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Found 3 results

  1. Ghost Mage AM SVS

    Posted on: 6/11/2022, will update when possible ARCHMAGE Ghost Magic Supremacy ghost magic, hits anything and everything besides neutral (lv.4) mobs Ghost Magic will always be the strongest! (except...) My current build Samples, More to come: Enemy: Constellation Tower Normal Solo, Naght Seiger Large Demon Ghost 4 (Perfect enemy for us) (Normal mode, but your damage is reduced by 90%, 185m shoulda been 1.85b???) (more clips soon, depending on free time) How the build works: Just stack as much ghost element magic as you can! The magic drug for ghost magic is this. Whatever your ghost magic element is, Multiplied by 3!!!! Build Components Card Screenshots: (Survival Circlet>Thanatos against Bosses by approximately 6%, thanks for the headsup) Equipment: +14 Thanatos Magic Helm (ME3, any) [Lichtern Green] 13% Ghost BP [Lichtern Green] Orb of Survival (7% all element, 3% vct) +14 Nebula Robe of Spell (SC Spell2, NSpell1, Vit3) [Nightmare Amon Ra] +14 Blue Crystal LT [Mutated WK, Regenschirm Scientist] +15 Convertible Magic [Gioia] +13 Hero Boot LT [Deathwitch] Heroic Token ArchMage [Elvira] Hero Insignia (Intelligence, Spell, int) [Elvira] Costume Stones: Arch Bishop Upper and Lower combo with AB Garment 2 (15% all size, 15% all element) Magical Power Middle + Magic Power Stone Dual (9% all element) +10 Magical Spell shadow weapon and shield (15 s.matk, spl +10) +10 Full Temepst Set (6% all race, 100% pierce to all, 2% matk) +10 True Gem Accessories (8% matk, 6% vct, 10% all element, 12% all size, -gemstones, +40% sp consumption) CONS: Will not hit Neutral 4 Mobs, People hate ghost mages because Fire/Earth has 100% fire/earth debuff (Bloom/Violent Quake with Climax 4) which increases everyone's damage when they use fire/earth on the same mob you used it on, but! you can also use Climax 4 for destructive wind extra MATK (MORE DAMAGE), just have to ask for AP (which people don't like). Enjoy the build hope this shows that ghost mage is still alive.
  2. Arch Mage build guide

    DISCLAIMER Expensive. This guide is a work in progress -- everything you see here can be replaced/adjusted depending on game updates. This guide is based on my knowledge about the game, experience, opinion, and preference. This is NOT a newbie guide. If you are starting from scratch, this guide is not for you. This article is just a guide. It's up to you if you will follow everything. There may be errors and/or inaccuracies in this guide. Feel free to correct me thru the comment section. I'll try to keep this guide up to date as long as I still play the game. Overview: Fire build Crimson Arrow & Rock Down - CA as your main damage skill. RD is just like your add-on/extension. Crimson Rock Chain Lightning build Pending: SVS build Mid-tier-ish setup for the three Fire build - Crimson Arrow & Rock Down Fire build - Crimson Rock Chain Lightning - UPDATED 01/03/2023!!! Soul Vulcan Strike ~~~~~~~~~~
  3. Just a gear showcase of my Crimson Rock build Old build: New damage with Thanos Helmet enchant from Patch 2022-02-06: Gears update after Patch 2022-06-01: Gears update after Patch 2023-03-31: Gears update after Patch 2023-08-14: Manual cast/hard cast Crimson Rock: