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  1. Drunk's Melee "Suranui" Guide

    I guess so? Just switch up the weapon to whatever boosts Shadow Flash (and Shadow Dance if possible for off DPS)
  2. Drunk's Melee "Suranui" Guide

    Gears haven't changed after patch, only your skills have been changed.
  3. Sky Emperor Guide

    I use all the skills, Sun, Moon, and Star Cannon
  4. Drunk's Melee "Suranui" Guide

    Fixed. Thank you
  5. Drunk's Melee "Suranui" Guide

    Hello there, it's Drunk on EDPs (Drunk'd#1084) ! Recently, I've made a Suranui, and I kinda like it! Here is my best DPS with only x2 Giant Caput cards and self buffs (no party): Now.. How does it compare to the Ranged build? Well.. Upcoming skill changes, already released on kRO on May 2022 Anyway, don't look at that. We're here for Melee :^). Let's get into it! Pros: You look cute while you're dealing damage You're from the ninja line (access to Cicada, Pure Soul, 16th Night, etc) I ran out of Pros Cons: Requires the use of Mirage for massive DPS (takes time to set up damage) Needs to be in front of target to use one of DPS skills VERY Expensive build What modifiers should you aim for? Melee Physical Damage 100% After Cast Delay or as much as you can. 93% can work when you turn off skill bar UI (press F12 until you can't see bars) ATK% Physical Size Modifiers (Small%, Medium%, Large%, All Size%) Physical Property Damage Instant Cast via Stats (Dex*2 + Int = 530) or VCT% Basic Stat Build Str: 120 | You're a physical class, nothing else to say Agi: 60 ~ Preference | Get as much ASPD as you can, idk what the optimal ASPD is though Vit: 60 ~ Preference | Survivability Int: 70 ~ +120 | Required for cast time Dex: +120 | Required for cast time Luk: 1 ~ Leftover points | Don't need Trait Stat Build POW: 100 or 97 | You're a physical class, nothing else to say STA: 0 or 100 | Survivability WIS: 0 or 100 | Survivability (Personally, I do 100 WIS to tank Earthquakes) SPL: 0 | You're here for a Melee build, why would you need this CON: 97 or 0 | This is your secondary trait to increase for a little bit more damage CRT: 0 | None of your skills can Crit Regular Equipment For regular equipment pre-150, I suggest using the Paradise Eden Headquarter gears! "BiS" means Best in Slot Cards Shadow Gears Costume Stones Damage Showcase
  6. Sky Emperor Guide

  7. Drunk's Ranger Guide

    No, SS is weaker than both CB and AB. CB and AB are meant for single target = more damage, whereas SS is weaker but AoE. There are also Level 5 weapons for CB. Damage ranking would be like this: CB > AB > SS
  8. Sky Emperor Guide

    Drunk here! Back with another guide Expandeads are no longer dead! I think Celestial is a better name than Sky Emperor Stats Str: 120; No need for explanation Agi: 1 ~ ?; Hit 193, use Stellar Protection for ASPD Vit: 80 ~ ; Insert leftover stats here Int: 50 ~ ?; Hit 100 total for Silence immunity Dex: 120; For Hatred Luk: 120; For Hatred Pow: 100 Sta: 0 Wis: 0 Spl: 0 Con: 0 or 97 Crt: 0 or 97 My Skill Tree Equipment * For leveling gears (Levels 1 ~ 150?), head to Eden Headquarters, take the portal in the back and the one to your right Cards Shadow Armor Costume Stones Check out the new skills if you already haven't!
  9. Drunk's Ranger Guide

    Tbh, I don't know how much DPS you'll need. It just depends on what gears you have. Since DPS also requires you as a player to spam at a consistent and effective rate.
  10. Drunk's Ranger Guide

    Aimed Bolt will deal more damage but isn't AoE. I think instead of going for an Aimed Bolt build, you should go for a Sharp Shooting into a Crescive Bolt build instead. Sharp Shooting and Crescive Bolt use very similar gears and Crescive Bolt will do more damage than Aimed Bolt.
  11. Drunk's Ranger Guide

    1. Yes, Arrow Storm becomes irrelevant as a DPS skill 2. Sharp Shooting is still pretty good but out shined by Crescive Bolt
  12. Drunk's Ranger Guide

    Nightmare Biolabs
  13. Drunk's Inquisitor Guide

    Thanks for showing your findings, I do see your points on TSM being better. But like I've said before, it just depends on what you have. You just gotta test around which one / combo is better. Have you tried out using BP (8% ~ 10% Melee) with CPW? CPW + BP gives 7% ATK and 5% Melee, which is nice and would close the distance between them Also, with using CPW, you'll be able to use Auto Leg and Auto Booster L, from my findings with Counter Slash and Eternal Slash, I actually do more damage with the Auto set. You'll have to proc Overpower from the Auto Leg to do more damage, it's not consistent but it is more damage when it does. To know when you proc Overpower, open your stats and keep attacking until you get +50 Str If you don't have the materials, you can stick with that, but if you do have some of this stuff collecting dust in storage, are you able to test this out?
  14. Drunk's Inquisitor Guide

    Convertible Physical Wings (CPW) vs. Temporal Str Manteau (TSM), it depends on your setup but most of the time, CPW should be better than TSM. It's like the TSM vs Temporal Agi Manteau (TAM) debate for Cross Impact, some people do more with TSM (like me) whereas some others do more with TAM. Thanks, I'll be adding thana accessories soonTM
  15. Drunk's Inquisitor Guide

    Back at it again but this time for the Suras that are left in the dark. For the people that have recently started Sura, I suggest going here for pre-Inquisitor gears: Trait/Attribute Stats: POW: 100 STA: 0 WIS: 0 SPL: 0 CON: 97 CRT: 0 Gears: