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Super Novice 1x Guide for Shining Moon Classic [Niflheim]

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Welcome to my Super Novice guide, where all things are Super Novice all the time. The main goal of this guide is to provide guidance for skills, gear, and stat point investment to be the best you can possibly be. Most recommended gear will be setup for use WITHOUT soul linking, but will be included as well for gear variety/effectiveness. Currently, this guide will be written WITH the fact that all skills can crit and will be updated if/when this changes. What follows will be broken down into 9 sections:

Becoming a Super Novice, and Basic Leveling [link]

Basic survivability as Super Novice [link]

Physical Department [link]

Ranged Department [link]

Magical Department [link]

Auto Casting Department [link]

Healing Department [link]

Tanking Department [link]

WoE Department [link]

I will try to keep everything updated, however there's a ton to cover. The reworks to Super Novice and the eventual release of Hyper Novice will be included when applicable. Any suggestions will most likely be included and credited accordingly.

v0.1 - Preamble and guide initial setup and planning.

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Becoming a Super Novice, and Basic Leveling.

So you've started a new character with the intent to be a Super Novice and take the 1x challenge. At this point you're probably standing in the office after completing the tutorial. First thing you should do is @jobrate 100, don't worry, job exp has no effect currently on your 1x bonus. However, you still need 35 more levels until you can job change. You have 2 choices:

-Choice A - Tough it out and get 35 levels with no preparation and build your character from the ground up.
-Choice B - Be a sane person and prepare some starter gear with another character, even if just a couple pieces.

I recommend either a Mace or an Axe for a weapon, and an enchanted upper costume with HP enchants. Why axe or mace?


So you can kill mobs this decade mainly. Shield is totally optional at this level, and can be skipped completely. You can of course be more thorough than this, but this should be the absolute minimum if you're going to prepare ahead of time. Other options include:

- Fallen Angel Wings enchanted with Fighting Spirit socketed with WakWak, Cenere, or Brown Rat cards
- 2 Socketed RWC Rings with Fighting Spirit and Str or Atk% with the Revolver and Shotgun Buffalo combo
- +8 or higher General Helm or Ruff Officer
- Anything else you can wear at level 1 and cards to go with them

Next is your choice on actually gaining the experience. My recommendation is doing the compiled Board quests at Eden. Be aware that veterans like spawning Bloody Branch MvP on newbie maps.

- For 1-20 take Prontera and Geffen quests, targets are Roda Frog and Ambernite on Geffen Field 1 and 9
- For 21-50 take Prontera and Geffen quests, target is Elder Willow on Payon Field 9, repeat till lvl 45

Go back to the main office and job change to Super Novice. From here on its a matter of preference vs. what build you choose to decide where you can level easiest. Starting out i recommend a physical build only because most gear and consumable usage is way cheaper compared to magic. That and your sp pool is pitiful starting out as Super Novice.

- For 40-61 take the whole Comodo board and do them all, use @whereis to find the best map for your targets.
- For 61 till lvl 70 do the Payon 61-100 board, Sohee only on Payon dungeon Floor 4

Now you can start doing Gramps quests. Gramps is special for 1x characters because you get 5 times the normal experience just for completing them like normal. Partying is highly encouraged while doing Gramps, since some of them can have 3 targets instead of 2. Other options for experience include:

- Repeating Eden Board quests
- Using Reset Stones and repeating Gramps as much as possible
- Running every instance you can fully complete every day
- Doing episode dailies
- Killing any MvP you can comfortably kill without deaths, bring Yggdrasil Berries and element resist potions

From lvl 70 on its up to you to decide how to level. Use common sense like not taking physical build into Thors and you'll be fine.

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