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  1. Mosh's Niflheim Magic Shiranui Guide

    Quick Shiranui Guide Hello I'm mosh. I've made a oboro guide long ago for Niflheim and decided to make a updated shiranui MAGIC guide out of boredom. CRITICISM and QUESTIONS are welcomed. Please do tell if I need to fix anything. Quick Tips Some of a ladder run. (video starts at wave 4) My Skill Build Gears I'd recommend paradise set/eden shadows if your just starting out the server as a magic ninja. @go eden to go grab them. These will carry you to level 200. Paradise should be enough to get everything in the Midgame besides Varmundt Biosphere gears as the mobs there are pretty chonky Midgame - Celine's Set + Varmundt Biosphere with Clock Weapons Endgame - Getting rid of Celine's Cards: Will tailor towards Fire/Water/Shadow Ele Costumes Shadow Gears Reaching 1 FCT (Don't want to depend on 16th Night)
  2. 2019 Halloween Screenshot Event

    IGN: Hippo Realm: Niflheim Title: Face my fears they say. I can't without a face. Ba dum tsss
  3. Mosh's Niflheim Magic Oboro Guide

    If there is any questions you can reply to this topic. Any problems will be edited. Here's a little peek of my gears and damage. DON'T BE OVERWHELMED... Overview Will update in a new forum post one day! Leveling a Ninja (100x) Physical > Magic when it comes to leveling without gear. (If you do have gear, go and flaming petal some mobs down :> ) Throw Kunai - This will be your main skill from 1-99. Swirling Petal / Kunai Splash - From 99-185, these will be your main skills You can switch to Magic once you are an oboro as you will get charms You'd want to farm the Golden Ninja Set from Rockridge Quest/Mobs once you are an Oboro to make leveling easier. It isn't hard to do so as these mobs are very easy to kill. Actual Leveling (Use your Manuals!) 1-10 Prontera Field 6. or anywhere with porings/fabres/lunatics. 10-25 - Payon Dungeon 1. 25-35 - Ant Hell 1. Kill them eggs. 35-71 - Orc Dungeon 1. 70-185 - Gramps 71-91 - Geffen Field 6 or 8. Kill Petites. 91-99 - Eden Board Quest. (I prefer Stapo, Roween, and Siroma) Change job. Get a few job levels. Level up, Swirling Petal or Kunai Splash. 100-130 - Magma Dungeon 2 130-175 - Charleston Crisis Instance. 160-185 - Illusion Dungeon Labyrinth/Luanda or MvP. Skills !! Ninja Tree Flaming Petals - Will be your main damage skill.* Blaze Shield - Puts fire around you like a shield.* Exploding Dragon - An OK skill. Used for mobbing. Cicada Skin Shed - Personal Favorite Skill to use as you can dodge any 3 physical attacks. Ninja Aura - +5 str/int buff when used. Oboro Tree Distorted Crescent To use this skill, your SP must end up even AFTER you use the skill. Otherwise your damage will drop significantly. Get ready to see higher numbers though when used correctly c:. Earth Charm Fire Charm Ice Charm Wind Charm Fire, Ice, and Wind Charms are the main focus in this build. Especially fire as it gives the most % boost to a skill called Flaming Petals. Wind Charms gives the same % boost to Wind Blade, but the skill is bad... nuff' said. You can buy Charms at the upper left of Fortessa from a dealer named Amatsu Trader. 16th Night Upgrade this skill. A MUST! Just read the description. "All fixed casting of any ninja skills will disappear when this skill is used.Variable casting time will reduce to half, while MATK increases a certain amount." LOL Pure Soul Who wouldn't want free hp and sp regen. 10% hp/ 5% sp every second. ILL TAKE IT. Just be careful. you will be immobilized. BUT THERES A WAY. Shadow Hiding + Shadow Leap A combo I love to use while I'm using Pure Soul Equipment !! Top Headgear Spell Circuit [1] - This headgear will be the BiS (Best in Slot) headgear you will find for Magic Oboro. Lots of elemental magic % boost and flat matk when refined! When equipped with specific daggers that will be mentioned, it will boost your single target magic skills by 5% every 2 refines and reduce variable casting by 1% per refine. Obtainable from world boss box or players Zaha Doll Hat [1] - A magical headgear that works by procc'ing. It increases flat MAtk by 30 per refine level when procc'ed. Also gives 10% magic damage to undead which isn't so bad. Would be my second choice of headgear if there was no spell circuit. It is dropped by White Lady or can be bought in the cash shop. Celine's Ribbon [1] - Another boost for MAtk except you dont have to proc it :D. This headgear will beat Zaha Doll Hat when combined with an accessory called Celine's Brooch. Obtainable from HTF crafting or players Illusion Fancy Flower [1] - Decent HG. Can be combo'd with illusion bazerald. Obtainable in Illusion Dungeon. Beret - 10% demihuman resist. You can rock your looks with this headgear ;). Rachel Dungeon Vanberks drop these. Cards Lichtern Red Card - +10 MAtk. 5% fire damage. Additional 5% at +9 Lichtern Blue Card - +10 MAtk. 5% water damage. Additional 5% at +9 Kathryne Keyron Card - 2% MAtk. 1% VCT per refine Big Boy Cards. Vesper Card - +2 Dex. Ignores 30% MDef of Boss Monsters. High Wizard Card - Ignores 100% MDef of Regular Monsters, but increases VCT by 100% ._. Fenrir Card - 50 MAtk. +5 per refine. Reduces Fixed Cast Time by 70% Middle Headgear Gambler's Seal - More and more and more crit. Get this middle HG! Just buy it. It will boost your damage significantly when you have 120 LUK. Obtainable from World Boss or players Kardui's Ears - If you can't reach the point of getting 100% Variable Cast time, this is a really good headgear as it will help you out with VCT and gives you a boost with flat MAtk. 120 DEX is required for this headgear. Obtainable from World Boss or players Magical Booster - 3% MAtk. A mid headgear u can use in the meantime before getting the 2 I mentioned above. Obtainable from world boss or players Robo Eye - 2% MATK and +1 Dex. Same as Magical Booster. Obtainable Cash shop or players. Lower Headgear Heart Card in Mouth - A combo with Gambler's Seal. Will give you even more crit LMAO. Also will give you aspd which will benefit ninja's because Flaming Petals have no delay and is ASPD based. Obtainable from World Boss or players. Tree Sprout - A combo with Kardui's Ears. Even more VCT and flat MAtk when having 120 DEX. Obtainable from World Boss or players Delicious Lollipop - A really good lower HG that isn't combo'd with anything. +5 matk, +1 aspd, reduces fixed cast time by 20%! Mmmm. Very delicious c:. Obtainable from ... where the heck did I get this. Armor Flattery Robe [1] - An armor giving 150 flat MAtk. Best when enchanted with Magic or Critical Enchants. Obtainable from Honor Token Exchange or players. Abyss Dress - 40% more magical damage to Demon, Shadow, and Undead at +9. Can be really hard to obtain one though. Obtainable from Fortessa Pit or players. Sea Dragon Armor [1] - 20% More magical damage at +9, also if you can't reach ur VCT goal, this is the armor to use. Dropped from Fortessa Dungeon Tidung [1] - A underrated armor but very good for survival capabilities. Obtainable from Leak Airship‘s Armor - Beginner's Armor. HP and SP boost, +10 Mdef, +1 All stats. Obtainable in Airship. Cards Agav Card - 5% MAtk. Angry Nine Tail Card - Increase Crit Damage by 10% (which will be 5%) and +10 crit when armor is +10 Big Boy Cards. Nightmare Amon Ra Card - Increase Magical Damage to Shadow/Undead/Demon mobs by 50% Weapons (can wear 2 daggers) Mikatsuki [1] - Combos with Spell Circuit. Raksasa Dagger [1] - Second Dagger to combo with Spell Circuit. (Tip: 2 of the same dagger will not stack with Spell Circuit.) Crimson Dagger [2] - Must be highly upgraded for better damage. Obtainable from many mobs. @whodrops Crimson Dagger, to find out. Vicious Mind Dagger [1] - Same as Crimson Dagger. Enchants to look for are Flat MAtk, % MAtk, Crit Damage, increase magic damage to boss, and Variable Cast Time. Obtainable from Sky Fortress Bazerald - A really good dagger if you don't have a spell circuit yet. Can be enchanted in Malangdo. If enchanted go for Spell for VCT. Obtainable from Pharaoh. Illusion Bazerald [2] - A newer version of the Bazerald. Really good for Flaming Petals. Obtainable in Illusion Dungeon Crafting. Cards Immortal Wind Ghost Card - 10% MAtk. Chance of autocasting Killer Cloud LV 5 when using magical attack. Aunoe Card - 20% Crit Damage (10% Magic Crit Damage) Sedora Card - 15% Crit Damage (7.5% Magic Crit Damage) Big Boy Cards Time Holder Card - 20% MAtk. Increase SP Cost by 10% Enchants for Mikatsuki/Raksasa Daggers. Available through Ninja Guild Hideout at the Enchantment NPC Shield Who cares. 2 Daggers are better. Garment Fallen Angel Wings [1] - Best Garment as you can enchant it 3x with Spell at +9 and get up to 30% VCT. The only garment you need. Can't find any other garment that will give you more VCT than this. Cards Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card - Reduce Damage from Neutral Property by 15%. Increase Fire Property Damage by 3% per refine. Faceworm Larva Card - Reduce Damage from Neutral Property by 15%. Increase Water Property Damage by 3% per refine. Shoes Temporal Int Boots [1] - Should be enchanted with Spell/Runaway Magic. Obtainable from Old Glast Heim crafting. Temporal Luk Boots [1] - Should also be enchanted with Spell/Runaway Magic. Obtainable from Old Glast Heim crafting. Cards Nightmare Verit Card - Gives up to 10% MAtk at +9. Big Boy Cards Fallen Bishop Card - 10% MAtk. -50% SP. Increase Magic Damage to Demi-Human and Angel by 50% Accessories Chambered RWC 2012 Pendant [1] - Only useful for its enchant. Needs Spell Enchants in order to achieve 100 VCT. Obtainable from Slots. Pendant Of Maelstorm [1] - Accessory used by almost all classes as it gives 6% atk and 6% matk. Obtainable from Jitterbug Instance Crafting. Magician's Gloves [1] - A must for any magic dps class. Ignores 50% mdef to all mobs including bosses! Obtainable from Fortessa Dungeon. Celine's Brooch [1] - +1 aspd 5% matk and 10% VCT. Everything a Oboro needs. Obtainable From Fortessa Pit. Cards Mavka Card - Increase Fire and Earth Property Damage by 20%. Headless Mule Card - Increase Water and Holy Property Damage by 20% Big Boy Cards Beelzebub Card - Reduce VCT by 30% Shadow Gears/Enchants + Costume Enchants Shadow Equipment Oboro Shadow Armor - Increases all your single target Magic DPS skills by 20%. 5% per refine. Oboro Shadow Shoes - Not really good. Used for set bonus with armor, shield, weapon. (+7 all stat 3% hp 3% sp. Water Fire Wind +5%.) Ninja Shadow Shield - Ignore mdef of mobs and aspd bonus. Ninja Shadow Weapon - Up to 10% matk/atk when +9. Tempest Shadow Earring - Mdef Pierce to normal mobs Tempest Pendant Shadow - Same as Earring. (Upgrade non-class specific shadow gears to +7 in order to enchants) Costumes Critical Stone Garment , Critical Stone Upper , Critical Stone Middle , Critical Stone Lower 20% Critical Damage for Garment, 3% for the rest, and has set bonuses. Top Costume - Aim for as much HP you can get. Preferably 4k or higher hp enchants. Mid Costume - Flat MAtk or %MAtk. I prefer % because you will have a lot of flat matk as you can wear 2 daggers. Also Crit Damage % is viable. I found it giving me more damage than 10% MAtk Lower Costume - Crit/ASPD. If you don't have enough crit to reach the 100 crit point. I prefer having crit enchant than aspd. Garment - I ignore the first 2 enchants and just look for elements. Most commonly used elements are Shadow, Holy, Undead, and Ghost
  4. Gilt Cross

    I'd say use katar if you have no idea about GX. Start off with rolling cutter into cross ripper slasher and use your edps. Easier MvPs such as Eddga, Moonlight, Phreeoni and more shouldn't be a problem even with a +6 Jur. 8k damage is expected from a +6 Jur honestly haha. Start off with a crimson katar, and try to refine it. There's gears to improve your meteor assault damage such as enforcer shoes so, maybe try to buy one of those if you ever see one in the vends.