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Found 2 results

  1. Tank & Devotion Royal Guard (Demonstration Video Included) So your party said they needed a tanky boi, and here you are, entrusted with the mission of protecting your fellow teammates, but the thing is... How to protect them, if you have no idea where to start with protecting yourself?! Follow me, and I will show you the secrets to achieving the "impossible", the ultimate tanky boi build, step by step! Build Objectives: - Neutral/elemental physical & magical resistance: no need to comment on this, right? RIGHT?! - MaxHP: no matter how much protection you can sport, your enemies allies are always there to take a hit for you... no, wait! <triggered> - Fixed/variable cast time reduction: instant Devotion cast heaven (Devotion has 1.5s of both VCT and FCT). - Hard Defense: this will be crucial to reduce part of the leftover damage (elemental melee attacks). So where do we even begin with our build? Equipment Cards Shadow Set Costumes Pet Consumables Skill Tree STATS and how my set looks like at the moment: Str for carrying more consumables/loot, Int and Dex for the instant variable cast, since Devotion has 1.5s and Luk for the Arc Angeling Card. Demonstration Video: Final considerations: With the 100% neutral damage reduction, you will be able to tank all NEUTRAL melee, ranged and magical damage from Fortessa Dungeons, Pit and Ruins (Severe Rainstorm, Cross Impact (if not poison enchanted), Ignition Break & Comet), Bio 5 (except for elemental melee & spells/traps) and anything else you attempt, such as end game instances and extreme farming. The partial elemental resistance as well as your Hard Defense will also benefit you greatly, since some creatures have elemental based melee attacks, which will bypass your neutral strategy. The extremely high HP will also help you tank damage from your DEAR TEAMMATES THAT YOU LOVE SO DEARLY!! The rest of it is up to you (player skill) of course, so practice endlessly until you get the feel of the build and are comfortable with the support skills and consumables. Enjoy, and if you have any questions or suggestions, whatsoever, ask away. and by the way, have you heard about my pie friend?
  2. Rubyria's Tank Mechanic Guide

    Due to the changes in the past year or so, most of the info in the guide was outdated, will work on a new one when 4ths come out.