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Found 1 result

  1. Patch 2020-08-16

    Patch 2020-08-16 Item fixes: Item description fixes: Greater Sanare Card Mutated White Knight Card Cursed Raydric Archer Card Reindeer Hat Light-up Christmas Tree Item script fixes: Psychic Shadow Armor Celia's Memory Fixed wrong cooldown reduction Goat Crown Combination Scroll Fixed the combos of the following shadow items: Kunai Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24622 Kunai Shadow Shield - ItemID: 24623 Kunai Shadow Armor - ItemID: 24624 Cross Shuriken Shadow Earring - ItemID: 24625 Cross Shuriken Shadow Pendant - ItemID: 24626 Cross Shuriken Shadow Shoes - ItemID: 24627 First Exploding Draft Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24628 First Exploding Draft Shadow Shield - ItemID: 24629 First Exploding Draft Shadow Armor - ItemID: 24630 Wind Spear Petal Shadow Earring - ItemID: 24631 Wind Spear Petal Shadow Pendant - ItemID: 24632 Wind Spear Petal Shadow Shoes - ItemID: 24633 Picky Rush Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24634 Picky Rush Shadow Shield - ItemID: 24635 Picky Rush Shadow Armor - ItemID: 24636 Savage Rabbit Shadow Earring - ItemID: 24637 Savage Rabbit Shadow Pendant - ItemID: 24638 Savage Rabbit Shadow Shoes - ItemID: 24639 Catnip Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24640 Catnip Shadow Shield - ItemID: 24641 Catnip Shadow Armor - ItemID: 24642 Silvervine Shadow Earring - ItemID: 24643 Silvervine Shadow Pendant - ItemID: 24644 Silvervine Shadow Shoes - ItemID: 24645 Rune Knight Booster Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24589 Royal Guard Booster Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24590 Mechanic Booster Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24591 Genetic Booster Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24592 Guillotine Cross Booster Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24593 Shadow Chaser Booster Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24594 Warlock Booster Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24595 Sorcerer Booster Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24596 Archbishop Booster Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24597 Sura Booster Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24598 Ranger Booster Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24599 Minstrel Wanderer Booster Shadow Weapon - ItemID: 24600 Arm Cannon Shadow Weapon Other fixes / changes: Fixed a bug that prevented linked Super Novice from equipping items above its level. Fixed a bug that caused items that consume SP on attack to give you infinite SP Fixed a typo in the NPC dialogue in the Hidden Garden Fixed a bug with Thorn Staff of Darkness that prevented it from being enchanted Fixed a wrong mob id in the Daily quest ( Hey, Sweetie! ) Fixed wrong card id in the monster Papilla Ruba Fixed wrong card id in the monster Sharp Magic Added a fix to the JobChanger that when you have skillpoints left as Novice while being JobLvl 10 to ignore it and behave correctly. Fixed a bug which caused wrong equipment and cards not to automatically be unequipped when entering the WoE castle / PvP Room Fixed the respawn position of the Emperium in War of Emperium SE ( Friday one ) Fixed a bug that caused Guild vs Guild to be active outside of WoE times in castles Fixed a wrong announcement at the end of War of Emperium ( Trans / Trans ) Sunday WoE Time changed Sunday [ 05:00 - 06:00 AM ] - Gaebolg - Gloria 1 - War of the Emperium TE Skill Fixed a bug that caused Tuna Party to apply a shield based on casted targets max hp instead of casters