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A guide to grading equipment

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This is a simple guide to grading your equipment. You can follow it exactly or just use it as a guideline.

Highly recommend you refine/grade your gears during refine event (yes it also increase the chance of grading).


*There are items that would grade your equipment for you for no extra cost. The most common ones are D Grade Box and C Grade Box.

  There's a version of D Grade Box (ID: 1910000216) that doesn't bind your equipment to your account (making it untradable ), but other boxes will bind your equipment to your account.

  These boxes are available through https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Instance_Points_Shop , https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Reputation , https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Purgatory#Purgatory_Traders , and Kachua Keys


1. Refine to +10:



Use Etherium for your armors or Etherdeocon for your weapons to refine them to either +6 or +7 base on how lucky you feel.



Then use Enriched Etherium or Enriched Etherdeocon to refine them the rest of the way to +10.



I do not use blacksmith's blessing during this step because I feel it's a waste when there's no chance to break.



At grade 0 and grade D you can start the grading process (Step 3) at refine level +9 (for grade 0) or refine level +10 (for grade 0 and grade D) but at lower success chance.

Here is the breakdown:


from Grade 0 to Grade D: cost 75 etel dust each attempt
+9: 10%
+10: 20%
+11: 70%

from Grade D to Grade C: cost 150 etel dust each attempt
+10: 20%
+11: 60%

*Note: This is the base chance, if you're grading during refine event, the chance shown in the grading window will be the base + event bonus.

Example: during a 10% refine event, the chance shown when you grading to D at +11 will be 80%.


and refine from 10~11 has a base 15% success chance (with HD Etherdeocon or HD Etherium) and cost 7 bsb each attempt.

I prefer grading equipment (skip to Step 3) at +10 at grade 0 so you don't need to use blacksmith's blessing to +11.

But you can do a cost analysis for yourself and see what is cheaper.


2. Refine to +11:



Use HD Etherium or HD Etherdeocon and blacksmith's blessing to get to +11.


You NEED to use blacksmith's blessing here or your equipment will break on failure.



3. Grade your equipment:



Now just talk to the Grade Enchanter to grade your equipment. (See what materials you need and talk to the NPC again to get them)

ALWAYS pick the second option that cost 5 materials so your equipment doesn't break on failure.

I recommend not using the Blessed Etel Dust to increase the success chance because it is not worth it.

If you fail, the materials are lost but your equipment stays the same, so just try again.



When you succeed with the grading process, the refine level of your equipment will be reset back to +0.

Repeat the 3 steps above until you get your desired grade.


Grade D, C, B, A (Courtesy of hazyforest.com)

And repeat step 1 and 2 when you reach your desired grade and refine it until you get your desired refine level. You can only safely refine to +14, after that it will have a chance to break because you can no longer use blacksmith's blessing.


jRO gear grading (Niflheim exclusive):


jRO equipment can be graded once (going from non-graded to grade A)

The process is similar to normal grading:

  • +11 your equipment (you can grade at +9 or +10 but since the cost of refining lv 4 or below weapon and lv 1 armor is so cheap, you're better off grading at +11).
  • Grade your item at Grade Enchanter, pick the 5x Etel Aquamarine option (DO NOT use Blessed Etel Dust).
  • If it fails, do it again until you succeed.


Mini refine guide:

  1. Use refine ticket on your equipment (+7 or +8 it doesn't really matter) (ID: 6234, 6230, 6233, 6229).
  2. Use limited enriched oridecon or elunium (ID: 6315, 6314) to refine to +10.
  3. Talk to Basta in the Refiner building (just walk in a little bit more, don't enter any warp portal) and with HD Bradium or Carnium (ID: 6226, 6225), refine your equipment to +11.



All the NPC you need for the materials can be found in the Refiner building (which can be found by walking to the right side at @go 0).

The ores you need to refine (Etherium, Etherdeocon, etc.) are from Dietrich, and grading materials are from Grade Enchanter.



Topaz and Amber can be found at the Jeweler in Morroc (/navi moc_ruins 110/105) and the rest of the jewels can be dropped from monster.



I'd say prepare at least ~2.5k etel dust and 100 bsb to get to grade A.

Good luck!


Edit: For more info about grading



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