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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, this is my first time posting a guide here, and sorry for my BAD grammar *i admit it please be patient with me This is my quickie build for leveling with 1x BaseRate/100x JobRate as Baby Warlock. As to why i choose baby class because baby class have access to 2-trans skills when they are job 2 (ie: Baby Wizard can use Magic Ampli, Gravitation Field,etc), and there's no stat penalty whatsoever in SMRO. I share this build since there's many question here and there asking about where and how to reach 175(1x) as fast as possible. But, keep in mind that this build is not for new player / low budget gears. Because we go straight to illusion dungeons (Abyss & Labyrinth) and we need to be well geared to hunt there.. Phen Card effect (Not Interuptable Cast) is not mandatory either from Equipment & Card / Infinity Gin, it's just for smooth leveling journey (Lv1-99). This build has been experimented and proven by my(shameless)self PROS: 1. Most Quickie to reach level 175 based on total time invested 2. Baby Wizard have access to High Wizard's skills (explained above), Magic = never Miss!! (except: Element Penalty; effect of skills like wall of fog,etc) 3. Gravitational Field (mini-comet damage wise), Comet (Large AoE, High Damage), Safety Wall, & Sightrasher (Knockback) 4. Neutral Property Magic , No Elemental Penalty 5. No Bounties, wasting time 6. No Quests. Optional *Recommended quest : Nightmare Pyramid Quest, Cursed Village Quest, 10pc Deep Sea Essence (Illusion Quest, item only) - i didnt do any quest myself.. CONS: 1. Not budget friendly 2. Not Quickie compared with stacking bounties strategy.. if we ignore time invested for stacking bounties 3. Neutral Property Magic, no damage to Chaotic Ghostring 4. Switching Equipment every now and then which is confusing if u didn't organize it properly 5. Switching Compunded Card every now and then, need to bring Card Removing Matrix, confusing if u didn't organize it properly 6. Baby class can't change job to job 3 directly (Must Reborn ) Leveling Stat Allocation Itamz!! Equip & Card Lv 1-175 Equip & Card Lv 1-99 Equip & Card Lv 100+ Shadow & Stone Est. Time to Reach Level 175 with 1x Baserate & 100x Jobrate Well, i didn't mention MVP Card any further since i think it's only for niche players (ie: Himmelz, Bijou, Etc Etc). I have tested myself that it's POSSIBLE to kill turtles with 2x GF without MVP Card, unless you aim to 1Shot turtles (i believe u need MANY MVP Cards & OVER REFINED GEARS) GUIDE DONE!! Enjoy my Quickie build... tell me ur opinion, or questions...
  2. Hello kids, this guide contain "not so nice" words. May cause butthurt or triggered someone. Short introduction, my name is Petra. One of BRUTAL guild member, I play main Warlock (and AB, basically support role at my guild in every game). If you dont know the guild, then you must be new. This is just a "guide" about how to Warlock. made this for ppl who wanna play warlock and dunno what to do. CONTENT: Why Warlock(?) What is Warlock How to Warlock Let's start. REMEMBER, THIS THREAD CONTAIN BASIC KNOWLEDGE. YOU MAY NOT GET NEW INFO HERE IF YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT TO DO. WHY WARLOCK(?) So you've been wondering what magic class you should play? well play performer or sr NO. You play Warlock because MAGIC THAT'S WHY. WHAT IS WARLOCK. According to Google-sama Warlock is "a man who practices witchcraft". Warlocks are advanced version of Wizard class bla..bla..blaa.. (iRO wiki). Well for me Warlock is a "fun" magic class that can heal, can proteck, can attak, can do some stupid shit. and YES. Warlock (WL) is considered as DPS classes. for some ppl who said "oh in this patch WL is succ" "WL is shit now" "i dont recommend play WL" or some shit talk like that even makin a video documentary about how shitty WL now, lemme tell ya kids, YOU JUST SUCK AT PLAYIN WARLOCK THATS IT. here my word of advice "just play what you wanna play, unless you sucks so bad play meta RK or GX". If you wanna play WL and dont have fancy af gear or cards that's okay, still gonna work. Warlock is a magic class, it's a must to have INT stat as your main stat. (INT on your chara and your brain). yea so prepare to use your brain capacity TO THE MAX to play warlock. (it's hard for me too tho) HOW TO WARLOCK. Basic concept of magic class, is using magic... skill... something like that. If you play WL then use all of your skill to extend, use and abuse WL skill to its max potential. here is the basic knowledge of playin Warlock, from STAT, MAGIC DMG, SKILL, and RECOMMENDED GEAR. I only tell you my recommendation here so dont hopin too high. USE YOUR INT TO ITS FULLY POTENTIAL TO FIGURE OUT THE BEST GEAR FOR YOUR PLAYSTYLE, SINCE EVERY PLAYER HAVE DIFFERENT PLAYSTYLE. STAT MOAR STAT SKILL WIZARD WARLOCK EQUIPMENT TBH you can use any gear/equipment that you desire (as long as Mage can wear it lol), there's no good or bad. it's your own playstyle after all. But please use a lil of your brain, use some reasonable equipment. So you can fully use your Warlock properly not poorly. Here some gear that "interesting to use" as Warlock. I assume that you can get at least +12 refine on equipment, cmon thats not hard on this server. ALL EQUIPMENT ON THE LIST HAVIN THE EFFECT OF +12 REFINEMENT. PLEASE GET YOURS TO +12 FOR BENEFICIAL EFFECT. HEADGEAR WEAPONS (and Shield) ARMOUR GARMENT FOOTGEAR