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  4. 4th of July

    The event will end on the 5th of July 00:01. During this duration these bonuses are applied. Double Drop event Triple Card Drop event ( normal cards only ) Triple Cashpoints [ 1$ = 3333 CP ] 30% sales in the main office ( Sales Expert NPC ) and @cashshop
  5. WoE Days Rework Poll

    An other poll regarding the days for WoE. If you would be so kind, please fill it out too. >>>> Click here, thanks <<<< Thank you in advance! P.S.: Yeah, I'm sick of polls too, but we need your opinions.
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  7. ~ Card Exchanger Event ~ Q3

    [ This is based on an official kRO event that is held once every 3 months for 1 week at the start of each quarter ] Information: The event will be held on both Niflheim and Helheim. You can exchange cards, card albums into points and exchange these points into a Card Exchanger Album. Cost has been raised to 15 per 1. Duration: 2020-07-01 00:00 until 2020-07-08 00:01 Rewards: You will gain 1 random card when opening the Card Exchanger Album. Every normal card Every mini boss card Every MvP card [ Except Golden Thief Bug Card on Helheim ]
  8. WoE Timezone Rework Poll

    First and foremost, this is a survey to know the opinions of the players of SMRO on the related topic. We do care about our player-base and want to improve the server. Since our player base is very interested in the idea of WoE, we would like to review our current times and possibly change them to suit everyone for the better. So if you all would be so kind, please fill out the survey and help us. This may take a few minutes of your time, but your opinions are much appreciated. You can choose multiple answers/times, and we will shortlist the most popular choices. >>>>>>CLICK HERE TO GIVE US YOUR OPINION<<<<<<<< Thank you in advance!
  9. Hello everyone! There are many people who keep asking what's the best method to farm Zeny or how to get Zeny without good gear. That's why, I created this guide for you with explaining how to farm in 4 different areas and the difficulty. Startup Farming Option 1: Magma Dungeon 2 Farming Option 2: Juperos Dungeon 1 Farming Option 3: Geffenia Farming Option 4: Thanatos Tower Overall I would always recommend to farm at Thanatos Tower if you have a gear to do enough dmg, since you make the highest profit there. If Thanatos Tower is full just go to Gefenia. If you have any questions or suggestions you can either write a pm ingame to Mitsuna or at Discord #3093 Mitsuna. I really hope this guide is helpful for newer people or people who just started with renewal. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I hope that more people start to use the forum or help other players with writing guides. And if you write guides you can also be rewarded:
  10. How to start Terra Gloria quest Line?

    You don't need to do any quest to farm your stuff, everything is accessible from the start, and the Quest Line is bugged anyway. Just warp to Illusion Field to farm your Cor Core. Either use the Warper -> Fields -> Illusion Field or just use the commands directly like "@warp sp_os". This is the first map of the Illusion field with weak monsters.
  11. Woe Specifications

    So 7 options per pack means every day would be a different woe mode?
  12. Woe Specifications

    This is technically just a discussion to get an idea. So the Timezone seems to be South America / SEA / NA . MVP Cards, guess that is going to require another poll whether if it should be disabled in all of the modes or have modes that allows it and etc. The other thing with this thread is, people are voting but not voicing their opinion. Please suggest a time when you pick the SLOT ! So we can have an estimation of the time WoE should happen. @Raphat PACK A and PACK B is - 7 different modes of WoE thats what it indicates to. So from 1-7 modes you have the specification of job/item/mvp card etc. basically what kinda limitation there is in that WoE Mode. Eg. 1 = Classic jobs only (1st+2nd classes), No shadows, No costume enchants, No MVP That means there will be a WoE day or castle or something.... with classic jobs only- no shadow, no costume enchants and no mvp cards. So depending on the decision of this poll it will be a classic job only woe with (renewal items or trans items only) Like Old School WoE ? Hope that helps you to understand what the Packs are. I am being horrible at explaining at the moment, I apologize.
  13. Woe Specifications

    I dont think MvPs will be balanced at all in WoE, it just leads to uncontrollable masses of skills that cant be countered in any way and that would kill the whole purpose of the strategy in the WoE. There's a PvP room if people want to mindlessly kill and brag mvps. I also believe swaying way out of the current time schedule will make a lot of the Southamerican players (which currently are the most woe population) not be able to play, so i would be voting for current WoE time -2:00 or +2:00 (05:00-09:00 server time). Anything later than that will already go really late the SEA time zone
  14. Woe Specifications

    I dont understand the Pack A pack B thing. My vote is Trans Woe, WITHOUT MVP, FBH/Thanatos are retardedly easy to get here, and that would be a stupid way to make WoE a one shot fiesta. That was called in iRO WoE S.E., and it sucked, (remember that iRO has waaaaaaaaay less MVP cards than SMRO). BTW I dont see the option between woe 1.0 or woe 2.0. Personally I only like WoE 2.0, cause it requires more strategy and it is more fun, but it requires more people.
  15. Woe Specifications

    Time to voice your suggestion and opinions on how you want WoE to work out. This is just a back-bone poll/thread to get the opinion of the community. Specifications and Times can be discussed on this thread, once enough information is gathered the thread will be closed and summarized to see what kinda path will be taken. The polls are to give us an idea of what the community wants on some of the questions we currently have. Any other information, specification is welcomed. Thank you in advance for your contribution. Pack A 1 = Classic jobs only (1st+2nd classes), No shadows, No costume enchants, No MVP 2 = Trans jobs, Ep.13, No shadows, No costume enchants, No MVP 3 = Trans jobs, Ep.13, No shadows, No costume enchants, With MVP 4 = 3rd jobs, Ep.15, 2nd gen shadows shadows, 1st gen costume enchants, No MVP 5 = 3rd jobs, Ep.15, 2nd gen shadows, 1st gen costume enchants, With MVP 6 = 3rd jobs, All shadows, All costume enchants, No MVP 7 = 3rd jobs, All shadows, All costume enchants, With MVP Pack B 1 = Classic jobs only (1st+2nd classes), No shadows, No costume enchants, No MVP 2 = Trans jobs, Ep.13, No shadows, No costume enchants, No MVP 4 = Trans jobs, Ep.13, No shadows, No costume enchants, With MVP 4 = 3rd jobs, Ep.14, No shadows, No costume enchants, No MVP 5 = 3rd jobs, Ep.15, 2nd gen shadows, 1st gen costume enchants, No MVP 6 = 3rd jobs, Latest Ep., All shadows, All costume enchants, No MVP 7 = 3rd jobs, Latest Ep., All shadows, All costume enchants, With MVP Pack means those are the modes our WoE will have. You guys get to choose between A and B.
  16. I want to farm Cor Core for illusion gears but I can't find how to start the quest that will eventually take me to Rudus, I did the Banquet of Heroes, Ritual of Blessing and Room of Consciousness to completion but Nyhill and Skia are nowhere to be found (yes I went to my room and Nyhill Room's, they aren't in neither place). I tried to complete all the sidequest I was given during the Banquet of Heroes but the Royal Chief one and the Training one. I'd rather not try to buy Cor Core from people if I can but I've been doing that since I just can't go to the place where I can farm it so: Any ideas on what should I do? I'm new to the server so I don't really know what to do about it.
  17. Cashpoint

    Remove the CP events entirely?
  18. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    All the participation rewards and winning reward (Moon Coins) have been send to their respective owners. Like I have mentioned above, for the custom title and choice of your headgear, please contact me following the "Example" format. Thank you once again.
  19. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    Thank you all for participating, once the winner is decided, it will be announced and you will be contacted for your reward. #1) Lavenza Seres #2) Roam #3) Pekora #4) Netori #5) -Null- #6) FlamPurr #7) Sorayana #8) Mintz #9-11) Syoberry Crepecake, Julianna Lucille, Corinne~ #1-8 Will get winning rewards (title+headgear) + participation rewards. Additionally they will get Moon Coins. 1000 Moon Coins 750 Moon Coins 500 Moon Coins 200 Moon Coins 200 Moon Coins 150 Moon Coins 150 Moon Coins 100 Moon Coins #9-11 Will only get Participation Rewards. #1-8 (Lavenza Seres, Roam, Pekora, Netori, -Null-, FlamPurr, Sorayana, Mintz) Please contact me with the information of which headgear you want (along with its ID) and the custom title you wish to have. Example: IGN: Dusk Realm: Helheim Custom Title: "Dawn" Choice of Headgear: "Costume Alice Wig (Peach) (ID: 31407)"
  20. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    IGN: -Null- Server: Hellheim MyEntryForSure.rar MyEntryForSure.bmp
  21. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    IGN: FlamPurr Server : Helheim SMRO loading_screen.rar SMRO loading_screen.bmp
  22. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    IGN: Pekora Server: Helheim PekoraShiningMoon.rar PekoraShiningMoon.bmp
  23. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    IGN: Netori Server: Helheim contest.bmp contest.rar
  24. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    Hello! HERE'S MINE! IGN: Mintz Server: Helheim shining-moon-2020.bmp
  25. Meteor Storm procs from items

    I just got my patented madogum today, and I notice this was happening. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon. Was looking forward to having the weapon.
  26. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    Here's my take on the loading screen! IGN: Lavenza Seres Server: Helheim Preview: https://imgur.com/a/jAatSyE silkloading02_nearesven.bmp silkloading02_nearesven.rar silkloading02_nearesven_v2.bmp (Requested by Dusk for the logo change)
  27. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    IGN: Sorayana Server: Helheim Submission.bmp
  28. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    IGN: RoamServer: Helheim loadingscreenflogo.bmp
  29. 3rd Anniversary

    Hello everyone, its time again! Niflheim has been up for 3 years now! Lots have happened over the years and Niflheim is still there and will be for a longer time! Double Drop event 50% EXP Triple Cashpoints Refine event 12% extra chance Lucky 3 Slotmachine 10% extra chance Costume Drop 0.10% chance 30% sales! All events will end on the 14th of June 2020.
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