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  1. Arch Mage build guide

    DISCLAIMER Expensive. This guide is a work in progress -- everything you see here can be replaced/adjusted depending on game updates. This guide is based on my knowledge about the game, experience, opinion, and preference. This is NOT a newbie guide. If you are starting from scratch, this guide is not for you. This article is just a guide. It's up to you if you will follow everything. There may be errors and/or inaccuracies in this guide. Feel free to correct me thru the comment section. I'll try to keep this guide up to date as long as I still play the game. Overview: Fire build Crimson Arrow & Rock Down - CA as your main damage skill. RD is just like your add-on/extension. Crimson Rock Chain Lightning build Pending: SVS build Mid-tier-ish setup for the three Fire build - Crimson Arrow & Rock Down Fire build - Crimson Rock Chain Lightning - UPDATED 01/03/2023!!! Soul Vulcan Strike ~~~~~~~~~~