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  1. Guild Base

    We will have a new system for the Guild Bases, therefore no more guild base requests will be taken from this point on. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Best regards, Shining Moon Staff.
  2. Missing Costume Garment

    You were suppose to get the freebies on the first character ever created on the Realm. I would suggest for you to directly contact Lunar on Discord, if you think you didn't get your freebies on the first character you created on the realm.
  3. Missing Skill Points After Reset

    Having job level 70 was the bug and it is fixed now. Max job level is 50. If you are having that kind of issue now please use the reset NPC, that should fix it. If the issue is being persistent, submit a bug ticket. Thank you.
  4. Help pls):

    That looks like your files got corrupted while downloading. Sadly you would have to delete all the files and re-download a full client. https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php?title=Downloads I would highly recommend for you to download the full client from the link above. Since it is the latest full client for the server as well. Make sure to add it to your virus exception or turn off your virus. After the installation if you are still having trouble, I would recommend for you to run the client in compatibility mode and add .exe files to your Data Execution Prevention exceptions as well.
  5. https://www.shining-moon.com/w/index.php/Resolution Try to change it manually from dinput.dll file in ro folder.
  6. Didn't get my cashpoints

    If you can't redeem it through the Cash Point Reedemer. And donated through PayPal, directly contact Lunar on Discord please.