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Patch 2018-03-10

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  • Renewal & Pre-Renewal
    • Costumes dropped by monsters!
    • Soul Contract - New skill!
      • This skill allows you to form a contract with a monster.
      • This will use your current monster soul, upon successful contract your monsters soul is removed and will be moved in a permanent contract spot. This spot can be overwritten by another contract at any point.
      • This skill costs 1 Sealed Soul per cast, upon failure you'll only loose the Sealed Soul, not the monster.
    • Fixed a crash cause
    • Changed all World Gates to ask before swapping between servers.
    • Added a 2 account limit for the hourly rewards
    • Increased the limit of auto HP-loss from Fahrros from 5 to 10 player
    • Fixed a bug that Fahrros would keep loosing HP even though no one is in the map
    • Reduced the number of kills required to summon a World Boss from 500.000 to 250.000
    • The droprates have been permanently adjusted to 20x
    • Changed Materialize Soul:
      - The skill does not require Sealed Souls to be casted anymore, however requires a contracted monster.
  • Pre-Renewal
    • Lucky 3 - Loot additions:
      • Added Infinite Concentration Potion
      • Added Infinite Awakening Potion
      • Added Infinite Berserk Potion
      • Added Monster Hunter Coin x10, x5, x3
      • Added Activity Coin x1, x3, x5
      • Added Poison Bottle Box ( 50 and 100 )
      • Added Acid Bottle Box ( 50 and 500 )
      • Added Gold Treasure Key
    • Fixed the voting system to allow claiming in Pre-Renewal storage
    • Fixed all pet eggs and pet equipment to work
    • Fixed all blacksmith crafts
    • Fixed dummys
    • Fixed all mobs using correct PRE-Renewal skills
    • Fixed Chrono Trigger
    • Fixed the skill tree of Baby Knight & Baby Crusader while mounted
    • Fixed a bug in the Realm of Chronos
    • Fixed vending in Fortessa
    • Fixed MvP Ladder
    • Removed Nightmare Pyramid from the Warper
    • Added a safety-check to the Safe Portal Event
    • Added a safety-check to the Undead Assault
    • Added Piercing Expert NPC to @go eden
    • Removed Fox Ears from cashshop, they were not supposed to be in there.
        - Removed all Fox Ears from players and refunded the cashpoints.
  • Renewal
    • Lucky 3 - Loot additions:
      • Added Gold Treasure Key
      • Added Activity Coin x1, x3, x5
      • Added Monster Hunter Coin x10, x5, x3
    • Added High Upgrade to weapon lvl's based on iRO Refinement System for refines of +16 and above.
    • Fixed Old Circlet of Bones
    • Fixed Lindy Hop
    • Fixed Sunflower Kid
    • Fixed Shadow Reload set bonus
    • Fixed Stefan to be Undead, Undead Lv 4
    • Fixed Weakened Stefan to be Undead, Undead Lv 4

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