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    IGN: Stoic Beast Realm: Helheim Title: I Will Protect You, Son
  2. Shining Moon Concise Beginner Guide Series | Part 1: Getting Started Hi! I'm Stoic, the guild leader of SEED (a guild for newbies), and I'll guide you on how to get started in Shining moon, from zero to hero. In this first article, I will walk you through how to make your first farming character and how to get it to 4th job in under an hour. 1. Make a gunslinger at 100x base/job rate. Why gunslinger? Because it's the easiest to level up and has decent AoE damage potential to be able to farm in late game content. 2. Kill monsters at prt_fild06 til level 25. You can use @warp map name to get directly to the map you want to go to. No need to use the warper and walk to get to different levels of any dungeon or any field. 3. Get desperado level 10. 4. Kill ant eggs at anthell01 til level 40. 5. Kill monsters at orcsdun01 til level 85. 6. Kill monsters at mag_dun01 til level 99. 7. At level 99, change to rebellion. You can now buy purifying bullets and armor piercing bullets as well as other 40 atk bullets from vending machine in @go main. These bullets are a step up from the original bullets available for gunslingers. 8. Buy 6 holy water and 6 blue gemstones. 9. Buy guyak pudding using monster hunter coin for faster movement speed while doing the quest below (optional). 10. Pop guyak pudding and do cautious village quest https://irowiki.org/wiki/Cautious_Village (don't turn in yet). (Optional) You can also do nightmare verit and mummy quests for additional levels from cat in @warp moc_prydn1. 11. Pop thikk battle manual then turn in cautios village quest and you'll get to level 121 and with enough skill points for level 10 round trip and level 5 platinum alter. 12. Get illusion of moonlight quests from eden and @go 47. 13. Do illusion of moonlight and turn in all quests, you'll get to level 162. 14. Do illusion of frozen and turn in quests (iceicle not needed) and get to level 175. 15. Do illusion of vampire and turn in quests (if bomi is not around it's ok) and get to level 185. 16. Do illusion of teddy bear quest and turn in quests (skip yellow teddies since they're hard to kill and obsidian and soul fragment since they're hard to come by) and get to level 196. 17.Do illusion of twins, make sure to change job to Night Watch before turning in quests, for the easy job exp. Still got thikk battle manual remaining? Do illusion of abyss and get more levels. You will need all the attribute points you can get to be able to deal better damage, you'll also need the skill points to get the passive skills of night watch that can boost your damage. Welcome to the late game. Now you'll find out that you're not good enough for late game content like nif_dun01, amicitia1, and so on. For these, you will need better gears. I'll be releasing a second article for farming. Things to note for beginners: - Use @al 100, all the loots will be useful for you since you need all the zeny. - Get eden paradise gears and shadow gears right away, they're free except for the weapons that cost 1k zeny each. - Buy gym pass when you get enough zeny, just one will give you 10k additional weight - If you run out of hp or sp, just go back to town and warp back to the map you're leveling in using @warp map name. - Don't forget to get your daily reward from @go office. - Don't forget to get your weekly reward from @go 46 (needs 5 instances completed) to get kachua's keys (5). Use them to get valuable consumables, gears, and other things. - Don't forget to get your daily kachua's keys (2) from @go 46 (need 2 instances completed) - Don't throw away cards. - Buy consumables like almighty, shining defense scroll, red booster, and guyak pudding from monster hunter npc at @go 47, they will be very useful starting up - Farm Yggdrasil Berries, Old Purple Boxes in lasa_dun02 and 03. You can buy 1 token of sigfried for every 5 OPBs you have in @go eden. - Explore the NPCs in @go eden, @go 46, and @go 47 to familiarize yourself with them and find out where to exchange things for gears and other items as well as enchant them. - Use @ws to see vending of the items you need. - Use @wb to see who's vend-buying the things that you have. - Use @price to see price history of an item - Use @mi to see monster info. - Use @whereis to see where a monster spawns. - Use @wd to see who drops the items you need. - Use @al [number] to set your autoloot. - Use @alootid and @nolootid for setting up specific items for autoloot, more on that in my next articles. @aloottype is not that useful imo. - Use @commands to see the commands you can use, as well as the bases you can go to like @seraphy and @fc. Yes, special mention to my friends based in those maps! - Use @sc for smartcast, Here's IllegalKross's guide for it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKrfYCvImUM - Use @refreshcashshop to refresh your cash shop if you encounter the glitch of it not showing anything - Use the recycler NPC at @go office 2nd floor if you sold something accidentally or if you refined without bsb "accidentally" Sooooooo, why make this guide? Because let's all be honest, the content in the wiki is not that friendly and comprehensive, it can be lacking at times. I myself quit the server after my first try out of frustration in the content meant for helping out newbies. Back then, Illegal Kross hasn't made videos yet. And even now, his videos, even helpful, doesn't cover everything a newbie must know to be able to thrive in this server. I hope you find this helpful, and if you do, don't forget to rodex me 'Real Stoic' any tips like blacksmith's blessing to brighten up my day! Just kidding, keep it, you'll need every bit of useful items in your journey in this server. If you have more tips for newbies, please comment and I'd gladly update this article. Cya!