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Found 1 result

  1. This guide was made for those, like me, who came from outdated, official or private servers, and are new to the concept of the 16.1 - 17.1 equipment sets. In here, I'll discuss about the gear progression for those episodes, as well as how to obtain them. Keep in mind that I won't go too much into detail for those and which is best for your build, there are many guides regarding the equipment for each build. The first 3 will be composed of skill-specific sets of equipment for every 3rd class, each for a range of level, which will help A LOT in the beginning, to level and farm for better gears. 16.1 - Banquet of Heroes Noblesse Set (Level 100+) /navi fortessa 75/136 16.2 - Terra Gloria Imperial Set (Level 125+) /navi fortessa 75/133 17.1 - Appear, Illusion! Grace Set (Level 150+) /navi fortessa 75/130 Illusion OS Set (Level 130+) /navi fortessa 84/112 Enjoy, and if you have any questions or suggestions, whatsoever, ask away. You can also contact me: In game: Selena Fluorspar or Sir Richard Discord: Shining Moon RO official discord, and '§¤ RicharÐ ¤§-#4215