Temporal Boots

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The Temporal Crystals and Coagulated Spells earned from doing the Old Glast Heim instance can be exchanged for Temporal Boots. You do not need to be level 130 or do the instance to upgrade Temporal Boots or enchant Stat Temporal Boots, if you have acquired the materials through other means, such as buying from other players.

Temporal Boots

  • Hugin's Butler or the Instance Manager in Prontera (/navi glast_01 210/273) will exchange 1 Temporal Crystal for a Temporal Boots.
    • These boots can be further upgraded to a specific Stat Temporal Boots in exchange for Temporal Crystal.
    • The player has to be wearing the Temporal Boots to upgrade them.
Temporal Stat Boots
22000.png Temporal Str Boots 22002.png Temporal Agi Boots
22003.png Temporal Vit Boots 22001.png Temporal Int Boots
22004.png Temporal Dex Boots 22005.png Temporal Luk Boots

Slotting Temporal Boots

  • Hugin's Craftsman or the Instance Manager in Prontera (/navi glast_01 210/270) will slot a Stat Temporal Boots in exchange for 5 Temporal Crystals.
    • There is no chance to fail and break the Boots. Slotted Boots can be further enchanted and enchants will not be lost when slotting.

Enchanting Temporal Boots

  • Hugin's Magic Master or the Instance Manager in Prontera (/navi glast_01 212/273) can enchant the 3rd and 4th slots of Stat Temporal Boots using Coagulated Spell.
    • The player can select the nature of enchantment of the 4th slot.
    • Once enchanted the player can increase the level of the 4th slot enchantment 3 times in exchange for additional Coagulated Spells.
    • After a level 4 enchant, the 3rd slot can be enchanted with a random special enchantment which requires 100 Contaminated Magic.
Enchant Fighting Spirit Expert Archer Spell Vitality Attack Speed Lucky Coagulated Spells Required
Level 1 Fighting Spirit 4 Expert Archer 1 Spell 2 Vit+2 Delayafterattack 1 Luk+3 5
Level 2 Fighting Spirit 5 Expert Archer 2 Spell 3 Vit+3 Delayafterattack 2 Luk+4 25
Level 3 Fighting Spirit 6 Expert Archer 3 Spell 4 Max HP +1% Delayafterattack 3 Luk+5 50
Level 4 Fighting Spirit 7 Expert Archer 4 Spell 5 Max HP +2% Delayafterattack 4 Luk+6 200
Final (slot 3) Random Special Enchantment 100