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  3. Halloween Screenshot Contest

    IGN: Satsugai no Kage Realm: Helheim Title: I live alone in shadow
  4. Intro: This is not really a guide, just me showing my gears. My old gears (Edda biolab combo): My new gears (Thanos combo): Damage Comparison:
  5. Halloween Screenshot Contest

    IGN : Yamete Kudasai Realm : Helheim Title : The Horsey in the Opera...
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  7. Halloween Screenshot Contest

    IGN: Luna Nera Realm: Helheim Title: It's behind me isn't it..
  8. Option for no Madogear Sprite?

    Yes please. I haven’t been using my mado cause I like the look of the mech without it. An option like this would be perfect
  9. Halloween Screenshot Contest

    IGN : Miku Izayoi Realm : Helheim Title : Queen Of Death
  10. Gene the Cannon build

    Hi! Is there any othe way to instacast cart cannon aside from food? What if I use temp dex in place of the str boots?
  11. Psychic FrostFire: Autocast Super Novice Theoryguide I. Introduction and Disclaimer II. Super Novice and Autocast and Stats III. Skill Repertoire IV. Skill repertoire - actually looking at our Super Novice skillset KEKW V. Gear - Optimal (ish?) VI. Gear - Budget (ish?) VII. Running down the numbers VIII. Cards IX. Shadow Gear X. Costume Enchants XI. Preparing for the future (level 5 weapons and level 2 armor, Hyper Novice) Changelog:
  12. Is there a way to make my madogear and cart invisible. I want to see my costumes but I still kinda want to use the mado skills.
  13. Halloween Screenshot Contest

    IGN: Shining Fettel Realm: Helheim Title: The Purge Of Strath... Prontera!
  14. Halloween Screenshot Contest

    IGN : Waru Realm : Helheim Title : Blood sacrifice for our Queen
  15. Halloween Screenshot Contest

    IGN: TehMessiah Realm: Helheim Title: The floating cat in Niflheim looks for its body... or one to steal.
  16. Halloween Screenshot Contest

    In-game name: SonicBreno Realm: Helheim Title: You're going to Brazil. There's anything more scary than going to Brazil?
  17. Halloween Screenshot Contest

    IGN: Kelvin Keyron Realm: Niflheim Title: Into the Woods
  18. Playable on mac?

    Hi. I'm playing Shining Moon ever since on Mac. Last year I used the outdated version of Wineskin. This allows you to run almost every Windows application on their app. The older version is fine however it's a bit buggy. Hotkeys are not very impressive (specifically alt+q, alt+1. for some reason even if I disable the function keys of Mac it gets enabled.) Crashes sometimes when there are specific functions the app doesn't support (damn I remember the auto crash psychic wave - never again). I upgrade my Macbook Pro to Big Sur and now use the latest Wineskin package. I highly recommend you search around the web as I can't advertise another server (clue: TTN) that provides detailed instructions on what dlls you need to download inside the app. Just prepare to hear the vacuum sound on your hard disk if you wish to play on Mac (you will know what I mean for sure).
  19. Halloween is just around the corner, and all the ghosts and ghouls want to party! You're invited to the party, but in order to enter you'll need to post your best spooky themed screenshot/selfie! State your In Game Name, Realm and Title of your screenshot. (Follow the below example) You can only submit one entry, you can change it until the deadline and edit the screenshot you have already posted. Be unique and have your own fashion sense, don't copy and re-edit after seeing other posts here. You will be disqualified. Screenshots cannot be edited. All interface should be hidden. (Default Key: Press F11 twice) You are free to use any emotes you want. You should have a caption/title for your screenshot. You are free to ask your friend/s to take part in your screenshot or you can take the screenshot with yourself only in it. Screenshots are to be posted under this thread and they have to be from your Shining Moon RO Screenshot Folder. (As it has the timestamp and the Shining Moon Logo). SUBMISSION EXAMPLE WINNER 100x Event Coins Costume Ghostring Tall Hat (31123) PARTICIPANTS 50x Event Coins Costume Pumpkin Head (20172) END DATE : OCTOBER 31 2021 Note : Feel free to react to the submission you like the most The Staff members are not allowed to be the winner of the event. They are however allowed to submit their work for the event and are only eligible for participation reward.
  20. yes, just get more FCT. But they are still weak. I don't recommend them.
  21. Playable on mac?

    Hi. is WS9Wine1.7.55 the only version that will work for the guide? I cant seem to access that version anymore :<
  22. why would u guys put your guesses.. defeats the purpose of this..
  23. Option for no Madogear Sprite?

    Yes. Please Lunar.
  24. [Helheim] FS Arch Bishop by Digi

    White Lady on headgear is better? (+30% healing at the cost of 30% more sp used)
  25. Gene the Cannon build

    Is that 12m with all the mvps you mention?
  26. The Donafellian Sorcerer Supreme - Diamonds are Forever

    idk if you're doing a elemental master guide already, but i wanted to know if you think its going to be viable i'm a casual player, just to have fun, and i'm having a blast with the new skills, but they have a very long fixed cast time.. i can only instacast with ventus -1sec passive... idk if there's a way to get the skills insta atm, they have like 2.5(?) fixed sec
  27. KA Sura Guide By Arun

    any plans on updating this guide?
  28. Compensation Event

    As per voting on discord #poll the event was extended to 4th of October
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