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  1. Meme Time

    IGN: Biolonga Server: Hel Title: Trade offer from farmer wheel
  2. multi multi multi

    I voted wrong, +1 vote to You can bring an alt into any difficulty but no rewards.
  3. As with the recent poll on Genetic foods, there are plenty of buff type items that can be dispelled or lost upon death meaning you need to quickly reapply them all each time a monster dispels or if you fall in battle you're also forced to re apply them. Should we make them immune to removal? That way you'll only need to worry about re-applying them once the time is over. Note: this also gives the 1 Hour "Gin" versions of the buff items more reason to exist as currently they rarely last as long as they advertise.
  4. Zeny Zeny Zeny

    sealed drake is not a kRO item, and would likely not be included even in Nif that being said, pvp definitely needs a good looking at
  5. Zeny Zeny Zeny

    The number that represents zeny is simply that, a number. There is no way to prevent this number from growing but disabling zeny gaining methods simply cuts the heels of new players and is something that should be avoided. The only issue with high zeny amounts is that it becomes inconvenient to trade and hold that much zeny this could be solved with in-depth solutions such as raising zeny caps or allowing players to vend or buy from stalls using 17carat diamonds for example. I am in favor of reintroducing Thanatos farming but also keeping HTF intact. This provides both a solo zeny grinding area as well as a communal one where players can interact more, which is in all honestly, a lot more fun. If the amount of zeny becomes too cumbersome then we should make it less cumbersome, not prevent newer players from making it too.
  6. ECA Announcement

    I like the idea of MVP announce but people didn't handle it well last event