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  2. damn can you people type it for easy ctrl+f? [ITEM] My beauty is ageless and frozen in time, what am I? Hint: This item is symbol of affection A: witherless rose [MONSTER] This flower disguise itself until the perfect momentd dropping its sunny act. Who am I? Hint: This monster is found near Rachel A: Drosera [MONSTER] I am so cute and cuddly. many young girls call me their own. What am I? Hint: This creature is cute and cuddly A: teddy bear [MONSTER] Only you can prevent forest fire. who am I? Hint:... A: remover
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  4. 𝐻𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑜!ヅ

    Thanks!! You guys were right; however, I to shy to say hi. Like everyone knows each other and I'm just like 'uuuuh durr' >.< but thanks for the warmly welcomes, so far I'm just a scrub soooo hopefully I make friends, and be less than a scrub. Anywayyy thankies
  5. Servers will be unavailable for roughly 10 minutes.
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  7. Both servers will be offline for roughly one hour.
  8. hi im trading a +7 almighty shadow earring for a illusion muffler with neve of stamina x2, no matters what lvl it has ! pm in game "Wretched Farm" "Wretched Pium" "Wretched" peace!!
  9. server closed

    Same error again...
  10. Double Weekend with 50% EXP

    During the duration of the event the following changes apply to both Helheim and Niflheim! Double Cashpoints, Double Droprate, 10% increased refine chance in the Refinement UI, 50% increased EXP ( works with 1x ), Ends on the 25th of March at 00:01 servertime! The Shining Moon staffs wishes you all happy hunting and good luck with drops!
  11. Any Adoramus Priest Build guides?

    Thanks and yeah i do have the combo
  12. Illusion Pole Axe + Illusion Shoes combo does not work (no damage increase) neither does illusion combo battle glove + muffler on the test server tested the former on helheim and works fine, but dont have the muffler to test with
  13. Mudfish Guide

    Hi there, First and foremost, if this guide seems to difficult, it'll be best to stick to things like Pingzapper/WTFast. This will require patience, and self troubleshooting if it doesn't work. Welcome to another guide this round incited due to Unifi being a dick. Skip below ##### if you wish to ignore the random information If you're here you're probably getting spikes of inconsistent ping. If everything else controllable is perfect, most of the time, it'll be due to inefficient routing. So down to the nitty gritty. What is routing? Routing is basically the pathway Data transfer from the server to you. Map of all cables connecting us together > https://submarine-cable-map-2018.telegeography.com/ Doesn't it always travel in the shortest line? Yes and no. Sometimes submarine cables break, so ISP may decide to route it elsewhere, Sometimes a particular route is clogged. Think of it as a highway. If too many cars are on it, it'll be a traffic jam. But sometimes, it just because the ISP decide to do this But if ISP decides my routing how does VPN work? Simple! cause VPN have their own dedicated paths for routing. a VPN provider will have their own personal routes, and they are "renting" for your use whenever you run a VPN. BUT!? HOW? Essentially, when you run a VPN, you'll connect to the closest Node/route that is available to you. (Most countries should have one. Check if the VPN has a node in your country prior to using) Then they transport your data through their own VIP routing highway, ensuring you end up going wherever you need to be in the shortest route problem. ############################################################# Do take note, if the problem is due to other issues not routing in origin, this will not do anything for you. Alternatively, if the problem is due to your ISP having a local cable issue, this will also not do anything for you. Download Mudfish, install Mudfish Always run Mudfish on administrator rights. Upon starting mudfish, you're sent to your dashboard which requires you to login ( You should get a small sum free to test by default (that should last you a few years, I've not used mudfish much for some time, but this is my balance since 2016, I started at 3 USD) Setup > Program > FastConnect mode = Off Item > Manage Items > "+" Symbol Now under routing Path key in Now click Add Have both Shining Moon & Mudfish running and you should have realtime traffic updating. if it doesn't restart mudfish. You are done. my Ping with Mudfish from KL, Malaysia Advanced notes for MY/SG, this is the path i'm using, for other countries, you'll want to select "the closest node to you" -> CA East, so trial and error is required, else leave it in auto selection. That's all from me, ciao!
  14. [Helheim] WoE Time Change Poll

    Thanks for the input
  15. Further optimizing i wanted to see what safe cert/HD ori looks like if we only take it to +9 (because +10 % sucks), results: Safe Cert = 7.769085 HD ori = 14.460976 this seems considerably better than BsB/old ori in terms of cost: Safe/HD ori = 52,730,000 BsB/Old Ori = 10m x 6 + 4m x 4 = 76,000,000
  16. Any Adoramus Priest Build guides?

    Stick and Beret combo are better than Mora set if you have it. Mora doesn't allow you to use Flattery Robe, FAW and Temporal Boots, so if you have a +8 Holy Stick (which is very easy tbh), this is already better than the Mora combo.
  17. Starting as a sura

    Alright, thank you.
  18. Quest Item Not Dropping

    Hello! I know a lot of people don't play this game for the quests, so I know it's not really that big of a priority. However, I was doing the Bifrost Tower quest to help the Professor with his memory and the quest asks for 20 Star Shape Mushrooms, which do not drop from the Petal monsters as they should. Instead, King's Token drops and I checked the mobinfo on Petals and there is no info on it dropping those tokens or the Star Shape Mushrooms. The quest can't be completed, but as I stated I know I'm probably only one of the few doing the quests, so by all means address more important bugs to the server. I just thought I'd bring it to your attention is all. Have a great night!
  19. Starting as a sura

    Always start with a ranger or gunslinger to farm (ranger is easier to get tons of damage at medium time, gunslinger has good damage at fast time (Round trip skill + tempest weapon) but has harder time to get to tons). Starting with a x1 is not recommended at all.
  20. forgot to mention the rates are calculated assuming a +10% refine event - but same logic applies (though numbers would be higher on average)
  21. [HEIM]Selling Turtle General

    Current offer at 2,5B
  22. Hey guys, penguin here, I have a degree in math and decided to solve the question, what is the optimal way to refine? so i wrote two programs, outlined below, to simulate 1 million refines and what the averages of 2 different methods are the results are expected First method, use BSB/old elu on +7 to +8, use HD oridecon otherwise (solveRates), second method refine BSB -> old ori all the way through (solveRates2) solveRates() ; n counter,ln,refine,success,iteration s refine=7 f ln=1:1:1000 q:refine=10 d . i refine=7 s success=$$roll(50) . i refine=8 s success=$$roll(30) . i refine=9 s success=$$roll(19) . i 'success,refine>7 s refine=refine-1 . e i success s refine=refine+1 . i refine=7 s counter=counter+1 . s iteration=iteration+1 q counter_"|"_iteration solveRates2() ; n counter,ln,refine,success,iteration s refine=7 f ln=1:1:1000 q:refine=10 d . i refine=7 s success=$$roll(50) . i refine=8 s success=$$roll(50) . i refine=9 s success=$$roll(30) . i refine=7 s counter=counter+1 . i refine=8 s counter=counter+2 . i refine=9 s counter=counter+4 . i success s refine=refine+1 . s iteration=iteration+1 q counter_"|"_iteration ; roll(value) ; n roll s roll=$r(100) i roll<value q 1 q 0 i put these guys in a wrapper to iterate 1 million, these are the averages BsB used from solveRates method: 25.593615 BsB used from solveRates2 method: 19.328085 total iterations solveRates method: 49.350849 total iterations solveRates2 method: 7.328922 I think its right because BSB all the way through is solvable, you have (2)(1) + 2(2) + 3.3333(4) = 19.333 which is what my averages are converging to BUT WAIT, what if we used safe refines instead of BSB and old ori ALL THE WAY THROUGH??? So use HD oridecon to go higher than +7, if we drop to +6 safe refine back to +7 solveRates3() ; n counter,ln,refine,success,iteration s refine=7 f ln=1:1:1000 q:refine=10 d . i refine=7 s success=$$roll(30) . i refine=8 s success=$$roll(30) . i refine=9 s success=$$roll(19) . i 'success,refine>6 s refine=refine-1 . e i success s refine=refine+1 . i refine=6 s counter=counter+1,refine=7 . s iteration=iteration+1 q counter_"|"_iteration iterating, we get Safe Refine +7 needed: 30.947449 HD Ori needed: 67.090516 assume BsB = 10,000,000 HD Ori = 1,500,000 Safe Refine = 4,000,000 Old Ori = 4,000,000 Refine to +10 using BsB/old ori = 222,720,000 zanels to refine Refine to +10 using BsB/old ori/HD ori = trash, infinity zanel don't do it Refine to +10 using Safe Ticket/HD ori = 224,395,000 zanels to refine Takeaways: 1. BsB + old ori is better than BsB at 7 and HD ori onward, even in terms of BsB used 2. Safe Refine +7 + HD ori is actually a reasonably cost effective method to refine something to +10 3. HD ori should never be used outside of refine event 4. Optimal cost efficiency during refine event is safe to 7 to preserve +7, use HD ori to get to +9, use BsB/old to get from 9 to 10
  23. [Hell] Link's Shop

    GERAL: Contaminated Magic x184 Gym Pass x5 Bloody Branch x66 Convex Mirror x102 EQUIPMENTS: +8 Lord of Death's Helmet +9 Fallen Angel Wing (EA 2/3/4) Archangel Wing x2 +0 Temporal STR Boots (NoSlot) (EA4/SoL) +0 Vicious Mind Bow COSTUMES: Costume Black Angel Mini Silk Hat Costume Evil Marching Hat CARDS: Abysmal Knight Card Byorgue Card Dark Pinguicula Card x3 Gold Scaraba Card Immortal Cursed Knight Card Maya Purple Card You can find me ign: Link vs MVPs and on Discord: Link#0637
  24. [Helheim] Costumes in pvp areas

    +1. we spend money on costumes to show them in all places :3
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