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Found 2 results

  1. Support Class: Elemental Master (w/additional helpful info. for gearing casters) Note: -This guide will have "NO MVP above 500m"required. (Disclaimer: This statement may change depending on market, right now these MVPs are affordable as they should be.) Stats (the build shared here is VCT gear dependent, no screenshot is required.) -If using Illusion Boots, you do not need 120 DEX and can focus on INT/VIT, some AGI, and some STR for gem/points weight. -Can focus on ACD or whichever focus for your build (Support/Tanky, Support/DPS) P.S.: Using Ventus (Lvl 1) Summon at Passive (Lvl 1) Elemental Control can also provide an easy -1.0 FCT. GEAR Goals for cheap build: 100% VCT in Gear -1.5 FCT Uninterruptable Casting VCT Gear List FCT Gears List Cards Class Stones SKILL Notes: (Requires -3 FCT) (Requires -1.5 FCT) (Requires -1.0 FCT) Cheap Build (Avoids as much RNG as possible) NEW CHEAPEST BUILD (Thanks to Paradise Discovery): -1.5 FCT, 105% VCT, Paradise Pieces COST: ~250m (May Vary depending on RNG and market prices) Sample Set #1 (Convenience) Add a Mistress Card *A bit pricey* All in all you have -105% VCT and -1.5 FCT + uninterruptable casting + gem cost on skill. Gear slots not used for the build Armor, Shield Explanation: It is thought that -3 fct is a must to "no cast" AP transfer with Increasing Activity, but that is costly. Having the Paradise Accs Combo will help with the -1.5 casting left for increasing activity so it does not get interrupted. All your other skills are no cast besides Increasing Activity. DISCLAIMER: Optimizing the build at this point is up to your cash bank, and this is the cheapest build that I can think of, may vary depending on what you already have in hand. Reminder: Using Ventus (Lvl 1) Summon at Passive (Lvl 1) Elemental Control can also provide an easy -1.0 FCT. Message to readers: The only ones listed in the VCT/FCT section are the most common gears to address VCT/FCT issues. There are more out there and if you guys want to share them and make this topic better you can reply it down below and I can add it to the list. (You are usually an AP Battery, LP slave for the group unless.....*hint: @insight*) YouTube Link: (Video Not Updated on New Build)
  2. I'm Iridium and I'm a Doram from Filthy Casuals. I consider this build support/off-tank because you're filling a similar role in a party to a devotion Royal Guard. The game lacks true support options, so any support build is a breath of fresh air from all the DPS and off-DPS builds we have. The build works by spamming Tuna Party to shield your teammates. Support Doram takes advantage of the 17.2 Power of Sea automatic armor modules to reduce the CD of Tuna Party to zero, leaving only the 1 second cooldown. This isn’t a comprehensive leveling guide or gear progression guide because the build had a gear floor to work. Pros: can't be dispelled spammable on multiple characters synergistic with devo and other support skills can self-heal with Tuna Belly temporarily tank mobs by self spamming + Stoop No level requirements unlike devo New: Spirit Handler buffs are AoE! cat Cons: not as good for prolonged damage as devo because shield can break Tuna Party gives a hard animation to the target so you can softlock someone if you spam SP hungry New: Spirit handler is still SP hungry About the skill: Tuna Party RMS description (the skill description we use)* 20 second cooldown, 1 second acd No animation for caster (no aspd requirement) - Edit: I and some others tested and there does seem to be some effect of increased aspd and casting Tuna on other people. Personally the difference is noticeable but not massive, so I would consider aspd a secondary or tertiary stat. Hard animation for target (including yourself, can softlock party members) - I tested spamming Tuna on myself with 171 aspd vs 191 aspd with no noticeable changes. *the divine-pride description is old, the skill was updated at some point and the DP description never was Spirit Of Sea Doubles tuna party effectiveness (50% -> 100% hp) cute grass necklace 7 seconds per necklace automatic module power of sea 3 seconds per module Play Style: position stick with the middle of the party keep track of the squishy members of the party: classes that don't use shields and magic classes shield use shield members before combat refresh the shield if you start to see them taking damage spam the shield on the main tank if they're getting stun locked or are struggling just to keep them alive spam the shield on squishies only if they're taking damage from multiple enemies and its to keep them alive skills tuna belly as needed. Ygg seed if it's on cooldown and you need hp or sp arclouse dash yourself for non-dispellable speed refresh bunch of shrimp and tasty shrimp party as needed stoop when you're getting hit by multiple mobs. The damage reduction from stoop applies to the hp budget of your Tuna Party shield if you have it up. lope if you're getting mobbed and can't get out. If you're in a place with knockback, tuck yourself against a wall or into a corner. purring/grooming for self cleanse. Cooldown is too long to reliable use for the party. These skills are notable for cleansing through disabling skills like Frozen and Stone Curse, and for cleansing stubborn skills like Mandrogora Howling. where to use hell mode instances fortessa dungeons purgatory MUST HAVE gear: +11 automatic armor with two power of sea modules Two cute grass necklaces Recommended = yellow Gear goals: High ACD to spam freely - I like having 100% but if you want to drop ACD for resist/hp that's okay High base HP - as high as possible Resists - I don’t build around it but try to use a few high-value resist cards (alice and deviling) SP regen - optionally, to counteract the SP cost Top Headgear: Heart Wing Hairband For ACD, ideally +9 or +12 From voting point store, mvp combination scroll Drooping Thanatos Dolor For ACD and max hp, needs to be +11 From instance point store Palace Guard Cap If you’re main tanking and need resists over ACD From mvp combination scroll Temporal Circlet (Summoner) For ACD needs to be +11. For hp, needs diamond enchant (higher priority) and Vit jewel (lower priority) From instance point store Mid Headgear: New Wave Sunglasses For ACD From cash shop Victorious Wing Ears With (3%/3%) ACD enchants, for ACD From amicitia2, enchanting items from special tool dealer Deep Blue Sunglasses With (5%/5%) HP enchants From instance coin shop (needs auger to slot), enchanting items from special tool dealer Low Headgear: Happy Balloon Yay droprate From MHC shop Arch Angelring Balloon the tier 2 enchants have a mhp enchant, res for utility From monster hunter coin shop, enchants from instance coin. Umbala Spirit For mhp From world boss Vicious Mind Aura For the combo with FWM From edda biolabs Headgear cards: Bungisngis Card Rigid Sky Deleter Card For mhp Arc Angeling Card For sp regen If you’re rich: pharaoh, kiel Armor: Episode 17.2 Automatic armor with two Power of Sea and one Delay After Skill Self explanatory, needs to be +11 From 17.2 content Armor Cards: Ominous Solider Card For mhp Amitera Card New BIS mhp card for non-mvps If you’re rich: tao gunka Weapon: Safety Foxtail For the ACD, needs to be +11 From Ein3 Elaborate Yellow Foxtail Replica For the maxhp Weapon Cards: Darklord Essence Vitality3 For the mhp From Tower of the Demon God White Knight Card For the 5% more defense if you’re using KK card From Edda OGH (FOGH) Dancing Marionette Card Don’t need ASPD for the build per se, but Dorams struggle with ASPD in general, so it makes things a little snappier. None of the cards are really that great for tanking anyway. If you’re rich: doppelganger? again, aspd does not help with casting Tuna Party on yourself but it helps a little for casting on others Shield: Immune Shield For the resistance. From Lucky3 Bloody Knights Shield For the resistance and acd From failed Cursed Knight Shield enchant Purified Knights Shield With 5% ACD enchant, For the resistance and acd From successful Cursed Knight Shield enchant Mad Bunny LT With 5% ACD enchant or defensive enchant From instance coin shop Hervor Alvitr For the resist and mhp, if you’re rich From herver alvtr boxes from world boss Royal Guard Shield Optional, swap for lvl 1 shield spell (hp regen) From honor token store Shield Cards: Khalitzburg Knight Card For the resist, non-boss Racial Cards For the resist in fortessa dungeons, non-boss Alice Card For the resist, boss Mushy Ant Egg Card For the hp, from Illusion twins 1% per refine If you’re rich: ancient wootan defender Manteau: Temporal Vit Manteau With 15% ACD enchant, for the mhp and ACD From the instance point shop Automatic Wing B-type gives 10% acd with your armor. can be enchanted with above all and def/mdef From the 17.2 Fallen Warrior Manteau For the resist and ACD (if using with Vic Mind Aura) From bio5 Manteau Cards: Raydric Card The most basic and reliable resist card Deviling Card One of the best bang for buck resist cards Infinite Chimera Card, Jejeling Card For the mhp Randel Lawrence Card Optional, swap for lvl 3 guard If you’re rich: Kades Shoe: Temporal Vit Boots For the HP From OGH Episode 17.1 Illusion boots with vital/vital/FCT For the HP, FCT From 17.1 content Episode 17.2 Automatic boots with vital/vital/FCT For the HP, FCT From 17.2 content Shoe Card: Any 10% hp card: firelock soldier, any 17.2 card If you’re rich: venom kimera Accessory: Cute Grass Necklace Self explanatory Accessory card: Broken Security Beta Card The 17.2 acc card that gives the most hp Costume Stones: Top: anything Mid: champion stone II, from bio5 Low: stamina stone (lower), from random costume enchant box Garment: sura stone II, from bio5 If you're Spirit Handler: Top: reload, vit, from random costume enchant box Mid: reload, vit converter, from random costume enchant box Low: reload, vit converter, from random costume enchant box Garment: Fixed cast stone, or any 0.5 fct or more equivilant. Fixed cast dual, CRT dual, VCT dual. Shadows: Armor: Reload Shadow Armor II Shield: Reload Shadow Shield , Seperate Reload Shadow, all-race sheild Shoe: Reload Shadow Shoe Earring: Almighty Shadow Earring, from Ainz WB or WB store Pendant: Almighty Shadow Pendant, from Ainz WB or WB store Weapon: Stamina and Wisdom shadow weapon Doram Magical Weapon Shadow for slight sp reduction and cast time Infinity Shadow Weapon for slightly more tankiness Sets to consider: Stamina, Wisdom, Creative sets Bearer's II or Lord Bearer's set Reload set Restore shadow set Restore Shadow Earring, Restore Shadow Pendant Enchant: 2% HP ACD count: Drooping dolor: 15% VWE 3%/3%: 10% Automatic armor: 16% Safety foxtail: 20% PKS 5%: 10% Temporal VIT mant: 15% Reload shadow set: 15% Total: 101% You DON'T need 100% ACD for actual content. Even an ACD of 60% is enough to get the build going in content. Skills: Max Spirit of Sea Tree Arclouse Dash Max Kisul Tree (1s FCT on most skills, 1.5s FCT on Kisul Rampage) Blessing of Mystical Creatures Stats: 130 vit at least 77 luk for arch angeling card 100 Crt if you want more healing as much Sta and Wis as you can get Consumables Ygg Seed +15 biscuits Shining Def Scroll Small Life Potion Medium Life Potion Small Mana Potion Old Pudding Boarding Halter [Updated Tree Pending] Role in Purgatory: Shield squishies if you see them taking damage Keep Spirit Handler buffs active Spam Water Spraying to top off your party + generate AP (needs 1s FCT and stats to be effective, scales well with CRT but not heal%) Kisul Rampage on your DPS if they need to AP buff Help the party mob Personally I recommend getting 100 Crt and sp management cards (such as two Arc Angeling cards or two Pharaoh cards) to help with Water Spraying spam. Role in Fortessa Dungeons Main tank by going ahead of your party. Don't overmob because you might die and flood the party, or your party might die to mob AoE's while you tank. Move in circles to try to mob enemies into 1 cell. Not always feasible. Clear flanks and clear slightly ahead of where you stop so your party doesn't get hit by strays. Stick yourself into a corner if possible to prevent knockback and stop moving so mobs don't change aggro. Use Stoop liberally. You can Tuna Party yourself during Stoop. Use Halter to move fater. Consider dropping Crt and only getting Sta and Wis Racial resistance cards, per dungeon Special thanks to Fleps for helping me test some of the skill interactions with aspd.