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Found 1 result

  1. Support Class: Elemental Master (w/additional helpful info. for gearing casters) Note: -This guide will have "NO MVP above 500m"required. (Disclaimer: This statement may change depending on market, right now these MVPs are affordable as they should be.) Stats (the build shared here is VCT gear dependent, no screenshot is required.) -If using Illusion Boots, you do not need 120 DEX and can focus on INT/VIT, some AGI, and some STR for gem/points weight. -Can focus on ACD or whichever focus for your build (Support/Tanky, Support/DPS) P.S.: Using Ventus (Lvl 1) Summon at Passive (Lvl 1) Elemental Control can also provide an easy -1.0 FCT. GEAR Goals for cheap build: 100% VCT in Gear -1.5 FCT Uninterruptable Casting VCT Gear List FCT Gears List Cards Class Stones SKILL Notes: (Requires -3 FCT) (Requires -1.5 FCT) (Requires -1.0 FCT) Cheap Build (Avoids as much RNG as possible) NEW CHEAPEST BUILD (Thanks to Paradise Discovery): -1.5 FCT, 105% VCT, Paradise Pieces COST: ~250m (May Vary depending on RNG and market prices) Sample Set #1 (Convenience) Add a Mistress Card *A bit pricey* All in all you have -105% VCT and -1.5 FCT + uninterruptable casting + gem cost on skill. Gear slots not used for the build Armor, Shield Explanation: It is thought that -3 fct is a must to "no cast" AP transfer with Increasing Activity, but that is costly. Having the Paradise Accs Combo will help with the -1.5 casting left for increasing activity so it does not get interrupted. All your other skills are no cast besides Increasing Activity. DISCLAIMER: Optimizing the build at this point is up to your cash bank, and this is the cheapest build that I can think of, may vary depending on what you already have in hand. Reminder: Using Ventus (Lvl 1) Summon at Passive (Lvl 1) Elemental Control can also provide an easy -1.0 FCT. Message to readers: The only ones listed in the VCT/FCT section are the most common gears to address VCT/FCT issues. There are more out there and if you guys want to share them and make this topic better you can reply it down below and I can add it to the list. (You are usually an AP Battery, LP slave for the group unless.....*hint: @insight*) YouTube Link: (Video Not Updated on New Build)