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  3. Ignition Break Rune Knight Guide

    Hi there! Welcome to the server! I don't really have any guides on how to progress from 1st job to 3rd job, but I suggest asking other players/joining a guild that can help you. The best build to level with would be something like: Bash / Magnum Break (1st job) -> Bowling Bash (2nd job) -> Wind Cutter (3rd job) -> Ignition Break (Final) Since you're new, leveling with Ignition Break would be kind of difficult, it's easier to level with Wind Cutter. Sorry with the late reply, just got back into classes :sadge:
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  5. Should ECA continue?

  6. Should ECA continue?

    I voted yes, because ECA has been around for a while and those that played during ECA era has the ability to literally leverage and control market for specific mvp cards. Damage is done, and having it stay would allow mvp cards to be accessible and obtained by players who was not around when ECA was enabled.
  7. Ignition Break Rune Knight Guide

    Hi! First of all, i want to thank you for this guide. It helped paint a picture as to what my end game goals are. so I really appreciate you making this end game guide. As a relatively new player though, (i just started playing). Do you have any guides as how to I would progress my character from swordsman-knight-lordknight-runeknight? Like which beginner gears should i aim for first for fast progression and such before i get to farming the end game builds? ls there a specific build i should aim first for leveling? or even in leveling ignition break should always be my go to skill?
  8. Seasonal Booster

    third option means is still tradeable?
  9. Should ECA continue?

    Just a Poll to see if ECA should return.
  10. Zarku's Quickie 1x Leveling Guide

  11. Hi guys, this is my first time posting a guide here, and sorry for my BAD grammar *i admit it please be patient with me This is my quickie build for leveling with 1x BaseRate/100x JobRate as Baby Warlock. As to why i choose baby class because baby class have access to 2-trans skills when they are job 2 (ie: Baby Wizard can use Magic Ampli, Gravitation Field,etc), and there's no stat penalty whatsoever in SMRO. I share this build since there's many question here and there asking about where and how to reach 175(1x) as fast as possible. But, keep in mind that this build is not for new player / low budget gears. Because we go straight to illusion dungeons (Abyss & Labyrinth) and we need to be well geared to hunt there.. Phen Card effect (Not Interuptable Cast) is not mandatory either from Equipment & Card / Infinity Gin, it's just for smooth leveling journey (Lv1-99). This build has been experimented and proven by my(shameless)self PROS: 1. Most Quickie to reach level 175 based on total time invested 2. Baby Wizard have access to High Wizard's skills (explained above), Magic = never Miss!! (except: Element Penalty; effect of skills like wall of fog,etc) 3. Gravitational Field (mini-comet damage wise), Comet (Large AoE, High Damage), Safety Wall, & Sightrasher (Knockback) 4. Neutral Property Magic , No Elemental Penalty 5. No Bounties, wasting time 6. No Quests. Optional *Recommended quest : Nightmare Pyramid Quest, Cursed Village Quest, 10pc Deep Sea Essence (Illusion Quest, item only) - i didnt do any quest myself.. CONS: 1. Not budget friendly 2. Not Quickie compared with stacking bounties strategy.. if we ignore time invested for stacking bounties 3. Neutral Property Magic, no damage to Chaotic Ghostring 4. Switching Equipment every now and then which is confusing if u didn't organize it properly 5. Switching Compunded Card every now and then, need to bring Card Removing Matrix, confusing if u didn't organize it properly 6. Baby class can't change job to job 3 directly (Must Reborn ) Leveling Stat Allocation Itamz!! Equip & Card Lv 1-175 Equip & Card Lv 1-99 Equip & Card Lv 100+ Shadow & Stone Est. Time to Reach Level 175 with 1x Baserate & 100x Jobrate Well, i didn't mention MVP Card any further since i think it's only for niche players (ie: Himmelz, Bijou, Etc Etc). I have tested myself that it's POSSIBLE to kill turtles with 2x GF without MVP Card, unless you aim to 1Shot turtles (i believe u need MANY MVP Cards & OVER REFINED GEARS) GUIDE DONE!! Enjoy my Quickie build... tell me ur opinion, or questions...
  12. Seasonal Booster

    The MVP cards that come from the MVP Album are Accountbound. Other MVP cards will stay tradeable.
  13. Seasonal Booster

    Seasonal Booster A (kind of) Seasonal activity, that resets every Month. You level a Booster character from Baselevel 1-230. Battle Manuals are disabled. Reward structure is to be selected above. You will be able to make a new Booster Character with each new month this way. VOTE WISELY, YOU CAN'T CHANGE YOUR VOTE AFTERWARDS. Numbers are subjects to change
  14. Weird Parts

    Was this item (6034) not added to T_W_O's drop table for some reason? The exchanger is present in the main town but there doesn't seem to be any way to actually get the requisite materials.
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  16. Give me your Memes Event

    Thank you for submitting all of these lovely memes! They are all great! The GM Team is gonna look at them and announce the winners once we have come to an agreement! Except one of you! I work hard to write and plan these events! At least work hard too!
  17. "Birthday Bash for GM Ashe" Event

    After a whole month of dealing with real life work and trying to find inner peace, Ashe (and I to get the answers from her) found the time to choose the winners for the Birthday Bash event! Many of them were lovely, so she said, but we had to choose only three winners! The three winners are..... Saviel, Feline and GatoBorrachudo! (I'd ask those three to message me on the forum with their choice of costume.) Congratulations to the three winners! And a thank you very much for joining! And... since it was so late, we have increased the participation reward by 100 event coins! They will be sent to you via RoDex. An extra thank you will appear at a later date from Ashe, stay tuned!
  18. Ignition Break Rune Knight Guide

    Have you test Automatic Armor (2x Wave Break | 1x Attack Power) vs (2x Wave Break | 1x Attacker Force) which is better?
  19. [Niflheim] Genesis Ray Royal Guard

    it comes from world boss boxes
  20. Give me your Memes Event

    Name: Tiger Ming Realm: Helheim Title: ur mom
  21. Give me your Memes Event

    Name: Drunk on EDPs Realm: Helheim Title: What's renewal?
  22. [Niflheim] Genesis Ray Royal Guard

    Question, it doesn't say anywhere in the wiki or in @whodrops in game where to get the Genesis shadow gear? Could you please advise where they come from?
  23. BRUTAL's Basic Warlock "Guide" (maybe?)

    For shadow set, to comet build, what you use?
  24. Give me your Memes Event

    Name : Fouxe Realm : Niflheim Title : How the mighty have fallen StateOfGX.bmp
  25. Give me your Memes Event

    Name: GatoBorrachudo Realm: Helheim Title: Shining Moon Starter Pack
  26. Help for Battle Archbishop (Armour and Accessories)

    Small equipment update, since I messed up my Hell Mode recording today. It is also my favourite magic autocast Duple Light build at the moment.
  27. Give me your Memes Event

    IGN: Kelvin Keyron Realm: Niflheim Title: Call & Response
  28. Give me your Memes Event

    IGN: Saviel Realm: Helheim Tittle: No m0r slave
  29. Server Owner not updating anymore?

    Heya ^^ The server owner is actually hard at work on the next update. It includes a lot of new content such as 4th classes, new costumes, a new difficulty mode for instances, and more. If you're on the SMRO discord, there's a preview channel where the owner posts videos from time to time of the upcoming content. Let me know if you have any other questions ^^
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