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  1. Guardian Shield Tanking LET ME JUST SAY TANKING USING IMPERIAL GUARD (GUARDIAN SHIELD) WILL GUARANTEE YOU A SPOT IN ANY PARTY. Build Objectives: Getting your HP MAXED as max as possible. Guardian Shield gives all party member in vicinity 125% of the Imperial Guard HP. This mean they can run around without getting hurt the more HP you have. Reach 100% Variable and Fix Cast Reduction. This is important as you want your Guardian Shield among other support skill you have to be instantly available whenever your Guardian Shield Cooldown is out. Plus in a critical moment when the party died, you want to instacast Guardian Shield immediately to protect the whole group. Having to stack STA/RES and WIS/MRES along with Hard Defense as much as possible ideally reaching 500 RES and MRES mean you have 50% reduction to damage. The ability to be a party leader and kite mob in some Purgatory Instances. This is important and need to learn by many Imperial Guard Tank player as it will minimized the risk of people spread out and getting darkness at the same time (I have my own pattern and you can join my purgatory party to see how it suppose to work). Don't even think of doing damage Skill Tree and Stats : Equipment and Shadow Gear : Thanks for dropping by. If you have any question don't hesitate to ask. NOW GO TANK THE WHOLE CUSTOM CONTENT FOR US IM BORED BEING A TANK IG T_T
  2. [NIF] Igntion Break guide (01/06/2022)

    Anything that gives damage really, in here is use King Dramoh Card
  3. [NIF] Igntion Break guide (01/06/2022)

    Ignition Break Dragon Knight Hello Archimedia here ! Back when Ignition Break was meta, it was one of my favorite skill to do instance and Worldboss. After the nerf on custom content, it was fell of to the other build. However, since 01 June 2022 Patch, Lunar add Asmodeus Wing. This middle headgear is a key component to reduce Ignition Break cooldown to 0 without using Jasper Circlet or Auto Armor (with 2 Wave Break Enchant) which result on more damage output coming from Old Rune Circlet. I am going to show you the current showcase of Ignition Break after the current patch (After Asmodeus Wing). Fair warning you are going to need luck on enchanting Old Rune Circlet using Cursed Fragment to get a fair amount of damage output. The sweet thing is that this build does not need any MVP card! This Build revolve around getting 100% variable cast reduction from gear, so we are going to work on that. Here is what you need :
  4. TURBO Etel Farming Guide ELEMENTAL MASTER Why Elemental Master ? 1. Elemental Master/Sorcerer have a free Guyak Pudding (Ventus Level 1 on Defensive Mode). 2. Psychic Wave which is the main skill we are going to use cover most of the element. Generally for farming at clock_01 Neutral element is enough to cover all. 3. You can drop one Psychic Wave and run around the map and drop another one making it an efficient hit and run killer of all time. 4. The fastest Etel Dust Farmer (I yield around 300-400 Etel Solo or Up to 700-800 Etel with party per HE Bubble Gum). 5. You can use all the drop gear available and still able to kill mob at clock_01. 6. Affordable-ish (Please dont judge my over refine, you will do just fine with +12 most armor and +20 the weapon) 7. You can use this as your general farming in Geffenia or even Bloody Branch to gain max drop bonus Overall Etel and Card Drop Rate after boosted by Drop Gear and HE Bubblegum What you need HAPPY FARMING ^^
  5. Instance Currency

    yes and it would contain some of the old jRO gear we already have please.