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  1. Intro: This is not really a guide, just me showing my gears. There's plenty of room for improvement like better enchant on nebula armor, CRate enchant on lower costume, temporal luk jewel, etc. Gears: Another setup:
  2. Physical Shadow Gear

    https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Lapine_Box#Full_Penetration And @go 50 for the convert box. PS: use discord for more quicker response
  3. at least use comet and myst amp I got 130m with just comet, myst amp, almighty food, soul control, and bless agi
  4. Get all the buffs I listed in the Buff used section
  5. Just a gear showcase of my Crimson Rock build General tab: Costume tab: Damage: (81% acd reduction) Buffs used: New damage with Thanos Helmet enchant from Patch 2022-02-06: Gears update after Patch 2022-06-01:
  6. A guide to grading equipment

    This is a simple guide to grading your equipment. You can follow it exactly or just use it as a guideline. Highly recommend you refine/grade your gears during refine event (yes it also increase the chance of grading). 1. Refine to +10: 2. Refine to +11: 3. Grade your weapon: When you succeed with the grading process, the refine level of your equipment will be reset back to +0. Repeat the 3 steps above until you get your desired grade. Grade D, C, B, A (Courtesy of hazyforest.com) And repeat step 1 and 2 when you reach your desired grade and refine it until you get your desired refine level. You can only safely refine to +14, after that it will have a chance to break because you can no longer use blacksmith's blessing. All the NPC you need for the materials can be found in the Refiner building (which can be found by walking to the right side at @go 0). The ores you need to refine are from Dietrich, and grading materials are from Grade Enchanter. Topaz and Amber can be found at the Jeweler in Morroc (/navi moc_ruins 110/105) and the rest of the jewels can be dropped from monster. I'd say prepare at least ~3k etel dust and 100 bsb to get to grade A. Good luck! Edit: For more info about grading https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Refinement_System#Level_5_Weapons_.26_Level_2_Armor
  7. Intro: This is not really a guide, just me showing my gears. My old gears (Edda biolab combo): My new gears (Thanos combo): Damage Comparison: Gears update after Patch 2022-02-06: *damage recorded with bugs Gears update after Patch 2022-04-09: Gears update after Patch 2022-06-01:
  8. Intro: Preparation: Reminder: Don't be stingy with consumables you get from booster box, use them to help you level faster. https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Dungeon_Level_Requirements 1~99: 100~175: 175~200: 200~230: Gears I use at 130 to 230:
  9. What is stater build ?

  10. Fishy's Aimed Bolt guide

    I do not recommend this build for beginners since Aimed Bolt (AB) is a single target skill that require -1 second of fixed cast time to spam. But with higher damage potential, AB is perfect for destroying instance and world bosses. (Since it's not a beginner's guide, I'm going to skip to higher end gears and not list budget options) Reminder: Every offensive skills can crit in Nif, which is why I put so much emphasis on getting crit chance. Nif also has halfed after cast delay, so you don't need -72% acd but -44% for AB's 0.5s after cast delay. Weapon: Headgear: Middle/Lower: Armor: Garment: Boots: Accessories: Miscellaneous: Damage Showcase:
  11. Realm of Chronos guide

    Here is a walkthrough for Realm of Chronos instance 1. How do you access this instance? On Helheim, talk to this weird snake in a vase called Enslaved Being. Give it 1 000 000 zeny to proceed More info here: https://www.shining-moon.com/helheim/index.php/Realm_of_Chronos On Niflheim, use the skill Chrono Trigger in your Etc. skill tab. You are required to have 3 sealed souls which can be dropped by any monsters For both servers, after doing this, you will have a chance to be teleported into the Realm of Chronos instance, or receive a bloody branch 2. How to clear this instance? So after all the shenanigans, you just stick to one side and walk straight pass the third clock on that side, then repeat for the other side. You may be teleported back before reaching the third clock so try to time it a little bit but overall, not too difficult. You now face Chronos and Hades, wait for their conversation to end and a bomb to instant kill you (not much you can do there) and get teleported back. Walk back to Chronos and spin your screen a little bit to be able to click the tile next to the clock guard and disable the system. You can try to avoid the bomb after this so you don't have to walk back but it's not necessary after successfully disabling the defense system. Now just wait for Chronos to shut up and click on him for rewards. 3. What are the rewards? For Helheim, 100% HD Oridecon,100% HD Elunium,5% chance to receive 1x Alternate Outfit Ticket10% chance to receive 1x HE Bubble Gum10% chance to receive 1x HE Battle Manual20% chance to receive 1x Prison of Time3% chance to receive 1~3x Blacksmith Blessing5% chance to receive 1x HD Carnium5% chance to receive 1x HD Bradium5% chance to receive 1x Enriched Elunium5% chance to receive 1x Enriched Oridecon For Niflheim (I can't find details on the reward so no % except for HD ores and may not be the complete list) 100% HD Oridecon,100% HD Elunium, None guaranteed rewards:1x Alternate Outfit Ticket1x HE Bubble Gum1x HE Battle Manual1x Prison of TimeBlacksmith Blessing1x HD Carnium1x HD Bradium1x Enriched Elunium1x Enriched Oridecon 1x Limited Enriched Carnium1x Limited Enriched Bradium Note that you can be lucky and receive every reward on the lists in one run. You can run it again after 12 hours.