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Aimed Bolt gears showcase (Patch 2022-06-01)

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This is not really a guide, just me showing my gears. There's plenty of room for improvement like better enchant on nebula armor, CRate enchant on lower costume, temporal luk jewel, etc.






  • General tab:

+20 Temporal Circlet (Ranger) (Purple Ferus card) (Expectation Lv7, Temporal Jewel (DEX) Lv3)

Gambler's Seal

Heart Card in Mouth

+12 Nebula Suit of Agility grade A (Dame of Sentinel card) (Star Cluster of Creative Lv2, Nebula of Sharp Lv1, AGI + 3)

+20 Scarlet Leather Dragon Bow-LT grade 0 (Contaminated Wanderer card, Drake card) (Delay after attack - 10%, ATK against Boss + 15%)

+12 Pirate Captain's Coat grade A (Empathizer card)

+13 Hero Boots-LT grade A (Arena Blut Hase card) (Sharpshooter's Will, Fatal Lv3, Int + 1)

Heroic Token (Wind Hawk) (Void Mimic card)

Hero Insignia (Void Mimic card) (Dexterity, Fatal Lv3, STR + 2) 


  • Costume tab:

Costume Sakkat (Ranger Stone upper) (+HP, +HP)

Costume Little Aquarium (Ranger Stone middle) (Critical damage + 15%, Critical damage + 15%, PATK + 10)

Blue Bubbles (Ranger Stone lower) (ACD - 10%, ACD - 10%)

Heart Teddybear (Ranger Stone II garment) (critical damage - 4%, AGI + 3, Holy)

+10 Full Penetration Shadow Armor (Long range damage + 4%)

+10 Physical Power Shadow Weapon (Long range damage + 2%, PATK + 2)

+10 Durable Shadow Shield (Long range damage + 5%)

+10 Full Penetration Shadow Boots (ATK + 3%)

+10 Maximum Mammoth Shadow Earring (ATK + 3%)

+10 Maximum Mammoth Shadow Pendant (Critical Damage + 2%, POW + 2)


With other Nebula suits:




+12 Nebula Suit of Luck grade A (Dame of Sentinel card) (Star Cluster of Creative Lv3, Nebula of Expert Archer Lv1, STR + 3)



Edited by Fishy
update after unlimit/Empathizer fix

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