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Instance Farming Guide For Beginners (Videos Included)

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This guide is meant for beginners who have little or no clue on how to farm for mid/top tier equipment in Niflheim, following it, you'll be able to make around 20m per character (I suggest you create 3 or more chars of a same class for this) in a single day with two quick instances:





Objective / Overview:

This instance is pretty simple, straight forward, just follow the path, kill all mobs and loot everything in the process.

It can pretty much be soloed with any class, as the monsters don't pose too much of a threat, just don't get over confident as you can die if too many lock you and you don't have enough physical resistance.

Difficulty: Normal.

Level: 99 or higher.

Average Completion Time: 4 minutes.

Suggested Classes: Pretty much any class can solo this instance with no major problems.

Recommended gear: Any basic set / weapon will do, mobs are easily one shot.

Tips: Use the command @autoloot 100 since all items are of value over here; Watch out for your weight capacity, as you won't be able to attack when you're over 90%; the Call Storage skill is extremely helpful.

Rewards: 5.8 to 6.5m (selling with Overcharge using a merchant class) in stat foods as seen in the image below.




Quick video on how to complete it + tips:








Objective / Overview:

The main focus on this one, is to kill all of the 58 the creatures called 'Creepy Demons' and as many 'Abandoned Teddy Bears' as possible, for their drops.

Difficulty: Normal (there's no need to go higher than this, since Platinum Bullion and Gold are 100% drop in Nif).

Level: 140 or higher.

Average Completion Time: 10-15 minutes.

Suggested Classes: For beginners, this one I recommend you to go as GX, Ranger, Rebellion, RG with Divine Guard Hat, Warlock or any other cheap and reliable classes.

Recommended gear: Divine Guard Hat (for RGs) / Enforcer Shoes (for GXs) / Noblesse ~ Grace set / #15204: Abyss Dress (I strongly recommend you to buy one as it is a must for HTF on early game, its price range is between 10 to 30m at +0, just ask around on #Trade and you will get a cheap one) / Thanatos Weapon with Hunter Fly card.

Tips: Gather Bloody Coins (you can get over 100~200 in a single run) to buy Sweet Pastries & Hot Tea, those will be useful and cheap healing items for your farming; Use the command @autoloot 1 for cards.

Autoloot list:


  • @alootid +gold
  • @alootid +platinum bullion
  • @alootid +tendon satay


  • @alootid +7643 (Bloody Letter - 100 are needed for Celine's Brooch (Alternate) Matrix)
  • @alootid +7939 (Elder Branch - catalyst for all Rune Knight's runes)
  • @alootid +fabric (material needed to create Bottle Grenades for Genetics and previous classes)
  • @alootid +bloody coin (those can be traded over at @go 46 or /navi fortessa 90/115 , for items and consumables)


Rewards: around 15m (selling with Overcharge using a merchant class) in Gold, Platinum Bullions & Tendon Satays.





Quick video on how to complete it + tips and tricks:




Enjoy, and if you have any questions or suggestions, whatsoever, ask away.


You can also contact me:

In game: Sir Richard or Selena Fluorspar

Discord: Shining Moon RO's official discord, and '§¤ RicharÐ ¤§-#4215


And last but not least, I'd like to thank @DanyKhaleesi for making this possible, for inspiring me to keep going and finish it!

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