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Night Watch first character guide

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6.png.e3ca97514777d00718731d4c2acdc071.png    ->   8.png.4b10510b023d9d124cbc81a03171b938.png    ->   12.png.f740ccec2f15a739a49b3560554461f7.png



First steps:



When you first create your character, you will need to go through the introduction, which is just an information dump.

  • Pick 100x exp rates and if there’s no other dialogue window popping up then type @refresh and talk to Oliver Balmer to restart the introduction.
  • Afterward just read through the whole thing and finish the introduction.


If this is your first ever character then go to Character Select and create another char and play that instead (first char gets special stuffs and you can come back later to check the freebies).


Now relog and you will receive your Level Up Rewards box.

Talk to the Job Changer and job change to Gunslinger (if you're not in the main office then @go office).



Go down and get out to Fortessa (Shining Moon’s main town)

Open all the grape boxes and sell the grapes along with your rental weapons, bow, knife and cotton shirt to the Special Tool Dealer.




Type @go eden then type /navi moc_para01 107/86 and follow the arrows.

Talk to Beginner Shadow NPC and get the Beginner Shadow.

Talk to Beginner Weapons and get the Paradise Revolver and physical armor.

Now dump all your points into DEX and level to 45.

You should have autoloot all on by default but if that’s not the case then type @autoloot 100

Remember to talk to the Healer NPC (looks like a Poring at @go 0 or most towns) for free heal and Blessing + Agi Up.

Get bullets from Special Tool Dealer (scroll down to Single Ammunition -> Gunslinger/Rebellion), I mainly use silver bullet (then switch to purifying at 100) for most things but change accordingly if you need the elemental advantage.

Sell everything you have looted so far (except for cards and costumes).



Go back to the spot you got the beginner equipment and talk to Intermediate Weapons NPC -> Intermediate Weapon -> Paradise Gunslinger Revolver.

Continue to level to 70~80 at orcsdun01, then warp to mag_dun02 and level to 99 (don’t lure too many mobs in mag2 and you’ll be fine

Main damage skill: Desperado.


At 99/70, go back to the Job Changer and become Rebellion.






Third Job:



Sell everything you looted and go back to Eden ( /navi moc_para01 107/86 ) to get better equipment.

Talk to Beginner Shadow to get Advanced Shadow and Rebellion Advanced Paradise Shadow Weapon.

Talk to Advanced Armors to get the physical equipment set.

Talk to Intermediate Weapons to get Paradise Rebellion Revolver and Gatling Gun (from Advanced Weapon).


Sell the old set of equipment so they don’t take up space.

Now open the skill window and click the Etc tab and hotkey Soul Control, Spiritual Energy, and Random Target.

  • Soul Control gives you free all stats (up to 10).
  • Spiritual Energy gives you free Blessing and Agi Up when the Spiritual Energy bar is full (on the bottom right of your screen, if you don’t see it just relog).
  • Random Target is for the smart cast system, @sc 1 to enable it. Since it’s a bit buggy sometimes, Random Target helps unstuck the targeting system. With this system, you only  need to press your skill hotkey to cast, no need to also click on a target, as long as the system has a target (some skills are excluded from this system like Arrow Shower, which can be cast normally)


Talk to Illusion Dailies at @go eden and /navi moc_para01 14/36  and accept Illusion of Moonlight quest.

@warp pay_d03_i (or talk to Warper NPC -> Illusion Dungeons -> Illusion of Moonlight) and finish the kill quest.

Get some job level and put them into Round Trip, then switch to the Paradise Gatling Gun.

Round Trip is your main damage skill until 4th job.

Go back to Illusion Dailies and finish quest.

@warp sp_os (or talk to Warper NPC -> Fields -> Illusion Fields -> Special Border Area OS) and kill stuffs and collect 80 Unknown Part and 60 Cor Core.

Level to 150 if you are not 150 yet.



Level 150 stats (with Blessing, Agi Up, and Soul Control)


At level 150, @go exchange and go a bit to the left and talk to Grace Exchanger NPC (Grace Equipment)

Get Grace Trip Suit, Grace Attack Boots, Grace Attack Manteau, and Grace Attack Ring from Unknown Parts Exchange.

Get three Grace Refine Ticket from Cor Core Exchange.

Refine the suit, boots, and manteau.




Sell everything you looted (except for cards, costume, monster hunter coin, oridecon, and elunium, just throw them into storage).

Level to 200, with the other Illusion Dailies quests and https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Leveling_Guide#Player_Guides

If you find being overweight annoying, type @ws gym pass and buy one with the zeny you got from NPCing everything, then @go payon and walk up until you see Ripped Cabus.


Talk to him and use the one gym pass for 10k weight.


Use Platinum Alter (after using Rich Coin) if you use holy bullet for extra damage and tankiness, you can switch bullet after if you don’t care about the extra damage.


At level 200, talk to Job Changer and become Night Watch.






Fourth Job:




Drop the Attribute Status menu down and put every point into POW, max POW first then all to CON.

@warp mag_dun03 and get some job level first.

@go 0 when you have Hasty Fire in the Hole maxed

Talk to Special Tool Dealer -> 4th Items -> Buy NW Grenade

@warp nif_dun01 (or Warper -> Lv 250 Expansion -> Niflheim Dungeon -> Level 1) and level to 240.

Max Grenade Dropping -> Grenade Mastery -> Mission Bombard

Lure mobs -> Hasty Fire -> Grenade Dropping (Mission Bombard for big mob).

Keep Etel Dust, Zelunium, Shadowdecon (double click the Rough version for normal version).

At level 240, you should improve your equipment first before leveling to max.



Transition to midgame:




Get temporal boots and manteau.

  • Do Old Glast Heim Normal and Hard, you should be able to do them on normal difficulty easily, maybe try OGH Normal and Hard on harder modes to see how it goes. (each difficulty has their own cooldown, so you can do the same instance multiple times)
    Some info https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Old_Glast_Heim_Normal
  • @go 46 a bit to the bottom left, talk to Old Glast Heim NPC to get Temporal DEX Boots. Enchant it for Expert Archer, the other enchant doesn’t matter too much.
  • @go 51, walk into the fire and talk to Otherworldly Prisoner -> kRO -> Other to get Temporal AGI Manteau.
  • Refine them to +7 or 8 using refine ticket, then use limited enriched elunium to get to +10, then @go 0, walk right, into the Refiner building, walk in a bit more and talk to Basta to refine to +12 (you need to equip the item for Basta to refine it) (require hd carnium).
  • Refine materials for armor (level 1):


Get Dim Glacier Revolver (drops from Heart Hunter AT at jor_dun01 and jor_dun02).


Get a pair of full penetration shadow gears.

  • @warp orcsdun01, kill Orc Zombie for Penetration Shadow Shoes (ID: 24373), farm for like 20 of them.
  • Come back to town to refine them, use the elunium I told you to put into storage
  • If you need additional elunium, you can farm it at:
    • @warp beach_dun2
    • @warp gl_knt02
  • If you find this process tedious, you can buy Shadow Refine Hammer @ws 23426 which randomly refines your shadow gear with no chance of breaking.
  • Just keep refining and breaking until you get 10 +7 shoes, then @ws purgatory coin and buy 10 (should be around 1m each if not just use #trade)
  • Then @go 50 and talk to Box Trader and buy Full Penetration Shadow Mix, then use that mix to make a random Full Penetration shadow piece.
  • Repeat the process to make another piece.
    • If they are a pair (pendant + earring, or armor + shoes), then just refine them to +10 by using +9 shadow hammer and then old enriched elu + blacksmith blessing.
    • If they are not a pair, ask a trade on #trade or repeat the process again.


Get Crown of Beelzebub.

  • @go 51, walk into the fire and talk to Otherworldly Prisoner -> kRO -> Otherworld Simulation Juncea Fragment is the shop you buy it from.
  • You probably cannot farm Otherworld Simulation Juncea fragment yourself so just buy from other people (through @ws or #trade)
  • Swordman Soul drops from Nightmare Biolab (@warp lhz_dun_n)
  • Farm Solid Shell from Hunter Fly or Centipede.
  • Farm Broken Crown from Beelzebub (the mvp) or buy from other people.
  • Refine/Grade to whatever point you’re comfortable with.
    • A notable point is at +11 grade B where you get most of the refine bonuses and -0.3s fixed cast time from the grade B bonus.


Get Thanatos Tower accessories.

  • You can get them from Thanatos Tower instance, just do it Normal difficulty.
  • You don’t need to clear the entire thing, normal mobs can drop them.
  • If you find it too hard, you can buy it from other players (they are easy to come by so they are pretty cheap).
  • You want a pair of necklace and ring, it can be either brilliant light or sinful, just pick the ones with ATK + 10%.
  • Example: Aquamarine Necklace of Brilliant Light and Aquamarine Ring of Brilliant Light





Cards you can farm:



Headgear: Purple Ferus card (ID: 48214) or Limacina card (ID: 300363)

Armor: Angry Nine Tail card (ID: 27082) or Dame of Sentinel card (ID: 4392)

  • Note: Dame of Sentinel + Empathizer combo is really good early game so you should go with them.

Weapon: White Knight card (ID: 4608) or Heart Hunter card (ID: 27149)

Garment: Empathizer card (ID: 300270) or Galensis card (ID: 300261)

Boots: Blut Hase card (ID: 27256) or Enraged Cookie card (ID: 31017)

  • Blut Hase card can be farmed from Geffen Magic Tournament instance.
  • Enraged Cookie card can be farmed from Horror Toy Factory instance.

Accessory: Void Mimic card (ID: 300278)



Ways to farm zeny:



This is the end of the guide, have fun out there.

If you have any questions, join the Shining Moon discord server.


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Example of a full build for Magazine for One:





Without and with maxed Intensive Aim


General tab:

  • Crown of Beelzebub +12 grade A (Limacina card)
  • Gambler's Seal (Alternate)
  • Heart Card in Mouth
  • Nebula Armor of Power +14 grade A (Star Cluster of Concentration Lv3, Nebula of Expert Archer Lv1, DEX +2) (Dame of Sentinel card)
  • Dim Glacier Revolver +14 grade A (Glacier Flower Spell Physical Grade Lv5, Glacier Flower Spell Magazine for One x2) (Contaminated Wanderer card)
  • Pirate Captain's Coat +12 grade A (Empathizer card)
  • Juggernaut +12 grade A (Hero, Extra Dex, Player Resistance 1) (Arena Blut Hase card)
  • Ruby Ring of Sin (Horror Lv1, Inverse Scale Lv5) (Void Mimic card)
  • Ruby Necklace of Sin (Resentment Lv3, Inverse Scale Lv5) (Void Mimic card)

Costume tab:

  • Costume Sakkat (MaxHP+, MaxHP+) (Assassin Cross Stone II upper)
  • Costume Little Aquarium (Critical Damage + 15%, Critical Damage + 15%, P.ATK + 10)   *use Rebellion stone mid here
  • Costume Straight Long Red (FCT -160ms, CRIT + 15) (Guillotine Cross Stone lower)
  • Hidden Garment (Guillotine Cross Stone II garment)
  • Maximum Mammoth Shadow Armor +10
  • Durable Shadow Weapon +10
  • Mega Blitz Shadow Shield +10
  • Maximum Mammoth Shadow Shoes +10
  • Maximum Mammoth Shadow Earring +10
  • Maximum Mammoth Shadow Pendant +10


  • Intelligence Badge



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