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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to my Super Novice guide, where all things are Super Novice all the time. The main goal of this guide is to provide guidance for skills, gear, and stat point investment to be the best you can possibly be. Most recommended gear will be setup for use WITHOUT soul linking, but will be included as well for gear variety/effectiveness. Currently, this guide will be written WITH the fact that all skills can crit and will be updated if/when this changes. What follows will be broken down into 9 sections: Becoming a Super Novice, and Basic Leveling [link] Basic survivability as Super Novice [link] Physical Department [link] Ranged Department [link] Magical Department [link] Auto Casting Department [link] Healing Department [link] Tanking Department [link] WoE Department [link] I will try to keep everything updated, however there's a ton to cover. The reworks to Super Novice and the eventual release of Hyper Novice will be included when applicable. Any suggestions will most likely be included and credited accordingly. v0.1 - Preamble and guide initial setup and planning.