 to 230 Fixed item script of Glacier Flower Spell Physical Race Fixed Experience Stone combo Fixed all refine bonuses of Boots of Good & Evil Windhawk Fixed grade bonus of Moan of corruption Other Fixed a missing packet which caused random disconnects to those that would send the packet. Removed a old limitation of physical attacks and skills to never deal more than a certain amount of damage no matter the amount of hits which resulted to do negative damage on plant type Fixed a issue that made the cash shop sends its content on every refresh Fixed a wrong card in ECA Added Fruit Set Trap as drop from Familiar Fixed respawn timer of Ultra Limacina Fixed a bug that allowed you to save your respawn point inside the purgatory map Fixed a missing hole_y_01 file Fixed a missing mob sprite in Twilight Garden Fixed an issue that prevented join requests to go through in the Adventurer Agency List Added some doram headsprites to prevent crashing during class change ( Thanks to Fuzzy for the list ) Fixed an issue that prevented the Enchant UI from enchanting graded items Fixed element of Cleaning Robot Fixed element of Bath Administrator Elemental Days Reduced the Moonlight Coin and Moon Coin amount: Reduced rewardable from 10 to 5 instances Non-Purgatory: You will now gain 1 Moonlight Coin per Elemental Day You will gain 3 Moon Coins upon completing the 5th Elemental Day Purgatory: You will now gain 2 Moonlight Coin per Elemental Day You will gain 5 Moon Coins upon completing the 5th Elemental Day Belinda Reduced cashpoints gained from 10.000 to 3.000 Booster Character Garment Coupon replaced with random account-bound garment costume upon opening level 230 Seasonal Booster Box. Reduced Moon Coins amount gained 200 -> 50 on first booster 150 -> 40 on second 100 -> 30 on third 50 -> 10 on 4th 10 -> 5 on any other Damage reduction: Fixed a missing mapflag for the identification of Fortessa Dungeon which caused it to default to Nightmare. ( Was fixed a while ago ) /effect No longer crashes when grading while effects are off Smartcast is now visible even with /effect off NPC Implemented a NPC that allowed Bulk dismantling for Dim Glacier weapons. ( Was fixed a while ago ) Niflheim Item Guardian of Soul now correctly reduces holy instead of wind resistance based on the skill lvl Release of Truth combo (29371) with Scales of Judgement should no longer heal enemies Fixed description for refine bonus of +5, +7 and +10 aswell as the item script of Dark Triad Added Chaser Shoes to possible list of items for Otherworldly Specialist NPC Fixed a wrong requirement for Cardinal Ring Other Enchant changes: Changed the Fixed cast enchant from randomly being 100-200 to randomly being 100-200 with the exception of it only appearing in changes of 10 rather than 1. E.g 100, 110, 120, 130 rather than 100,101,102,103 Max HP flat amount changed from randomly 1000-5000 to 25-50 * 100. Max SP flat amount changed from randomly 10-500 to 25-50 * 10 Def changed from 1-10 to 1-10 * 5 Res / Mres changed to 1-10 * 10 Flat ATK / Flat Matk changed to 1-5 * 10 Flee / Hit changed to 5-15 * 3 Metal Stick ( Alternate ) Fixed wrong identifier for this weapon which resulted it not being found for the enchant table Fixed Temporal Manteau shop missing from Otherworldly Exchanger Otherworld God Freyja Fragment is no longer obtainable from random Fragments Changed all recipes that used the fragment above to Otherworld Twisted God Freyja Fragment Awakened hollow shoes no longer gives enchants not on the list on slot 2 ( this was fixed a while ago ) Grading The Grading UI has been customized to handle any WLVL or Armor LV of jRO equipment as long as its not an accessory, lower head or mid headgear. The grade applied will automatically be Grade A from none graded. Grade bonus on non-LV 5 and non-LV 2 Armor Armor Defense * 1.2 Mres / Res * 2 per refinement Weapon Adds 2 PATK and 2 SMATK per refinement Successfully grading a jRO item reduces the refinement by 4, does not wipe the refinement entirely. Refinement Implemented 2 new advanced ores that can be used for refining. (Limited) Etherium (Limited) Etherdeocon These materials can be used for refining between +10 and +20 for Weapons LV 5 and Armors LV 2 They can be crafted with Dietrich ( Advanced Ores ) in the refinement place Cash Voucher These vouchers can be traded with other people, used or collected. These items are gained only from the Cashpoint Redeemer NPC based on the amount recharged, 1$ = 1 Voucher. These items are added ontop of what you are already getting, which means you do not lose anything to gain these, but instead just get more. Note: This is actually not a custom feature, its based on kRO cash voucher that are gained from recharging only, except theirs are overly expensive and untradeable. Note2: The items gained in this are also based on kROs item list, except for some nicer things. Cash Voucher NPC This NPC can be found in the main office and have special items. Special Tab This tab contains garments that will stay for roughly 2 months in this NPC and after this time, new garments will move into it while the old ones will move into cashshop. This way you can decide to either buy Cash Vouchers from others or recharge yourself to get one or more of these garments. Garments 8th of October to 8th of December While on 8th of November, new ones get added ontop. But the duration of said garments will be 60 days in voucher shop. Costume Magic Wonderland Circle Costume Lord of Death Shield Costume Dark Lord Cloak Costume Corrupted Dark Lord Cloak Note: This one is invisible on 4th expanded for now. Only the aura below is visible. Costume Love Bunny Cloak Costume Mystical Wing Costume Labrys Axe Costume Poring Syringe Costume Aqua Fin Decoration Costume Phoenix Wings Note: This one is invisible on 4th expanded for now. Costume Cinnamoroll Bag Costume 2023 RTC Robe 4 Note: This one is invisible on 4th expanded for now. Costume 2023 RTC Robe 3 Note: This one is invisible on 4th expanded for now. Only the aura is visible. Costume 2023 RTC Robe 2 Note: This one is invisible on 4th expanded for now. Only the aura is visible. Costume 2023 RTC Robe 1 Note: This one is invisible on 4th expanded for now. Only the aura is visible.
  27. Drunk's Melee "Suranui" Guide

    I guess so? Just switch up the weapon to whatever boosts Shadow Flash (and Shadow Dance if possible for off DPS)
  28. Read Me

    Hello everyone, first of all, I want to apologise for me not being around so much these past weeks. Real life had caught up to me with a few issues, but they're all resolved now. With that being said, I'm NOT announcing that the server will close down or anything alike, so don't get me wrong here to begin with. With Shining Moon it originally started as a hobby but eventually with Helheim release turned into something that needed more attention that I had at the time. Which I had resolved but sadly, there is one issue there... With my policy of adding not much to the cashshop and trying to keep everything as balanced as possible item and obtaining wise, over the time the rewards got too rewarding which lead to the point that I am now. The cashshop purchases have decreased significantly and with me not adding more things to it, it wasn't very helpful. And not being entirely sure how this can be solved easily. I've had this thought for quite a while by now. To counter the part of getting more I had raised the cashpoint gain for less amount spent which had resolved it at the time. But not anymore. Sadly also recently we had a scammer in stripe which used stolen credit cards, I had thought I resolved this but apparently wasn't resolved. The main issue there is the fees stripe asks for for every chargeback + the original amount. Anyway, that is beside the point right now. We are at a point where unless something changes drastically at the current ratio the server can't afford itself by the end of this month. I will be doing some changes to the infrastructure of the servers to hopefully lessen it by changing to newer cheaper and better servers. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know what we are at right now. I will be focusing on a costume update right now, since we're long overdue for one. Suggestions for costumes can be posted on the Shining Moon discord server channel: #costume_suggestions PS: As side note, I have changed the current exchange rate to 1$ = 5000 CP. Its not a permanent fix and will not be there forever.
  29. Fortessa Zero

    Hi everyone! I'm excited to see the enthusiasm for Fortessa Zero. It's great that Shining Moon is open to suggestions for making the experience even better. Here's my input: Have you played any RO Zero server before: [Yes/No] Do you currently play Fortessa Zero: [Yes/No] Suggestion: I think it would be a fantastic addition to have a system where players can exchange excess Monster Hunter Coins, considering their current limitations. This would provide more flexibility and enhance the gameplay experience for everyone. Looking forward to hearing more ideas from the community! Best regards,
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