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Advanced Farming Guide - (Updated: 09/19/20)

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This will be my ultimate farming guide for more advanced players (those who already have their farming characters geared up and have AT LEAST ONE 1x character), and includes the best ways to farm for zeny, from MY perspective and based on what I've learned FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCES.

(If you have better ways, feel free to share with the community)

I will do my best to keep it updated, as new content comes into the server.


(Just note that the price range between servers might vary a lot, so make sure to check the item prices / drop rate on your server.)


Let's get to it!



Instance Based Farm



Horror Toy Factory & Sarah's Memory



Yes, there are still some people who are unaware of the profit that can be made through these two instances, so if you are one of those, make sure to check the guide I made focusing on them (it was made for Niflheim, but you can apply it to Helheim as well, just dis-consider the jRO gear & drop rate differences, if there are any at all).



These are the most valuable items from HTF, but there are other options, which you can find in my guide below, as for Sarah's, you must sell all stats food you can get.


Horror Toy Factory + Sarah's Memory Farming Guide



Old Glast Heim (Normal/Hard)



Since temporal boots are still very useful for most of the current builds, and people really don't like farming OGH, it might be a viable option.



Source item to craft temporal boots.



Coagulated Spells, Contaminated Magic, OCAs, MCAs & Temporal Crystals.



Coagulated Spells, Contaminated Magic, OCAs, MCAs & Temporal Crystals.



OCAs & MCAs are also dropped by the MVPs on Normal and Hard mode, respectively.



If you're lucky enough, Amdarais & Realized Amdarais are some of the best options for armor cards.


If you're new to the concept, or need more information about the temporal boots creation, check out the link below:




Edda Biolab



Edda Biolab is a pretty simple instance, but you will need a party or a lot of resistance & damage to complete it on your own.



These are what you're here for, they are used to enchant the Edda Weapons, and are quite valuable.



Those are also part of the enchanting process, but they are a lot cheaper than the previous item.



You can sell the boxes or try your luck and getting 1 out of 39 weapons and sell it.



These you can never get enough, keep them for personal use, or sell them at large quantities.



Needless to say, do as you would for the berries.



These are part of the Bio 5 Headgear creating process (personal use only).

Just note that they are account bound, so only pick them if you really need.



For more info on the instance & items, check the following link to my guide:

Edda: Fall of Glast Heim & Biolab (Video Included)



Edda Glast Heim (Hard)



Edda Glast Heim (Hard) is not complicated, but you do need a decent resistance & damage to go through it at ease.


Your main objective here is to collect:


Curse-eroded Gemstones are used to craft & enchant King Schmidt's Insignias, which on both servers, can be a BiS left accessory, for many builds.

You can drop them from mobs on the instance & you will be rewarded with 6 for defeating the final boss.



You can also drop these cards from the mobs throughout the instances.



For more info on the instance & items, check the following link to my guide:

Edda: Fall of Glast Heim & Biolab (Video Included)



Otherworld Fragment Instances (Niflheim Only)



On a number of instances, you can drop Otherworld Fragments, used to create matrices of improved jRO gears, such as Jasper Circlet, Immortal Dog Tag, Laphine Shield, and many other (you can check the list at @go 46, NPC 'Otherworldly Prisoner').

  You can check the list of fragments and who drops them by: using the commands @ii otherworld > check the id of the fragment > @whodrops ID > checking which instance that boss belongs to.


One that is not dropped is:



This one is obtained with a very low chance, from the NPC after you clear Wolfchev's Laboratory Instance.



In case you don't drop the one you need, you can go to any Special Tool Dealer and buying, selection 'Special Boxes', and buying a:



As its description states, you can try your luck and getting a higher value or the fragment you need.

Note that there's a chance it will turn into an Enigmatic Fragment, which you can only use in the transmuter, and you will need FIVE of them, to get a new random one.



You can also farm 250 instance points (the best way being doing Wolfchev's Laboratory in Hell Mode, which will give you 60 instance points a day, per character).



Then trading them in at @go 46 / @go exchange, with the NPC 'Instance Points' for a:



Which will also give you a random Otherworld Fragment, and in case you don't get a nice one, repeat the transmuter strategy.






Map Based Farm



Nightmare Biolab (Bio 5)



Bio 5's headgears might be the BiS (best in slot) for most classes, in both servers, so the items dropped by the mobs sell really fast, and in bulk.

I only recommend this if you have sufficient player skill, are extremely well geared or have a decent party who can deal with the mobs, since they hit HARD.

To access it go to: @warp lhz_dun_n


Your objective here, is to farm for the following items:


This is your primary focus, those are used to acquire & upgrade the headgear enchants, so they are usually the most valuable item.



Those are used to reset the enchants, people might pay some money for it, but it's not as valuable as the previous one.



By opening this, you have the chance to obtain a random class costume headgear, a random class soul & one ghost chill (the first two are used to craft the headgear).


Note that souls are account bound, therefore, cannot be traded nor thrown to the ground, just like the headgears.



Opening those will give you a random class enchantment stone, depending on your server, this might be a good option to sell.



The mob cards are also valuable, as they are used for end game builds and also can be traded in during ECA's events (at least during the last event, if this is dropped at the next, I will update this post).



Farming Bio 5 MVPs for:


Two random MVPs spawn at a time, and their spawn time is around 8 hours, so it might be hard to catch them alive.

In Niflheim the MVPs drop very useful jRO gears, such as 'Rune Helm' (used to craft Jasper Criclet) 'Blacksmith Gloves', 'Geffenia Ice Magic Tool' & many more, so you might want to keep an out for those.


For both servers, their cards might be a nice addition to almost every build.



For more info on Shining Moon's Bio 5, check the following links:





Fortessa Dungeon, Pit & Ruins





These 3 maps, specially Pit & Ruins, are some of the end game content in Shining Moon RO and can provide you with a lot of loot that can be sold for a nice amount of zeny.

Ruins & Pit should be farmed in groups, since there are three types of monsters that only receive damage from one type of attack (magical, ranged or melee).


Fortessa Dungeon can be farmed mostly for:

Fortessa Box 1 which contain a random item, equipment, shadow equipment enchant boxes & consumables.

(item list & more info can be found in the link at the end)


Fortessa Pit can be farmed mostly for:

Fortessa Box 2 which contain a random item, skeleton keys, equipment & consumables.

(item list & more info can be found in the link at the end)


Fortessa Ruins can be farmed mostly for:

Patent Weapon Cubes & consumables, such as Abrasives.



To access them, you first need to get the 'Dark Society' Quest done. For more info on that, click on the official wiki's link below or check out @Munbalance's walk-through video at the end of this section.

(information regarding the mobs and their loot has changed overtime, so they might be outdated, keep that in mind before trying something, and always READ PATCH NOTES FOR THIS KIND OF CHANGES)












Dark Society's Walk-through Video by Munbalance

In-depth Guide Coming Soon






Mixed (Maps + Instances + Quests)



17.2 Instances & Hunting Quests



Episode 17.2 has brought a new farming option to the table, and these are good options for more advanced players




You can farm Varmeal Tickets and sell them or craft the Automatic equipment with it for a decent price.



You can choose to sell the boxes or open them and sell the random modules that come out.



If you're lucky enough, you can also drop a great card for World Bosses, Pit & Ruins, during your runs.



For more info on the quests & how to farm those items, check the following link to my guide:

17.2 Daily Quests - Farming (Video Included)




Enjoy, and if you have any questions or suggestions, whatsoever, ask away.


You can also contact me:

In game: Sir Richard or Selena Fluorspar

Discord: Shining Moon RO's official discord, and '§¤ RicharÐ ¤§-#4215


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Thank you for putting effort for making this worderful guide. 

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