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Found 2 results

  1. The Donafellian Physical RG Guide

    _The Donafellian Physical RG Guide__ I'm back! New clothes, new digs, but more importantly, new technology. You may have noticed that your RG tooltips look just a tad different. Well, I may or may not have jumped down into Lunar's hellhole (he named it Doucheland for some reason) and "convinced" him to make some changes (hey Lunar, hope you enjoy the feet pics!). Now, I can already see you all falling over yourselves in gratitude. Thank me later by rodexing me 2b. But first, some holiday photos! Lunar made an appearance outside the Central Moon Coin Bank wearing his signature red, brown, and black garb to address his barefoot subjects. I even sent back a postcard! Table of Contents: 1. Introduction My guide will cover the Physical RG side of the changes, namely, the changes to Cannon Spear, Overbrand, and Hesperius Lit. The bulk of my focus will be on Cannon Spear, since it holds the greatest potential out of all RG skills. 2. Overlit This is no longer the RG build I would recommend. The negotiated changes are minimal at best (a mere 250% skill modifier increase on overbrand), and hesperius lit got nothing. The removal of VCT from both skills doesn't really help you either, since you want instantcast anyway for your buffs, and it wasn't as though RG had any issues achieving INT + DEX*2 = 530 to begin with. You can tell from my tone that I am not excited about this build's potential in the slightest. This is a build that, for the major investment required to enable both overbrand (for AoE) AND hesperius lit (for single target), simply pales in comparison to the power which is Cannon Spear. Consider this part of the guide a mere formality. Anyway ... Overbrand is a two-step skill with several hoops to jump through. First, you MUST cast Moonslasher to get that juicy damage buff (and cast magnum break at the same time, why not?). Next, you have to conquer its ACD and FCT (0.5 seconds). After all that, your damage is gated severely by a 0.35 sec cooldown, meaning that we can only spam overbrand 3 times a second. Hesperius Lit is basically a single-target overbrand with a 0.2 second cooldown. Historically, it has tended to do around 50% more damage than an overbrand, something which has not changed. For the most part, you can ignore the stat scaling on these two skills, which is to say that spec'ing heavily into STR/DEX/VIT gear does not benefit you as much as raw ATK and other modifers. How much ACD? Overbrand has 1 second and Hesperius Lit has 0.5 seconds (down from 3 seconds previously). With the hide-bar tech, overbrand becomes spammable 4-5 times a second and hesperius lit seems to be able to hit 5-6 casts. Calculate your ACD accordingly according to your ping. From experience, 86% and over feels fine, but high ping sufferers may enjoy 100%. 2.1 Stats and Skills 2.2 Gear- 3. Finally A Good Idea Cannon Spear received the lion's share of damage RG's buffs. Cannon Spear is now officially the strongest damage build RG has available to it. It is far FAR cheaper than the Overlit alternative and has far greater potential. Suffice to say that there are a few key improvements. As you will see later, the build focuses on pumping as much STR as you can muster. The more the better, as the benefits don't seem to fall off in the slightest. 3.1 Build Theory 3.2 Stats and Skills 3.3 The Build 4. MVP and Rare Item Review 5. Changelog Donafell Stuff I don't know how to delete:
  2. Cannon Spear Royal Guard While Royal Guards may look like they've been left out and forgotten in time, at least damage-wise, I have come to show you that this is still a fun class to play with, even before the recent reworks, and the results were not disappointing at all. Ok, so first off, the build revolves around STR (the damage modifier is STR * 5), Long Ranged Damage & Critical Damage (Cannon Spear is now a true crit skill). Equipment Cards Shadow Set Costumes Skill Tree Damage This is how my set looks like at the moment: Conclusion: - Do your best to distribute and balance out STR, ATK %, Ranged and Critical Damage, and remember to make good use of the LUK Sticks and Abrasives as well, since you need CRIT rate 100, and Infinite Phreeoni will hardly benefit you (you'll loose too much damage, which cannot be replaced by lower costumes). - As of this moment, since we cannot remove 100% of Cannon Spear's cooldown (maximum being 1,5s), I recommend opting for Bio 5 Headgear + Patent Aquatic Spear over Trial Diadem + Fortridge, since if you have them well refined and enchanted, the damage, and consequently the DPS, will be higher than having this extra 0,5s cooldown reduction from it, not to mention the nice CRIT rate bonus from Expectation. Enjoy, and if you have any questions or suggestions, whatsoever, ask away. You can also contact me: In game: Sir Richard or Selena Fluorspar Discord: Shining Moon RO's official discord, and '§¤ RicharÐ ¤§-#4215