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  1. Covid Mask Design

    The Event deadline has been extended to November 30, 2020
  2. Winner is Tiger Ming with the Screenshot Title: Mermaid found at the Brasilis Summer Beach Festival Congratulations and thank you all for participating. All the rewards has been send out, please check RoDex for your rewards.
  3. Upcoming Event

    Yea Lunar ! Fortessa and Bio5 when 12% refine, 3x CP, 2x EXP, 2x DROP 1 week Fort Dun then 1 week Bio5 rotate them
  4. Stream, upload your videos, make guides and win REWARDS ! This event does not have a deadline, it will be ongoing forever ! Conditions: Stream on one of the streaming platforms eg. Twitch, Facebook etc. Upload your videos on one of the media platforms eg. YouTube, Dailymotion, VK etc. Write a guide and post it on the forum guide sections. All of these can be posted on Shining Moon Discord under the Content Category, each has its own sub-categories to share it with the rest of the community. Before receiving any of the rewards the guide will need to be approved/checked by an Administrator. Criteria: Must include the server name Video contents should include the server link in the description Your content should have some sort of a title If you are not fluent in English and depending on the player base of the server, you are allowed to use other language for streams/videos, though the preferred language of usage is English for universal purpose Approval of the content is to be checked by an Administrator (Direct Message Lunar or Dusk on Discord), the criteria is really use common sense, don't make a video of sitting in town for 30 minutes or 1 minute video of just flashy things in the screen Be as much as informative and constructive as possible for approval The content can be gameplay, guide, features etc. Any banner, logo, picture that is related to server can be used Rewards: CUSTOM TITLE: Get one of the custom titles depending on what kind of content you are doing (PER PERSON) Streamer - If you are streaming Content Maker - If you are making informative and exclusive video guides Video Editor - If you are posting streaming videos, gameplay videos, short videos Guide Master - If you are making text guides COSTUME: Your choice of ONE costume that is in the database (PER PERSON) Costume you want CAN'T be a costume garment Should be available within your realm CASH POINT: Subjected to different amount depending on the content. Streaming: Stream on streaming platforms and make sure you contact us for the reward Make sure your setting is set to auto record past broadcast for revising Should contact for your reward within 14 days of streaming, since after 14 days past broadcasts gets automatically deleted 1 week of stream will be from Sunday to Sunday basis, highly recommend to claim your rewards weekly ! 1K Cash Points PER HOUR if the stream is less than 3 HOURS PER STREAM DAY 5K Cash Points if the stream is MORE THAN 3 HOURS PER STREAM DAY Video Guides: 10K - 20K Cash Points PER VIDEO // Should not be short video (less than 2minute) and/or have repeated information Other Videos: 5K - 10K Cash Points PER VIDEO // Streaming uploads, Gameplay uploads etc. Text Guides: 1K - 10K Cash Points PER GUIDE // Should be informative and constructive and suitable to content of server/realm How To: All Content Creation Reward Requests are going to be through the Ticket System now. https://www.shining-moon.com/ticket/home There is a new category to pick while making the ticket called "Content Reward" All the Content Creation should be posted under Discord's Content Category to their respective section. Please note that you will also be assigned Streamer Role on Discord if your content is streaming. Steps on How to get Your Discord ID: In the bottom left corner of discord you should see with #xxxx underneath it. Click on your name and a bubble should come up that says "copied" Paste your Discord ID it should look like <name>#xxxx please don't just put JohnSmith as your discord name Please use the Ticket System to request your reward. The format for this should be as follows: Server: IGN: Discord ID: Content Link: Choice of Costume (if it's your first time as the reward is only for one time) Title (will be assigned to the IGN you post along with the ticket)
  5. Woe Specifications

    This is technically just a discussion to get an idea. So the Timezone seems to be South America / SEA / NA . MVP Cards, guess that is going to require another poll whether if it should be disabled in all of the modes or have modes that allows it and etc. The other thing with this thread is, people are voting but not voicing their opinion. Please suggest a time when you pick the SLOT ! So we can have an estimation of the time WoE should happen. @Raphat PACK A and PACK B is - 7 different modes of WoE thats what it indicates to. So from 1-7 modes you have the specification of job/item/mvp card etc. basically what kinda limitation there is in that WoE Mode. Eg. 1 = Classic jobs only (1st+2nd classes), No shadows, No costume enchants, No MVP That means there will be a WoE day or castle or something.... with classic jobs only- no shadow, no costume enchants and no mvp cards. So depending on the decision of this poll it will be a classic job only woe with (renewal items or trans items only) Like Old School WoE ? Hope that helps you to understand what the Packs are. I am being horrible at explaining at the moment, I apologize.
  6. Woe Specifications

    Time to voice your suggestion and opinions on how you want WoE to work out. This is just a back-bone poll/thread to get the opinion of the community. Specifications and Times can be discussed on this thread, once enough information is gathered the thread will be closed and summarized to see what kinda path will be taken. The polls are to give us an idea of what the community wants on some of the questions we currently have. Any other information, specification is welcomed. Thank you in advance for your contribution. Pack A 1 = Classic jobs only (1st+2nd classes), No shadows, No costume enchants, No MVP 2 = Trans jobs, Ep.13, No shadows, No costume enchants, No MVP 3 = Trans jobs, Ep.13, No shadows, No costume enchants, With MVP 4 = 3rd jobs, Ep.15, 2nd gen shadows shadows, 1st gen costume enchants, No MVP 5 = 3rd jobs, Ep.15, 2nd gen shadows, 1st gen costume enchants, With MVP 6 = 3rd jobs, All shadows, All costume enchants, No MVP 7 = 3rd jobs, All shadows, All costume enchants, With MVP Pack B 1 = Classic jobs only (1st+2nd classes), No shadows, No costume enchants, No MVP 2 = Trans jobs, Ep.13, No shadows, No costume enchants, No MVP 4 = Trans jobs, Ep.13, No shadows, No costume enchants, With MVP 4 = 3rd jobs, Ep.14, No shadows, No costume enchants, No MVP 5 = 3rd jobs, Ep.15, 2nd gen shadows, 1st gen costume enchants, No MVP 6 = 3rd jobs, Latest Ep., All shadows, All costume enchants, No MVP 7 = 3rd jobs, Latest Ep., All shadows, All costume enchants, With MVP Pack means those are the modes our WoE will have. You guys get to choose between A and B.
  7. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    All the participation rewards and winning reward (Moon Coins) have been send to their respective owners. Like I have mentioned above, for the custom title and choice of your headgear, please contact me following the "Example" format. Thank you once again.
  8. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    Thank you all for participating, once the winner is decided, it will be announced and you will be contacted for your reward. #1) Lavenza Seres #2) Roam #3) Pekora #4) Netori #5) -Null- #6) FlamPurr #7) Sorayana #8) Mintz #9-11) Syoberry Crepecake, Julianna Lucille, Corinne~ #1-8 Will get winning rewards (title+headgear) + participation rewards. Additionally they will get Moon Coins. 1000 Moon Coins 750 Moon Coins 500 Moon Coins 200 Moon Coins 200 Moon Coins 150 Moon Coins 150 Moon Coins 100 Moon Coins #9-11 Will only get Participation Rewards. #1-8 (Lavenza Seres, Roam, Pekora, Netori, -Null-, FlamPurr, Sorayana, Mintz) Please contact me with the information of which headgear you want (along with its ID) and the custom title you wish to have. Example: IGN: Dusk Realm: Helheim Custom Title: "Dawn" Choice of Headgear: "Costume Alice Wig (Peach) (ID: 31407)"
  9. Loading/Login Screen Contest: Creative, Original Loading/Login Screen Conditions: Your own design Loading/Login Screen for Shining Moon Design of the loading/login screen should be within the content of Episode 17.2 and 3rd Year Anniversary of Shining Moon Rules: Only one submission per person Submission of the file must be under this thread Resolution must be 1024x768 and in .bmp format Include your IGN and Server when you post your file The loading/login screen design will be used in game for loading screens (whether you are the winner or not), therefore submitting your work here means you have given permission for it to be used on Shining Moon Artwork used in the design must be original (can be digital or traditional) don't steal/copy other loading screens, don't use official Ragnarok Artwork/Picture and simply edit No commission art is allowed, you must be the designer of the loading screen Must include Shining Moon Logo and 3rd Year Anniversary Text (or an indication to it) Optional: Artist Signature/Name can be placed Winner of the contest might be more than 1, depending on the designs submitted If there is only 1 winner of the contest, Winner's design will be used as login screen and participant designs will be used as loading screens Deadline: June 10, 2020 The rewards will be given out once the winner is picked Judging Criteria: Professional Looking Within Requested Content and Format Original and Creative Rewards: Winner Reward: Custom Title of your choice ! * Must be English * (As long as its reasonable: nothing racist, sexist, offensive etc.) Costume Headgear of your choice (As long as its in the database, you can check it whether it is or not by using @ii ) Participation Reward: Each participant will receive 150x Varmeal Ticket Each participant will receive 150x Moonlight Coin Shining Moon Logo:
  10. Apply to be Support GM

    Edit: Applications are closed now. Hello everyone. Shining Moon is in need for some new members in their Staff. Applications can be sent to [email protected] please include the following things: Game Master: Role: Support GM Server: Helheim (For NA Slot) / Niflheim (Possibly for EU/SEA Slot) Information: (Name, Age, Location, Time Zone) Ragnarok Knowledge: Knowledge of the server you're playing on: Online hours: Why do you want be a GM? Languages: Discord name: Ingame chars:
  11. Regarding "Fake GMs" Scam

    Lately there has been cases of people impersonating GMs and trying to scam people. Please, remember to always verify the person you are talking to is the real person. Shining Moon Staff will never write you in Direct Message on Discord or Private Message you in-game asking you to download things to become a GM. Never give your bank information, credit card information or any kind of payment information to ANYONE, especially not a GM or an Administrator. GMs or Administrators will never ask you for your password or personal information or any of such credentials. If someone asks you to leave Shining Moon RO discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/8NuTZZZ) don't go along with it, as it will unable you to check if the person messaging you is really who they say they are. The official Shining Moon RO Discord is https://discordapp.com/invite/8NuTZZZ We will never ask you to join any other discord for the server. If you do want to become a GM, the procedure is to send an application to [email protected], which Lunar's e-mail address. The thread regarding GM application can be found on: The following are the Real Discord of Shining Moon Staff: Lunar#9946 //Lunar Crescent#1877 //Crescent Kyu ✿#0699 //Dusk Blank#4561 //Blank Bast#0812 //Bast Elektro#5481 //Elek Dorian#0995 //Killua Ashe#0001 //Ashe Chi'#5056 //Neko-Chi
  12. The winner of the 2020 Lunar New Year Screenshot Event Niflheim: Lugias Helheim: Roam Please send me a private message on the forum One costume of your choice (except Costume Garment) along with the ID of the costume. Congratulations on winning, have a lovely 2020 Year.
  13. Thank you all that has participated. The winner will be announced February 1, 2020.
  14. 祝你鼠年吉祥 Wish You Auspicious Year of the Rat It's that time of the year again. Time for the Lunar New Year! This year we will be celebrating Year of the Rat together Are you ready to show your celebration spirit and fashion sense for Lunar New Year ! You can submit Screenshots until January 30, 2020. Conditions: State your In Game Name, Realm and Title of your screenshot. (Follow the below example) You can only submit one entry, you can change it until the deadline and edit the screenshot you have already posted. Be unique and have your own fashion sense, don't copy and re-edit after seeing other posts here. You will be disqualified. Screenshots cannot be edited. All interface should be hidden. (Default Key: Press F11 twice) You are free to use any emotes you want. You should have a caption/title for your screenshot. You are free to ask your friend/s to take part in your screenshot or you can take the screenshot with yourself only in it. Screenshots are to be posted under this thread and they have to be from your Shining Moon RO Screenshot Folder. (As it has the timestamp and the Shining Moon Logo). Example: In Game Name: Dusk Realm: Helheim Title: Sweet Rice Balls Rewards: This event will have one winner from each Server (1 from Helheim, 1 from Niflheim) Winner Reward will be the following: One costume of your choice (except Costume Garment) 2020x Red Envelope 50x New Year Envelope 20x Special Slot Note: Feel free to react to the screenshot you like the most. Shining Moon Staff Wishes You All Happy Lunar New Year !
  15. We have decided to let all the 3 participants win, due to the lack of participation also because all the videos are so decent that we see a usage of them. Therefore, all 3 participants can send their video files to Lunar on Discord and pick which reward they would want to get as winners. 50$ OR 50,000 Cash Points (Reward is of your own choice of the two options) As for the participation reward, since the rewarding and the winning is changed a little. All participants will get 15,000 Cash Points for participating. All the participation reward is send. At least for the ones that has responded to my Private Message. To receive your participation reward please respond to the Private Message I have send you. Thank you for all the participants for participating. Sincerely, SMRO Staff