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  1. A Comprehensive Full Support Cardinal Guide, by Yours Truly, Saku Edited as of current patch: Patch 2022-10-29. 1. INTRODUCTION 2. THE GOAL 3. SKILLS 4. STATS 5.1 GEARS, 5.2 COSTUMES AND SHADOW GEARS, 5.3 TL; DR/SUMMARY 6. CONSUMABLES/SELF-BUFFS 7. SKILLBAR/HOTKEYS 8. TIPS/TRICKS/MISCELLANEOUS 9. CLOSING REMARKS 1. INTRODUCTION Hello, I am Saku. I started playing in Shining Moon in Helheim server back in February 2020, and then completely migrated to Niflheim (because I love jRO items, amongst many other reasons) in September the same year. And now, for some reason, I'd like to think that I am a ''support classes'' enthusiast, and I sure do love Cardinal. A bit of definition here: Full Support here means that we are NOT the damage-dealer of the party and will primarily be there as a man-of-many-tricks: buffs, heals, resurrections, lex's, damage steroids, etc. This implies that this build is NOT for hybrid/battle Cardi (that of which takes skills for damage), also NOT tanky support Cardi (we barely have any resistance gears). So, this guide will mainly focus on building FULL SUPPORT Cardinal with bunch of heals for end-game contents. Many things have changed since the 4th job update, as well as the most current patch we have right now. After scouring the forum (briefly), I witnessed the lack of current updated builds, gears, and guides, especially that of which revolves around the new 4th job skills, with the latest guide being unavailable to be read for some reason. So, the rational of me posting this guide here is to provide a comprehensive, updated guide on how I build a FS Cardi that people could use as reference and point of compare-and-contrast, as well as some alternatives to work from or with. I will put a disclaimer from the get-go: there are MANY ways of building a FS Cardi. So, who's to say which build is better than others? In this post, I will simply show my current build, and some of the alternatives I have observed from other Cardis as well. Alright? Got that? Let's go. 2. THE GOAL 3. SKILLS 4. STATS 5.1. GEARS 5.2. COSTUMES AND SHADOW GEARS 5.3. TL;DR / SUMMARY 6. CONSUMABLES/SELF-BUFFS 7. SKILLS/HOTKEYS 8. TIPS & TRICKS & MISCELLANEOUS (W.I.P.) 9. CLOSING REMARKS Thank you for reading until the end of this guide and I hope you guys find it useful. As much as I could, I would try to update it accordingly when we have new patches (especially, if there are new jRO items for Cardinal again maybe?). There might have been things that I have overlooked, so I look forward for your opinions. I would also like to emphasize that making this build was possible through taking inspiration from other Cardinals over the year as well. Special thanks to Lizzy for becoming my point-of-reference even way back then and has always been creative with the builds; as well as Vin for also showing me some of the updated stuff that was brought into the game while I was gone. And thank you for everyone who may have helped with this guide indirectly. See yall. Ps: Feel free to contact me on Discord Saku#0435 if there is any question, or anything to be discussed. I would really love to hear your points and opinions to better the guide if there are anything to be rectified/added! CHANGES: