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  1. Maintenance finished.

    Server will be unreachable for the next ~15 minutes.
  2. Emergency Maintenance - Finished.

    Server will be unavailable for a 15 minutes emergency maintenance.
  3. Emergency Maintenance - Finished.

    We are down for an estimated ~1 hour. --- Extended for one hour.
  4. Maintenance finished.

    Estimated downtime ~1 hour.
  5. Mother's Day!

    Celebrate every MOMent with love this Mother's Day! Double drop event : May 13th until May 20th. Double Cashpoints: May 13th until May 15th.
  6. Launch Events

  7. Winter Festival - Krampus

    Winter Festival - World Boss Krampus Respawns every 8 hours and can be accessed through Saint Nicholaus in @go 0 Upon entering this World Boss you'll be turned into a Baby First Class with a 1 hour rental weapon and 1 attack skill. Your SP will automatically be fully recovered every x seconds. The map will clear every person AFK'ing for more than 3 minutes. Defeat Krampus with everything you've got, Baby! His HP are based on the amount of players attacking him. Every 45 seconds Krampus will use a skill to teleport everyone to him. At the same time Krampus will cast a skill to turn 1 out of every 3 players into his minion. These Minions are mind controlled and will attack any nearby player. During this time the player has no control over his own character this includes the following Cannot logout Cannot move Cannot write Cannot cast a skill Cannot use any commands Cannot use any items This state can only be cancelled when you've been "killed" by other players. While there are minions alive, Krampus cannot be damaged. Only once all minions have been defeated he can be damaged again. Note: Should you force your client to disconnect via ALT+F4 or any unnormal way you'll be excluded from the reward list. Note 2: The following reasons make you not receive a reward. Logging out while being a Minion Being too far away from the World Boss Being offline Not being on the same map as the World Boss Being idle for more than 120 seconds Using several clients to fight the boss Possible list of costumes from Krampus Red Stocking --------------------------------------------------------------- Star Shaped Decoration Shop ( Obtainable by killing monsters -+ 30 of your own level ) [ Added conversion of Halloween Coins into Star Shaped Decoration at 1:1 ratio ]
  8. Winter Festival

    Event - Winter Festival - A secondary daily check-in was added to the main office. Duration: 2017-12-01 ~ 2017-12-31 Exp Rates: - Base Exp 45 - Job Exp 45 - Quest EXP 45 Droprates: - Common 20x - Usuable 20x - Equipment 20x - Cards 20x - Mvp card 0.05% - Card granted drops 3x [ Card granted drops - effects of gear / cards that add a chance to drop additional items on kill ] - Increased the bonus cashpoints from 20% to 35% for the duration of the event. [ 1$ = 1350 CP ] - Every monster have a chance to drop Star Shape Decoration.
  9. Halloween - Stage 2

    The daily reward can be collected with the Daily Reward NPC. The coins are dropped by any monster that is +- 40 of your own level. The shop has been added to the Halloween World Boss Warper. Edited October 28, 2017 by Lunar
  10. Happy Halloween ~

    Halloween Event( The Halloween Event will be split into 3 different stages.) Stage 1 Servers rates are changed, starting 2017-10-18 until 2017-11-04. A new NPC including a Halloween World Boss and it's features as well as drops have been added. World Boss This world boss will respawn every 12 hour after it has been defeated. Every player that have dealt damage to it will get a reward. The fight is not a simple damaging like the normal world bosses. Halloween Box 1 - Fahrros's Goodies ( Contains randomly one of the items below ) - 1x Limited HD Carnium - 1x Limited HD Bradium - 1x Limited Enriched Oridecon - 1x Limited Enriched Elunium - 3x HD Bradium - 3x HD Carnium - 5x Bloody Branch - 5x HD Elunium - 5x HD Oridecon - 1x HE Bubble Gum - 2x Battle Manual 3x - 1x Fortessa Box - 1x Costume Treasure - 1x Zombie Hands - 1x Witch's Broom - 1x White Spirit of Jack - 1x Purple Spirit of Jack - 1x Green Spirit of Jack - 1x Lantern Witch's Hat - 1x Spectre Cloak - 1x Green Feathered Top Hat - 1x Blue Feathered Top Hat - 1x Black Feathered Top Hat - 1x Chibi Bats - 1x Little Demon Wings - 1x Bone Wings - 1x Flying Reaper - 1x Pumpkin Cookie - 25x Moonlight Coins - 3x Moon Coins - 1x Special Lucky 3 - 5x Lucky 3 - 1x Jewelry Box - 3x High Weapon Box
  11. WoE Time change

    The time for WoE on Saturday was changed from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM. The change is already visible on the homepages cooldown until WoE.
  12. Maintenance finished.

    Server is currently down for maintenance. Estimated downtime will be one hour.
  13. Maintenance - Finished

    Maintenance was finished.
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  15. Maintenance - Finished

    Maintenance will be finished in roughly 3hrs and 20 minutes.