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  1. Bragi gives 30% ACD to all party members. It's a Minstrel skill. Unfortunately, it's not possible to hit 86% ACD without a Kiel/Bragi. Or if it is possible, it involves giving up your Runaway Magic, so it's not worth it. I would not recommend this build for newer players. It's very high investment. High potential (the highest potential among all magic dps in the game right now), but high baseline investment required. o/
  2. The Donafellian Sorcerer Supreme - Diamonds are Forever (if you have a Kiel) "Let no man, woman, or cat decry that Sorcerers are memes. Nay, as of the year of our Loonar, 2099 (the year of our Lord, July 17, 2021), the stars aligned. Rainbows spilled from the wellsprings of Loonar's musky forest alcoves. As the rainbows travelled the void of the universe, planets birthed, died, and splintered into uncountable stars as the sands of the sea. A shard of that sevenfold force made its way here, to SMRO. A thin ray of rainbow hope pierced the atmosphere of Rune Midgard, fortuitously through the sheerest gap in the foliage of Payon forest. On the beaten brow of the Sorcerer (who has a Kiel), it came." - The Book of Loonar, Chapter 2 1. The Why As of the latest patch (July 17, 2021), Sorcerer gained access to a whole suite of goodies. This turned sorcerer dps from a meme, to a damn blessing. Sorcerer is currently the strongest magic damage dealer in the game (as long as water works and as long as you have a Kiel or a pocket bragi). I will elaborate, but first let us look at the skill(s) in question. Diamond Dust & Earth Grave But as you can see, this is a very very powerful skill, gated by some very terrible hurdles. Its potential lies in that (Skill_Lv x INT) part of the equation, which turns DD from a 2500% MATK ability into a 4500% MATK ability that can be spammed at 193 atkspd (with the power of runaway magic)! Unfortunately, 1 second ACD means that we need a minimum of 86% ACD reduction to spam, and even more if you have poor ping. For this reason, 1 Kiel is necessary to run this build effectively (or a pocket bragi). Runway Magic: our ace in the hole 2. The Stats and Skills This is going to be a pretty busy job. Get ready for it. Diamond Dust / Earth Grave Sorcerer isn't just a damage dealer. We have to keep up with our support duties. It will take practice to maximize your damage while juggling the rest. 3. Build Theory Now that we have seen the salient changes. Let us dive into the build. There are several variations depending on your budget. I will begin at ground 0 before moving up: BUILD 1: I HAVE NO KIEL , I HAVE SOME MONEY , BUT I MUST DD (AND ONLY DD) BUILD 2: I have Kiel and I have money to DD / EG BUILD 3: I want 100% VCT through equipment without sacrificing anything! 4. Luxury Goods Given DD's 4500% MATK scaling, it naturally scales very well with luxury MVPs. I will cover and rate what I believe are the bangs for your buck! In Conclusion Feel the Power By Donafell (C) 2099 Changelog
  3. Option for no Madogear Sprite?

    What I do is use 1st job costume to avoid the mado
  4. Sorc Pets

    Suggestion: Sorc pets should get a QoL in custom content to make them more useable. They should be immune, just like regular pets (succubus, orc hero, gloom) Context: Currently, Sorc pets (aquafina, ventus, terra) carry a core part of the Sorc's power budget. Ventus gives -1 FCT (precious, since every Sorc ability has long FCT), Aqua gives a large Diamond Dust buff, Terra gives a large Earth Grave buff. Also, Psychic Wave's elemental endows are tied to the pet system. You can see a list of interesting applications here https://irowiki.org/wiki/Elemental_Spirit_System. Problem: In KRO, these pets function as per normal. Their fragility isn't a huge issue. In SMRO, this is not the case. To make up for the average player being far more powerful than the usual player in KRO, SMRO features challenging custom content like the Fortessa Themed Dungeons, Purgatory, and GA. From personal testing, Sorc pets cannot survive in these environments long enough to be useful. They die from the plethora of AoE effects that occur in these contents. Furthermore, Sorc is unable to resummon the pet until a lengthy cooldown runs its course, not to mention the materials required for each summon. Solution: A. make them immune, just like regular pets that simply exist and give their buffs. B. it would be perfect if summons didn't despawn even upon the Sorc's death (again, just like regular pets) <- exhibit B EDIT: 31/8/2021 Note to Lunar: Quite a few people have expressed their interest in extending this QoL to other summon classes (wooden warrior in particular, since without that leafy boi, CC damage ceases to exist). In fact, one could say that wooden warrior needs this EVEN MORE than Sorcs do. But I won't be amending this suggestion, since that would invalidate the poll.
  5. Automatic

    I wish I could change my vote from no to yes. I think that this change is a welcome one. 1. Literally nobody I know enjoys running 17.2. I wouldn't wish that fate on newbies. 2. Instance parties these days do NOT run 17.2, meaning that new players' pretty much have to do the instances themselves to collect 900-1500 tickets (which is horribly slow) or buy from the alt-moguls 3. It will hurt the sale value of the auto armors of already established players. No doubt about this. Supply and Demand after all. But for the sake of the new player experience, this is alright. The current patch has raised the end-game bar by a wide margin. Most new players have an imposing chasm between them and endgame. 4. A lot of new players are doing boosters now 17.2 instances can go burn in a hole. I would much rather that new players dip into purga and stuff that challenges them rather than doing braindead stuff every single day. I have not done a single 17.2 daily for about 8 months now, and I am happier for it. The moguls have my money. New players however, do not have that sort of capital. Fun is the most important metric in a video game \o/, and the benefits of this change outweigh the cons.
  6. ExpanDEAD or not dead just yet?

    Might as well throw them a bone. At least Solar Burst will still be viable after this month. And it will also suck that we can't do seasonal boosters on rebel.
  7. Indeed. Temporal Circlets will be an option (especially if vanishing point gets buffed). Theoretically, the Lvl3 LUK Jewel should be able to make up for the 80% loss in Cannon Spear skill mod and the loss of 5 STR through the additional +21 crit, 63% crit damage, 6% atk. The damage of temporal circlets will be lower, but the added crit will make life much easier. Perhaps we can even completely abandon Inf Phree for contam wandy, which would make temporal circlets even more competitive. But... there's also the problem with enchanting. If Lunar doesn't provide a QoL for temporal circlets, enchanting will be hell.
  8. vs 20% LR + 35% CS + 20 Shadow + 20 Formless I think that +15 patent aquatic with double race/element enchants will still outstrip this illusion spear (since we lack race and element modifiers while having an excess of Skill and Crit). Though 15 crit allows you to run non-inf phree Cannon Spear without having to give up Cannon Shadow armor for Critical Hit Shadow Armor. You will have to run abrasives, but you will gain 30% size damage from Contaminated Wanderer. I think that in this latter case, the new spear might be competitive and at a much cheaper price tag. Also, it's useable not just in pit (though I don't know why you would want to do that. Cannon Spear can be used to farm ... but there are better options). Tl;dr, if you have a good aquatic, this illusion spear will not be an upgrade. It might break even if you don't run Inf Phree though! What we are really waiting for is the next cannon Spear weapon that will probably reduce the skill's cooldown. This is since currently, 0.5 cannon spear cooldown is attained through Trial Diadem + Fortridge. Any new Cannon Spear weapon will immediately disqualify us from the 0.5 second cooldown since you won't be using Fortridge. But when will it come? Who the hell knows. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
  9. NOTE: Come 4th JOBS, THIS GUIDE IS OBSELETE. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PLAY RG AS A DAMAGE DEALER. YOU DO INSUFFICIENT DAMAGE TO BE RELEVANT. FURTHERMORE, DEVOTION IS NOW MANDATORY FOR ENDGAME CONTENT. WITH THE CLASS LOCKOUT SYSTEM, THAT MEANS THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BRING A NON DEVOTION RG INTO ENDGAME DUNGEONS WITHOUT KILLING YOUR PARTY. IF THE SITUATION CHANGES, I WILL UPDATE THIS GUIDE. FOR NOW, PLEASE PLAY DEVOTION. SYBA'S GUIDE IS JUST NEXT DOOR. _The Complete Helheim Physical RG Guide__ Table of Contents: 1. Introduction What is a Royal Guard? The HP-battery build comes to mind. But what if a RG could solo instances at nightmare (with MVPs), solo ranged (with MVPs) and melee in pit2, and do both frighteningly well? And even if this is true, are you willing to make the dive and burn Zeny that you will never recoup? This is just one of many questions that I beg you to consider before starting down this horrid path. RG is not a popular class. Its equipment does not sell well, nor will it ever command a high price. By this logic, one could say that gearing a RG is the most expensive thing to do. Sure, gearing a RK is expensive due to high demand of its component parts, but that high demand will become a benefit should you decide to divest yourself of RK specific gear. Any Zeny spent gearing a RG, on the contrary, will never be seen again. If you join the small group of RG fanatics, expect constant disappointment. I take no responsibility for any bodily, psychological, or spiritual harm that befalls anyone who follows this guide. This guide chronicles the two best RG builds for physical damage: Over Lit (for melee) and Cannon Spear (for ranged). The first build can be used pretty much anywhere. The second can only be used in pit. 2. Pros and Cons 3. Overlit The best RG build on the market right now, and the only one that I recommend. Overbrand is your AOE and Hesperius Lit is your single target burst. Both deal melee physical damage. Overbrand is a two-step skill with several hoops to jump through. First, you MUST cast Moonslasher to get that juicy damage buff (and cast magnum break at the same time, why not?). Next, you have to conquer its ACD and VCT. After all that, your damage is gated severely by a 0.35 sec cooldown, meaning that we can only spam overbrand 3 times a second rather than 7 like RK does. How much ACD? As much as you can, which is 100% if you have Kiel, or 85% if you don't. Note that this is ping-reliant. Where I live, there's massive latency, so I need more ACD. In Pit, remember that you will probably have a Bragi. Hesperius Lit scales off ATK and VIT. It only has one gate: ACD (3 seconds of it). It has no cooldown and no boosting gear (as of 9th of March 2021). Despite this, the skill does similar damage to Overbrand, only single target and spammable at 193 atkspd (if your fingers and ping can keep up). Because of this, our build will focus on boosting Overbrand Skill Mod, ACD, and Melee Attack. 3.1 Stats- 3.2 Gear- 3.3 Sample Damage- 4. A Bad Idea Two things before we begin: 1. This part of the Physical RG guide is more a formality than a suggestion. I am merely delineating what is possible and how to achieve it. Do not take anything from here on as a license that I recommend that you attempt it. 2. This guide operates under the assumption that Cannon Spear can only be used in Pit2. All considerations, analysis, and gear recommendations are made with this in mind. In my opinion, this build has no merit whatsoever in regular play. Instead it has the sheerest strand of viability in Pit2. That is all. To be Pit2 viable, Cannon Spear needs a laughable amount of investment. Only people with no sense of self-preservation (like myself) should attempt this. With that out of the way. It's ironic that the worst skill in this build also has the greatest potential. Seriously, cut its cooldown by 0.5 seconds, take away the double crit requirement, give it a bigger AOE, nudge the ATK modifier a tad and we have something great on our hands. But we don't. And as long as this remains the case, Cannon Spear will only have one foster home in Ragnarok Online: Fortessa Pit. 4.1 Stats 4.2 Challenges 4.3 The Traditional Build (0.5 second Cannon Spear Cooldown) 4.4 The Expect Build (1 second Cannon Spear Cooldown) 5. My Current Build [ Hybrid melee/range ] (18/05/21) 6. MVP and Rare Item Review 7. Special Thanks 8. Changelog