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  1. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    Please submit it here. Be sure to include your in game name and which server you play on.
  2. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    Heya ^^ You can use whatever text fits best with your work/piece.
  3. Loading/Login Screen Contest: Creative, Original Loading/Login Screen Conditions: Your own design Loading/Login Screen for Shining Moon Design of the loading/login screen should reference the 4th Year Anniversary of Shining Moon (bonus points if it's related to 4th jobs) Rules: Only one submission per person Submission of the file must be under this thread Resolution must be 1024x768 and in .bmp format Include your IGN and Server when you post your file The loading/login screen design will be used in game for loading screens (whether you are the winner or not), therefore submitting your work here means you have given permission for it to be used on Shining Moon Artwork used in the design must be original (can be digital or traditional) don't steal/copy other loading screens, don't use official Ragnarok Artwork/Picture and simply edit No commission art is allowed, you must be the designer of the loading screen Must include Shining Moon Logo and 4th Year Anniversary Text (or an indication to it) Optional: Artist Signature/Name can be placed There can be up to 3 winners, depending on the designs submitted If there is only 1 winner of the contest, Winner's design will be used as login screen and participant designs will be used as loading screens Deadline: June 30, 2021 The rewards will be given out once the winner is picked Judging Criteria: Professional Looking Within Requested Content and Format Original and Creative Rewards: Winner Reward (There can be up to 3 winners): 150x Event Coins 15x Specialslots Costume Headgear of your choice (As long as its in the database, you can check it whether it is or not by using @ii ) Participation Reward: Each participant will receive 150x Event Coins Each participant will receive 10x Specialslots Shining Moon Logo:
  4. There a General leveling guide somewhere?

    Heya ^^ You can try some of the maps listed in this guide.
  5. @go exchanger > Otherworldly Prisoner NPC > Last Room > Supplement Parts - Chip Matrix Use the matrix to craft the powered chip.
  6. Server Owner not updating anymore?

    Heya ^^ The server owner is actually hard at work on the next update. It includes a lot of new content such as 4th classes, new costumes, a new difficulty mode for instances, and more. If you're on the SMRO discord, there's a preview channel where the owner posts videos from time to time of the upcoming content. Let me know if you have any other questions ^^
  7. Leveling x1 Rate Character

    Heya! First, welcome to Shining Moon! Yes, the drop bonus of +50% is one of the rewards for leveling using 1x. There are additional rewards which can be claimed from Belinda in the Main Office, near the entrance. They are an alternate outfit ticket and 10k cashpoints in the form of moon coins. More information about the drop bonus can be found here: https://www.shining-moon.com/helheim/index.php/Advanced_Looting#Advanced_Loot_System Hope this helps! -Nuit
  8. Heya ^^ The card is available on the server but at the moment it can only be obtained from ECA (exchange card albums). Once the 17.2 update has been implemented on the server, you'll be able to farm the card from the mobs. I hope this helps!
  9. Heya ^^ The drooping gunslinger can be purchased from the Key Researcher NPC at @go exchange for 300 skeleton keys. Skeleton keys can be obtained from Fortessa Pit. -Nuit
  10. Where can I find Broken Weapon id 25668

    Heya ^^ At the moment you can only get broken weapons by exchanging skeleton keys (item ID: 55072) at the Key Researcher NPC at @go exchange. Skeleton Keys drop in Fortessa Pit, the server's custom endgame dungeon. You'll need to do the Dark Society instance (server custom instance) in order to gain access. Welcome to Shining Moon!
  11. Playable on mac?

    Right click on the link and select Save As. Alternatively you can try this copy of the file. Hope that helps! no_splash
  12. Playable on mac?

    Heya ^^ You can follow this guide on how to get Shining Moon RO to work on a Mac https://www.shining-moon.com/helheim/index.php/Playing_Mac. Hope to see you soon in game! Nuit
  13. Screenshot Contest #1

    And Yumiko/ineed wins! Mine: Yumiko's:
  14. Screenshot Contest #1

    Wow! Some of you are very close but none are exactly the same as mine yet. Keep them coming! ^^
  15. Heya! I'm starting a new event here on the forums. I'm going to post a screenshot here. You have to re-create the screenshot exactly! Same map, same pose, same camera angle. The only thing different is it will your character sprite instead of mine in your recreated screenshot (no need to copy my costumes/clothes colours). The first person to post an identical screenshot in reply to this topic will win 250 moonlight coins. That's right, 250 moonlight coins! Be sure to include your character name. I'll be doing this event randomly so keep your eyes peeled Here's the screenshot that you need to recreate: Here's the screenshot that you need to recreate: