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  1. How to Refine on Niflheim

    Welcome to your simple "how to refine" on Niflheim. Here I'm just gonna show you the possible ways of refining, the RNG involved and costs are your concern. With a normal Elunium or Oridecon, when you double click them, you open the Refine UI; Here you can enchant your stuffs, by dragging the item inside. - Refine House, at @go 0 (Fortessa) Those 2 NPC's refines from 7 to 9 and the other from 10 and on. - From 0 to 10 way: - Safe ticket Armor/Weapon automatically put the item to +8; - HD Elunium/Oridecon to try to +10, if it fails, it downgrades the refine; - Limited Elunium/Oridecon to try to +10, if it fails, nothing happens; - Blacksmith Blessing it's a 100% refine chance (description is wrong, 8 to 9 consumes 4, 9 to 10 consumes 7), BSB requires you to use another Ore together, such as Elunium/Oridecon, make sure to tag both on the refine UI; - From 10 to 20 way: - HD Carnium/Bradium if it fails, it downgrades the refine, from +10 and on, once you get +10, it won't downgrade to 9 or less anymore; - Limited Carnium/Bradium if it fails, nothing happens. Obs: I recommend using Limited Carnium on Armors from +12-13 and on or after +14 if you have a lot of BSB to spare; I recommend using Limited Bradium on Weapons from +14-15 and on, if you have a lot of HD Bradiums to spare and to try +14-15 first. But that is entirely up to you. Obs 2: Basta NPC can refine your Armor and Weapon from 10 to 11 with 100% chance of success using HDs. - Blacksmith Blessing description from 12 to 13 and 13 to 14 is accurate. - Shadow Equipment's: - Shadow Refine Hammer Random, or +9 Shadow Refine Hammer; - Using HD's Elunium/Oridecon from 7 to 10; - Using BSBs (the quantity necessary on Shadow equipment's is higher); - Shadow Limited Elunium, 2nd floor of @go eden to craft it, using 5x Limited Elunium; - Old Enriched Elunium/Oridecon, this item rows two times the chance of refining, but it breaks the item upon failing. - Notes: - Remember that the chance of success when you refine, is RNG based; - The way you want to refine, or the order, is entirely up to you, feel free for it. - Remember to triple check what you doing before refining, confirming the right ore and item; - The ways of obtaining the Refine Ores varies from, Lucky3, Special Lucky3, New Special Slot, Cash Shop, Instances, Boxes (Fortessa 2 Box, World Boss boxes), Exchange NPCs, Events, Players and etc; - When the server is having Refine Bonus event, that % bonus only applies to Refine UI. If you have any suggestions, tips, please leave on the comment section below o/
  2. Instance Farming Guide For Beginners (Videos Included)

    Very nice and complete guide.
  3. Wiki Changes

    Lots of things that are on Patch notes are not on Wikipedia.
  4. What do YOU want? Nr 2

    Extended refine event, without ores, at least on Nifl We really needed that cash sales 25%
  5. Leveling x1 Rate Character

    Updated to how server is working currently, meaning Helheim + GreenAura on MVP's.
  6. Leveling x1 Rate Character

    Thanks for the tip, I added Illusion Dungeon on the guide as well <3
  7. Leveling x1 Rate Character

    First of all, I would like to say that, I'm writing this guide based on what I think it's the right way for leveling a x1 character, if people disagree or think I miss something, please feel free to comment below and help me and the others. Make sure when you create the character, to select BASERATE 1x and DON'T CHANGE IT, but you can freely use JOBRATE 100x (Won't affect the bonus 50% until level 175); And make sure to use HE Battle Manual/x3 Battle Manual or any kind of exp boost AT ALL TIMES, to avoid more time leveling; Command @jobrate 100 to change it I don't recommend a x1 character for new players or first character on the server, but it's entirely up to you. Basically it don't change much from a normal grinding on rate x100 to a x1, this way I will say what is the best IMO to have before starting, to avoid too much painful grind and endless hours of farm. - x3 Battle Manual, gives +200% exp bonus; - Wait for exp bonus Event from the server, usually happens once every month and lasts for 1 week; - Pre set-up gears to use on each level as you can use it along the way; So basically, first choice is having a baby class, since on SMRO baby classes have the reborn skills, example, Hunter have Sniper skills; - Killing normal mobs on the maps, with 10 to 15 levels higher than yours; - Doing Bounty Missions from Eden ([email protected] Eden right at the entrance) - Doing Gramps quests (When you hit level 70) also at [email protected] Eden, just straight ahead; 100/200's or 400's Gramps gives 2 mobs and sometimes 3 mobs, you can get them all by talking to it again; - Instances such as Infinite Space (until you feel comfortable enough to keep climbing); - Airship Assault; - Charleston Crisis Instance (keep waiting until the mobs reborns); - Old Glast Heim normal, then hard; - Leveling at Illusion Dungeons according to your level; - You can take the quests from The Illusion Manager on the @go Office 2nd Floor to the right (Careful the monsters are very strong). Here's what I recommend: - Bounty missions until level 45 or so; - Mob orcs on orcsdun until level 70; OR - After you pick your first class after novice (Pick all illusion Quests from Luanda and deliver with HE Manual, IF you can level up yourself with another account); - Along with Ancient Mummy and Verit quest below; - Gramps 100/200 Harpy's along with Harpy's Bounty Mission of 150 and 400's; - Reborn; - Repeat; - Mag_dun02 (Mob the Hack out of them until 120 or so) or Airship Assault; - Gramps; - 140 Charleston Instance until level 155-160 kill all the monsters as they re-spawn until get tired of it; - Then Illusion Labyrinth until level 175; It's all a matter of choice between those. Notes: - If you are playing on Helheim side, there's no Gramps, so focus on bounty missions instead all the way, at Eden; - Bloody Branches or MVP's are not a reliable source of Exp anymore in my opinion, because of GreenAura; ~Gramps QUESTS is no longer affected by any kind of Battle Manual. Saying that I conclude this guide, sorry if I missed something, but everyone is free to add any kinda of info you want on the comments. Thanks and have fun above all. o/ - Suspicious Cat Quests, do it at level 99, then reborn and then turn in (@warp moc_prydn1); - Same applies for Mid Camp Quests, Fairy (Right warp of Splendide) and Tree Giant (Man_fild03 next to the bottom right portal)