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  1. Hey everyone, I known for Lisya in ShininMoon, and I love using Arch Bishop, back in Pre-Renewal i was using HP as my main job and Sniper for alternate 2nd job. I just falling in love with this job because it has good skill and ofc I don't need do anything hard like killing since I'm in love for support role. Before we start you might want to see my other guide [NIFLHEIM] FULL SUPPORT ARCH BISHOP ================================= 1. Introduction 2. Stats 3. Skills 4. Equipment & Cards 5. Costume Enchant & Stones 6. Misc 7. Heal skill Screenshot ================================= INTRODUCTION Let me introduce you what's is Arch Bishop, their role, etc. Arch Bishop or AB is advanced class (3rd job) for High Priest (HP). Back for few years before renewal, HP has major role for being support or exorcist. While a good party always composited HP with them (or AB in renewal). Back now to renewal almost all char have 3rd job, make them easy to solo hunting, farming, even for leveling, make AB useless. There are some build that could make AB doing solo farm, but since AB need decent gear to make them a bit viable for solo farm most people prefer support. Being a support means your survivability comes first then your party-mates second, without that tagline mean you're not fit to become a support. ================================= STATS the main primary stats of FS AB is INT, DEX, VIT. I'll try to explain it detailed as much as I could, but considered I'm human just like you, I might done some mistake as well. This stat shown from my AB 183/65 INT 120 Intelligence (INT) is very essential for your AB because INT cover for your Sp pool, recovery skill effectiveness, MATK, MDEF, resistance and cast delay. The more you put int the more Sp pool you got, so make sure you maxed it to 120 (not recommended max the stat to 130 since you will lost a lots of status point). DEX 120 Dexterity (DEX) also essential, which you can't missed it. Aside DEX will reduce your cast time drastically, DEX also used for gear requirement. Temporal Dex Boots [1] will reduce your fixed cast time by 0,5 sec when your base dex reach 120. make sure you don't miss this too. VIT 120 Vitality (VIT) is the last essential stat for your build. Vitality gives you Health pool, DEF, MDEF also some debuff resistance. It's recomended make it to 100~120, the more the better. --- Where do i put rest of the stat? For the rest stat you can go for STR and AGI, but never tried to put it on luck. STR gives more weight since you're support you considered to bring some blue gemstone, holy water, and some buff food. If you got some gym pass to throw, you can use the gym pass and put another point from STR to AGI. AGI gives your aspd for spamming and flee. LUK you might want it to get negate amount (minus). When you get it to minus you'll get anti cursed resistance. ================================= SKILLS & HOTKEY here's the main skill for your support ab Acolyte Job Tree Heal lv 10 : You should max it to lv 10 because your Caluceo Heal affected by your heal skill level. Blessing lv 10 : Same goes for Canto Candidus affected by Blessing skill level. Increase Agility lv 10 : Same goes for Clementia affected by Increase Agility skill level. Divine Protection lv 10 : Pre-requisite for blessing but also good skill for survivability Ruwach lv 1 Teleport lv 2, Warp Portal lv 4, Pneuma lv 1 : Pneuma definitely you will need it for ranged attack, while others are requirements for the skills. Angelus lv 2 and Aqua benedicta Lv 1 used for pre-requisite HP skills Holy Light lv 1 : This one is quest skill, personally i never used it so you can ignore. High Priest Job Tree Increase SP Recovery lv 10 : This skill is essential since your skill will much consuming SP and furthermore it will be more useful when you're the only support in party Assumptio lv 5 : Gives 250 Def at max lv also can be used with Prefatio. Best skill for you and tanker Status Recovery lv 1 : Basic skill for status recovery Resurection lv 5 : Max it...! You will never know when your teammate will be wiped while running dungeon/instance. Need blue gemstone. Magnificant lv 5 : Double your sp recovery rate (basically arch angeling cards with duration) Kyrie Elesion lv 1 : Used for pre-requisite, just put 1 lv for it Lex Divina lv 5 : Same as above, only used for pre-requisite another skill Sanctuary lv 3 : Same as above, only used for pre-requisite another skill Safety Wall lv 10 : Max it since it have good durability when maxed and have high duration. Need blue gemstone. Meditation lv 10 : A should Max skill. gives max sp pool and recovery skill effect. Aspersio lv 5 : Situational skill, 3 minute duration at level max, you can save up holy water at maxed lv. Need Holy Water. Impositio Manus lv 5 : Good skill gives flat atk. Only for non magic class. Suffragnium lv 3 : Very good skill for party and your self. -20% variable cast at max level. Redemptio lv 1 : This one is quest skill and used in a very dire situation. Never used it unless give your party chance to rise once more, or you will make situation more worse. Arch Bishop Job Tree Caluseo Heal lv 3 : Heal party with wide range, heal based on your heal skill level. See Acolyte skill description. Canto Candidus lv 3 : Cast bless on party with wide range, bless based on your bless skill level. See Acolyte skill description. Renovatio lv 1 : Used only for pre-requisite skills. Highness Heal lv 5 : Heal your party with x3.2 amount normal heal at max level Offertorium lv 5 : Increase the efficiency Heal, Sanctuary, Highness heal, and Caluceo Heal by sacrificing your sp cost 300%. Dangerous skill if you don't bring any item Sp Recovery, eat your sp faster. Clementia lv 3 : Cast increase agility on party with wide range, agi increased based on your heal skill level. See Acolyte skill description. Ancilla lv 1 : Create magical stone that could help your party. Need cast Epiclesiss afterwards for it to work. Epiclesiss lv 5 : Summon tree of life that could revive the dead and gives sp and hp by 4% and 5% every 3 second. Prefatio lv 8 : Cast Kyrie on party member, the shield summoned didn't affected by your K.E skill. Oratio lv 5 : Used only for pre-requisite skills Convenio lv 1 : Very convenient skill, especially if you run in map don't have teleport restriction. This skill will teleport your party member to your location. Need you to be party leader. Dupple light lv 5 : Used only for pre-requisite skills Expiatio lv 1 : Used only for pre-requisite skills Sacrament lv 5 : Reduce your fixed cast time to -50% at max level Lauda Agnus lv 4 : Gives 10% max hp, and recover them from status ailments. Lauda Ramus lv 4 : Gives 20% Crit dmg and recover them from status ailments. Clearance lv 4 : Dispel any buff and debuff from monster/player. some party need you to cast it periodically. This is the hot key I used for FS AB Sometimes people always ask me how do i manage to memorize all skill i put above, and all i can say is just do it and do it, your body will remember the position of hotkey. ================================= Equipment & Cards ================================= COSTUME ENCHANT AND STONES Upper Headgear Costume Flat HP 4,7~5k (1st and 2nd Enchant) MDEF 9~10 (1st and 2nd Enchant) Middle Headgear Costume Flat MATK 48~50 (1st and 2nd Enchant) MATK 4%~5% (1st and 2nd Enchant) Lower Headgear Costume Heal 14~15% (1st and 2nd Enchant) Garment Costume Reduce Medium Size Dmg 5% Reduce Large Size Dmg 5% Reduce Long Range Attack 10% INT 4~5 VIT 4~5 STONES ================================= MISC Mora Mandarin is the best SP Recovery item for now, aside it light this item also easy to farm (farm it when gramps in eden point you to bif_fild02) ================================= HEAL SCREENSHOT Callueco Heal and Highness heal amount (without buff) Callueco Heal and Highness heal amount (with buff) Callueco Heal and Highness heal amount (with buff+Offertorium) ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Also I gives My thanks to Remy for guiding me to be one of good AB here
  2. new instance

    can we got another instance since i'm always love doing instance for knowing the storyline http://herc.ws/board/topic/11978-half-moon-in-the-daylight-instance/
  3. the cornus answer was wrong, backpack was right, ifrit right and another question forget to take a ss..
  4. Q10. [MONSTER] I'm the changeling. I can get into anywhere I wish it. Who am I? Hint: This creature makes you think it's a demented 'Frosty the The Snowman'. A: ___ Q11. [MONSTER] I can copy your every move just to splite you with my shadow games. Who am I? Hint: This creature resembles human. A: doppelganger Q12. [ITEM] I'm the jewel. Death comes on swiftwings to whom calls me thine own. What I am? Hint:__ A: cursed ruby, Q13. [MONSTER] It's so hard to keep track of my family when we look all alike. Who am I? Hint: __ A: dimik, venatu, _______________________________________________________________________ PS. 1. Answer with no formatting means the real answer 2. Answer with cross formatting is wrong answer 3. Answer with maroon color means still need confirmation All answer need to write in small caps
  5. can you put a number on it?
  6. Char Slot Moveable

    Before playing in this server I've playing to other server and I found a server that have a char slot (when you tried to login a char) that moveable. I don't know how the setting but it's just use the right click and the char will move to desired slot.
  7. how can I search what I want to know ?

    actually there are item it's not dropped by monster, it's become unknown. but you can try to change the question google or any search engine for specific information. Fast way by using google: e.g: temporal boots --> google will direct you to divine pride/RMS which only show the basic information about the item. e.g: how to get temporal boots ---> google will try to direct you into Old Glast Heim Instance there is another alternatif which more useful, make a friends even though you want to be independent. still make friends and ask them is the easier way. Currently me and my friends often stay in dewata, online between 16:00-22:00 GMT+7. You can ask anything with us.
  8. Hey, everyone . actually i've never created a guide before so this is my first time create guide, so I tried my best to make this guide posses the highest quality, I hope this guide will be helpful enough. Here, in this guide I'll try to explain how all the player getting fast leveling all of their char. There are several trick to level up chars fast, but this is the popular one. Requirements: PHASE 1. Introduction and Leveling 1. Okay here we are, every novice start in [Newbie Area]. which every player can choose between continue or just skip the tutorial introduction, as a guide I'll recommended you to following the tutorial since it easy. You'll prompt to kill 10 pandaring and 10 foxring. Just finish the quest and Olive Balmer will teleport your right in Office. 2. Change your job by talking to NPC Elaine right front of you, she stand in the left desk. Choose the job based on your desirable class though if it was your first char i recommend you to using Archer. After changing class you will get evolved bow, don't throw it out. because it' has bonus 10% exp which really useful. 3. Now warp to anthell dungeon 01 [@warp anthell01]. kill some ant egg/other monster until your job level 50. 4. after job level 50, go back to office [@go office], and follow step 2 for changing job. Don't forget to check your inventory, just sell the hunter bow and as alternatif you can find rental item 'Rudra Bow' it's powerful bow in your inventory consume section. 5. Now warp to Orcs tomb dungeon [@warp orcsdun01] kill some Orc Zombie, Orcs Skeleton, etc. You may want to mob them, so make sure you have Arrow shower lv 10 skill. Sometimes leveling in this spot take longer when you have reach lv 75, you can warp to Glast Heim Church [@warp gl_church] to continue your leveling. This place have good monster card such as Evil Druid Card and Wraith Card. Keep leveling until you reach lv 86 and never get your level to 90. PHASE 2. Quest and Find a Party* *Note: Why party? because you will hunt 100-200 monster additional several 30 monster, and i guess that will make you boring enough. Shining Moon RO have unique hunt system, while you're in party all of the member killing count as yours as long as in the same map, once more in the same map not screen. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. When you reach lv 86 go to Eden HQ [@go eden], register to NPC Lime Evenor and talk to NPC Gramps. He will offer you to kill 100, 200, and 400 monster. Choose 100 and 200, and 400. since 100 and 200 monster have the same quest. If you level below 90 I advise you to choose kill 100, and 200 harpy since it's easier. Above 90 will get different type monster and it's have less spawn than harpy. DON'T TURN IN THE QUEST. 2. Now go to upstairs Eden HQ. Find a Quest Board for lv 86-90. Choose and hunt 30 monster below. DON'T TURN IN THE QUEST . When your char reach lv 91 continue to step 2. 3. Hunt all of the monster above until you get lv 91. When you get lv 91 back to eden go to upstairs Eden HQ. Find a Quest Board for lv 91-99. Choose and hunt 30 monster below, and continue your previous unfinished quest. DON'T TURN IN THE QUEST. 4. Boring? Okay you almost complete all of the step. Cheers keep your determination. FYI you already killed 540 Monster today PHASE 3. Get Ready to Feast 1. After finishing several hard task above now your level must be normal class 99/50 or baby class 99/70 or higher. Now for the last task warp to Splendid [@warp spl_field02] Field and Manuk Field [@warp man_fild03]. Find a Lost fairy and the Man like tree. Don't report to guard yet (Don't turn in the quest). 2. Just go back to office [@go office] quickly, we're going to hold a feast. When you rebirth/Reset class, you'll get job lv 10, if you don't hunt some poring instead. 3. Make sure you're now high novice/High Baby. Now go to Mid Camp [@go mid_camp], and report to the NPC Guard Captain twice, for finding the lost fairy and man like tree. 4. Go back to office [@go office] and change your class. Make sure you're now not high novice, but transcend class (HIgh Archer, High Thief, etc). Equip your evolve gear, and any Exp modifier item. Go to Eden HQ and turn in quest board lv 91-99 quest first, because 86-99 quest didn't give job exp. turn in until your job lv 50 . 5. Change your job to transcend second class and repeat step 4, and also turn in quest board lv 86-90. 6. Go back to office [@go office] and change yourself into 3rd class. Back to Eden HQ [@go eden] and turn in gramps quest. 7. Congrats for you .