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Iridium's Booster Mini Guide for Arch Mage

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Hello everyone! Here's a mini guide to help people with their booster leveling. This guide is intended for veteran players who have access to gear and consumables.

From 1-99, use research assistant bot over Ahri in shoe for more fireball damage.

full booster page 1.png

full booster page 2.png

Edit: since many maps have a level requirement map, consider doing rudus3, pitayas (with eden dailies), or illusion turtle/teddy/beach in the 150s and early 160s instead of pw3. I recommend ba bath until 110, rudus3 until 170s.

Since the making of this guide, Experience Shadow Weapon was introduced which I recommend you use.

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Some people have been asking me about the card prefixes. Just drag this text into your data folder in your SMRO main folder and it will automatically add them. File credit to Digi and Aisu.


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