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Patch 2017-07-06

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New Feature:

  • Realm of Chronos is an instance that can be completed as any level. Its a chance based instance when using the skill Chrono Trigger.
  • Rewards:
  • - 1x HD Oridecon, 
  • - 1x HD Elunium,
  • - 5% chance for Alternative Outfit Ticket,
  • - 10% chance for HE Bubble Gum,
  • - 10% chance for Battle Manual 3x
  • - 20% Costume: Prison of Time 


  • Chrono Trigger
  • Offer 3 Monster souls to the God of Time, Chronos. Summons either a random MVP or takes you to the Realm of Chronos.
  • Requirement: 3 Monster soul levels
  • Cooldown: 12 hours

Item Changes:

  • Infinite attackspeed potions are now tradeable
  • Kafra Cards are now tradeable
  • Convex Mirrors are now tradeable
  • Adjusted the description of Lucky Roulette Ticket
  • Old Card Album contents have been updated
  • Mystical Card Albums contents have been updated
  • Drooping Pope is now refineable
  • Death Bin now contains all its rewards
  • Updated all costume treasure to have the new costumes inside
  • Added visual effects to all Infinite Attack speed potions
  • Charleston Parts are now tradeable

World Drop Changes:

  • Slightly raised the chance for better items
  • World Drops cannot be dropped by homunculus kills anymore
  • Changed level range on world drops to be -+ 40

NPC Changes:

  • Added a Costume Maker NPC to the Main Office
  • Changed requirements for enchanting Temporal Boots
  • Changed that the Lucky 3 Slotmachine should now announce that the items came from it
  • Moved the RWC Enchanter and Socketer to Eden 2nd floor
  • Added Kafra's to all @go towns
  • Added Healer's to all @go towns
  • Added Warper to all @go towns
  • Lucky 3 Slotmachine's itemlist have increased
    - 1x Archangel Wing 
    - 1x Fallen Angel Wing 
    - 1x Immune Shield 
    - 2x HD Elunium
    - 2x HD Oridecon 
    - 1x HD Bradium
    - 1x HD Carnium 
    - 1x Old Card Album
    - 1x Mystical Card Album
    - 3x Silvervine Fruit
    - 1x Slim Potion Box (100)
    - 1x Infinite Concentration Potion
    - 1x Infinite Awakening Potion
    - 1x Infinite Berserk Potion
    - 1x Bronze Coin
  • Removed the requirement of Soul Mastery for locking and unlocking your safed monster id.
  • Build Manager was slightly rearranged
  • Class Master Brutus can now delete your secondary class for a fee
  • All festival event requirements for the Agimat Tattoos have been removed
  • Added Nightmare Glast Heim to the Warper

Skill Changes:

  • Removed the requirement of making Alcohol when using Twilight Alchemy 3
  • Removed aftercast delay of Create Deadly Poison
  • Changed Heat Barrel to be 20% skill damage * balls used
  • Changed Quick Draw Shots required status effect to last 5 seconds now
  • Materialize Soul now has 3 levels instead of 1
    - each level increases the time the materialized soul stays.
    - each level costs 1 more soul
    - level 3 ignores Soul Mastery completly.
  • Changed the skill description of Soul Control ( The cooldown is 10 minutes not 30 minutes as stated in the previous description )
  • Added a new skill Chrono Trigger to every class
  • Increased the duration of Chain Combo by an additional 1 sec
  • Increased the duration of Combo Finish by an additional 1 sec
  • Increased the duration of Tiger Fist by an additional 1 sec
  • Increased the duration of Chain Crush by an additional 1 sec

Other changes:

  • Materialized Souls can now take aggro from monsters
  • Added a % HP number to monsters
  • Added roDEX feature
  • changed Achievements to send the rewards to mail now
  • Increased the range for souls to be captured from -+15 to -+30
  • Increased the range for spiritual energy from -+15 to -+ 30
  • Added @rms
  • Adjusted some @go town coordinates to lead better to their area
  • Added a constant +20% extra cashpoints when redeeming to the Donation Redeemer NPC

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed a bug with the Build Manager
  • Removed useless mapflags from the event map
  • Removed useless mapflags from the Branch Room
  • Fixed Infinity Fly Wing being an unknown item
  • Fixed Lucky Roulette Ticket being an unknown item
  • Fixed Kick & Kick Card being an unknown item
  • Fixed Slim Potion Box being an unknown item
  • Increased the time before Society Raid gets automatically destroyed from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Fixed Baby Gunslinger having wrong HP calculation

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