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Drunk's Melee "Suranui" Guide

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Hello there, it's Drunk on EDPs (Drunk'd#1084) ! Recently, I've made a Suranui, and I kinda like it!
Here is my best DPS with only x2 Giant Caput cards and self buffs (no party):


Now.. How does it compare to the Ranged build? Well..

Upcoming skill changes, already released on kRO on May 2022


https://static.divine-pride.net/images/skill/5480.png Shadow Hunting
       SP consumption increased 48 -> 60
       AP recovery increased from 1 -> 2

https://static.divine-pride.net/images/skill/5481.png Shadow Dance
       Variable Cast Time is removed
       Cooldown changed from 1 second -> 0.5 seconds
       After Cast Delay reduced from 0.5 seconds -> 0.25 seconds

       SP consumption increased from 52 -> 65
       AP recovery increased from 1 -> 2
       Damage reduced from 6,500% -> 5,900%

https://static.divine-pride.net/images/skill/5482.png Shadow Flash
       Fixed Cast Time is removed
       Variable Cast Time is removed
       Cooldown reduced from 1 second -> 0.5 seconds

       Damage reduced from 9,700% -> 8,600%

https://static.divine-pride.net/images/skill/5493.png Shadow - Nightmare
       Cooldown reduced from 5 seconds -> 1 second
       AP consumption reduced from 30 -> 20
       Damage increased from 15,000% -> 18,000%

Anyway, don't look at that. We're here for Melee :^). Let's get into it!

   You look cute while you're dealing damage
   You're from the ninja line (access to Cicada, Pure Soul, 16th Night, etc)
   I ran out of Pros

   Requires the use of Mirage for massive DPS (takes time to set up damage)
   Needs to be in front of target to use one of DPS skills
   VERY Expensive build

What modifiers should you aim for?
   Melee Physical Damage
   100% After Cast Delay or as much as you can. 93% can work when you turn off skill bar UI (press F12 until you can't see bars)
   Physical Size Modifiers (Small%, Medium%, Large%, All Size%)
   Physical Property Damage
   Instant Cast via Stats (Dex*2 + Int = 530) or VCT%

Basic Stat Build
   Str: 120 | You're a physical class, nothing else to say
   Agi: 60 ~ Preference | Get as much ASPD as you can, idk what the optimal ASPD is though
   Vit: 60 ~ Preference | Survivability
   Int: 70 ~ +120 | Required for cast time
   Dex: +120 | Required for cast time
   Luk: 1 ~ Leftover points | Don't need

Trait Stat Build
   POW: 100 or 97 | You're a physical class, nothing else to say
   STA: 0 or 100 | Survivability
   WIS: 0 or 100 | Survivability (Personally, I do 100 WIS to tank Earthquakes)
   SPL: 0 | You're here for a Melee build, why would you need this
   CON: 97 or 0 | This is your secondary trait to increase for a little bit more damage
   CRT: 0 | None of your skills can Crit

Regular Equipment
   For regular equipment pre-150, I suggest using the Paradise Eden Headquarter gears!
BiS" means Best in Slot









Shadow Gears

Costume Stones

Damage Showcase


Edited by CleansingRain
Fixed Young Leaf of World Tree

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