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[NIF] THE ULTIMATE Imperial Guard Tanking Custom Content

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Guardian Shield Tanking





Build Objectives:

  1. Getting your HP MAXED as max as possible. Guardian Shield gives all party member in vicinity 125% of the Imperial Guard HP. This mean they can run around without getting hurt the more HP you have.
  2.  Reach 100% Variable and Fix Cast Reduction. This is important as you want your Guardian Shield among other support skill you have to be instantly available whenever your Guardian Shield Cooldown is out. Plus in a critical moment when the party died, you want to instacast Guardian Shield immediately to protect the whole group.
  3. Having to stack STA/RES and WIS/MRES along with Hard Defense as much as possible ideally reaching 500 RES and MRES mean you have 50% reduction to damage.
  4. The ability to be a party leader and kite mob in some Purgatory Instances. This is important and need to learn by many Imperial Guard Tank player as it will minimized the risk of people spread out and getting darkness at the same time (I have my own pattern and you can join my purgatory party to see how it suppose to work).
  5. Don't even think of doing damage 


Skill Tree and Stats :




Important Skill : 

  1. Increase HP Recovery : more HP recovery the better
  2. Provoke : to pickup some straggler you are currently kiting
  3. Endure : So you wont be stop while moving




Important Skill : 

  1. Faith : Increase you flat HP and Holy Resistance
  2. Auto Guard : Blocking incoming damage for certain time very nice and should be up all the time
  3. Reflect Shield : Reflect some damage given to you.
  4. Defender : Reduce incoming long range attack to a target getting Devotion. Its also a way to leash a wild DPS that like to running around and die in front.
  5. Devotion : Very important skill to tank the damage that were given to your party member especially when they are a glass cannon. Always use this on your melee DPS


Royal Guard


Important Skill : 

  1. Vanguard Force : Cast only once (until you die) increase you max HP somehow.
  2. Prestige : Negating incoming magical damage similar to Golden thief bug card effects
  3. Reflect Damage Reduction : Just to reduce your incoming reflect damage.
  4. Earth Drive : Remove ground magic, could be useful to remove enemy Land Protector so your Magic AOE DPS can attack.
  5. Shield Spell : Use level 1 or 2 to recover your HP or SP faster
  6. Banding : Increase DEF to all party member cannot be use at the same time with Prestige (I prefer using prestige)
  7. Inspiration : The most important skill it gives +30 All Stat and increase your max HP. Use this ALL THE TIME


Imperial Guard


Important Skill : 

  1. Shield Mastery : Increase your physical resistance a very nice passive
  2. Guard Stance : Only use once and it will stay forever until you die. You need to use this first in order to use all the other Tanking Skill IG has including Guardian Shield
  3. Guardian Shield : Your most IMPORTANT SKILL to give everyone extra HP based on your total HP. Use this all the time before tanking after kiting while you regroup with the whole group. YOU NEED TO KEEP THIS UP ALL THE TIME !
  4. Rebound Shield : The continuity of Devotion. It further decrease the damage taken from people who got Devotion. Use this on your melee DPS.
  5. Holy Shield : Reduce shadow and undead damage taken.

My Skill Bar:


Important Note :

  1. Bring two kinds or more healing item
  2. Stock up Ygg Leaf to ressurect team member
  3. Guyak Pudding so you can run faster than your party member and kite mob.


Stats and Traits : 


Equipment and Shadow Gear :




General Equipment :

Headgear - Spirit King's Crown


  1. at +15 Refinement, it gives 100% Fix Cast Reduction, very useful for instacasting all the support and tanking skill you have.

Middle Headgear - Magical Booster [1]


  1. Obtainable from ANY mob in amicitia2
  2. Aim for max hp% enchants
  3. Put on Melter poring Card for 10% max HP and some element resistance

Lower Headgear - Strawberry Mouth Guard


  1. Adding more Flat HP 
  2. Craft from Otherworld Exchange at @go 46 -  Sarah's Memories Instance

Armor - Nebula Armor of Stamina [1] or Vit Soutane [1]

image.png.e3772f6ba19bf4d5c51f9215e0ea3eb1.png or image.png.ef7be374b6c085f2ed090f36fa2515d4.png

  1. Both are giving a lot of HP, in facts VIT Soutane gives more at +20. However, you want the STA and RES from Nebula Stamina Armor too for more damage reduction.
  2. Nebula Armor obtainable and enchantable from Constellation Tower Instance
  3. Vit Soutane obtainable from Odin box drop at odin_past map and enchantable at go 46 using Angel Dream and Silvervine (for vit blessing)
  4. Put on Tao Gun Ka Card for a lot of HP


Weapon - Valkyrie Hammer [4]


  1. +20 the hammer for +20 Extra vit
  2. Put any HP or Vit card as you can to add more HP Dark Lord Essence VIT 3 is a good option but i am aiming for The Fool Card (From Arcana Album) the more of those card the more Flat HP you get!
  3. I also put Valkyrie Randgrids Card to dispell some bosses in purga that has AGI UP (Yes sometimes those EMs forogr to dispell)
  4. Obtainable from Instance Coin Shop (jRO) for 150 Instance Coin at @go 46
Shield - Phoenix Shield [1]
  1. Gives a lot of HP% and SP% plus 100% HP when revived.
  2. Put on Diligent Andre card to take advantage of Refine Bonus
  3. Craft at Otherworld Exchanger at @go 46 - June 2022
  1. Current BiS to get more flat HP encahnt with 10% Max HP for more HP
  2. Put on Jejeling Card to add even more Flat HP
  3. Craft at Otherworld Exchanger at @go 46 - Old Glast Heim Instance
Boot - Automatic Leg A/B-type [1]
  1. Purely choosen for the enchant
  2. Add 2 Vital and Robust module for more HP% 
  3. Obtainable from ding 17.2 Instances or Booster Coin Shop
image.png.8a154e4f5ea22cfc9695bf82e6cccc9a.png and image.png.474d7fd07bbc58fda325cf1a8335c7a2.png
  1. Both acc gives HP%
  2. Any 17.2 Acc Card is fine but Broken Guard Beta Card is the best cause it gives +3 VIT
  3. Dont forget to wear Blaze and White Magic Ring on Left Slot (The ont that gives Max HP%)
  4. Phoenix Ring craftable at @go 46 Otherworld Exchanger - Other
  5. Blaze and White Magic Ring is a MVP drop from Bio 5 Rune Knight Seyren 
Shadow Gear 

Thanks for dropping by.

If you have any question don't hesitate to ask.




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