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Patch 2018-02-09

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Server Launch of Pre-Renewal on 09th of February 2018. 06:00 PM PST > Countdown to Launch <

Information about Pre-Renewal:

  • EXP Rate: Up to the player. Uses personal EXP rates up to 30.
  • Item Rate: 10x
  • Card Drop: 0.1%
  • MvP Card: 0,04%
  • Max ASPD: 190
  • Max Stats: 99

Custom Features of Pre-Renewal:

  • Soul System
  • Class Change
  • Homunculus Daycare
  • MvP Ladder Arena
  • Spiritual Energy
  • World Boss
  • World Drops
  • World Gate
  • Monster Hunter

    All features have been adjusted to work for Pre-Renewal and had their stats changed according to it. These changes only apply for Pre-Renewal and have no change to the Renewal side.
  • And a lot more, check > Wikipedia <


  • Renewal & Pre-Renewal ( Combination Server )


- Inventory, Storage, Guild Storage, Cart, roDEX, Pets, Homunculus
- Achievement, Quests, 
- Characters, Zeny, Bank, Venders, Buyingstores

- Guilds & Guild Chat, Party & Party Chat [ Messages are shown / sent no matter where the player is ]
- #support, #global [ #Support adds an extra PRE or RE tag to the Name ]
- Whispers, Friends

  • Other ( Both Servers ):
    - Added @baserate and @jobrate
      (Allows you to customize your own EXP-rates, this will ignore server rates. Maximum is server's default rate of 30.)
    - Added @storage <1-5>
      (requires Call Storage skill)
    - Added @disable_headgears
      (Disabled the view of Headgears on yourself and others around you for yourself only)
    - Added new icons above some NPC's in the Main Office
    - Added new Information board to the Main Office
    - Adjusted Refinement UI to allow the enchanting and resetting of costumes
    - Adjusted Refinement UI to use different materials in Pre-Renewal
    - Changed Weapon Refine to Equipment Refine
      (Allows you to refine armors with the Whitesmith skill now too.)
    - Fixed a bug with Homunculus Daycare
    - Added a new Instance Manager to the UI
    - Updated Client to 2017-06-14b
    - Updated all client files to reflect the change above
    - Added World Gates to all towns
    - Fixed Materialize Soul's monster attack to reflect player stats
    - Added website options for Pre-Renewal & Renewal
    - Added Wikipedia options for Pre-Renewal & Renewal

    - Fixed a bug regarding daily Moonlight Coins
    - Added #global to Channel Master
    - Changed Beginner Instance to newest changes
    - Added all Hairstyles, Hair colors, Cloth colors to the Dress Room
    - Added all NPC's to Hugel
    - Changed the look of Fortessa and Prontera to work better with the new World Gate there
    - And alot more that I don't remember, when you find it, tell me so I can add it.

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