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  1. Winter Festival 2022

    Winter Festival Event 2022-12-1 to 2023-01-02 100% Extra Cashpoints ($1=4040 CP) Double Drop 15% Refine Event 100% Extra EXP 30% Extra Lucky 3 Slotmachine Chance 30% Extra Instance Coins All monsters have a chance to drop Star Decorations. You'll be able to exchange them starting December 25, 2022, in the Main Office.
  2. Winter Festival 2022

    Winter Festival Event 2022-12-1 to 2023-01-02 100% Extra Cashpoints ($1=4040 CP) Double Drop 15% Refine Event 100% Extra EXP 30% Extra Lucky 3 Slotmachine Chance 30% Extra Instance Coins All monsters have a chance to drop Star Decorations. You'll be able to exchange them starting December 25, 2022, in the Main Office.
  3. Halloween Costume Contest!

    And the winners have been decided! For Helheim: Pedsouji! For Niflheim: Axe of Onii-sama! Congratulations to the winners! And thank you to all of the participants. Your rewards will be sent within 24 hours. All rewards have been sent ^^
  4. Halloween Costume Contest!

    Thank you everyone for your submissions! We'll announce the winners no later than November 7th ^^
  5. Halloween is just around the corner, and all the ghosts and ghouls want to party! You're invited to the party, but in order to enter, you'll need to post your best selfie of your character in your spookiest costumes! State your In Game Name, Realm, and the Title of your outfit. (Follow the below example) You can only submit one entry, however, you can change it until the deadline and edit the screenshot you have already posted. Be unique and have your own fashion sense, don't copy and re-edit after seeing other posts here. You will be disqualified. Screenshots cannot be edited. All interfaces should be hidden. (Default Key: Press F11 twice) You are free to use any emotes you want. You should have a caption/title for your outfit. You are free to ask your friend/s to take part in your screenshot or you can take the screenshot with yourself only in it. Screenshots are must be posted under this thread and must be from your Shining Moon RO Screenshot Folder. (As it has the timestamp and the Shining Moon Logo). SUBMISSION EXAMPLE Hide contents IGN: Nuit Realm: Niflheim Title: It's right behind me, isn't it? WINNER 150x Event Coins PARTICIPANTS 75x Event Coins END DATE: OCTOBER 31, 2022 Note: Feel free to react to the submission you like the most The Staff members are not allowed to be the winner of the event. They are however allowed to submit their work for the event and are only eligible for participation reward.
  6. player count

    Heya ^^ Currently, Helheim averages 80 players while Niflheim averages 60. -Nuit
  7. Hotfix 2022-09-19

    Due to an issue on the Helheim server, which resulted in a server restart, the following fixes were applied to Helheim only both Helheim and Niflheim: Enchant UI Reworked the matrix on how rates are calculated and handled (this includes the Nebula armor enchants) Fixed wrong reset cost for Constellation Tower items Our apologies as this is still an issue. Items Fixed a bug where the damage reduction from Sarah Card was not doing damage if the user had too little hp, the minimum for all kinds of damages is always 1 unless the damage was evaded or blocked Grey Abrasive (long-range) Changed the minimum and maximum of the ranged attack enchant from 1 - 5 to 5 - 10 Fixed Talisman of Four Bearing God Tuning Device not working Fixed Phoenix Shield not giving correct HP and SP per refinement Fixed Hero's Insignia (490163) having more bonuses than it should have (?) Adjusted effect of Lex Aeternia Stone to work with any physical attack Added combo of Human Kimera Card (27147) and Matter Kimera Card (27148) Skills Fixed a bug where not all skills were correctly given the small damage bonus from Sky Mastery Ladder Fixed a bug that would allow monsters outside of ladder to be sometimes affected by a shield ( Please let me know if this fully works ) World Boss Added exceptions for the following status effects Flash Kick Crimson Marker First Brand Second Brand Hogogong NPC Fixed a bug where Constellation Towers Fountain was not interactable with when the leader had disconnected earlier in the run Fixed a bug that caused the teg dungeon maps to not automatically block the custom party share Fixed missing instances in @cooldown, @instances Fixed a bug that prevented Fahrros and Realm of Chronos from not automatically resurrecting players Thank you for your patience and support.
  8. CLOSED - Looking for Support GMs

    Heya ^^ We're looking for a few more Support GMs to fill our ranks, roughly 3-4 new GMs for each server. Requirements: Must be able to commit to being active and responsive to players' inquiries. This includes in game, on Discord and on the forums Have a good understanding of the features of Shining Moon and RO in general Must be fluent in English Additional Information: Being fluent in another language is a huge bonus At this time the positions are purely voluntary You make your own schedule How to apply: Send an email application to [email protected] with subject "Support GM Application" Please include the following information: Server: Timezone: Location: Age: Availability: RO Experience: Additional Skills/Experience: Languages: Discord Name (current): Main Character Name(s): Why would you like to be a GM? Application deadline: February 17, 2022 Please contact Nuit if you have any questions. ***Applications are now closed. Thank you to all that applied!***
  9. Content Creation Event Create content for the server and earn some awesome rewards! Plus you'll be helping Shining Moon grow and thrive ^^ This event is ongoing and has no end date. If you have previously created content that you never submitted a claim for, you're welcome to do so now. See the instructions below on how to claim. Note, this only applies to content that has not been submitted in the past. Rewards: Cashpoints: Streaming: 1,000 CP per hour streamed, up to 3 hours per day. Minimum 1 hour streamed per day claimed in order to get rewarded. 5,000 CP for 3+ hours streamed per day Note, you must be actively playing for the time to count. Time spent idle in town/base will be deducted from your total streaming time Text Guide - 5,000-30,000 CP depending on depth and quality of content Video Guide - 10,000-30,000 CP depending on length and quality of content. Must be longer than 3 minutes and must not contain repetitive information. Other Video - 2,500-7,500 CP depending on length and quality of the content (ex: showcases, gameplay) Title (on one character of your choice): Streamer Content Maker Video Editor Guide Master One-time costume reward (upper, mid, lower costumes ONLY. NO garment costumes!) How to claim: Submit a support ticket here: https://www.shining-moon.com/ticket/ (If you've never used the ticket system before, you'll need to make an account for it) Select the "Content Creator Reward" category. Be sure to include the following information: Server : IGN : Discord ID : Content Link : Choice of Costume : (if this is your first time claiming the costume) Choice of Title : (if this is your first time claiming a title) All rewards will be sent to your roDEX mailbox in-game to the character you designated in the ticket. Please ensure your Discord ID is in the form of name#xxxx (ex: Nuit#5028) For streaming rewards, please submit your claims in a timely manner as certain platforms allow for stream playback for only a short while afterward. For this reason, we suggest you submit streams on a weekly basis. If playback is unavailable at the time of review, the minimum amount for the day claimed will be rewarded. Note: All content contained on platforms other than the forums (ex: Youtube, Twitch, etc.) MUST indicate that it's from Shining Moon or SM for short. If there is no mention of Shining Moon or SM in the title or description, then no rewards will be granted. Hope to see your creations soon!
  10. Heya ^^ Welcome to Shining Moon! Unfortunately, once you are out of the level range of the bounty board quest, you cannot collect it. And at this time there is no way to clear them. Feel free to message me in game or on discord if you have any other questions.
  11. Server Maintenance Complete

    The server will be undergoing maintenance from 12:30 server time to 14:30 server time (approximately). During this time the server will be unavailable. ------- Maintenance is now complete. Thank you for your patience and enjoy the update ^^
  12. New Client!

    Be sure to download the new client from one of the sources below: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xeDkyThbY0qQCfYZMpYVDOW_ltuLhRtu/view?usp=sharing https://mega.nz/file/png0nA7T#nm-uc5o9tPUI-qya3k1cvF3CF7WB379J72H2i0Lfzjg https://www.mediafire.com/file/fzsi839z9u1p8gd/Full20210717.rar/file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Jz5zYgQzuvnsrAZbFPUQg6BL5n7Fe-S5/view?usp=sharing https://1fichier.com/?bj8p0vfarjizm81g9v8p Replace all files in your ShiningMoon folder with those from one of the links above.
  13. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    And the winners are: Saviel - Helheim Ana Yaros - Niflheim Alen - Helheim Congratulations! Please message me on discord to indicate which costume you would like. All prizes and participation rewards will be delivered in 1-2 days. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you all for participating ^^
  14. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    Thank you everyone for your submissions! I'm locking the post as the contest is now closed. We'll post the winners soon! ^^