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  1. Zeny Zeny Zeny

    This is totally a zeny sink issue and not a zeny issue. Please just give us something worth spending zeny on for the more end game orientated people.
  2. Fortessa Pit

    I think we can all admit that you can't just throw a random group of people together and do this content without going through a frustrating experience. I don't think it's particularly difficult thing to do either, it's just kind of "annoying content". I hate to say it but I think we should take notes from typical MMORPGS today. Consistent mechanics that are telegraphed well. RO just isn't responsive enough of a game to have split second reactions that completely destroy the party, it just simply does not handle input fast enough for that. I can't think of a major MMORPG today that punishes that much without a proper telegraph. W/e you do, I think it will be a good next step.
  3. Right lump in there with the guy that imposes an artificial difficulty to the game just to milk his playerbase for more money. Look, if OP wants the game to be more difficult, to put in more walls, all for the sake of a longer lasting progression or challenge that's on him. I don't want that difficulty imposed on me end of the story. I wholeheartedly suggest that maybe as player that maybe OP should stop playing it the easy way. Stop buying stuff off the market. Stop using the freebies we get from the server. Don't hard farm zeny at Thana 9 when it wasn't suppose to function like that (yay yay it got removed). Pick and choose, because if the game is easy its probably the way your going about it. These are just examples. Players don't have to do this but then they do and some how we end up in a discussion about taking things away or making things less available. I'm not here to impose that easy stuff on players, the players have a choice to use that or not. However, when we start removing features, we start getting rid of this or that because it's too easy, or blah blah blah. In the latter, I barely get a choice when we do the latter, shits just gone. There's always this culture with nerfing I see in threads like this and it just isn't even good anymore. Also I think Lunar is doing great and his pacing is fine. If people think shits happenings too fast, I advised taking the game a little slower for once.
  4. I'm going to throw this out there. I don't want a server that retroactively makes things harder on their players, it's unfair as fuck. Might as well just hop onto the bigger servers if that happens because what would be the difference. We need actual statistics on how many people can accomplish the content in 1-2 days. If it's a minority I'm not sure I see the problem, it's an even bigger problem if the minority speaks for the majority. Also what's this BS about 100% certs. I don't care if it only cost you a million zeny to +7, +7 is useless. Tell me how much zeny you sink going to +15 AND if you don't attempt to go that far then your opinion on the matter is weak.