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[Helheim] FS Arch Bishop by Digi

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RIP, Healing strength. Newest fixes to Heal calculations have caused a pretty significant drop to how much you can heal for now. For the time being, you're probably better off disregarding everything below about increasing Heal Strength and just building towards having high ACD.





I don't think I'm very good at writing straight-to-the-point guides. I'm not going to add fancy pictures either. Male AB sprites are ugly and you should never use them.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   



Strength    Solely for weight limit. At least 30~50 STR is ideal since that amount of stat investment isn’t very much.

Agility        You’ll want total 100 AGI to be immune to sleep, especially for Fortessa Pit. Don’t get too much though, we’ll talk about ASPD down below.

Vitality        Get as much as you comfortably can for more HP.

Intelligence    Also as much as you can. Int directly affects your heal strength.

Dexterity    If using Temporal Dex Boots, get 120. Otherwise just get enough for instant cast.

Luck        Leave at either 1, 77 if you’re using Arc Angeling Card, or as much as you comfortably can if you’re going for pDodge.



Spoonfeeding recommended loadouts is lame and doesn’t encourage people to experiment for their ideal FS build. Instead I’m going to tell you the parameters you’re going to want to buff. Most of these parameters can be checked with @battlestats. Then go through the list of equipment and cards that a FS AB can use well. 


Things to Increase:

    Healing %

    Self explanatory. You’re the healer. Your heals need to be THICC. At least 200% would be great. Get as much as you can without sacrificing too much of the stuff below.


    After Cast Delay Reduction

    You’ll either need some or a lot, depending on how much heal% you’re willing to lose. I’ve found about 50~60% let’s you comfortably spam skills/heals. The biggest problem here is Resurrection. Face it, no matter how THICC your heals are, half your party is going to wipe to something stupid and you’re going to have to pick them up. Res, however, has three seconds of after cast delay. With no ACD investment, that’s 3 seconds of you standing there looking cute. At least 67% ACD brings that cast delay down to a manageable 1 sec. If going solo AB, you’d want ~80% and up to res pretty fast.


    SP Recovery

    You’re going to be spamming your skills a lot. There’s three ways to manage SP: Be smart with your skill spam, carry SP pots/yggs, or get equips with SP regen. About 100% SP recovery combined with your own SP recovery skills provides pretty comfortable regen if you don't go crazy with the skill spamming.



    Not saying you should facetank the world but you ought to be able to take a few hits before placing yourself in a better position with Pneuma/SW or res a fallen party member. Perfect Dodge also counts towards how tanky you are.


    Fixed Cast Time Reduction

    Get at least 1 second FCT to remove fixed cast on CantoClem along with a large amount of other skills. There really shouldn’t be an excuse to get anything less since it’s incredibly easy to get 1 sec FCT.


  Variable Cast Time Reduction

    VCT reduction is entirely for Redemptio. Redemptio has 0.8 Fixed Cast and 3.2 Variable Cast. This variable cast, however, is not reduced by Dex and Int. It’s only reduced by gear-based and skill-based variable cast reductions. Due to how situational Redemptio can be, VCT can probably be overlooked for other, more impactful things up above.


Things NOT to Increase


    Nearly all of your skills have hard animation delay and is not reduced by aspd. Any investment into aspd would be a waste.


    MATK only gives a flat bonus to base heal. You’re better off increasing INT, Heal% or literally anything else up top instead.



Top Headgear

Old Mitra - Gives 2% healing per level plus 5% healing per Affection enchant, making it the best headgear to get THICC heals. Can also get Diamond enchant to for more health.

Illusion Nurse Cap - Can be combo’d with Illu Puente Robe + Illu Long Mace to get decent Heal%, Long ranged resist and some ACD. 

Dropping Pope - Also gives Heal% with Blush Headgear, but 1% less than Illu Nurse and has useless matk bonus. Very cute tho.

Heart Wing Headband - 17% ACD at +12, Amazing headgear if you don’t need the heal%

Palace Guard Cap - For stacking Neutral Resistance to be more tanky


Mid Headgear

    New Wave Sunglasses - For 10% ACD

    Victorious Wing Ears - For getting some ACD along with the coveted middle headgear slot. If enchanted with +6% ACD becomes as good as New Wave but with a slot. Or you can enchant with up to +12% Heals.

    Blush - To combo with Drooping Pope.


Low Headgear

    Rosary Necklace - Gives 5% Heals along with ACD based on Light of Recovery refine and removing its SP consumption increase. Great even if you aren’t using LoR for that heal% alone.



    Diabolus Robe - 10% ACD, 6% Heals

    Kafra Uniform - 100% HP & SP Recovery so it’s basically a free Arc Angeling Card along with the drop bonus and HP&SP%

    Illusion Puente Robe - You get a decent 52% Heals at +12 with the required refine levels on Illu Long Mace, along with some ACD and Long Ranged Resistance.

    Consulative Robe - Combos with Valkyrian Manteau to get a lot of Neutral + Shadow Resistance. Enchant with either Agility to get pDodge or HP

    Blue Dragon Plate - 24% Heals at +12, making it the best armor for raw heal strength can also be enchanted for 15% max HP.

    Vit Soutane - At +12 with VIT Blessing you’re looking at 42% Max HP with 5% ACD



    Light of Recovery - 6% Healing per refine. That’s a bonkers 72% at +12. Combo with Light of Recovery to not feel like you’re using Offertorium the entire time.

    Illusion Long Mace - A decent 15% Long Ranged Resist. Needs Illu Puente to get the Healing and ACD

    Vellum Bible - In PvP, removes cooldown on Lauda and Clearance, fantastic if PvP ever becomes a thing again.



Purified/Cursed/Bloody Knight’s Shield - You can get a maximum +20% Heals (the dream) on these and a healthy amount of elemental resist along with some ACD. If you just want the healing enchants, it might be better to enchant Bloody Knight Shields since the enchanting items are way cheaper.

Bible of Promise - To get the Odin’s Blessing buff and 5% Heals. Might be better to have in your inventory and swap for the skill.



    Temporal VIT Manteau - Sadly, no other Temporal Manteau caters to support classes and the HP bonus is kinda mediocre. 15% ACD though is simply amazing. You can also use other Temp Manteaus if only just for good ACD enchants.

    Valkyrian Manteau - To combo with Consulative Robe. At high refines, also gives decent pDodge.

    Ferlock Manteau/FAW(Spell Enchants)/HBP/Fallen Hero Manteu/Airship Manteau/Illusion Wing (Above All + 2 Caster Modules) - All of these give Neutral Resistance and some VCT.



Illusion Leg (Fixed Cast + 2 Heal Modules) - 0.7 sec FCT reduction and 30% Heal. Definitely best in slot for FS AB.

Temporal Dex Boots - To get that 0.5 sec FCT. Go for Spell enchant for VCT and Muscle Fool to get 10% ACD with Rigid enchant on Schmidt Insignia. (But really, you should go for Illu Leg)

Illusion Shoes - Can be enchanted with Agility Runes to get more pDodge. Enchanting process can be a pain though.



    Light of Cure - With Cure1 enchant, removes cooldown on Highness Heal. It’s a fantastic accessory and very hard to justify not having.

    Expert Ring - 5% ACD at the cost of 5% SP consumption

    Diabolus Ring - 5% Heals

    King Schmidt's Rigid Insignia - 10% HP only on left slot


Costume Stones

    Reload Stone (Top+Mid+Low) - Total 5% ACD

    High Priest Stone (Upper) - 10% Heals with Meditatio maxed out

    Fixed Cast Stone (Garment) - 0.5 sec FCT Reducs. Alternatively, you can use:

  • Arch Bishop Stone (Garment) + High Priest Stone (Lower)

  • Wanderer Minstrel Stone (Garment) + Clown Gypsy Stone (Lower)

  • Soul Reaper Stone (Garment) + Soul Linker Stone (Lower)

Rune Knight Stone (Garment) + Lord Knight Stone (Lower) - 5% ACD


Shadow Gears (Enchant with Heal% where possible)

    AB Class Shadow Set (Acolyte Shadow Earring+Pendant, Priest Shadow Shoes+Armor, Arch Bishop Shadow Weapon+Shield) - Gives 10 to all stats plus some HP&SP

    Reload Shadow Armor+Shoes+Shield - 15% ACD when all three are +9

    Healing Shadow Weapon+Shield+Shoes - 41% Heals when fully refined.

    Restore Shadow Earring+Pendant - Gives 100% SP&HP regen at +9

    Almighty Shadow Earring+Pendant - Really helps you hit instant cast with minimal dex investment. Plus, more int means higher heals.




Parus Card - 9% Heals at +12

Kathryne Keyron Card - 1% VCT reduction per level

Arc Angeling Card - 100% HP&SP Recovery at base 77 Luck



    Ominous Solider Card - 14% HP at +12 with 100 def

    Elemental Cards - Elemental Resistance

    Toxious Card - When combined with Noxious Card, gives 15% HP and 15% Long Ranged reduction



    Sanare Card - 10% Healing at +11

    Essence of Evil Int - Heal scales with int rather well



    Alice Card - 40% boss resistance, take 40% more damage from normal monsters

    Khalitzburg Knight Card - 25% medium & large size resistance. Be mindful that griefs are small size.

    Horn Card - 35% Long Ranged resistance

    Parasite Card - 5% Neutral element resitance. Can make enough of a difference if you already have a lot of neutral resistances stacked.



    Deviling - 50% Neutral Resistance, +50% damage received from all other elements. Also the best card to not instantly die from Sharp Shooting from Cecil/Thistles. Since you’re not main tanking, you can usually muscle through elemental attacks with Defence Scrolls or Holy Scrolls.

    Raydric - 20% Neutral Resistance. Best with Consulative + V. Mant combo since Devi is disabled.

    Noxious Card - 10% Neutral Resistance, 10% Long Ranged Resistance. Also combos with Toxious Card.

    Faceworm Larva Card - 30% Neutral Resistance when worn with Faceworm Egg Card.



    Holy Skogul Card - 10% Heals at +9

    Lichenyes Card - 5% Heals, made obsolete by Holy Skogul from a FS standpoint.

    Faceworm Egg Card - 5% Resist from Fire Property Enemies. Only really needed to use with Faceworm Larva

    Firelock Soldier Card - 10% HP&SP at +9



    Chaotic Acolyte Card - 4% ACD

    Dark Faceworm Card- 3% ACD, preferably used together with Chaotic Aco. Can also use with Faceworm Card for 6% total ACD with a handful of other stats

    EoE int - for slightly stronger Healing

    Yoyo Card - 5 pDodge

    Alligator Card - 5% Long Ranged Resistance


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