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Dim Glacier weapon mini enchant guide

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Acquiring enchant materials:

  1. Type @alt +5  (to loot all weapons) (also don't forget to loot etel dust).
  2. @warp jor_ab01 (or use Warper -> Episode 19 -> Abandoned Pit -> 1st Floor) or @warp jor_ab02 (Warper -> Episode 19 -> Abandoned Pit -> 2nd Floor).
  3. Kill stuffs until your inventory is full (use HE bubble Gum or normal Bubble Gum to increase your yield).
  4. @go 0 (or your base of choice that has Special Tool Dealer).
  5. Talk to Special Tool Dealer -> Identify all items.
  6. @go 46
  7. Talk to [ Episode 19 ] Batch Dim Glacier -> Extract Dim Glacier (which will dismantle dim glacier weapons in batch of 4) (any +0 dim glacier weapon with no enchant will be dismantled)
  8. Repeat from step 2 until you have enough materials to enchant.


Dismantle NPC


Amount of material to fully enchant 1 weapon



Note: You can not reset enchant for Dim Glacier weapon so choose your enchant carefully.

  1. Talk to [ Episode 19 ] Vellgunde -> Dim Glacier Weapon (She's right next to [ Episode 19 ] Batch Dim Glacier).
  2. Select your desired enchantment (only slot that you can pick an enchantment for 3rd job skill, but if you only care about 4th job skill then just pick that).
  3. Select your desired enchantment again (can only pick enchantment for 4th job skill).
  4. Select your desired enchantment, Physical Grade or Magical Grade lv 1.
  5. Upgrade your Physical Grade or Magical Grade to lv 5.



Weapon drop chance:

  • Base chance: 20%
    • With normal bubble gum: 40%
    • With HE bubble gum: 60%
  • Base chance with 50% drop bonus: 30%
    • With normal bubble gum: 50%
    • With HE bubble gum: 70%


More info about enchant: https://wiki.shining-moon.com/index.php/Enchant_UI#Dim_Glacier_Weapons

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