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Hello everyone, first of all, I want to apologise for me not being around so much these past weeks.

Real life had caught up to me with a few issues, but they're all resolved now.

With that being said, I'm NOT announcing that the server will close down or anything alike, so don't get me wrong here to begin with.

With Shining Moon it originally started as a hobby but eventually with Helheim release turned into something that needed more attention that I had at the time.
Which I had resolved but sadly
, there is one issue there...

With my policy of adding not much to the cashshop and trying to keep everything as balanced as possible item and obtaining wise
, over the time the rewards got too rewarding which lead to the point that I am now.
The cashshop purchases have decreased significantly and with me not adding more things to it
, it wasn't very helpful.

And not being entirely sure how this can be solved easily

've had this thought for quite a while by now.
To counter the part of getting more I had raised the cashpoint gain for less amount spent which had resolved it at the time
But not anymore

Sadly also recently we had a scammer in stripe which used stolen credit cards, I had thought I resolved this but apparently wasn't resolved.
The main issue there is the fees stripe asks for for every chargeback
+ the original amount.

Anyway, that is beside the point right now.
We are at a point where unless something changes drastically at the current ratio the server can
't afford itself by the end of this month.

I will be doing some changes to the infrastructure of the servers to hopefully lessen it by changing to newer cheaper and better servers.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know what we are at right now.

I will be focusing on a costume update right now, since we're long overdue for one.
Suggestions for costumes can be posted on the Shining Moon discord server channel: #costume_suggestions


As side note, I have changed the current exchange rate to 1$ = 5000 CP. 
Its not a permanent fix and will not be there forever. 

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