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Patch 2018-02-26

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  • Renewal & Pre-Renewal
    • Raised the EXP-rate cap from 30x to 100x
    • Adjusted the beginner instance choice and @baserate & @jobrate with the new EXP cap
    • Added 3 extra packets to remove ragnarok's "position lag" to update the real position of the char & monster to the client more frequently
    • Reduced Blue Gemstone's cost in the special tool dealer
    • Added a choice whether or not a Treasure Cache should be opened without a key
    • Changed Gallium Treasure Key to be no longer tradeable, but storageable
    • Fixed the skill tree of Baby Knight & Baby Crusader while mounted
    • Adjusted @battlestats to now show you your correct drop chances aswell
    • Adjusted @whodrops and @mobinfo to reflect the new drop bonus of the Advanced Looting System
    • Refer a Friend
      • Added a referral system to Shining Moon.

        How does this work?
        Any account that registers on your link counts as referred player.

        When your referred player reaches level 75 you and the referee will both receive 1000 cashpoints.
        When your referred player reaches level 90 you and the referee will both receive a reward ingame.
        When your referred player rebirthes and reaches level 25 you and the referee will both receive a reward ingame.
        When your referred player rebirthes and reaches level 99 you and the referee will both receive a reward ingame.
        Whenever your referred player recharges any CP you'll receive 10% of the total value.

        These rewards exluding the CP bonus are one time per referee.
        All rewards are automatically sent by roDEX mail.

    • Advanced Looting System
      • Upon reaching max level* it'll check the rates you've been using to reach the maximum level. Depending on the rates used you might receive a permanent bonus to looting for your character.
      •   Quote

                EXP Rates used                        Drop bonus
                    1        x                    |                    50%
                    2        x                    |                    40%
                    3        x                    |                    39%
                    4        x                    |                    38%
                    5        x                    |                    35%
                    6-10   x                    |                    30%
                    11-15 x                    |                    25%
                    16-20 x                    |                    20%
                    21-30 x                    |                    10%
                    31-40 x                    |                     5%
                    41-50 x                    |                     3%
                    51-60 x                    |                     2%
                    61-90 x                    |                     1%
                    91+    x                    |                     0%

        These rates stack together with a bubble gum but are not boosted by
        a bubble gum. This rate is a constant and is automatically applied to commands such as @mobinfo, @whodrops.

        You automatically receive an icon upon reaching the maximum level, which shows you the permanent loot bonus. However, if the bonus is 0, you'll not gain any icons.
        This special drop bonus is a very rewarding method based on effort.

        *This will only work if the class has been rebirthed and / or is the last possible class for a class tree.
        Example: This will not work on a Knight but a rebirthed Baby Knight or Lord Knight. However it'll work on a max-level Star Gladiator and such.


  • Pre-Renewal
    • All mapflags in the styling room ( @go styling ) have been fixed
    • Every itemshop has been fixed
    • Fixed all attack speed potions now showing its effect when using it
    • Fixed all infinite attack speed potions now checking the correct class and level
    • Fixed the warps to the automated events to now work correctly
    • Fixed Seiyablem to all positions he should be at
    • Increased the level range from the Soul System regarding sealing a soul from +-15 to +-25
    • Increased the level range for World Drops from +-20 to +- 30
    • Increased the chances for World Drops
    • Removed Special Lucky 3 fully, added all contents to the Lucky 3
    • Added 8 missing hats to the cashshop
    • Fixed @whereis to now show the correct mob locations
    • Fixed the skill descriptions of Soul Control and Soul Forge
    • Fixed that babies could not wear transcended equipment
    • Reduced the Job-EXP's chart of baby classes by roughly 60 million exp~
    • Removed all restrictions to all food's from the Lucky 3 Slotmachine
    • Removed all restrictions to Token of Siegfried, Gyp Pass, Kafra Card
    • Removed all restrictions from all cashshop hats
    • Removed the level restrictions to equip the item of all cashshops hats 
    • Removed the empty LHZ Dun 04 from the Warper
    • Added dummys to fortessa
    • Fixed hotkeys disappearing when doing Fahrros

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