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Patch 2023-01-27

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  • Event
    • Due to the issues arrived from the patch, including crashes the event will be extended until Monday 00:01
    • Added a new event modifier of triple reputation gains during the event time
  • NPCs
    • Constellation Tower
      • Fixed an issue that caused some quests from Villa of Deceit to be removed
      • Fixed an issue that caused the fix above to prevent the Naught Sieger Soul to be given
      • Fixed a picture thats stuck on the screen before fighting the easy boss
    • House Dummy
      • Fixed an issue that caused the Element and Element LV to not be changeable
    • Mission [ 100 - 110 ] and any other boards
      • Fixed an issue that allowed item-delivery quests to be use-able as long as you had the items required ( bypassing the 24 hours limit )
    • Instance Manager
      • Added all new instances
    • Instance Manager UI
      • Fixed some wrong instance cooldown times
      • Fixed missing picture for Sanctuary Purification
    • Voting Manager
      • Added the option to retrieve the vote points from website
    • Villa of Deceit
      • Fixed all rewarding issues
        • Villa of Deceit ( Normal ) will no longer give Vivatus but Adulter Fides
        • Villa of Deceit ( Advance ) reduced the chance for weapons for each member from 50% to 30%
        • Instance Coin reward has been fixed on both
        • Purgatory Coin reward has been raised
      • Fixed an issue with the portal not spawning ( was resolved on day 1 )
      • Fixed the automatic healing of Schulang when taking outside of middle
    • Fixed a portal teleporting to the wrong spot on the left side of Rachel
    • Fixed wrong cost for Sinful Weapon Box in Helheim
  • Other
    • Navigation UI
      • Fixed all new maps, spawns to be working fully in it
      • Updated which maps you may teleport from
    • World Map
      • Updated all new maps into it
    • Reputation
      • Reworked entire reputation system code-wise
      • Improved the saving & loading of reputation
      • Fixed a few small issues regarding calculation of reputation for Elemental Days and Purgatory
      • Added a display message whenever reputation was adjusted by how much and what your current is
    • Monsters
      • Fixed missing audio files for Ash Toad
      • Fixed wrong range for Immortal Cursed Zombie
      • Fixed wrong range for Gray Wolf Baby
      • Fixed wrong EXP value for Lava Toad
      • Fixed wrong range for Jungle Madragora
    • Skills
      • Servant Weapon - Demolition
        • Fixed it not correctly working in Helheim
      • Lost on death
        Fixed a few skills that were reverted to prior to last patch
        • Climax
        • Unlimit
        • Miracle
        • Hidden Card
    • World Boss
      • Fixed wrong shield value on Niflheim
    • Homepage
      • The main menu on mobile phones should now be visible and the top bar no longer flooded with information and too big to display
    • World Drops
      • Replaced Bronze Treasure Key with Silver Treasure Key x 3
      • Replaced Silver Treasure Key x 1 with Golden Treasure Key x 1
    • Cap raised for Reputation gain:
      • Elemental Days from 3 to 10
      • Purgatory from 7 to 10
  • Items
    • Item Combos
      • Fixed an issue that allowed several autobonus from combos to overlay without having the correct items equipped or just having them equipped once
    • Union Two-Handed Staff
      • Fixed a wrong value that prevented classes above first classes from equipping it
    • Database Links
      • Updated the correct file this time to fix the wrong links leading to /hel/
    • jRO
      • Fluffy Shark Pajamas
        • Fixed missing perfect dodge bonus
        • Tuna Party autocast from when hitting to being hit
        • Tuna Party autocast level is now based on users level
      • Hollow Shoes
        • Fixed a refinement bonus variable missing in the itemscript
        • Fixed a missing slot
      • Toddler Babyboar Bib
        • Fixed the animal type skill bonus to be based on level of Spirit of Savage rather than just 15%
      • Blocking Spear
        • Adjusted all stats based on what it should be
      • Glotoneria
        • Fixed description
      • Mindform Shoes of Lethargy
        • Fixed description
    • Card Matrix
      • Added jRO items into it
    • Refinement Tickets
      • Added jRO items into it
    • Tradeability
      • All Nightmare Biolab headgears are now tradeable
      • All OGH - Challenge Mode headgears are now tradeable

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