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  1. Advanced Farming Guide - (Updated: 09/19/20)

    Damn nice and complete again, very helpful. Thanks
  2. Those players were deeeeeeeeeeeeesperate for this guide. Call asap 1-213-373-4253 4,99 a minute.
  3. Rune Knight Wind Cutter Build

    Wind Cutter Rune Knight To start I would like to say that there's two variations of this build, with Spear one and with Two-Handed Sword one, each one with downsides and advantages. So Let's get to it. Spear Variation (Ranged 1 Hit) This variation consist on using Peuz's Set (budget) build, along with Gelerdria spear + Storm Stone: It gives a lot of bonuses to Wind Cutter Damage and it's easier to obtain Peuz's Plate[0] +9 (Drop, can be enchanted in Mora); Peuz's Seal[1] +9 (Drop, can be enchanted in Mora); Peuz's Manteau[0] +9 (Obtainable from Mora coins, can be enchanted in Mora); Peuz's Greaves[1] +9 (Obtainable from Mora coins, can be enchanted in Mora); Mora Coins can be bought at .@go Market Leria NPC, 1m each coin. - Storm Stone [1] ID 28506 + Gelerdria [3] ID 1449 (From High Weapon Box etc) This combo gives a lot of damage to Wind Cutter and Boss monsters. - Black Ribbon [1] +9 (Mandatory) ID 5899 Gives damage to Wind Cutter and also removes it's CD. - Storm Stone [1] ID 28506 + Peuz's Set gives a huge variety of bonuses + reduces After Cast Delay by 70% for 10 seconds when using Aura Blade: Damage variate from 1.4m to 1.6m; A nice combo to use on Spear Variation: Sword Variation (Physical 2 Hits - Ignore Defense) As you can see, this variation gives way more damage however we'll discuss it below. - Temporal LUK Boots with Bear Power and FS was used on the test; - Lindy Hop with FS+FS was used on the test; - Temporal STR Manteau (-15% After Cast Delay enchant); - STR Soutane + STR Blessing was used on the test (I tested AGI+AGI Soutane and it was worst); - Immortal Dog Tag; - KSS Insignia with Strong enchant was used on that test; - You can use Blaze and White Magic Ring ID 28552 (JRO Only, for more ACD Reduction); - You can also use Illusion A Armor with Power Power and ACD modules; Shadow Gears: - Ignition Shadow Weapon +7 ID 24443 + Rune Knight Shadow Shield +3 ID 24301 (For 50% Def Ignore, enchant both with Atk+3%); For Spear variation ^ since Sword variation already ignores Defenses; - Physical Shadow Armor +9 ID 24395 + All Races Shadow Shoes +9 ID 24341 (Enchant both with Atk+3%); - Infinity Shadow Earring +8 ID 24150 + Pendant +7 ID 24151 (Recommend both +9 for a little more damage and nullify weapon size). - You can use FULL Reload Shadow Set +9 for more ACD Reduction (on Sword variation); Costumes: - Upper Costume +4k+4k Flat HP (or whatever you have); - Lower Costume -15~20% ACD reduction enchants; - Middle Costume +5%+5% ATK or +15%+15% Critical Damage enchants; - Garment Costume preferable with Holy or Ghost enchant; GX Garment II Stone + Assassin Upper II Stones combo. Cards: - Revolver Buffalo bandit + Gigantes Card; - Blut Hase Card; - Purple Ferus Card; - 3x Contaminated Wanderer Cards or 3x White Knight Cards or any of the two + Abysmal Knight Card; - Brown Rat Card; - Angry Nine Tail Card; Stats and Skills: Important Notes: - Yes you can use Full Reload Shadow Set for -15% ACD + Blaze and White Magic Ring for another 15% ACD reduction, however you will lose a lot of damage but will gain more spam, to what point is it useful for you?!; - You can use Necklace of Knight's Protection + Imperial Feather combo with 120 AGI in case you don't have Gambler combo; - Both builds have similar DPS in the end (with those Sets used), the Sword Variation gives more DPS, at the cost of WAY higher investment, then, it's up to you; - It was hard to manage the damage loss to gain ACD reduction with Sword Variation (unless you have a Kiel card); - Cost x Benefit the Spear Variation Wins, with more investment and effort Sword Wins by far; - In my tests I used these Runes + Potion + Standard +15 Foods + Magnum Break Skill: I hope I helped you with at least insights about this build, leave a like and a comment if you need o/
  4. Wiki Changes

    Lots of things that are on Patch notes are not on Wikipedia.
  5. Physical Ranged Damage Insights

    First of all, this guide is intended to give you some ideas, insights on how to build a Ranged Class Core Items \o/ As we all know, there's differences in gears for Helheim and Niflheim and modifiers, so I'll try to stay in the middle of the two servers. - Pretty much Ranged classes takes advantage of items such as: A) Increase Physical Ranged Damage; B) Increase Bow Damage or Weapon or specific skill damage; C) Bypass defenses; D) Boss Damage +; E) Critical Damage (On Niflheim); F) After Cast Delay, ASPD & etc. - I'm gonna link some suggestions I have for you on how to build it (All gears and tests are up to you to decide) Headgears Excellent because it gives ATK, Ranged Damage, All Enemies Damage + Reduce Fixed Cast time (drop from WB). Old Nightmare Biolab Hats are still very useful in case you go for Wanderer/Minstrel, Ranger and etc; https://irowiki.org/wiki/Nightmare_Biolabs_Headgear_Quests There's also the Option for Hugel Racing CAP depending on the build/character you are doing. ARMORS AGI is better if you lack/seek damage on all sizes + Critical + Atk. Abusive Robe is better in case you lack stats, because of the enchants it can receive. I would highly recommend using temporal boots with Hawkeye, the other enchants don't change much your damage, (There's LUK Boots for Crit) Here's a comparison I did using Abusive Robe +13 with Dex3Dex1 enchants versus Khalitzburg Armor +13 (Both without cards) First Damage is from Abusive. NPC can be found at .@go 46 - Susan Grey CARDS that I recommend Of course there's way more cards you can use, those are just my suggestions!!! SHIELDS This Shield is the Best in Slot IMO currently because it can receive ignore Boss Defenses up to 60%. Another excellent choice but just Niflheim available. As for accessories, there's always the RWC ones, the ACD ones, Physical Enhancer Rings, for Niflheim Emerald Ring, Blacksmith Gloves and +; - Items from MVP Ladder such as this one IS VERY USEFUL (you can keep it on your Storage, just bring with you everyday and finish MVP Ladder to renew it); FINAL CONSIDERATIONS - Always keep an eye on the Costume Stones and Enchants , they are very useful in most cases; - Always keep an eye on the Shadow Gears (specially the Build's Focused Ones) or the ones that gives Ranged Damage, Stats, Critical DMG, ATK, Life Leech, ETC; - Refining your gears makes everything better; - Always try to mix your multipliers of damage, the more you have the better. BONUS Two builds I did 4fun (on Niflheim) as example, yes you can judge, or suggest Wanderer_Severe_Rainstorm.txt Doram_PickyPeck.txt And again, if you have any suggestions please do it, and let's hep the community \o/
  6. What do YOU want? Nr 2

    Extended refine event, without ores, at least on Nifl We really needed that cash sales 25%
  7. Newbie Guide

    Can I suggest you to add the important NPCs as well? example, WB, Vend area, .@go 46 (Exchange area); It's useful for new players
  8. Tutorial Noob em Português

    Para começar, eu recomendo sempre quando você criar seu primeiro char, selecionar Rate 100x/100x. Para upar mais rapido e poder sair farmando items e ficar fortinho pra fazer um char Rate 1x posteriormente (do level 1 ao level 175 com rate 1x você ganha bonus permanente de drop 50%, você pode alterar o @jobrate para 100); Basicamente o Shining Moon RO funciona com dois servidores. Helheim (Baseado em kRO apenas com sistema de refino original) e Niflheim (Customizado, baseado em kRO, jRO e iRO); Aqui basicamente explicarei um pouco do que fazer quando começar e como fazer para chegar lá. Pontos importantes para se situar (Cidade Principal é Fortessa, .@go 0); - Special Tool Dealer (Vende tudo que você precisa); - Healer com Buffs (Agi e Bless); - Warper para 90% dos lugares que você precisa ir; - Lucky3 Roleta NPC (Para você girar as moedas Moonlight Coin (Azul) que você pegar de Eventos, WorldBoss, Daily e etc); - Office (Aonde contém os NPC's importantes do server, possui dois andares, @go office); - Sala de Refino, a direito e pra baixo do Healer Poring; - Eden (Lugar aonde você pega suas quests para pegar Level, @go Eden, no Niflheim tem o NPC chamado Gramps, que da Quests de 100/200 e 400's Monstros, pode pegar TODOS); - Eden também contém o NPC Bounty Missions, uma plaquetinha a direita; Sistema de Refino para o Niflheim apenas: - Lista de comandos úteis: .@go dummy (para testar seu dano). .@go Vend (Área aonde os players vendem os items) Coisas úteis do Dia-a-Dia: Daily Rewards (Recompensas Diárias); Aqui é onde você gira as suas Moonlight Coins (Azul) que você pega da Daily, Eventos, WB e etc; Aqui é onde você vai fazer suas instancias para ficar Fortinho; .@go Office, ao juntar 100 Kafra Cards o NPC Storage Master concede a Skill Call Storage, fica na aba ETC das Skills Se você completar 5x instancias durante a semana, este NPC concede uma caixa Costume aleatório (Apenas 1x por semana você pode pegar, em .@go 46) World Boss o que é? https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php/World_Boss (Você ganha 5 pontos por participar do World Boss, e no NPC opção Shop você troca os pontos por Items) Famoso .@go 46 (Exchange Area) Sets Iniciais para te ajudar no level up: Set Level 100 (material necessário dropa da Instancia Room of Consciousness) Inclusive Ticket de Refino para os items Set Level 150 (material necessário dropa do Mapa sp_os; sp_rudus2) Inclusive Ticket de Refino para os items com Core Core Na sua barra de skills, aba ETC tem skills que valem a pena ressaltar: 1) Soul Control: A cada mob que você mata, você tem uma % de chance de selar a alma dele e ganhar uma alma quando você atinge 10 almas e usa a Skill Soul Control você ganha +10 para todos os Stats (limitado ao Niflheim apenas), por 10 minutos, a cada 10 minutos; 2) Class Mastery: Você pode obter 3 Characters no mesmo, 3 em 1, o seu principal é o 1, o segundo você compra no Office com o NPC chamado Class Master Brutus por 25m (pode resetar), e o terceiro char você consegue usando o Item chamado Letter From Brutus; 3) Soul Contract: Você forma um contrato com o ultimo monstro que você selou para ser seu acompanhante (Ele pega os Stats do player); 4) Materialize Soul: Você materializa esse monstro para segui-lo, ele ataca, cura e da buffs em alguns casos, por 10 minutos a cada 10 minutos; 5) Soul Escape: Te livra de qualquer controle, efeitos; LINKS úteis para você do SMRO: - Reportar um BUG https://www.shining-moon.com/ticket/ - Wikipedia do Server https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php/Main_Page - Forum do Server https://www.shining-moon.com/ipb/ - Dark Society Instance necessária para ter acesso a Fortessa Dungeon e Fortessa Pit (conteudo end-game do jogo, com os drops fortes de item) https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php/Dark_Society (Vale para a conta toda) - Discord do Server https://discordapp.com/invite/8NuTZZZ + Dicas Importantes para Você: - Sendo bem sincera, eu sempre recomendo começar com Rate 100x/100x (Melhor e mais rápido para farmar e se preparar para o Rate1x); - Tenha um Merchant com a skill Overcharge para vender os items que você dropa por mais zeny nos NPC's; - Sempre tenha em mente que o fundamental do jogo é não ter preguiça, farmar e se dedicar e principalmente ler guias como esses; - Só existem duas maneiras de conseguir coisas no jogo, OU você farma Zeny com Horror Toy Factory instance, Geffenia02 e 03 matando Incubus e Succubus, matando Mavkas ou Thanatos Tower 09, OU você fica forte para fazer o conteúdo dificil do server para conseguir items bons e refinar seus equipamentos; - Sempre use Soul Control (Niflheim) + as comidas +10 para todos os stats; - Espere os Eventos que tem de Refino, Drop Dobrado, +Chance de Lucky3 e etc; - Não sabe Buildar? Como fazer uma build do zero! AI MEU DEUS AONDE UPAR??!?! - Siga o meu passo-a-passo de como upar seu char 1x, é bem efetivo e serve para qualquer Rate: Qualquer duvida referente a este Guia pode me perguntar. Espero ter ajudado.